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  1. I don't even know which $#&@^ thread to put this in, so I'm putting it here. Just to have a say. Just got back from seeing it. I was overwhelmed. Overwhelmed that so much money and "talent" could be thrown together and all that comes out is a rehash of the OT. I wish people would stop being so impressionable and so apt to get caught up in a frenzy, and wouldn't rush out to see these films, because they're just encouraging these goons to stay cowardly and lazy. There are no Alan Ladd Jr.s in the world anymore, apparently. The music was INVISIBLE, not remotely memorable, and I don't car
  2. Rest in peace Mr Spock. I don't know what else to say, I was shocked. I guess that's when you know someone as a real living legend: I knew he had been sick for a while, and he was in his 80s, but like Ray Harryhausen, it seemed impossible that he wouldn't always be around.
  3. Aww thanks fellas. Jay -- I've been okay I guess. Anyways, don't mean to hijack the thread so... On with Star Trek ?
  4. Yes Captain. Apparently, my regeneration was connected to the terraforming that took place on the genesis planet and--- Yeah, I'm alive. How have you been?
  5. Being a Trekkie is like a crossbow or high blood pressure-- it's a silent killer.
  6. So after nearly 6 years, I am bowing out of this forum. I cannot reconcile with myself the practice of expression in an environment that subjects me to censorship. Farewell.

  7. For me, what makes the CD the winner over LPs is this: each time you play that vinyl, it wears out a little bit more. Every time you play that CD, it pretty much sounds exactly like it did the last time you played it.
  8. Same thing. Minus the sound system. I plan on converting our den into a movie theater some day. Some time, when my wife isn't looking.
  9. Every time I listen to that opening track, I swear I can hear the shuttle as it drops from the star destroyer, even though my brain knows it isn't really there. Much like how I can always hear Chewie when I listen to the Throne Room track. Shows what a nerd I am.
  10. My son would rate this movie a 5, but then again he always jumps to the part when the group is afoot in the jungle, searching for Ann. And then he always stops it when they trap Kong. I've told myself that one of these days I'm going to do my own edit of this ridiculously overblown movie, and streamline it into a tight and solid one. But then I realize that I'd just be turning it into the original, better King Kong, and so I just put THAT dvd in the player instead.
  11. Well, Snyder has at least selected his new Superman. Somewhere, Brandon Routh is crying into his pillow. "Blast you, Singer!"
  12. One of the most perfect cues in movie history, put to perfect use. Merry Christmas you loonies!
  13. To be honest, I bought the OST years ago... and never listened to it. Can't explain that one. So I guess I'll pass on this one, since it must not be that important to me.
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