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    What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    Maleficent by James Newton Howard
  2. This is my first post and hope you like it. Want to do some more score reviewing. Feedback would be nice! Enjoy! Track by Track: Raiders Return To Busy, Busy Berk Starting with drums there is a nice darker motif there. A few second later some heroic and bit mad/comedic action material. Then about 3/4 into the track a lovely recognisable theme pops in but with a lovely new rendition. Great opening track! Dinner Talk / Grimmel's Introduction: A softharded melody opens the cue until the dark motif that opening the first track returns. This time with full orchestra & drums. After that the villain theme kicks in. Not to complicated but menacing, maybe because for most of the cue it is being played softly. Legend Has It / Cliffside Playtime A new theme opens the cue. Beautifully played and orchestrated with strings, woodwinds & soft choir. Listen carefully it comes back. Then the small motif from 'Together We Map The World' returns briefly. At the end of the cue a beautiful romantic but kind of desperate version of the main theme. Toothless: Smitten Mystery and fantasy open the cue with strings and woodwinds. Then a smal motif for a the Light Fury pops in. After this a new love theme pops in with some loud interruptions (see the film to understand) The cue ends with another new theme that is later explored fully in 'Third Date' Worst Pep Talk Ever Classic Powell cue. It starts with some comedic writing until it changes to soft rendition of the villain theme. Night Fury Killer A cue mostly dominated by the villain theme. The strings opening the cue are a bit creepy but give a nice sense of danger. The walking pace of the villain theme throughout the cue is very well done. There are some bells and amazing brass works as well. Overall a big suspense cue. Exodus! The theme from the opening of 'Legend Has It / Cliffside Playtime' returns in all it's glory. A great new theme that weirdly represents instability & stability at the same time. The villain theme & the Light Fury's theme pop up throughout the cue. Third Date: One of the longest cues on the album, but by far one of my favorites. The harps, strings & woodwinds at the beginning make for playful Powell music. Everytime I hear this new theme I instantly start smiling. Later on some bagpipes join in and give for a small shock, but a funny one. 3/4 into the track the theme gets it's best representation with full brass, drums, strings & some bagpipes. At the end a small rendition of the new love theme. Beautiful cue!!! New 'New Tail' The theme from 'Third Date' opens the cue but quickly gets run over by a theme from the first film in all it's glory. Want to now which one. Read the cue title. Furies In Love Furies In Love finally brings the love theme in it's complete form. Like 'Romantic Flight' from the 1st movie or 'Lando's Closet' from Solo the theme is marvelous. The opening is soft but quickly makes way for the entire orchestra to play the theme with some great orchestrations. Halfway through the cue the underscore beat from 'Flying With Mother' returns. It's great & triumphant and fits the scene perfectly! The cue ends on a softer note the same way it began. Killer Dragons Just like 'Night Fury Killer' a more darker cue with a lot of strings & brass. The same walking pass returns and at the end is some new level choral writing coming out of nowhere. Really like this cue! With Love Comes A Great Waterfall The cue opening with 2 existing themes. The first is from 'Losing Mom' from the 2nd movie & the second from 'The Dragon Book' from the 1st movie. Then drums, brass & choir enter for an otherwordly mix sounding like a waterfall. The Hidden World (Feat. Jónsi) The cue opens with Jónsi's voice sounding as some sort of echo. Not long after, a choir and woodwinds take over. A new theme is introduced softly. Strings and some more Jónsi come again and then transfer into a magical theme for The Hidden World. Full on orchestra used at it's best together with the choir make for a cue that is hard not to like. A cue like this, is why I love film music. The cue ends with some brass heavy action material before going to the big action piece.... Armada Battle 'Armada Battle' opens softly with strings before turning into heroic turning into the villain theme. After the villain theme it's a joy to listen to quite a few different themes from the trilogy. Passing through are the hero themes (as I call them) from the 2nd and 3rd movie, parts of 'Battling The Green Death', a full on orchestral version of 'Romantic Flight, parts of 'The Kill Ring' & 'This Is Berk' & what I like to call Valka's heroic theme. The cue ends with the villain theme again. There was a bit of debate about this cue, but I believe it's very cleverly orchestrated and composed. The themes play nicely into eachother and fitst the scenes in the movie very well. Love this cue!!!! As Long As He's Safe Drums & brass open the cue and are taking over by soft choir until 'Test Drive' kicks in!!!!! A softer part of the cue comences with harp, choir, strings & woodwinds. Near the end, the beautiful piano tune from 'Hiccup And Valka Bond' from the 2nd movie returns before going into it's might and glory. Than the drum & string melody from 'With Love Comes A Great Waterfall' ends the cue. Once There Were Dragons The cue starts with beautiful harp & choir taking the upper hand. Strings, drums, brass & bagpipes join in and make it sound like a party. A small piano tune of the main theme comes in and transitions beautifully into 'The Hidden World' theme. Than the moment I had to wipe a tear of my face was when 'Forbidden Friendship' & 'Test Drive' end the cue with a small hint of the 3rd films heroic theme. A beautiful ending to 3 beautiful movies and scores!!! The Hidden World Suite A suite with the themes of the 3rd movie that Powell created specially for concert. For me, it's going to be hard for another score to surpase How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World. The score is great, hits every note perfectly and is one of, maybe is, Powell's best scores!!!!!
  3. NAME: JNHFan2000 LOCATION: Amersfoort, The Netherlands AGE: 18 (almost 19) SEX: Male PROFESSION/EDUCATION: Manager/Entrepreneur FAVORITE JOHN WILLIAMS SCORE(S): Schindler's List & The Force Awakens FAVORITE NON-JOHN WILLIAMS SCORE(S): Ready Player One (Silvestri), How To Train Your Dragon All 3 (Powell) & Almost everything from James Newton Howard FAVORITE FILM(S): Fabtastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, Interstellar, HTTYD Trilogy, Star Wars Original Trilogy & MCU FAVORITE DIRECTOR(S): Steven Spielberg, Joe & Anthony Russo && Christopher Nolan SPECIAL INTEREST(S): Scores lots of scores & I love to cook. VISITING THIS BOARD SINCE: Friday 8th of February 2019