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  1. Pamela Anderson was on "Baywatch" with David Hasselhoff, who starred with a talking car voiced by William Daniels who appeared on "St. Elsewhere" with Denzel Washington, who was in Crimson Tide with Gene Hackman long after he played a preachin' man in The Poseidon Adventure. And, because he was mentioned earlier, but not done: Judd Apatow
  2. Ted Turner guested on "Arliss", which starred Robert Wuhl, who suggested "Candlesticks" in Bull Durham with Tim Robbins who was in The Hudsucker Proxy with Paul Newman who finally won an Oscar for The Color of Money. Newman's co-star in that film was a little known actor who has been in Far and Away, Born on the Fourth of July, Minority Report, and War of the Worlds, among others. Richard Starkey
  3. Jaleel White guested on "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air" with Will Smith who was in Wild Wild West with Salma Hayak, who was in Frida with Alfred Molina who wanted Indy to throw him the idol. Next up: David Rasche (I hope I spelled it correctly)
  4. Charlie Chaplin had David Raksin assist him on the score to Modern Times. Raksin later scored Laura with Vincent Price who appeared in Edward Scissorhands with Winonna Ryder who was in Dracula with Gary Oldman who was in JFK (or HP: POA) How about Mick Jagger...
  5. Robert Guillaume was on the TV show "Sports Night" which had William H. Macy guest star on it. Macy was in Mr. Holland's Opus with Richard Dreyfuss, who starred in Jaws. Next: The Marx Brothers
  6. Ben Stiller was in Meet the Fockers with Dustin Hoffman, who was in Hook. Back to Richard Strauss...
  7. Darn, I thought only Bruckner composed a Symphony No. 0...
  8. Are you also excluding the 2-LP releases of Star Wars, Superman, and The Empire Strikes Back? If so, then I believe that this is the longest "regular" release of a JW score.
  9. Nah, the record label is just trying to figure out how to promote an album that doesn't swing. It's been a week, still only the one review and nothing else has leaked. Is it possible that the French review and transcriptions are fake?
  10. What part(s) of Alien are you arranging? I blanched at the first thought, but remembered the rendition of the middle movement of Rodrigo's Concierto de Aranjuez (Concerto de Orange Juice, if you prefer) from Brassed Off and now find myself intrigued...
  11. On one of Fake's post on Intrada's forum he noted that baritone horns were used due to the composer wanting a euphonium-like sound. That statement leads me to think that the score is from prior to 2000. Oversized brass section and the movie was a big hit-- gotta be Beastmaster II: Through the Portal of Time, right?
  12. There are even some of us who are long enough in the tooth that can say "I saw Star Wars on the big screen when it first came out." Yeah, I owned me an eight-track tape or two, too.
  13. Perhaps some of the "lesser" composers were classmates of mine. There was only one class for orchestration and it was only three hours a week for nine weeks of looking at Ravel and Debussy (apparently Wagner and Mahler weren't worthy of study) and it wasn't a requirement. Now, the same school requires a full year of orchestration. (So, there's hope that the "next wave" of composers will be better educated.) If a composer is not given an opportunity in school to develop the skills required to manage an orchestra, when is he supposed to? On the job? Well, if he hooks up with an orchestrator that is capable of teaching and has the time to do it. Yeah, maybe he's got a shot. Otherwise, what can the composer be expected to do? Emulate the dreaded temp score and flounder in mediocrity. He's not allowed to acknowledge his short-comings and attempt to teach himself-- self-actualization is not allowed.
  14. I'd nominate myself, but I'm too busy lurking, waiting for Indy 4 to leak.
  15. I first encountered the work of Clarke back in hig school and I remember reading an interview with him in Playboy (thanks, Pop, for subscribing). At the time, as one might imagine, reading anything in Playboy was not the first item on the agenda. When 3001: The Final Odyssey came out, a "preview" excerpt was printed in Playboy. When I saw that issue, I picked it up, went directly to the excerpt and read it in one sitting. After finishing it, I spent several hours contemplating what Clarke had written. The next day, it dawned on me that the only thing I had examined in that issue was the Clarke excerpt. I hung my head in shame and muttered, "It's official, I'm old." I can chuckle about it now. Also, not mentioned in any of the memorials that I've read on-line concerns this exceprt from Clarke's 2008 Egogram: "One of my current priorities is to get through the heavy manuscript of The Last Theorem, written by Frederik Pohl expanding on my story line developed four years ago. Our publishers and agents were remarkably patient and supportive as Fred and I swapped ideas and comments from opposite sides of the planet for much of 2007." It looks like Sir Arthur has one more tale to tell...
