The Illustrious Jerry

What is your favorite Star Wars alien?

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1 hour ago, mstrox said:


Coolest looking alien with the dumbest name:  "Dug"


Sounds like some dumb American lunkhead in a bar.

ME (shudders) Ugh. TPM aliens.

1 hour ago, Jurassic Shark said:

Why is he wearing Trump's hair? Is this proof that Trump is an alien, created by ILM, as a part of George's scheme to take over the world?

Nah I just found that somewhere. Haha. What is your favorite Star Wars alien @Jurassic Shark?

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My pleasure (No, not in the same way as that guy).


So, to get back on track: "High as a Kite Hammerhead"



"Ooh La La!"



"Wearin' a Scream mask for Halloween before it was cool"



"Hog with no Warts"



"Rejected Design of the Alien From "The Man Trap""



"You Can't Not Fall Head Over Heels In Love With Him"



"What The Holy Bejeesus Is This Shit"


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3 hours ago, Philippe Roaché said:

If only you could hear yourselves. Why the very name is racist. The Federation is no more than a homo sapiens only club.


Couldn't agree more.  Now, fuck off, pasty heads.

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