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  1. Jon Broxton did a short review of this: https://moviemusicuk.us/2021/01/22/under-the-radar-round-up-2020-part-vi/
  2. IIUC Episode 1 was 50's while Episode 2 was more 60's
  3. There once was a story From a thousand yesterdays I read it in this ancient book When the old man passed away I drifted through the pages And it's magic filled my eyes I dreamed she once loved me In the land called Trinidad
  4. You gave me no warning You gave no reason But I was with you Right by your side Just give me the strength, and I will help you And they can try their hardest, 'cause they don't frighten me
  5. https://zeldauniverse.net/2021/01/20/early-zelda-64-build-found-beta-assets-discovered/
  6. Living in a fisheye lens Caught in the camera eye I have no heart to lie I can't pretend a stranger Is a long awaited friend
  7. I am fairly confident we will get CMIYC and Terminal someday seeing as those are Spielberg scores.
  8. No matter what you say, it never gets any better No matter what you do, we never see any change
  9. If it's gonna get better, it starts with a feeling If it's gonna get better, it's gonna take time If it's gonna get better, we've gotta start now 'Cause I know everybody can feel And I know everybody will see 'Cause it shows, and that shows I'm not dreaming 'Cause you know, and I know, it's time for change
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