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  1. I don't understand. If we buy tickets for the serie. Do we pay for each concert, or is their some kind of reduction ?
  2. I see your point and all I can say is : you're totally right. BUT, what I said is still true. Many think playing the triangle is easy because you just have to hit the triangle. But what we can see in this video (thanks to the obssession of Bernstein for every details), is that there are diffrents ways of playing it and hitting the triangle. You can't just hit it like you want but you have to give the right intention at the right time. And the video is titled "Triangle lessons with Leonard Bernstein", so this IS about playing the triangle. In a certain way, of course. And because
  3. It's so funny ! And it shows playing triangle is not that easy. Tagadadam !
  4. I'll go for War of the Worlds. It's one of my favorites Spielberg movies and one of my favorites John Williams score of this decade.
  5. Good news ! And I personnaly really like the colors of the cover.
  6. Aaaaannnd... Schindler's list is back in stock ! https://lalalandrecords.com/schindlers-list-25th-anniversary-soundtrack-limited-edition-2-cd-set/ I'm really Happy with it cause I didn't get one by the time of the release.
  7. I really hope John Williams will do the score for Indy 5. If not, there is no interest for me in this project (with Spielberg gone and Harisson Ford who begins to be really old for this kind of films)
  8. I don't know. Why do we have to judge his taste in music ? You know, he has only 40 tracks to choose. It's obvious he had to make a choice. And it's not beacuse you prefer this or that music, that you don't know and like other music.
  9. Happy Birthday to the Maestro !!
  10. The last film I watched is Copacabana. It's a french comedy with Isabelle Huppert. It's not an extraordinary but it's fine. And I love Isabelle Huppert.
  11. It seems complicated. I don't want to buy tickets to a John Williams concert if he is not directing, or if he cancel at the last minute.
  12. Hi ! I have a question : I want to go see John Williams at Tanglewood this year but I don't know wich concert is a better choice, Film night or Tanglewood on Parade ? Thanks for your answer and have a nice day.
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