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  1. Does Williams always conduct Close Encounters at concerts with the choir?
  2. Here is the official program: https://www.wienerphilharmoniker.at/concerts/concert-detail/event-id/9889 Olympic Fanfare and Theme Ausschnitte aus "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" Suite aus "Memoirs of a Geisha" Adventures on Earth aus "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial" -- Pause -- The Flight to Neverland aus "Hook" A Child’s Tale: Suite from "The BFG" Hedwig’s Theme from "Harry Potter" Nimbus 2000 aus "Harry Potter" Harry's Wondrous World aus "Harry Potter" The Rebellion Is Reborn aus "Star Wars - The Last Jedi" Rey's Theme aus "Star Wars - The Force Awakens" Main Title from "Star Wars"
  3. As I have all the albums for a long time, I didn't rush to buy this box, waiting for some nice promotion. It was worth the wait, because a few months ago I was able to buy it for the equivalent of 40$. It looks very nice on the shelf, but I don't intend to open it. I saw the booklet in the copy I bought for a friend, though. There are no original liner notes, but it is thick and contains all the basic information plus of course the original covers.
  4. Since it was recorded by cameras and is to be broadcast on television, and the event was significant, I suppose we can expect a blu-ray release soon
  5. The answer is very simple in my opinion. The Book Thief is a good score, neither less nor more. Looking at the standards of today's scores, even very good. Schindler's List is a masterpiece. Music, whose fragments, especially Theme, will be remembered and played by orchestras even in one hundred years. I'm sure about that.
  6. Maybe not the best, but it's definitely one of my favorites
  7. Only with a cassette tape in the package.
  8. I asked Wiener Philharmoniker via Facebook if they plan to to release a blu-ray. So whether the concerts (originally advertised as TV concerts) will be recorded by cameras depends only on Williams. I hope that Maestro, known for his modesty, will not think that: "No one would want to see me on the podium at Musiverein ..." By the way, I send a similar question to LSO, they replied that “no plans for this at the moment”. So the CD from the Viennese concert will be released for sure, that's good news. Let's keep our fingers crossed for the blu-ray!
  9. Pawel P.

    RIP Aretha Franklin

    A treasure. Boston Pops Orchestra, Symphony Hall, Boston, 1993 (May 12, Opening Season’s Concert)
  10. But even according to the program, which probably is not yet complete (the concerts would be short then), Close Encounters of the Third Kind, ET., and Indiana Jones will also be performed. And let's not forget about encores! Maybe Williams will conduct something from Harry Potter, you can expect that there will be a new arrangement of Han Solo and the Princess... In addition, there will be two concerts, both recorded, so it’s quite possible that the programs will differ slightly, so that the final release can be longer than a single concert. I'm sure that both Williams and people from Vienna Philharmonic are aware of the importance of the event. I also hope that concert in Royal Albert Hall will be recorded. It will be huge!
  11. Why not? It would be John Williams' first blu-ray with a concert fully conducted by him. In addition, recorded with one of the best, most respected orchestras in the world. For me, this is a very serious candidate for a bestseller.
  12. I think it's not a full program.
  13. Officially not, it's too early. But since they wrote that it's a TV Concert, surely such a blu-ray will appear. Of course, only death and taxes are certain in life In fact, there are quite a lot of Vienna Philharmonic blu-rays on the market.
  14. I have tickets for both Vienna concerts, which means I'll see Williams live three times in one week. Madness!
  15. Of course they'll release a blu-ray of it. That's why from the very beginning each of these concerts is advertised as TV Concert