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  1. I think he truly was the greatest composer of the post-war era. I find everything he wrote phenomenal, even the post-1970 works that didn't get the same degree of critical attention. Didn't he write scores for a few films in the 60s? I was also under the impression he composed some new music for Katyn, but I've only seen the film once and that was when it was released before I really had any knowledge of his music.
  2. I hadn't listened to Call of the Wild before this thread, but I think it's now my favorite John Powell score. It and Balto are both fine scores (the latter's poor mixing and inconsistent tone aside), but Homeward Bound is a masterpiece. This, but Balto has the best single cue of any of them ("Heritage of the Wolf"). No.
  3. Rick and Morty. It's... weird. I'm not sure why it's so polarizing... It's not bad; it's not ground-breaking or great. It's just an above-average Adult Swim-style show that has mostly stupid humor but fairly clever storytelling. I have to say I'm looking forward to the future of the show, though. Being guaranteed 70 additional episodes could give them a lot of flexibility that other (probably more deserving) shows never got. Now if only Brockmire got that long a rope.
  4. John Cage wrote one preemptively. 2020: the year every orchestra plays 4'33". The abomination that was Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.
  5. Anybody know the piece that plays after the cue from Hoosiers?
  6. Wow... that is an awful list. The only John Williams score that even gets an honorable mention is The Last Jedi, easily the weakest Star Wars score. No Shore, no Mansell. Mica Levi gets a nod, but for Jackie, not Under the Skin? Swiss Army Man? The quote from @Uni in my signature feels quite relevant.
  7. I haven't agreed with a Best Original Score pick since Return of the King.
  8. Two 2019 films on the list and neither of them is Clemency? Also, how is there only one von Trotta on there? There are a couple on there I would definitely not consider good movies, but they don't list Persepolis, Away from Her, or Bar Bahar? Oh well, 32/100 isn't bad I suppose.
  9. I think the credits said it was the Montreal Symphony. I really didn't find the film cliched at all. Also, just showing any of Clive Owen's scenes would be a significant spoiler.
  10. I fell for the Peter Cushing edition in Rogue One. That said, the only one of these I found visually convincing was Goldblum. Lucas' voice was spot-on though.
  11. I saw The Song of Names a couple days ago and... it's pretty much perfect. It's going to be really hard for anything (even The Rise of Skywalker) to supplant it as the best score of 2019.
  12. The Cell is even worse than Battle of the Five Armies. The Nostalgia Critic review should give you a basic idea, but honestly... even that doesn't get into just how bad it is.
  13. The Cell. I want to live in a world where Shore's score was written for a movie that deserves it.
  14. I once heard a second-hand quote from a Hollywood producer in the 1980s "Nobody who ever worked with Stanley Kubrick liked Stanley Kubrick." Doesn't mean he didn't make some tremendous films. Also, "It took Scatman Crothers 122 takes to get the pantry scene in The Shining." Jesus.
  15. I'd love to see the score for The Cell performed live... preferably without the movie. Also, it would be incredible to see the Kronos Quartet and Mogwai perform The Fountain together.
  16. Damn... I just saw the email they sent out about it this morning and already sold out.
  17. Well put. It really sounds more like an amateur mock-up of The Lion King than something new: "sure, it's good, but it needs more Zebra and amplified solo cello." I'll admit I do like some of the choral revisions in "The Stampede," though. It's also baffling just how badit sounds at points. Something's really off with the tuning in a couple places. It's really a shame; the suite on the "World of Hans Zimmer" album was so well-done and I had hopes the new album would be in that vein.
  18. The Green Mile (T. Newman) - I can't get much into the more whimsical parts of the score, but the more dramatic parts of the score are phenomenal. "Coffey on the Mile" is a truly remarkable piece of music. There's something about the melodic pacing that really throws me off. The phrasing never seems to resolve in the way I expect.
  19. So, I was originally going to come here to ask about some of the underlying "harmonic bed" in "Coffey on the Mile" from The Green Mile, but the album credits seemed to answer my question (bowed travelling guitar, saz, solo violin, some synths, and bowed dulcimer). Those same credits gave me a new question: what the hell is a tonut?
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