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  1. Amidala From the creators of Black Swan comes a violent story of love and torture. Amidala has been a good wife to her husband, Anakin Skywalker. After a climactic duel between him and Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin is behind bars. She must now provide for her family as a senator in the corrupt Galactic Senate.
  2. The score is okay but the film is so bad, it's below The Rise of Skywalker for me. What a great example of cultural invasion.
  3. Empire of the Sun Cadillac of the Skies Mrs. Victor and James The Return to the City Schindler's List Making The List Give Me Your Names Yeroushalaim Chel Zahav (Jerusalem Of Gold) A.I. The Specialist Visits The Reunion Where Dreams Are Born
  4. Looking back, I think a lot people were happy that there was some connection between female characters in TFA. You don't see a lot of that in the previous six. The scene with Rey and Maz was genuinely moving. https://youtu.be/1N-ORTaJM3o?t=182 The music, the mood & Ridley's performance were all perfect. It's a shame that since VII, whenever Rey is with a female character, she or the other character just dumps info.
  5. Any TNG episode > Any Picard episode Just bring back the gang. The show's too dark.
  6. Thanks!!! Happy Birthday to everyone!
  7. It's sad to see people submit themselves to manipulation. There's a video of fans cheering for KMT and JJ. That was April 2019.
  8. Star Wars used to be a one-sided conversation on history, religion, politics, war and human relationships, made as a series of silent films for kids. Now it's being sold to young girls as original stories that provide an empowering message, with the high priest claiming that it has always been a religion. When you look at the Ewoks in ROTJ, you'd get a sense that you're invited to understand an alien culture of teddy bears. Kids! Let's be anthropologists for 15 minutes! Adults! Let's revisit the joys of childhood! Do the Sequels explore cultures? Do they ask questions about people? When Padme goes to Mustafar in ROTS, you're witnessing the consequences of ineffective communication between different powers, and how that breaks a family. Padme (love/giver of love) dies as other characters plunge into the Fascism vs Humans conflict. TROS touches upon this. But are we really going to believe that Lucasfilm had all this planned, that Rey was a Palpatine, and it's not another metatextual response to fan outrage? What have we been invited to see in TROS? Seriously, what have we gained as a civilization after watching TROS? Rey's afraid of who she is? Finn likes to yell? Kelly Marie Tran deserves to have her screentime cut? If I can travel back to 2015, I'll do anything to tell people to save their brains and stay away from this mess.
  9. Jwfan will be so lost without JW. zimmer??? I personally can't imagine film without John Williams. If there's one person who's constantly reinventing film, it's John Williams. Film was ephemeral, now it's so much more. Can't wait for Indy 5!
  10. Star Wars, then Aliens, then the Matrix. Are we stuck in a simulation??? Weaponized Intertextuality
  11. I've given the whole Rey Skywalker thing more thought. I think it's just a really cheap way to ask kids to identify themselves with the now Disney-owned Star Wars brand. Imagine a young girl who's searching for mythology and legends to fulfill the very basic human need for religious comfort. Now picture her finishing ROTJ and putting TFA into the player. She'll be amazed or confused by it, having gone through 12 hours of boys fighting boys, suddenly entering this rabbit hole that is Rey, a character constructed from the iconography of all the presumably dead boy characters of the saga. Six hours later, Rey says the line. Rey isn't given a chance to establish an identity separate from the Skywalkers or the Palpatines. She's regurgitating stuff from the old films, while the film itself regurgitates the Binary Sunset, now shaped like BB-8. The BB-8 suns are cute. But I'm worried this ending would only encourage regurgitation. If the purpose of introducing Rey was to pose important questions for the young fangirls of SW, why throw in a yellow lightsaber, seemingly a symbol of individuality and creativity, when your character ends her journey with a name that means nothing to her. Why treat your character, the point of entry for a lot of girls, like a puppet?
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