  16. Elmer Bernstein conducted left-handed and I was pleased to talk to him about it after a concert. I told him I wished I had film of him conducting the LSO for the teacher that tossed me from conducting class for wanting to do it left-handed. He told me that as long as the orchestra gets a clear downbeat, it'll follow the conductor anywhere. It is possible that Williams was born left-handed, but was forced to learn how to write right-handed. My father is a few years younger than Williams and had that happen to him. Heck, the elemetary school I attended attempted to convert me before my mother called a conference with my teacher and principal and insisted that I entered the school a southpaw and I was sure was going to leave as such. As far as those of you who have problems with lefties-- I read a survey done in Europe that showed the percentage of the population that is left-handed is on the rise. Those under the age of thirty are showing a rate of left-handedness of nearly 25%. Back in 1980, surveys were showing lefties as being only 10% of the population. And, yes, we are a little sensitive about the language. Earlier today I was in a restaurant and when the hostess said, "I'll be right with you." I rejoindered with, "Yes, I know, better to be right with me than left with me."
  17. How about "Over the Moon" from E.T. in a commercial for a law firm? Seeing that one gave me the courage to use "Out to Sea" from Jaws for a radio spot for a seafood restaurant. (BTW, the owner of the restaurant recognized the music and gave it a thumbs up.) When mixing spots, I frequently went to film music cues.
  18. Conti recorded a suite from the film along with a suite from "North and South" that was released on Varese Sarabande. According to Varese's website, it is still in print. As for the Holst "influence": it's not an influence. Check out the closing credits of the movie and you'll see that the film makers acquired the rights to use The Planets as part of the score. Since then, the work has passed into the public domain. How that affects releasing the original recording of the soundtrack, I have no idea (I'm not a copyright lawyer). I think the main influence on the release of the original recording has to do with sales of the aforementioned CD and dirth of people clamoring for its release. Some might say that if you wanted to listen to the score to The Right Stuff, all you need to do is listen to The Seasons by Glazunov, Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto, and Holst's The Planets. And, to think, it won an Oscar for "Best Original Score". bruckhorn, who listened to Kunzel's recording of the Theme from The Right Stuff in October, 1988 when "Discovery clears the tower and America returns to space."
  19. Back in 1990, when John Williams conducted the Music Academy of the West the program was: Glinka: Overture to Ruslan und Ludmilla Tchaikovsky: Violin Concerto Intermission Film music by Williams including Raiders of the Lost Ark, Star Wars (Main Title, Yoda's Theme, Imperial March), and the Suite from Born on the Fourth of July. (Sorry, my souvenir program is 700 miles away so I can't provide a complete list.) Encores were versions of Stars and Stripes Forever and 76 Trombones that I've heard recordings of with Fiedler conducting the Boston Pops. I'd be willing to bet that next year's program will be similarly structured. If the concert is going to be at the Santa Barbara County Bowl, I highly recommend hanging around the stage out after the concert. That's how I met him that night.
  20. Back to the punctuation thing, again. My seventh grade teacher said that grammar and punctuation were unimportant; that the only thing that mattered was “getting the idea expressed.” Coherency, apparently, was optional. Yes, it was a public school. I have on more than one occasion said that I learned more about the English language watching School House Rock than I did in school. At Worlds End would not be the first time a title has been left lacking an apostrophe. Two Weeks Notice should have been Two Week’s Notice. Bruckhorn, who had his mommy proof-read all of his essays in junior and senior high school (she also potty-trained me at gun-point…).
  21. When in doubt about how to notate music, I consult Read's Music Notation. There's a lot of variance with percussion, so no matter what you choose, I'd recommend that you make a note of explination on the instrumentation page. That way the conductor and musicians won't have to guess at what you want or mean.
  22. Ready for some confusion? Opus is a musical work. The plural of Opus is Opera. When used in the singular, an Opera is a essentially a play where the dialogue is sung and accompanied by an orchestra. Ain't music fun? Coda = end of the piece (an overly simplistic definition, but work with me) Codetta = short coda Opus = a work Opuscule = a small work Quaver = a short note Semi-quaver = a shorter note Hemi-demi-semi-quaver = a really short note Blathering on (due to the medication, I swear...) b
  23. Are you sure that's not him? I recently shaved my head and more than one person had trouble recognizing me...
  24. The placing of the stones on the grave of Schindler. Testement of the effect one man can have on the lives of others.
  25. It took a little work, but whenever my father calls me, I hear James Earl Jones say "I am your father." cross faded to the LSO playing the statement of Darth Vader's Theme that accompanies the scene. He hates it. Everyone else who has heard it, gets a kick out of it. I also have clips from Binary Sunset, Battle of the Heroes, and the trumpet statement of Luke's theme when he first appears in Empire. There are many other non-Williams pieces that I have used as ring tones.
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