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  1. 79 USD on Amazon. Still hasn't arrived. I can't wait for the set. To my ears, the score to AI is a separate entity. It's like the Teddy in the film. It patches it self up when it's "hurt" and it's always there for the visuals. It tells the audience worldly things but also gives them the support they need. A JW score that gives humanity a glimpse of its soul. 2000/10
  2. I rewatched the film again. The way Williams develops "Abandoned in the Woods" is truly masterful.
  3. Then buy his Violin Concerto! It’s great! The CD is released by Sony. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
  4. Has Hollywood finally normalized reboots and sequels? Is TROS the critical step in their game of remaking every IP they own till the end of time? I’m sure this won’t be the last film to make you feel like watching DP. 😞 Has anybody noticed how TROS ripped off Titanic’s ending? Girl sees Important Stuff. Girl takes Special Name. The End. Rise of the Palpatine. 0/5 stars.
  5. The Academy won't let JW win. They'll instead push the "X is the next John Williams" narrative and the world, already drenched in the corrosive noise of Zimmer and Friends, will be more than happy to accept this new reality.
  6. Lucas should have democratized Star Wars. Any media that is meant to replace or comment on the OT should be a democratic endeavor. Because no individual can ever provide a satisfying and unifying experience that meets everyone’s needs. Groups that have the technology to create Star Wars films would continue to discriminate groups that are forced or coerced to consume. Due to their conflicting interests, these groups would fight until a dominant group emerges from the conflict and takes complete control over Star Wars and the discourse surrounding it.
  7. Tolkien stopped with Return of the King. Why can’t Hollywood do the same?
  8. John and Daisy share a kiss and they're surrounded by Ewoks. Turns out Hans Zimmer is John's father and JJ is Daisy's brother. JJ burns down the last copy of Rian's The Last Jedi. George, Jar Jar and Rian reappear as ghosts. Mark Hamill sings the Life Day Song from the Holiday Special. The End. Written and Directed by THE FORCE
  9. The OST does feel wetter than the FYC/Film mix
  10. maybe it's because Rey calls herself a Skywalker in the end. I'm actually surprised that there wasn't a theme like Rey, the Skywalker
  11. ROTJ -------------------- SW ESB AOTC TPM ROTS TROS TLJ TFA
  12. Yeah. All the President's Men is better. 1. The Force Awakens - I've "internalized" the score. After a decade of Zimmer and Friends, it was nice to have a new SW score from JW. I didn't expect it to be so modern and clean. Now I just love it. It's Star Wars themed CE3K. This is the one that I keep coming back to. Just below ROTJ, my favorite score. 2. War Horse - I saw the film last year and at first it felt cold. I'm going to get the CD soon. 3. The Last Jedi - Another score that is "internalized." There's more room for the orchestra to breathe, probably because there's no all that crazy JJ action. It might dethrone TFA. JW can't write bad music. Love what you love, hate what you hate.
  13. There are more pressing issues than Star Wars music is racist and here's why John Williams sucks Like how my city is under attack by my own country because CHINA GOOD and FREEDOM BAD. I'm grateful to have encountered John Williams' music at a young age, or else I would've ended up becoming yet another brainless slave. Would I love to see a Hongkonger become a Hollywood composer? Yes! Am I an aspiring composer/student? Yes and I'd love to work for Hollywood even tho It's quite impossible given my financial situation. Another can of tear gas fired. Yippee. In AOTC, there is an entire chase scored with music infused with Asian influences. Asian music employed to convey a sense of heroism in an exciting Hollywood chase scene! Is that racist? No! SW is about the fight against tyranny and injustice. Nothing in Star Wars is as bad as the bigotry on display in my country. Another can of tear gas fired. Yippee. So Guy Who Writes Click-Baity Articles For The Washington Post, stop selling your death sticks, go home and rethink your life.
  14. Reylo was such a shock. Maybe Williams didn’t want people to dwell on that and just move on.
  15. that completes his redemption arc off screen greatest missed opportunity: a Ben and Han relationship theme
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