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  1. So while I have still not obtained the brief music made just for the ride, I am about to release for the first time ever seen the entire ride preshow/queue videos of the now-extinct attraction. They were recorded live on site, so obviously it's not going to be a perfect watch, but still better than nothing and the sound comes through remarkably well considering. Before I do that, however, I was wondering if there was still some help with music identification from you guys. I spoke to Gary Guttman if this music is his, and it's not. He doesn't know whose it is. In the video, it also plays when John Hammond appears. Take a listen and see if you know what it is: http://www.trescom.org/hosted/scallenger/jpride/Hammond Queue Theme.mp3
  2. Just a random question: Has there been a release of JURASSIC WORLD or JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM in a standard jewel case and NOT a digibook (likely not in the United States since I am pretty sure it has been a digibook)?
  3. LOL love that this thread got bumped after so many years. Wow! I'm still gay, too. LOL. Still struggling to find a worthy counterpart.
  4. So where does Galaxy Quest fit into all of this?
  5. Sort of to echo another thread, will there be one film from this series that will be viewed as a "classic" in years to come? I guess some could say the whole series could be considered a classic, since nothing has never been done like it before and likely never will again (using the same core cast from childhood to adulthood over an entire series of films for so long). However, if I had to bet, most people will remember this series from either the first film or the third, sort of forgetting the rest. What do you think?
  6. I used to be a huge Harry Potter fan. After seeing the first film on a whim, I fell in love with it and immediately read all the books that were out at the time, and continued through the series in both mediums with anticipation and excitement like so many others. I remember always trying to see the latest movie set photos that could be found, listen to podcasts to hear fan theories of what was going to happen in the upcoming books, and then hear theories about what would be changed in the film adaptations.... etc etc etc. I would even "dress up" for the movie premieres (and I was certainly NOT alone; they even had contests for it half the time). It as all really incredible, nothing really like it except maybe Star Wars (back in the day, anyway) in terms of sheer excitement around the world for the stories. Then... Deathly Hallows: Part 2 came out. The book it was based on is likely my favorite of the series, and I thought the first half was adapted pretty well. I of course was filled with anticipation with how the second part would turn out. Although I share a lot of resentment for the film in areas people already mentioned, for me there were just as much amazing parts (Snape's Memories, anyone?). Yet, despite being mostly pleased with how it all ended... it was like immediately after that exciting screening, I was DONE. It was so strange; like knowing I had completed the entire thing, finally, it was like I suddenly felt burnt out. I only watched it I think a couple more times in theaters (I can't recall, but it wasn't as much as I had seen some of the others), and only watched it in full at home I think once. I never even did a full run-through of all 8 films once I had them all in my possession. In fact, I haven't seen a single one all the way through since then; just bits and pieces on TV. What had happened? I think it had all been consumed in my life for so long, and so deep, that I think once it was formally done; so was I. Like I had no room for any more. The Pottermore stuff, The Cursed Child, and even Fantastic Beasts... I just couldn't care less. I did read about Cursed Child and it sounds like a bizarre train-wreck, but still have no desire to read it. Fantastic Beasts I saw only once, when it came out in theaters, and I actually enjoyed it MUCH more than I thought I would. I had zero expectations for it, didn't follow any of its production... it was nothing like before, for me. It was all gone. I'll likely still follow the rest of this series, as far as it goes, but I am not excited for it whatsoever. More just "merely curious". I feel like the same will actually happen with me and Jurassic Park/World. I've been following it all for so long, and now that they have put a lid on the island (for me the one aspect of mysticism the series had), and are essentially ending the story with them all over the world in one capacity or another... I'm just kind of done. To me it's not growing up; it's simply just being done with the story. Especially when it feels like "here is the end". Every good story, in my opinion, needs to have one. Unfortunately, in these days in Hollywood, sometimes you have to choose when to end it yourself; because they may not. I think some stories can, and should, only ever go so far.
  7. Excited for both! Of course really hoping each offers some things of interest the old bootlegs do not.
  8. The eye thing was just some weird trailer thing. Confirmed by the producer, the eye shot of the Rex will be animatronic. Now the Indoraptor is apparently being replaced mostly with CGI. The difference though is it is GOOD CGI. Certain puppets were still only used for reference and for actors to react to, like in this case. I also think they may have changed the look slightly. You will notice the puppet has scabs/scars on it, whereas the CGI version does not.
