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  1. I bought it digitally today. The quieter passages ("System Searching", "Possible Life", "Laura's Theme" etc.) are quite convincing and have a remarkable symphonic quality for a TV series. The unimaginatively crescendoing string clusters of Dennis McCarthy and other TNG composers (Ron Jones not included, of course) can't even come close to keeping up with The Oriville . The action scoring (e.g. in "Battle for Earth") is skillfully crafted, but does not leave a lasting impression. Nevertheless, the cleverly integrated quotes from the great sci-fi scores of the Silver Age are a nice treat; for ex
  2. Received today: "Celluoid Heroes" by Nigel Westlake for the 1995 documentary series of the same name about the history of cinema in Australia, released in 2002 by 1M1 Records. The music's overall gesture is wonderfully reminiscent of John Williams during his glorious 80s phase, making full use of all the orchestra's timbres, especially those of the woodwinds. Luckily, the whole score was properly performed and recorded by the 90-piece Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, which was in fact not a common practise in the mid-90s for the score of a rather small documentary. Track suggesstion (besides the
  3. Thanks, Thor For those interested, here are some excerpts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xLfkcH70ao
  4. Hello everyone, even though I've been secretly reading this forum for years, this is my first post and I'd like to start with a review of a quite recently released compilation of rather obscure film music, even for a long-time film music fan like myself. "The Film Music of Mark Isaacs Vol. 1" is a 2-disk set released by Australian soundtrack label 1M1-Records in April 2020. It is a compilation of four nowadays more or less unknown cartoon scores from the 80s. A short introduction to the composer, who is unfortunately rather unknown for most folks around here I'm afraid:
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