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  1. Maybe it's because there's so much danger present in the movies he scores.
  2. It would be great, of course, but somehow I feel that JW is through with HP ... I hope I will be proven wrong.
  3. Beautifully written, Datameister. I feel much the same myself.
  4. Huh, I'll check that one out, I haven't seen move in a while so I don't really remember that. Seems interesting that STM is somehow almost "riddled" with those glitches or that they are so prominent, I really don't remember any other movie with similar "extras" (although there definitely must be some). I guess it's just like Lex Luthor said: "We all have our little faults, Superman."
  5. Well, it didn't. It's more strange to me that they didn't do another take or correct it some other way ... Well, as it turns out, there it is for many future generations to enjoy , no fuss about it at all. To me, it's even "sorta cute", a proof of the millenia old proverb that Farawyn mentioned.
  6. It's Slovenia, not Slovania (or even worse, Slovakia, which we're confused with almost daily). And we're not a Balkan country.
  7. Cool, now check out this topic, it'll be interesting to hear your opinion!
  8. According to Wikipedia, Watkins has also played key roles in many film scores, including Mission Impossible, The Mummy, Basic Instinct, Indiana Jones, Gladiator, Johnny English, Superman 1 & 2, Bridget Jones Diary and Chicago, where his trumpet solo opens the movie.
  9. Maybe this has already been discussed, but I'm really curious whether anybody else has noticed the quite obvious trumpet glitch in Superman The Movie End Title March. It's on original (LSO) soundtrack, if you own Rhino's 2 CD version, it's on CD 2, track 12 (Finale And End Title March) at approx. 4:45. It sounds to me like the 1st trumpet got that note quite to the sharp side. Interesting, I think it's perhaps the most obvious musical glitch I've heard on any JW CD. One more thing, who plays those first five notes of CD 1, track 1 (Prelude And Main Title March), is it Maurice Murphy or perhaps Derek Watkins?
  10. Haha, I guess I'd do the same if I were him.
  11. Horner "only" won two Oscars for Titanic, if I remember correctly. But check this out ... In his youth Horner once dated Carrie Goldsmith, daughter of revered composer Jerry Goldsmith. (Carrie Goldsmith, Deconstructing Dad: The Unfinished Life and Times of Jerry Goldsmith, "Chapter 1" (excerpt) Hot damn, I didn't know that!
  12. I own this CD and actually really like it (I even wrote the as of this moment only review on Amazon ). I was kinda sceptical at first, but after a few listens it really grew on me. I think that the band in a way also showed their respect and admiration for Williams and his work with doing this project. It probably helps to be a jazz fan(atic) to be able to fully appreciate this CD, but that's just my humble opinion. I also thin that Williams would appreciate this project, had he known about it (maybe he does), taking into consideration his jazz beginnings and background.
  13. I hope you followed Greg1138's advice and checked out both HMV and Virgin, which is where I left an enormous amount of money in February 2005, when I went to London to JW film music concert. BTW, is anybody considering going to this concert? I'll try my best to go, gotta check those CD stores and come close to bankruptcy once again ...
  14. Hm, not to me, but hey, let's have open minds and respect each other's opinions.
  15. Personally, I admire Horner and his work. Yes, he has been unoriginal and copied his own scores and themes on many occassions, but some of his work is truly great film music and I like the man for that. IMHO, his absolute masterpiece, which he (or anybody else) will probably never surpass, is Aliens (especially since the Deluxe Edition has been published). Also Braveheart, Legends of the Fall, Zorro and Star Trek music. All in all, Horner is a good composer, and I respect him for it, and keep looking forward to each new soundtrack that he writes.
  16. I don't know for the rest of you, but I sure as hell am one. And proud of it, yeah!
  17. I'm not a big fan of his work, but I like the guy, listen to some of his CDs I own on a regular basis and admire some magnificent themes he composed, most of which have already been mentioned here. I also like his non-soundtrack work. In my opinion, he is good at what he does (synth work etc.).
  18. Definitely the Prologue. The Prophecy has its own advantages to be sure, but the Prologue is just so ... I don't know, fascinating and magnificent piece of music that it's insurpassable in its own way. It's of course but a tip of the iceberg of all the great LotR music which follows it.
  19. I voted for one with my reasons being similar to those of Josh500 and Farawyn.
  20. Superman The Movie and both currently available LotR (FotR, TTT) Complete Recordings.
  21. The one playing the guitar. He's just John Williams (no Towner). Yes indeed.
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