  9. I went to the Jurassic Park 25th Anniversary Celebration and got to see the 8 minute opening of the film at a screening! It was really awesome, honestly; much grittier and darker than anything we got in Jurassic World. You can tell it's a new director. Anyway, Giacchino's score was heard in this opening of course, and while I was too caught up in the footage to really remember much, I DO remember that when the logo for the film came up at the end, the big choral music heard near the end of this new video was what played! So I am assuming all of the music heard in this video may also be from the score. Take a look:
  10. So here is a interesting newly-released interview with the director: http://www.slashfilm.com/j-a-bayona-interview/ On Page 3, we have quite an interesting mention about how he uses music literally being played for the actors before and even DURING filming! He of course mentions the use of John Williams music, and others... most interestingly Jerry Goldsmith's Total Recall! My batshit theory about its connection to Jurassic Park continues!
  11. Roger's new clue: http://store.intrada.com/s.nl/sc.13/category.60330/.f Harry Potter? Indiana Jones? Star Wars? Ewoks?!
  12. I am definitely thinking of getting this! Not just for Silvestri's score, but here to echo Horner's release of "Tummy Trouble". I am a huge fan of Horner's "Honey, I Shrunk The Kids" and this track is clearly a big extension of that (which is also kind of a riff on a piece of music that Horner "stole" from, of course). Speaking of, I still hope they do a fuller release of that score one day (despite bootlegs being available of the missing tracks in fine quality).
  13. Since we don't have a standard Jurassic Park thread I suppose this one is the most fitting to post this. I recently had a interview with one of the concept artists who worked on the original Jurassic Park. You can check it out below, and it includes exclusive first looks at artwork never before seen:
  14. None of these for me, at least not immediately. Eventually I may get CE3K and Titanic, for they are both good scores to me. But for me I was always happy enough with previous releases to not really require more. Not disappointed; I need to save money for now anyway. Maybe I'll snag them both next year after the holidays are far behind us.
  15. I forget, do they mention the titles of these final releases earlier than their release date like LLL does for Black Friday?
  16. I have to confess, I grew up watching this movie often when it would air on HBO as a kid. For some reason it aired A LOT. Being so young, I was more caught up in the art design and gorgeous look of the mansion than anything about the story or the acting, lol. I didn't even know it was a remake until many, many years later. I have of course seen the original now, and have definitely realized what a crap remake this is, lol. The special effects have become SO dated that it is honestly embarrassing to watch now. In movies like the 90s The Mummy it still works because those were such self aware and cheesy films. But this one took itself too seriously and attempted to be a "spooky movie" that it just makes it suck. However, I still stand by that the art direction of the mansion is quite spectacular. The few special effects that work are the more subtle ones where certain pieces of the house move rather than the obvious ones where mouths are opening and moaning "Eleanor!". Makes one just want to do an edit of the movie, mute the dialogue, and cut out as much of the scenes with characters as possible and set it to Goldsmith's score to just make it be a movie literally about the house. LOL. But for all you straight guys out there, I guess there is still one saving grace that Nostalgia Critic put it best in his hilarious review of the film... CATHERINE ZETA-JONES, and her "fan service"... (start at 5 1/2 minutes in) Some bits of the score are forever ingrained in my head, like the carousel music which makes me think of Lionheart's circus music. Otherwise, I am not sure about getting this one, unless there is a lot of good material that wasn't on the album OR the film that was never heard before.
  17. A little off topic, but just read this new and interesting interview with Robert MacNaughton (older brother Michael) recollecting E.T. There were some thing he went into detail on that I never knew about, and was a bit amusing. He even comments his opinions on the 20th Anniversary alterations. http://www.syfy.com/syfywire/et-the-extra-terrestrial-star-on-deleted-scenes-teasing-drew-barrymore-wild-et-fans
  18. Check above; it was originally stated that it was the case, however this later rang false, with more clarification done that the director/studio wanted something different. I wish the videos that were once on YouTube of Goldsmith's score set to the film were still around. I remember watching them years ago and was shocked to learn that it fit the cut of the film after all. Hey, @Mr. Breathmask, would you like a new project? There is actually a footwarmer of the entire score out there (well, as far as anyone could possibly tell), which would be amazing to see it all put back in.
