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  1. Also The Cowboys. Gotta listen to it at least twice a month.
  2. Third movement (Landscape - Lento) of Ralph Vaughan Williams's Symphony No. 7 - Sinfonia Antartica.
  3. On the DVD: Mission: Impossible, M: I 2, GoodFellas and Hannibal. In cinema: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (both thumbs up) and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (both thumbs down).
  4. Haha Very original! Although, not many pay attention to it, as I can see ...
  5. IMHO, Superman The Movie is a masterpiece and I'll be eternally grateful to all who had anything to do with it, especially Dick Donner, Chris Reeve and John Williams, of course. To stay on the topic: Under Siege.
  6. Definitely Catch Me If You Can. It's hard to put it into words, but the way the father-son relationship is explored in that movie is amazing. It's a very deep movie, although it takes time and several viewings to appreciate it as such. Where you going, Frank? Someplace exotic?
  7. You could at least have provided us with track names and times. What you posted is so vague its almost useless... Nice work anyway. Hm, cum grano salis I'd say that most, if not all of these examples are more of a cynical joke than real comparisons. Somewhow, I thought that these forums were meant for exchanging and discussing our varied opinions. I apologise if I'm mistaken.
  8. Absolutely. One of my all-time favorites. And it has an outstanding soundtrack.
  9. So nobody knows the answer to that question? Otherwise, I'll try to contact Murphy or Watkins somehow, I'm really interested in this.
  10. OK, I ain't gonna start a new thread, not wanting to risk more wrath from other members, but since I'm really interested in this, I'll just ask here. When I received my latest VS Soundtrack Club titles' batch, I noticed an interesting musical quote in F/X by Bill Conti, track 4 - DeFranco. If you listen to the 0:32-1:13 part of that track, it's almost a verbatim quote (even in the same key!) of Conti's For Your Eyes Only score, track 6 - St. Cyril's Monastery, 2:19-3:00. Has anyone else noticed this? We all now, how fond e. g. Horner is of quoting his own work, but to the best of my knowledge, even he never quoted such a large portion of any self-composed track virtually note-per-note (except for classical composers such as Khachaturian and Bizet), nor have I ever heard it in other composers' work. One exception is that of Pino Donnagio's Seed of Chucky, where he quotes his Carrie, but that is, as mentioned in the liner notes, a joke (as was JW's quote of Yoda's Theme in E.T. and Goldmith's quote of JW's Superman in Supergirl) and was actually suggested by director Don Mancini. (In F/X's liner notes, there's no mention of Conti's self-quoting.)
  11. Sit ei terra levis. Caled veleg, ethuiannen ...
  12. I may be naive, but I don't imagine anyone who'd have the guts to do that to JW. You just don't reject JW's scores, no?! If I remember correctly, Rob Marshall stated in Scoring Memoirs DVD featurette that JW actually came to him and offered himself to compose the score, which is probably the only time in his six-decades-spanning carrer that he did that.
  13. I've seen it a year or so ago (borrowed the DVD) more out of curiosity than sincere interest. Didn't really like it, pretty lame. IMHO, the best thing in that movie was inclusion of Lance Henriksen, to lend a least a bit of continuity and familiarity to the movie.
  14. Same here. There's just nobody hotter than Johnny (especially if his surname begins with a 'D' ).
  15. What a loss. Yeah, I also wish that'd happen. It would be qute a nice way to round up the "saga" also in a musical way.
  16. I thought that was going to be an instrument. LOL, good one
  17. - Every sound that has came out of John Williams has been nominated for an Academy Award, including the sound of him breaking his nose from a roundhouse kick in a showdown with Chuck Norris. - When he was in college, John Williams had more women than Keith Richards and all of the Beatles combined. - There was no music before John Williams. :thumbup: Haha, this one really made my day, congrats to the authors!
  18. OK, this one is really over the top, I imagine one'd have to be quite mad to do it. On the other hand, The Throne Room as a wedding processional seems like a great (not that eccentric really) idea and maybe I'll even use it on my own wedding!
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