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  1. Yes they are (at least) 2 LOTR threads, but they are mostly concerned with the movies and the music. I would like this one to concentrate more on the actual books of Tolkien. A few weeks ago I started reading The Lord Of The Rings again. It's been maybe 3 years since I have read any of Tolkiens work. I'm once again complete engulfed in this world he has created. I think the appeal of this book was summoned up best of all by the film critic Roger Ebert. Reading it, I remembered why I liked it in the first place. It was reassuring. You could tell by holding the book in your hands that there w
  2. The Themes of Howard Shore’s The Hobbit Compiled by Jason LeBlanc Copyright 2014 Jason LeBlanc Do not copy without my express permission. Themes (In order of appearance) RETURNING FROM THE LORD OF THE RINGS The Shire AUJ 1-01 0:52-1:11 AUJ 1-02 0:00-0:57 AUJ 1-07 1:38-1:47 AUJ 2-05 1:37-2:08 AUJ 2-14 0:45-1:01 DOS 1-01 0:49-1:04 DOS 2-07 0:09-0:32 The Hobbit Outline AUJ 1-02 0:24-0:45 Hobbits (Doug’s name: The Shire Rural Setting) AUJ 1-02 1:03-1:21 AUJ 1-02 1:51-2:26 Smoke Rings AUJ 1-02 2:26-
  3. Here it is: ADMIN NOTE: Click HERE to jump to the reveal of the track list Click HERE to jump to the reveal of the cover art Click HERE to jump to the reveal of the track TIMES Click HERE to jump to the first soundclips And click HERE to jump to when the first JWFanner received his set and actual discussion of the release begins!
  4. 1:42-2:00. Those "dense minor harmonies" as Doug calls them have always transfixed me. Anyone want to venture an analysis? Bonus points for getting the voicings correct and not just deciphering each harmony's type.
  5. something interesting: http://www.ascap.com...s_pp=30&start=1 not a cue list, but.. close. MOTH AT ISENGARD
  6. Peter Jackson comments on a movie version of The Hobbit. The short story: he doesn't expect the lawyers to work out a deal that'll let the movie be made in less than 4 years. Sounds like lawyers. :roll:
  7. The original soundtrack for Howard Shore's score to The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey will be released on Monday December 10th by Decca (Internationally) / Tuesday December 11th by WaterTower Records (USA). The STANDARD VERSION of The Hobbit OST (http://www.amctheatr...xpected-journey Nov 7: A sample of Old Friends (Extended Version) (5:01) began streaming on The Hobbit's Official website Nov 7: Samples of every track from the regular and Special Edition OST appeared on qobuz.com Standard OST: http://thefilmfatale...y-the-hobbit-an Nov 11: Amazon has begun streaming 30 second samples of
  8. Just a quick note: anyone who think the trilogy is now "complete" should check out Doug Adams' blog. Based on Doug's reports, we may surmise that when the book is out and the dust has cleared, people will be shocked at the amount of revelatory music they've never heard. Some choice quotes: Some pieces give you a glimpse into the creative process… both compositionally and editorially… you really get a better sense of how these films were put together. Some of the alternate compositions simply stand as superb pieces of music… an LOTR 3.5, if you will. Some reveal how Shore composes. Some re
  9. Well we know for sure that it's being recorded in New Zealand again. On August 9th, Conrad Pope checked in on Facebook "Waiting to board. Next stop breezy, lovely Wellington" (link). On August 13th, he checked in at the Museum Art Hotel in Wellington, NZ, saying "Working and working and .....working" (link). And earlier today, JoAnne Kane Music Service posted "Air New Zealand to Auckland. Middle earth here we come!" (link). I haven't found anything on Doug's twitter feed about him being in either NZ or NY, though. ANYWAY, I hope everyone is excited for this score as much as I am! It will be
  10. It is half a year away, Howard Shore's fifth entry in the world of Middle Earth. I figured this news finally warrants to start a discussion about the upcoming score. From Conrad Pope's Facebook page: Also, a man named Clifford J. Tasner is probably also on board:
  11. I noticed that there was not a guide on what cues contained film edits/tracking so I decided to make one: "A Conspiracy Unmasked" or Analyzing the Fellowship of the Ring CR The year 2013 of the Second Age. Here follows the account of Faleel, Manic Treasure Hunter of JWFan, and the finding of the unreleased music.... Disc One Prologue: One Ring To Rule Them All The CR has the film version, The OST and Rarities have different edits of the same alternate, The TE and EE DVD menus have the TE version There is a section of the cue microedited around 2:00, (the microedited section can
  12. While there are many to choose from across the three films, what do you think was the absolute worst? For me it's easy...the scene where the Laketown survivors turn into a mob and try to murder Alfrid and Bard has to stop them. It's not that I have any love for Alfrid, I despise the character, but having a mob of common folk try to murder one of their own is about the most un-Tolkien like thing I can think of. The scene just rubs me the wrong way every time I see it, and reminds me off how far from the source material they let these movies stray. There are lots of oth
  13. Hooray for Miranda Otto beerchug ADMIN NOTE: Click HERE to jump to the reveal of the cover art Click HERE to jump to the reveal of the track list Click HERE to jump to the reveal of the track TIMES And click HERE to jump to when the first JWFanner received his set and actual discussion of the release begins!
