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  1. The third image, he's thinking: "UNLIMITED POWERRRRR!"
  2. That's really cool that you've been stung by a scorpion. ive been bitten by a snake, and the usual German shepherd, and vast array of insects. But nothing that cool. At my last job, I was the "batman," in charge of catching/killing the fruit bats. Bats do not like to be caught and/or killed. And you can find out real quick who are the real men in a room when a bat drops by...
  3. Over the years, I have repeatedly had dreams in which I've bought the house that my family lived in (when my parents split up) and am working on the floors, wiring, etc., to restore the house.
  4. I don't even know which $#&@^ thread to put this in, so I'm putting it here. Just to have a say. Just got back from seeing it. I was overwhelmed. Overwhelmed that so much money and "talent" could be thrown together and all that comes out is a rehash of the OT. I wish people would stop being so impressionable and so apt to get caught up in a frenzy, and wouldn't rush out to see these films, because they're just encouraging these goons to stay cowardly and lazy. There are no Alan Ladd Jr.s in the world anymore, apparently. The music was INVISIBLE, not remotely memorable, and I don't care if you all start peeing your pants over that statement. I totally avoided any articles about this film over the past few years, so that when I went in, it would be totally original. IRONY-- I couldn't believe how many scenes were derivative from the past films. Quick question, how does a bad guy, who's supposed to be the new stand-in wannabe Vader, Get pretty much owned by a soul brutha with no training and a desert scavenger with no training (don't give me that "she's strong with the force" crap), both with absolutely no idea how to use a lightsaber? And this villain clown, who didn't need to wear a mask since he's a horsefaced Marilyn Manson lookalike to start with, is the new ripoff stand-in Emperor's right hand man? What a steaming dumb pile of... well you know. And by the way, I could've delivered an open-hand slap on the side of that dude's face, and he would've stumbled off, crying. Not for one moment was I in any way threatened by him. Oh, and for those of you too young to know, the evil-superior-master-perched-above-on-a-throne-before-his-henchmen and the silver stormtrooper were brought to you by Battlestar Galactica, 1978. And when I read that good ol' Larry Kasdan was involved, I told myself, "Well Jeff, that dude has had his dick in his right hand for thirty+ years, wishing he could've killed Han Solo, and it looks like he'll finally get to finish off." Predictable. The reappearance of the old stars just made it more obvious how far things have fallen. I was pretty sure that I was going to see Carrie Fisher die of old age on camera, but alas. And just as I suspected, Harrison Ford probably only agreed to appear as Han just to get that payday. Hell, it was a payday all around, for Disney, for Ford, for Abrams, for everybody. Except for me, who wasted $13.50 to lose two hours of my life that I will never get back. I am done with Star Wars films. During the movie, I accepted the reality that I have hit the age when nothing is as good as it once was. Either that, or this movie SUCKED. I need to stop trying to be optimistic, believing that people can do great things I guess. My wife said, "I'm sorry." And I said, "For what? My name isn't on that shitpile."
  5. I have another "training session" with these fools tomorrow....
  6. So at my job, they're making us take these training classes in order to prepare for a new data entry program that's "rolling out" in a few months. Two guys were in charge of presenting the PowerPoint presentation to us, an obnoxious experience destined to last 3 hours. The guy who has the clicker and who's up front goes for about an hour before addressing his partner in the back, a guy we will call "Steve." "Hey Steve," he says casually, "Hey come up and take over. I gotta take a shit" With that, he sauntered out tensely, to a chorus of roaring laughter. "Steve" took over. The guy had raccoon eyes and was a mouth breather, but I digress. Twenty minutes later, the first guy returns. As he goes back to the front to commandeer the PowerPoint presentation, he has a hand full of napkins, wiping the profuse sweat from his face and neck. That must've been SOME DUMP. Anyways, he continues, and I'm at the front so I can get a close look at all of this. I soon regret this, as in the middle of a sentence he lets out a very wet, Jabba-like belch which he immediately starts apologizing for. What was so startling was how he couldn't conttol it; it just exploded in the middle of a sentence. But that isn't all that exploded. He's speaking and suddenly says, "godamn! Whoa sorry bro"," and starts fanning behind him. Unfortunately I am behind him. I get up and walk to the very back of the room. These guys were totally juvenile, one of them joking about how the other left a sweat outline of his asscheeks on the office chair when he got up. believe it or not, there was even a survey they wanted us to fill out after the class.
  7. Rest in peace Mr Spock. I don't know what else to say, I was shocked. I guess that's when you know someone as a real living legend: I knew he had been sick for a while, and he was in his 80s, but like Ray Harryhausen, it seemed impossible that he wouldn't always be around.
  8. Yeah, collinsworth is annoying. He always sounds like he's straining his voice, even in pregame shows
  9. Autocorrect when texting. Or "pacific" when they mean"specific."
  10. Man my wife started freaking out when he picked that off! I was watching, couldn't quite Believe it was happening, and once I realized what had just happened I thought I was having a stroke. Unbelievable.
  11. Ha! That's the scary part: for a while, "the facts" checked out, from multiple sources.
  12. I just read an updated article, and it's nothim after all. I know this sounds wrong, but I am relieved. So how that journalism these days? Somewhere there's this old guy fielding all of these panic calls from loved ones who thought he was hanging out with Suge Knight and died?.
  13. That's so weird... I thought it was only our ljs that served cold fries!
  14. Anything from Long. John. Silver's.
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