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  1. I’d love her there - chance to see a world class musician. But for a handful of pieces only, letting the orchestra stay in the spotlight.
  2. My prediction: - Something from TROS - The Imperial March
  3. Really hoping so! Perhaps “Jar Jar’s Miraculous Return”?
  4. Anyway, back to the music, think Mutter will show up and play?
  5. Yeah, it was weird last year, especially after the RAH scramble for tickets!
  6. I feel the same, and to have JW conducting at the RAH - just four miles from my flat, and where I've seen loads of concerts/gigs over the years - was unthinkable last year! So I'm also grabbing this Vienna trip with both hands.
  7. Last few days, been on the Star Wars what with the Ep. 9 trailer and the tickets in Vienna: The Last Jedi Attack Of The Clones The Force Awakens Love all three. Also been hammering Across The Stars, and David W Collins on The Soundtrack Show had me listening again to Grusin's The Goonies. Had a delivery today of a couple CDs missing from my JW collection, Memoirs Of A Geisha and Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull so looking forward to digging into them!
  8. Ahem, a nice rest in London first... via a little visit to South Kensington!
  9. Same here - Row 6 in reality but came through as Row 3. I’ll take that!
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