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  1. Here is my brass quintet piece, Longing and Hope, which was premiered last night at the MIT Wind Ensemble's virtual concert: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JiDEk794HWo
  2. Does anyone have more info on this variation of Summon the Heroes? NBC used it tonight to start the primetime broadcast.
  3. This is very upsetting news. I have tickets for the Saturday night concert. Like some of the other local folks posting here, I have seen him in concert several times, and met him afterward when he came out to meet fans -- but I still look forward to the concert every time. For those coming from abroad, I can't imagine...
  4. Here is my latest work, for the National Park Travelers Club 2014 convention preview: (the first minute features music from from the previous two previews -- you can find those on Youtube as well, and then there's new music until the end... and my fiance provides vocals from 2:19 through 2:47)
  5. Yes, this was done with Edirol, thanks Do use edirol? The french horns sound like it. Good piece!
  6. Here is my latest work. I created the preview video slideshow, including an original soundtrack, for next year's National Park Travelers Club convention. Thanks for listening!
  7. I agree -- he used to meet with us indoors, near the interior stage door. I don't think he's done that since 2006, but given these people this year, hopefully he'll start that up again next year. It's also much more conducive for taking photos to be indoors.
  8. Yes, sure! Greetings. I can use the picture on my blog?. Andres Valverde (John Williams Composer Blog) JWC BLOG
  9. Well, he did come out about 45 minutes after the concert ended. Sadly, there were several people who didn't even go to the concert (wearing old t-shirts and ratty pants) with literally dozens of CD's bombarding Williams, who are then probably going to just sell them on eBay. He did sign many of them, and the security told them to leave, but they just went to a place Williams hadn't been yet... when he got there, he saw them again, got upset, and got into the BSO1 car and left. So no picture with him this year. Just the attached photo while he was signing autographs.
  10. Hi all, Here is my most recent uploaded composition, just under 5 minutes long: It wasn't written for any particular purpose. The final version was created with the Edirol Orchestral Synth. Comments, constructive critiques, compliments, etc, are welcome! Thanks, -Scott
  11. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leo_Arnaud
  12. The Potter lasted 30-35 minutes, and it included a narration by Lynn Redgrave. The narration was between cues, not during them, and gave information about the next cue.
  13. There were about 15 of us who waited around after tonight's Pops concert. He came out the stage door about 45 minutes after the concert ended, talked with fans, signed things, and took photos. I had him sign the picture with him and me (my avatar), and he also signed over my shirt. He said "We look great in that picture" as he signed it! -Scott
  14. I bought my ticket for opening night, May 22nd. Perhaps I'll see some of you there! -Scott
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