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  1. The thing is, album presentation is like religion or politics -- everyone has their own opinion, and everyone thinks they're right. I don't think you'll ever see the LOTR scores released in the current warehouse manner (complete score here, album presentation here, alternates here, etc.) It's simply not the aesthetic that the above-the-line creative people want. (Watch, now that I've said that, I'll get an email tomorrow: "Hey, guess what the new project is!!") The warehouse approach also doesn't apply to these scores incredibly well because of the nature of their creat
  2. The DVD would have had more interviews and video, which would have left less space for music. The move to CD actually meant more music could be included.
  3. Doug Adams


    No, there's no good recording of Breil's Intolerance at this time ... which is a shame as, musically speaking, I find it to be his best work for film. EDIT: I should also mention that there actually was original film music that predated Saint-Saëns' charming effort, though some works were more "traditional" (by today's standards) than others. Saint-Saëns is generally remembered because he was the first big, brandname composer to write specifically for film.
  4. Doug Adams


    Joseph Carl Breil is one of the most fascinating individuals in the history of film music ... a truly original character. He was a trailblazer, but was ultimately undone by his intense work habits, neediness, and bad luck. Obviously, (much) more to say on this later ... D
  5. Those of us who were close to the process don't avoid taking about it because of some deep, dark secret. We're just being polite and deferring to Howard. If he wants to go deeper into his decision-making process, that's his business not ours. In truth, there was no single event that prompted the decision anyway. The nutshell version is that the timing just didn't work out. Shore needed to be focused on composing, and there simply wasn't time to do this while tending to the lengthy recording and rewriting process. In this sense, the DOS doc really says it all. You've all heard how
  6. About the production? Isn't it all out there at this point? The DOS documentary did a good job of laying it all out. If you're looking for conspiratorial secrets, I'm afraid none exist. About this music? You're gonna have to wait on that one! (But hopefully not long.)
  7. NDAs all have the same standard language. No security breaches here. (And it's long since expired anyway.) Just a little Throwback Thursday fun.
  8. Chicago (technically Highland Park, since this is the Ravinia Festival we're talking about) has had all three films/scores individually. This will be the first time they've all been presened in a three-night cycle. Hoping to put together a presentation of some kind. If not, perhaps just a good ol' meet-and-greet. We will see. Still a long way off.
  9. Howard moves directly from these pencil sketches to fully orchestrated scores in ink. It's really a two-step process for him (unless you consider engraving a separate step). Part of that is the reality of a film schedule, part of that is just the rate at which he works.
  10. Both books are essentially done. On Impossible Silence, we wrapped up editing last spring and completed music example engraving this summer. We are now finalizing end notes (which is no small task as there are easily a thousand). Layout will go quickly as this book is primarily text. Hobbit is written and assembled in a temp layout (and has been for some time), but won't go to final proofing/layout until the studio gives the go-ahead.
  11. The title (and the lyrics) reference a family tragedy ... not Shore's family, but a family close to them. It's not something that they like to discuss in public, so I'll say no more.
  12. Shot this about a year ago, and I don't honestly remember much! I only really spoke about the the music, not the prequels themselves. I think I showed some *very* basic connections between themes at the piano ... nothing too heady since it's a more general audience thing, not a music documentary. They shot for a few hours, but I don't know what they'll use. Haven't seen a frame of it yet, but I wish them all the best. Director and crew were nice guys. Very genuine about their enthusiasm, I thought.
  13. If not poles, hopefully at least your ebook readers ... Been engraving crusty old music examples like a maniac this summer. Hoping we'll have a locked realease date shortly.
  14. It's the click track bleeding over from headphones. Often happens during delicate passages in recording sessions. Check out the first cue in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade sometime. D
  15. This is "The Hobbit: Four Movements for Symphony Orchestra," as the tweets and links indicated. This is not "The Hobbit Symphony." Sorry. D
  16. Right now, I don't have an official say in future CD releases. Such things would need to be initiated by Shore's office, and then cleared by WB before I'd be involved. So while I can make suggestions and do a bit of pestering (which I do), right now I'm as much a slave to the process as anyone else.
  17. In that case, be forewarned: such future discussions would primarily cover the composer’s canonical version of the music. (In this case, generally determined to be the first fully orchestrated version.) Filmmaker revisions, unrealized concepts, etc. would not be discussed. As with Rings, focus would be on the musical content, not on behind-the-scenes politics. More than enough to discuss above-the-board, I promise you! … But then, that’s why there’s Twitter, blogs, etc. D
  18. Sure, but... What he originally wrote in his first sketch? The first orchestrated sheets? The first recording, with podium changes?For example, in DOS, for the scene where Thorin is pleading to The Master, there's a scene where Bilbo steps forward and stands up for him. Shore scored it with The Shire Theme. The scene ended up being removed from the Theatrical Cut, so that Shire Theme bit was never recorded. But then PJ decided to put the scene back into the Extended Edition. Sadly, that Shire theme variation wasn't recorded for the EE (since there was so separate EE recordings). So anyway, wou
  19. In 14 years I'll be 38. I hope it doesn't take that long. I already feel old. Life begins at 40!
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