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  1. But even according to the program, which probably is not yet complete (the concerts would be short then), Close Encounters of the Third Kind, ET., and Indiana Jones will also be performed. And let's not forget about encores! Maybe Williams will conduct something from Harry Potter, you can expect that there will be a new arrangement of Han Solo and the Princess... In addition, there will be two concerts, both recorded, so it’s quite possible that the programs will differ slightly, so that the final release can be longer than a single concert. I'm sure that both Williams and people from Vienna Philharmonic are aware of the importance of the event. I also hope that concert in Royal Albert Hall will be recorded. It will be huge!
  2. Why not? It would be John Williams' first blu-ray with a concert fully conducted by him. In addition, recorded with one of the best, most respected orchestras in the world. For me, this is a very serious candidate for a bestseller.
  3. I think it's not a full program.
  4. Officially not, it's too early. But since they wrote that it's a TV Concert, surely such a blu-ray will appear. Of course, only death and taxes are certain in life In fact, there are quite a lot of Vienna Philharmonic blu-rays on the market.
  5. I have tickets for both Vienna concerts, which means I'll see Williams live three times in one week. Madness!
  6. Of course they'll release a blu-ray of it. That's why from the very beginning each of these concerts is advertised as TV Concert
  7. Congratulations! Could you write what the ticket prices are?
  8. Fortunately, two concerts from Vienna will be recorded (both announced as TV Concert) so blu-ray seems inevitable.
  9. Forced? Come on... Would The Adventures Of Han theme(s) match the recently released A Life In Music? Probably not. There are only classics on that CD – themes that will probably be part of pop culture in a hundred years. Would TAOH match the second part of ALIM CD? I think it would. It’s written with great class and mastery. If someone had told me 20 years ago that I would still hear such a class from Maestro as TAOH in 2018, It would be difficult for me to believe it.. I get the impression that JW becomes younger and younger every year I'm overjoyed!
  10. Wow! It sounds really great! There is much energy and freshness in it!
  11. Pawel P.

    Does anybody still listen to JW on actual CDs?

    About 90-95 percent of music I listen from CDs. The exception are situations when I’m away from home or I want to listen to something, but don’t have it, so I use Spotify. I think that CD’s enhances the pleasure of experiencing music, at least in my case. I never buy digital music, WAV, MP3 etc. And I'm not going to.
  12. Yes, but... we're talking about John Williams, the best composer on Earth. However, Powell did his job excellently, in my opinion. His themes in Solo are also great. And very diverse.
  13. I’m sure I’ll catch more details at the second viewing, though the CD will be out by then.
  14. Ok, I saw Solo yesterday. I liked it very much, although I rate TFA, TLJ and RO a bit higher. At least for now. Music is great! Above all, John Williams rules in this film! His two Han Solo themes (or two parts of one theme, I don’t know) appear in many places, usually separately. One is more marching, although it is not a march - think about the very beginning of Rey's Theme on light steroids - and the other is very heroic - a bit in the mood of the Poe's theme. Older music also appears in different arrangements, especially in the second part of the movie. Of course, we hear and , but also a bit of ... . However, there is a lot of Powell in this movie. And he put a lot of work and heart into it! The nostalgic dimension of one of the themes is not very far from his How to Train Your Dragon scores. Another theme has a very romantic feel, reminds me of Golden Age scores. And there is also a theme that sounds like a Avatar and Adiemus mixture, due to the vocalization, but it is much more wild, crazy. There are also some choirs. It's a pity that music, unlike in TLJ, loses a bit in battle scenes with sound effects, but in more intimate moments it sounds powerful. There's a lot going on here, it's hard to remember everything after watching a movie once. I can’t wait for the CD and look forward to seeing the movie again!