  19. While I still definitely want to hear James Horner's score for Romeo and Juliet (it was indeed recorded, right?), I absolutely LOVE Korzeniowski's take on it. It was one of my favorite scores the year it came out, and it is a really gorgeous listen to anyone who has never heard it. Definitely an underrated score. I think Brian Tyler replacing Jerry Goldsmith on Timeline should be listed in this thread, too. Despite Goldsmith's score also getting a release, only Tyler's is in the (shitty) film. While I like Tyler's score a lot and respect his take on it, I honestly don't see why they dropped Goldsmith's score when it was equally dramatic and fitting. Originally they made it seem as if the film had been re-edited so the score had to be dropped, but this proved to be largely false. While the film was re-edited a lot (a few scenes from trailers do not make it in the film at all), people who have synced Goldsmith's score to the film notice that it largely matches perfectly. And given that it was clear Goldsmith was on his last years, and even with the same director of The Omen for which Goldsmith won his one-and-only Oscar (a crime), I think it was a huge mistake and even a little insulting to say the least. To me this IS Goldsmith's final fully-realized score, since didn't they need Debney to finish up Looney Tunes Back In Action? The lengthy final action track would have certainly elevated the film to a degree it never deserved, and it is one of his career highlights. I am just happy it got a release.
  20. But ya arrre, Blanche, ya arrre listening to that expansion!
  21. I thought the sound quality itself was good, it was the mixing that I thought was wrong at times. Especially on "Flight In The Storm" when the organ comes in, it was just not mixed right at all. But on the album, the same music with the organ sounded amazing.
  22. Similarly done on Intrada's Return To Oz release (a score that no one here seems to really care about, which is a shame), except there was a track preceding the credits too. Then it goes into alternates and ends with the OST which they definitely needed to include (it features alternate performances/versions/mixing that in some cases are superior to the film versions and Intrada's mixing of the film tracks). Perhaps it was the only way to do it in that case to include as much as they wanted (but still leaving off bits that they claimed were done editorially when they were clearly alternates; yeah I am certainly criticizing them), but it still was an odd way to start the second disc. I guess in the end, we all rearrange things however we want anyway these days; the art of album sequencing on these releases is likely going by the wayside. Their main task is just to fill in the space with as much as they can and at least make it LOOK presentable and full.
  23. Yeah, there's been a number of odd sequencing choices on recent label releases, when ideas like those expressed in this thread make a lot more sense. Especially, personally, for Jurassic Park. As much as I love the LLL release, I feel like JP has always been plagued with redundant end credits music lol. On the OST they did that extremely odd cut/paste job of "End Credits" and putting the full version in the middle of the album instead. Why? It was a complete waste of space that could have been used for, well, ANYTHING else. However, I think LLL adding a full, virtually identical version of the full end credits made less sense. They should have just used the OST "End Credits" edit, because at least then it would have been shorter. Either way, it's minor quibbling but still silly to me that they basically were forced to do it because it was what Williams wanted. But hey, as long as he doesn't ask to NOT include music anymore, I am all for pointless additions of almost the exact same music, lol. I actually LOVE Jason's idea of sequencing the original album on Disc 2 instead with the "Cartoon Demonstration" as a bonus. I am a little attached to some of the album sequencing and edits, even with the complete score. Call it nostalgia, I guess. So it would have been nice to have that version of the score present just for that kind of experience. If there was room, I would actually include the concert version of "My Friend The Brachiosaurus" since Williams added an extra intro and etc to it. I know people say "but that's not from the film!", but we do have a recording of it Williams did with "Williams On Williams". Besides, now we're getting ride music with E.T., so why not concert versions, too, as long as Williams himself is the one with the baton? Actually, if they had thought of something like this, in the program of 2CDs that they chose, they could have nixed the pointless film version of the credits music and replace it with both the "My Friend The Brachiosaurus" concert version and then the concert version of "Theme From Jurassic Park" that is essentially the faster credits music with the "finale" statement at the end. Hey, at least it would have been different.
  24. I ended up ordering from Creature Features for a signed copy. Wanted to go in person but won't be able to make it, sadly. This movie and score honestly means a lot to me. I always saw it as unfiltered imagination that was allowed to play before us onscreen, without giving a damn what anyone else thought or wanted. And I mean that in the best way; making a film that THEY WANTED to make. I always thought the lukewarm reception to it was unfortunate, but it seems like a lot more people are finally starting to like it more. I read somewhere than an art book was being released soon and I DEFINITELY want it. Looking at the track list, it seems I must have been wrong about "Flying Lizard" having a film alternate. Perhaps it just had a different mix in the film? Seems likely. Otherwise it appears it has everything the lossy footwarmer had (but of course numerous cues mixed together, which I think is actually welcome for this score), apart from an album version of a track and an end credits suite. Hard to tell from the clip if it is simply an edit of tracks or if it is original material. The gramophone source music was also on the footwarmer, but this appears to be a little longer, and perhaps it will be in standard sound quality and without the "aged effect" the film/footwarmer had. I honestly always loved the album presentation (it was a good representation of the score), but I am still glad to finally get this. Always wanted the footwarmer in lossless quality, so this official release can put it to rest. I hope more people will discover this score.
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