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  1. This sort of quick sell out hasn't happened in a long time, has it?
  2. Wow, very interesting! While they did produce 1,000 less units for this score compared to the first, this one definitely seems to be more popular! Kind of surprised but not at the same time?
  3. Well, Hidden World is for sure coming now... but in early 2024. And from one of his replies in the comments, this includes the release of the printed sheet music score. https://www.facebook.com/1689850014571627/posts/3095325250690756/?sfnsn=mo
  4. To be honest, this Spielberg film is the one I have been more excited for than anything he has done in the past decade. I am honestly glad he chose to do this over another Indiana Jones film... especially when that one also still happened! I am really curious how the score will sound.
  5. I absolutely love the song. I mean, it's basically a song made after Powell's theme, and of course they both worked on it. So it feels very much like a piece of the score, unlike the other two songs in the trilogy.
  6. For me the "reprise" is the true full song, and the first appearance feels more like a fun introduction to it. I still feel the album version of the song is mixed so differently that it is worth just including instead of recreating it in this new mix. Makes for a more interesting variation of it to have, imo. In a way I am kind of torn on what mix I prefer for the song honestly. Maybe I am just used to it after so many years, lol.
  7. Yes I love the unreleased cue! If I had to guess, it takes place at this scene, starting at around 2:43 perhaps. No wonder we never knew of it since the scene is unscored in the film:
  8. So far can pretty much only echo what everyone is saying, although I haven't fully listened to it yet. I went straight to both "Where No One Goes" songs and WOW... quite a different mix compared to the OST version! In a good way, mostly! If you are a giant fan of this score, I definitely recommend hanging onto the OST version of the song now not only for the alternate edit but now also the very different mix.
  9. Not disagreeing with these assessments, but I think I missed the intel on HOW these things happen? Doesn't the composer have control of the sound mix for the OST as well as these expanded releases? Which is truer to how they want it to sound, usually?
  10. Yeah, but I agree that I do LOVE the film version for the first film, too. It's honestly almost equal. But for the second film I definitely prefer the original version, like not a contest at all haha. I will also say that hearing the alternates back to back for each release, as different as they are, they are also similar enough where it DOES sound repetitive. I just think the choice simply doesn't work to put them together like this, and when I listen to the first film's DE I definitely put it at the end.
  11. My only critique of how the alternate openings are done for both films echos what everyone is saying, especially since you can't simply swamp them out. Like let's say you wanted the film version opening and the rest of the track, you'd have to do it editorially using a sound editor. It'd be simple, sure... but that's why they should have just had the full track as an alternate on Disc 2. Personally though, I don't care so much since I do prefer the original versions. And the film version music IS included, so it's not like it is missing. However, we can all take comfort that unless there is an unknown alternate, the opening of the third film matches the album.
  12. So I guess if one is still going to own the OST, get the European release to have BOTH songs.
  13. Yeah, I guess that song played in some foreign releases over the credits? Being in the US, I never even knew about that until years later, so I personally have no attachment to it haha. To my understanding it wasn't made "for the film", right?
  14. Well, I guess just hang onto the OST track then for those that want it. Was there ever a "single" release of the song? Heh. Personally, I prefer listening to the "reprise" the most anyway. That instrumental lead-in is so brilliant.
  15. Yes, that is how I see it. Apart from possible mixing differences you still get the same music.
  16. The way I see it, with the two film versions of tracks you essentially have the OST version (sans possibly mixing differences). Like Holko said, track 03 on CD 01 the Deluxe Edition is essentially the album version (with its opening) but with a different (more thrilling and abrupt) ending. Track 09 on CD 02 has a instrumental-only extended opening, then leads into the song, with its OST ending.
  17. How did I NEVER notice that we had been missing an entire track this whole time! Yikes, not on my A-Game, clearly. Wasn't on the album either, I assume? That's exciting!
  18. Huh! I never knew about the lossless rip of this film's FYC, but of course that's irrelevant now. Even if I had known it's still worth getting this, even just to support Powell.
  19. Back on the second score... it will be so crazy to finally hear the opening instrumental of the "Where No One Goes Reprise" without the sfx sounds over it... it will likely be one of those things to get used to like when I first heard the "T-Rex Jeep Chase" music from Jurassic Park without sound effects over it LOL.
  20. I still read that track name us "Furries". YES! That missing action cue before the big battle is honestly a highlight for me, so having that on CD officially alone would make that worth it. I am sure there must be interesting demos, maybe even actual alternates too that we may not know about?
  21. The third score has REALLY grown on me since it came out (the film... not so much haha, but I still like it). I definitely welcome any expanded release of it, and that is partly why I am happy to buy this one to help prompt it.
  22. Huh! Really surprised it is honestly still in print at 3,000 units. Maybe that is why they are doing the bundle. And maybe that is also why this release is only 2,000 units. I think maybe the first one still hasn't sold out because, if I recall, the FYC has everything on it (and lossless copies came up). For this film the FYC was only ever in MP3 and lacked the film versions of "Where No One Goes".
  23. I am stoked that, as he promised, this release does include both film versions of "Where No One Goes", and as a result, as I expected, does NOT include the album edit. Which I am 100% fine with. But I guess for anyone who wants that track you'll want to hold onto the OST for it, or a download. Yep! And the third one (briefly). Sidenote: second film may actually be my favorite of the series. It is definitely the "Empire Strikes Back" of it in terms of emotional stakes and darkness.
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