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  1. I seem to have the same problem with Will's post at the top of this page. We're both linking to videos uploaded to "Name - Topic" type YT channels, so I suppose local copyright restrictions are involved. My post now links to an unofficial video, hope there are no copyright restrictions this time.
  2. The writing for the horn section is sooo cool here. The strongly dissonant E-F#-G-A-B cluster building up and the flutter-tongueing really help to musically convey the aggression of the wargs on screen.
  3. Why'd you delete most of your post, @Sharkissimo? I wish I'd replied a little earlier! As always, it was a very eloquent reminder of how little I actually know about music.
  4. Might this be an Alex North reference at 0:34, @Sharkissimo? Sure sounds like it, never expected to hear quartal harmony in disco music
  5. Did anyone ever attempt to reconstruct the scene with its original score, to some degree of accuracy?
  6. Odd how the snare drum on the left of the soundstage seems to be off beat here and there in the Imperial March performance in the Finale. Sounds like the performance was a little rushed. In fact it sounds like the Imperial March was simply edited into the cue, it seems a little odd to have it begin with one of the falling patterns in the high woodwinds.
  7. I couldn't stand the way they tinkered with that cue in the film, moving things all over the place. Not very professional.
  8. I was surprised to hear the melancholy motif from AOTC's Return to Tatooine return in this film. As an aside, it's one of the bits of music in the prequel trilogy that reminds me a lot of the part of my childhood I spent playing Star Wars video games - I believe it's the background music for one of the often recurring menus in the ROTS video game.
  9. I've been listening to Praise Ye from William Walton's cantata Belshazzar's Feast repeatedly this week. Can't get enough of it! There are lots of Williams, Horner and Goldsmith vibes throughout, intermingled with bits reminiscent of Walton's famous coronation march, Crown Imperial.
  10. The orchestration is actually pretty straightforward here, you can find more of the same style in the more recent Tintin, for example. The whole string section is mainly playing rythmic eighth notes in the first part of the track (sort of a scherzo in 9/8, with a really cool rhythm here which I didn't really "get" until I had a look at the manuscript score). The low strings often double big low brass chords, the high strings double some of the high trumpet lines, there's a bit of high strings and woods playing the dazzling, whirling figures Williams likes to embellish action cues with, most of
  11. ❤️ I'm afraid I'm having exams at the moment (in fact I should be practicing some contour integration), and I'm pretty busy studying physics most of the time anyway. I find it to be very challenging and rewarding. I do really wish I had more time to spend studying music theory and composing. Later in life, perhaps.
  12. Is that the cue underscoring the Anakin & Obi-Wan vs. Dooku duel?
  13. Nope. TPM: mostly, AOTC: ROTS: at most SW: ESB: ROTJ:
  14. Not quite I believe. The OST versions are always recorded with the usual brass instead of the reduced section in the Hal Leonard scores, for instance. Also, as a little side note, I think JW shouldn't have included the marimba part in the Hal Leonard version (or, at least, marking it as p)- it tends to be far too apparent in live performances (lending the piece an almost childish character), while it just adds a little bit of extra color and pulse in Shawn Murphy's recording. It's these little things that classical music afficionados/elitists look down on JW for.
  15. Would you judge a conductor by his movements?!
  16. I'm definitely hooked (more or less ), it's just that I see a lot of other students struggling to comprehend the basic concepts. The teachers aren't very helpful in this regard, so if you really want to get a good grip on the material, you need to read supplemental material, watch lectures on YouTube, etc. I spent the entire day revisiting some of the early material through Axler's Linear Algebra Done Right and a course on YouTube which is incidentally clearly based on the book.
  17. It takes a lot of courage and good self-esteem to do well in math and any other exact science, really. Our math classes aren't exactly of the high school kind where problem-solving is the main ingredient, however. They're very theoretical, mainly focusing on understanding structural mathematical reasoning ("why", "how", etc.) rather than learning methods and calculations ("how to"). For example, our linear algebra class is actually a pure math class, so it focusses on abstract algebraic structures: vector spaces, subspaces, span, linear (in-)dependence, dimension, linea
  18. I ended up picking Physics, and I'm pretty happy with my choice.
  19. Jilal


    There are two ways to use the headphones while plugged in: 1) Using the headphones "turned on" (I assume this means the internal DAC is activated as you say) which of course depletes the battery. 2) Using them "turned off", which probably means what you suggest here. The difference is barely noticeable when using my laptop, but I assume my cellphone might be less powerful than the former. I've looked into purchasing a portable FiiO DAC before, but I don't think it's particularly worth it.
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