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  1. Hopefully his recent dinners with Ann-Sophie Mutter etc can suggest all is well!
  2. Don't disagree Holko but realistically that's not going to happen; there's a 'Star Wars' formula which is just a little lucrative...
  3. Then ariseth the question: who IS the heir to the Star Wars musical legacy?
  4. What’s the current best available version of Hook?
  5. Pardon a newbie question, but is this available still anywhere?
  6. Not my favourite film, nor my favourite Star Wars film, but if you’re allowed one John Williams score on a desert island, A New Hope it is...
  7. Due to various reasons of forgetfulness, I have a spare copy of this on CD! Will definitely sell to a JWer if needed (opened but near mint). Priority goes to UK based poster as that makes it easier for me!
  8. Sorry to bump an old thread, but I’m wondering if the consensus is that this version is the best Jaws CD?
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