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  1. I have heard good things.
  2. NEW 2M2 The Kryptonquake LLL, no mockup. I made numerous trims to sync, using the Extended Cut https://drive.google.com/file/d/16MyNm4jdRWvj0RYEB5g-yfshL_Ba4Y9y/view?usp=sharing
  3. When I think about you, I still get weak I get weary and I can't sleep No matter what I try It won't be you
  4. I actually had a mockup made of this, but I wasn't able to include it in my restores due to us not knowing what the early cut for the opening was.
  5. That reminds me that I still have to finish my og GBA w brighter screen + rechargeable battery mod
  6. While expensive, it's cool that it includes the soundtracks, even if it is just a digital download code on a card.
  7. Apparently there was another/a seperate direct for those Monster Hunter games?
  8. Round and round, what comes around goes around.
  9. Talking about Bobby @Nick Parker?
  10. And he commented on DKC2's absence in that batch. Edit: Ninja'd!
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