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  1. 4. Unlike most I actually really like the original album. There was some nice stuff left off, certainly, but I find it a really entertaining listen.
  2. Good point, but filmmakers do have to be careful not to confuse "serious" with "pretentious". A film can definitely take itself too seriously (not that I think 2001 does). The thing that really struck me when I saw it in February was how "perfectly" made it was. I wouldn't normally use that word... but here every shot seemed exactly right, the timing of every moment was spot-on. Not a single frame seemed out of place, or unfinished. Most movies have the odd line or shot that doesn't feel 100% right, but with 2001 I get the impression that Kubrick knew (and got) exactly what he wanted.
  3. "Are you proud of having got rid of one of the very few humans on the Discovery?" I actually saw 2001 in the cinema a few months ago. I had terrible seats and the print was very damaged, but it was still an amazing experience.
  4. And the old BBC logo. But not the style of reporting. They still go in for those dumb gimmicks.
  5. I enjoyed those samples very much. Looking forward to the album!
  6. Fantastic! I don't own this yet, so I'll definitely get this one ASAP.
  7. A good bunch, no doubt (though we don't know about Indiana Jones yet, obviously), but I don't think that eight years can really compare to the eight years that gave us Black Sunday, Star Wars, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, The Fury, Jaws 2, Superman, Dracula, 1941, The Empire Strikes Back, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Heartbeeps, E.T., Monsignor, Return of the Jedi, The River and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Better scores, and more of them. Don't get me wrong, I think Williams's current output is still very impressive, but his "peak" was in the '70s and '80s, IMO at least.
  8. A solid three. I enjoy it, but I don't think it's "great" in any way whatsoever.
  9. If I like it enough to see it more than once, I will. If I don't, I won't. Just like any other movie...
  10. Hadn't realised there was going to be a Taking of Pelham One Two Three remake. Koepp's done a few good scripts (I'm a big Carlito's Way fan), but most of his work is horrible IMO.
  11. I won't. It's the films I'm interested in, and I already own them. The extras on these sets don't even look that interesting.
  12. It's not exactly realistic, but for sheer entertainment value Errol Flynn vs. Basil Rathbone in Robin Hood has yet to be topped. Bond vs. Grant (and also the incredibly tense build-up to the fight) in From Russia with Love is also a terrific sequence. And the fight in Marion's bar earlier on in Raiders.
  13. Connery will always be #1 for me, then Dalton, Brosnan and Craig about equal, Lazenby next, and Moore last by quite a long way.
  14. Something from Superman. Probably "Star Ship Escapes" or "The Flying Sequence".
  15. I think the oldest film I own is The Kid. As for the main question: yes, definitely! The Third Man is one of my 2-3 absolute favourite films of all time, and lots of others (Casablanca, Sunset Boulevard, Bride of Frankestein, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, King Kong) are among my favorites. I grew up watching a mixture of colour and b/w films, so I never really thought about it. It certainly never bothered me. As for the Universal horrors, I haven't seen two many, but I absolutely love the first two Karloff Frankensteins. I remember liking The Invisible Man as well, but I haven't seen it for ages.
  16. Thanks, very interesting! Listening now. And I always thought it was pronounced vah-rays.
  17. Tied for first, with Jerry Goldsmith and Bernard Herrmann.
  18. Very sad to hear this, Mark. I can't even begin to imagine how awful something like this must feel. Sincerest condolences to you and your wife and family.
  19. A reel doesn't have to be 20 minutes. I think that's just the maximum. You often get reels shorter than that.
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