  14. Hiya gang. Just like last year, with the The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey FILM Discussion Thread, we are creating this thread so people who have seen the film can discuss it (or people who are reading spoilers can discuss them openly), which leaves the existing The Hobbit Film Trilogy Thread clean for those wishing to avoid spoilers until they've seen the film. So, spoiler-filled discussion of the film here, anticipation of the film including new commercials, trailers, posters, promos, ticket purchasing, etc talk there. Enjoy!
  15. I'm sure many have noticed the structural similarity between the first part of Bilbo's adventure and the first part of Frodo's. But what about the music? For each of the 15 choices, vote for your favorite piece of music from the Peter Jackson movies. Ignore OST vs SE differences for AUJ pieces and OST vs CR vs Rarities differences for LOTR stuff, just vote by whatever your favorite version of each piece of music is. Have fun!
  16. Looking forward to hearing all of these in only two months now! New press release just posted on howardshore.com! "THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE RETURN OF THE KING THE COMPLETE RECORDINGS SET FOR RELEASE November 6, 2007 ON REPRISE/WMG SOUNDTRACKS" 5 discs - 4 CDs and one DVD 3 hours and 50 minutes of music total! ADMIN NOTE: Click HERE to jump to the reveal of the track list Click HERE to jump to the reveal of the track TIMES Click HERE to jump to the first soundclips And click HERE to jump to when the first JWFanner receive
  17. I am assuming that the Tolkien Estate is not happy with Peter Jackson for whatever reason, but if the novel is ever made into movie or, more likely, a series, should the producers bring in Howard Shore to the do the music and how would any composer approach "Ainulindalë" chapter of the novel?
  18. Its that time again, this time though, the CR presentation is nearly perfect. "Foundations of Stone" or Analyzing the Two Towers CR The 13th day of August in the the year 2014, by Shire reckoning. JWfan, the Shire...Middle-Earth. The Third Age of this world. Now, where to begin? Ah, yes. Concerning Edits.... Disc I Glamdring Complete Elven Rope This track contains the EE title music, the rarities has an early choral version. The TTT score featurette might feature an alternate version of 1:12 to 1:58 that uses the Fellowship theme. Lost In Emyn Muil The Lord of the Rings: Tactics
  19. So, since reviews are coming in, I thought a film discussion thread would be appropriate.
  20. Including the alternate versions of the FOTR prologue, we have eight(!) main titles from Howard Shore's Middle-Earth scores. I'm curious to see which ones people find their favorite. Personally, I would rank them as such: The Lord of the Rings: 1. Roots and Beginnings 2. One Ring to Rule Them All 3. Foundations of Stone 4. One Ring to Rule Them All (Alternate) 5. The Prophecy The Hobbit: A. Fire and Water 2. My Dear Frodo D. The Quest for Erebor Edit: New poll is now public poll.
  21. I figured this poll thread would stop the endless poll threads.
  22. Which is your favorite dwarf out of the company of Thorin Oakenshield?
  23. I don't understand why the Hobbit/LotR EE are approved by fans without reservations when the SW Special Editions are viewed as a sacrilege and defile the "theatrical editions" Isn't it the same idea? Isn't Peter Jackson basically identical to George Lucas?
  24. Which, in your opinion, is the most lacklustre entry out of the three most recent franchise prestige damaging movies? I would say AUJ by a considerable margin. Not only is it a shoe-in for the most visually repellent big budget movie of all time, but it also went out of its way to out-bloat the entire LotR EEs and King Kong put together. Never has there been such redundancy in moving pictures and such disrespect for the art of editing. And on top of all that you have a regurgitated and tedious score which makes James Horner look like Morrissey. Edit: I've changed my mind to Battle of the Fiv
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