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  1. I’m sure that Theme from “Jurassic Park”, Harry’s Wondrous World from “Harry Potter”, The Devil’s Dance from “Witches of Eastwick”, Superman March and The Flying Theme from “E.T.” will be performed as regular arrangements we’ve known and love for years. Also Just Down West Street... Anne Sophie will need breaks between the performances, this is normal. We''ll definitely hear Princess Leia’s Theme, which will not be on the album. That's good news. I still hope that the concert in Tanglewood will be recorded in HD, like many others that took place there.
  2. Ok, apparently I can't keep up with this sense of humor, but still ... Williams to Conduct New Violin and Orchestra Arrangements at Tanglewood http://www.jwfan.com/?p=12367
  3. I really hope that since it's Tanglewood, where concerts are often recorded also with cameras, we will have a blu-ray release. Especially since it will be such a unique event!
  4. Of course I know he did. I have all his Bond scores in my CD collection. The Danish composer Bent Fabricius-Bjerre wrote music for about 20 Olsen Gang movies, if not more. But three trilogies written in over 40 years... I guess nothing can compare with that.
  5. Three trilogies of great music... Has any composer ever achieved anything similar?
  6. Interview with Williams took place a month ago, so now it's about 50 minutes. We can assume that in a month he will have 70-80 minutes of music written. As the sessions will probably take all summer, and the music in a Star Wars movie lasts about 120 minutes, Williams certainly has everything planned and under control.
  7. I've been thinking... According to the interview, it took place just after the Hedwig's Theme recording session with Anne-Sophie Mutter's, and that was about a month ago. So, we can safely assume that Williams has already written about 50 minutes of music to TROS!
  8. Information - yes (although press agencies, which usually provide information, don't work for free), but this is not information or news, it's a press interview that appears in a newspaper that's not an online service or web portal – The Sunday Times draws a large part of its profits from sales. Therefore, it is perfectly understandable that most of their exclusive content is available online for additional payment. Why would it be different? If we want the press to survive, let's keep paying the journalists and publishers for the content they prepare for us. By the way, it's great that Williams has already started writing music for TROS! TFA and TLJ are fantastic and I have no doubt that the last episode will also be at the highest level.
  9. A beautiful, brilliant and virtuoso arrangement by the Maestro, and the Sophie Mutter performance is unbelievably masterful. This will win many awards, also in the classical music world.
  10. This is a masterpiece There is so much going on in this, it’s so vibrant and full of ideas. I would pay the price of a double CD only for these 5 minutes. Do you think there is a chance for a CD? And do we have a confirmation that Williams composed something more for Galaxy's Edge?
  11. I saw the movie today at the press screening in Poland. The music is really great and powerful. A large part of it is maintained in the bombastic and heroic atmosphere, just like in Infinity War. There is a lot of action score of course, but there are also many lyrical and emotional moments that may even recall the nostalgic fragments of Forrest Gump and Contact. In general, score is more diverse than Infinity War - Silvestri even allowed himself to flirt with swing. I'm counting on the CD. And I liked the movie very much.
  12. The record company sent me the album yesterday so I had the opportunity to listen to it. I can't agree that the recording/mixing is really quite awful - in my opinion the whole set sounds very good. Of course, I have in mind that it's a recording from the concert, not from the studio. Did you listen to it from the CD?
  13. New album Nocturne in January. Listen to this. Beautiful.
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