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Spitfire Audio Scoring Competition: DC's Stargirl

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3 hours ago, Muad'Dib said:

The clip they chose is absolutely dreadful.


Yeah, I'm going to throw my hat in the ring for this competition, just because I think it'll be fun to score in a superhero style, but man that clip makes that show look like badly acted, cheesy, wannabe dramatic horseshit. 

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4 hours ago, superultramegaa said:

@Permanent WavesI did! I finished mine a week ago and I forgot to mention it here. I like your melding of electronics, sound design, and the orchestra. It sounds almost alien and distinctive.

I did mine in a more traditional superhero style:


Nic job, almost sounds like a mix of 90's Williams (Jurassic Park, Lost World Etc.), Shore, and Kevin Kiner, yet different.

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