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    No offense, but you clearly don't know what you're talking about. My wife and I tried IVF for two years. I was also hugely in debt. I still owe a fortune. Despite everything we didn't get pregnant. I would gladly have given up my entire CD collection for the chance to be a dad. I am thrilled for Mr Scratch. I know exactly what he went through, and I am happy that everything turned out well. Some things in life are worth more than material goods.
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    I don't know if this Josh is about the movie or music. Haven't seen Lincoln, I like Lincoln's music more.
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    I need to collect myself. Alright. It's you and I. No way out. Get your shit together. Think Luke, Han and Chewie, snowspeeders vs. AT-ATs, the cantina, carbon freeze, docking bay 94, "you may fire fwen reday", that big orchestral flourish when the droids are in the escape pod...Okay? Okay. Let's go.
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    The Hobbit Film Trilogy Thread

    And completely pathetic.
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    Hate the word, by the way. Karol
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    United States or United Kingdom?

    Chaac, just come and try some bbq, that will give you an idea of diversity. remember bbq is not grilling which is hot and fast cooking, bbq is low and slow. But what kind of bbq would you like to try. Blume could treat you to North Carolina style bbq, which is a completely different from what I would show you with is Memphis style bbq which tastes nothing like North Carolina style, then go to Mark's neighborhood and you can try Texas bbq. It is completely different that either Memphis or NC bbq. Course you could go to Kansas City and experience something different again. Yet they are all bbq. You can experience southern style cooking and soul food which are similar but not necessarily the same. Kentucky Fried Chicken or KFC is the same pretty much everywhere but you can go find fried chicken everywhere but no two places are the same. Get you some fried clams in Maine, the go to Los Angeles and get some, not even close to the same food. here is another way to think about it. is Italy the same as spain or greece? 50 states each with their own diversity, different climates, terrains. Go to the north east coast and English and French are the first and second language, but down here English and Spanish first and second.
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    United States or United Kingdom?

    How diverse is the United States? Unless you've been here, the best way I can think of explaining is it through the most common response I hear from co-workers and business partners that have visited from abroad. I've hosted and shown around people from South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Poland, France, China, and England. All of these people, after arriving at a relatively small, clean, but very modern airport, rode around in a car for 20 minutes to our offices. All in not just one state (North Carolina), but one comparatively small city. Without ever stepping out of the car for those 20 minutes they all inevitably have the same comment, phrased different but essentially adding up to this: "I feel like I went through three or four states. Everything is so spread out and compartmentalized." And that's immediately followed by "everything is so much bigger here" which I laugh at. Because this is North Carolina, an Eastern State. I come from California, on the West Coast. The Eastern states are comparatively puny in scale. But that's all without even stepping out of the car. And it makes sense. You step out of a really clean and modern, (and dare I say cool looking airport) and you drive off expecting to drive through a city. You are in the capital city of the state after all! Nope. You are on an interstate highway with nothing but forest around you. Miles and miles of forest. The only civilization is the massive 8 lane highway you are on. You are enveloped by trees on the sides. And this goes on for miles. In fact much of the first stretch of highway to your left is a relatively microbe sized state park...at around 20 km2 of nothing but forest and hiking trails. You cross a bridge and you see a lake, and if you exit off the highway at any of these points you find yourself on small town roads, that connect more towns separated by large swathes of forests. Among these towns you'll find towns that are pre-dominately black. Or good ol' Southern baptist white. Or Indian. On the way to our offices you cross into one of the larger of these towns, protected from the locals by, again, large swathes of forest. In this large town, suddenly everything looks very nice. Very polished. Very fancy. Very clean. Very...sculpted! You are surrounded by nature still, but nature is tamed, sculpted all around. And so for the next 10-15 minutes of your journey you are surrounded by a really lovely affluent town. Most here are Northern (from North East US)/Asian/Indian and very much not native North Carolinian. You arrive at our offices. Drive 15 more minutes by car, through more forests, some really lower-income parts of town and you end up at Downtown...which is relatively small. Civilization is very much strewn about in pockets between the vast wilderness. You can imagine how this layout might act to isolate and foster diversity. Within a 25 mile radius of where I work (20-30 minutes by car)...here's a sample of just how much diversity there is, if all you do is look and don't even step out of the vehicle. From farmland, to forests and national parks largely untouched by man, to lakes, to skyscrapers, to gothic architecture. From rednecks who can't tell you if Vermont is a state or in the "country of Europe", to meth labs, to the emerging capital of biotechnology in the world: And that's just driving 25 miles from east to west. And this area I'm now in is a relatively homogenous area. Go out to California and drive a few minutes..and well...let's just say things change a lot. The USA stretches 2500 miles from east to west. 1800 miles north to south. It is quite a wonder that this country is united in the least bit! If you stay on the Interstate Highway System, which is operated at the Federal level, America will look very unified. Very homogenous. The moment you step off...you will realize...just what a marvel it is that it can operate as tightly as it does. Also recommended to Steef and those curious about America: Stephen Fry in America. A documentary that'll give you an idea of what 'Murrica is really like.
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    What Are You Eating Tonight?

    You seem to have a knack for making it sweet on the eyes, too, I love that. I hate it when people throw food on their plates like they're just one step above going to the feeding trough like a hog. Speaking of which:
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