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  1. I'm working with sample libraries as well and admire anyone who can pull off pieces of that quality. Good work! My philosophy is, though, that you should never ever let the quality of the library influence your work. The patch should suit your music, not the other way round.
  2. Well, it's a little detail (among several other bigger ones) that makes this score different. It doesn't simply follow the same old pattern. If you think I wanted to say that these 5 seconds shake things up, you severely overinterpreted my post. It's obvious that Williams takes ROTS into a newer direction (not ALL new, but nevertheless); the heavy use of choir, a title theme that doesn't fit into the old Star Wars pattern at all (except for Dotf maybe), the dominance of mournful, sad cues and so on. This 5 second "shortcut" is only a prove of point.
  3. It's amazing how nitpicky some fans can get ... Who cares if there are 5 seconds missing from the opening titles? When I first read "the title theme was cut short" I thought that maybe 30 seconds were shaved off, but THIS? It's there in all other 5 Star Wars scores, so I don't really need it. At least Williams tries to shake up things a little.
  4. The MTV Awards? Is THAT the end of your horizon? I think what this guy wants to say is that no movie SCORE has ever made it to the top 40. Well, you're wrong because Star Wars did it. Seriously, I hope that this boy never fully realises how much rubbish he posts here, because then he would be endangered to commit suicide ... By the way, could you please stop using the word "moviemusic maker" (sounds like a new MAGIX software ...)? Or would you like the term "Rocksong maker"? I refuse calling these "composers", though, so maybe ...
  5. Yeah, that's me on that board! These are strange times ... A light from the shadow shall spring; here I am It's true that one can be a fan of both, Star Wars AND Lord of the Rings
  6. Gee, I never thought I would join a discussion board because of a single post, but, obviously, I was wrong. Every single line of that post hurts. And not because this guy's saying the truth ... First of all, a friendly "hi!" to everyone! Secondly, the reply to this incredibly DUMB, ignorant post above. >and i hate it even more now that i myself am accused of being one. >and why???? just because i state the truth??? You're in NO way stating the truth. You're stating your opinion and it's as far away from the truth as it can get. I don't blame you because it's obvious that your opinion is based on a serious lack of (musical) knowledge. >what is music anyway? as far as i (and true music lovers/professionals) am concerned, there are 2 >kinds : serious music (like Petty) and funny, non-serious music like classical music (joyful, funny >tunes). serious music is written by true composers, not by people who can only think up simple, >funny, if not 'dumb' melodies, played only by violins and flutes and stuff, and NOT by real instruments! >how can you call anyone a composer who doesn't know how to handle a guitar, play a drumroll or >play some fatt-ass chords on a classic B3 organ??? Any true music lover/ professional who isn't completely out of his mind would recognise more than TWO kinds of music. And if you associate classical music with "funny and joyful tunes", then you only prove what you're indicating throughout your posts: that you don't have the merest scintillia of a whisper of a clue what you're talking about. I don't think anyone on this earth would identify "Der Ring Des Nibelungen" or "Carmina Burana", or "Schindler's List" as "funny" or "joyful"! And do you have any idea of what a "real" composer is? The world's understanding of a composer doesn't come from any rock stuff, but from people like Beethoven, Händel or Vivaldi. If it wasn't for these geniuses, your rockstars wouldn't even exist. So, if you pull your head out of your a**, you'll see that film composers like Williams or Barry are as close to a real composer as you can get. Those people you worship so much make music and they also compose something, but their composition is a hundred times less complicated than your average John Williams score. Many film composers start in a band and then RISE to the level of orchestral composition. Did rockstars ever try to harmonise 15 sections AND several percussion instruments? Don't think so. Handling the instruments in a rock song is a joke compared to a full 100 + pieces orchestra. AND by the way, the truth is that violins, flutes and brass intruments were around CENTURIES before someone even thought of a keyboard. These are real instruments, which usually require more skills than a keyboard or a guitar. While we're talking about guitars: only because you've never heard WIlliams using a guitar doesn't mean that he really didn't. >and films with no songs are always bad or worse than without them. like the starwars film with all the >clones, it was only bad because during the scenes in the gladiator arena they didn't play something >like How you remind me or Run to you. that would have been so awesome! instead we get funny >music, which doesn't fit at all. And just imagine American Girl over the opening crawl!!! Awesome Excuse ME, but can it get any more stupid? My suspicion is that you just don't understand how movies work (second thought, it's not a suspicion, it's flaming obvious). 1) a song with lyrics would distract audiences from the on- screen action 2) a song with lyrics doesn't change its direction and wouldn't be in sync with the action 3) a song with lyrics (in a movie) doesn't have the same emotional power as a customized score. Try playing a song with lyrics over a dialogue scene ... >how many of you know a Bchord from an Fchord??? i'm sure john williams doesn't know cause he >never uses guitar. A lot more than you might think. Williams was a jazz musician and studied virtually every aspect of composition, pal, he knows a lot more about music than 90 % of your beloved musicians. How many scores have you heard of him? Two? And you can safely say that he never uses a guitar? You've seen Episode II? Then watch it again and look out for the electric guitar in the Corouscant chase ... >he just tells a violin player the funny tune and lets him play it. wow, what a musician he is! what kind >of music is that??? After all this nonsense you've spouted here, I'm sure YOU don't know ... And he doesn't only tell the violins, but also the violas, cellos, basses, flutes, oboes, bassoons, clarinets, french horns, trombones, trumpets, tuba, choir and timpani; and it's all in sync and perfectly harmonised. What a musician indeed. >my point is, you cannot compare moviemusic-makers to real rockstars, cause they don't stand a >chance!! no way! i know i'm opening eyes here, and that many, many agree with me. please speak up >people! let them know you love rock more than funny tunes! Yeah, if you knew how much you've opened our eyes. And we though that by today, film scores earned themselves the degree of respect they deserve because they guide the viewer through the movies emotionally. Boy, were we wrong. But I sincerely hope that such dead- heads are slowly vanishing from the face of our earth. Man, you're seriously overestimating yourself and your pointless opinions!
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