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  1. "Blockbusters have always been beaten out by...fads". Really? I think the makers of Gone Wtih The Wind, Gigi, Ben-Hur, West Side Story, Oliver!, Titanic, Return Of The King, and The Sound Of Music would disagree. As for "that Indian movie" beating TDK, let me tell you something, folks: there is nothing funny, or entertaining, about sociopathy, with attendant narcissistic personality disorder. TDK is a nasty, vile abomination, the negative of which should be burned immediately. How it made so much money, is quite beyond me, and I pray to J that there isn't a third.
  2. So do I, but, IMO, his real talent does not lie in the field of film music, but in rock music. His work with Yes is superb.
  3. "Chariots Of Fire" fully deserved its Oscar. Whether it deserved to beat "Raiders" is another matter. If you're not better than your competition, you don't deserve the award. It's a yearly award, and COF was clearly not the best score that year, thus did not deserve the award. Obviously the Academy thought differently. Now, now, play nicely, Draco.
  4. Rubbish! In 1978, Goldsmith scored 5,or 6 scores, including Capricorn One, Damien, The Boys From Brazil, and Magic, all of which have a recognisable "Goldsmith" sound, but which sound as unlike each other as 5, or 6 scores could. The fact of the matter is that Zimmer is not talented, or experienced enough to be able to vary his sound. That's more like it! Yeah, to be honest, sometimes that reuse excites me. His reusage of Aliens in House of Sand and Fog sounds excellent in the score. I don't mind at all. That's as maybe, but it does not excuse him re-using "Genesis Countdown" in Cocoon, or "Gaining Access To The Tapes", in Apollo 13.
  5. Haven't we all forgotten the obvious: John Barry's - yes, John Barry's! - "James Bond" Theme! I agree with Stefan: no main title grabs you by the throat more than "Capricorn One". It gets its "hooks in you", and does not let go. Also, and I don't quite know why, but "Khan's Pets" always makes me think of spies. Ho, hum.
  6. Best: "Amy's Choice"-the only truly "grown up" episode in the entire charade. Toby Jones was brilliant. "Vincent And The Doctor"-a good layman's introduction to the subject of mental illness. Tony Curran (again) was brilliant. Worst: everything else. This series was not quite a complete turd, but it wasn't far off it.
  7. I would agree with this, but I also think that the female voice on "Minority Report" adds an emotional depth to the score, giving Agatha a "voice" of her own.
  8. "Chariots Of Fire" fully deserved its Oscar. Whether it deserved to beat "Raiders" is another matter. Did "Midnight Express" deserve to beat "Superman"? Did "The Right Stuff" deserve to beat "...Jedi"? Did "Fame" deserve to beat "Empire..."? I guess that it just proves how fickle voters are. In the case of "Memoirs...", it won the BAFTA and the Grammy, and was a shoo-in for the Oscar. Ho hum.
  9. "Dennis Steals The Embryos". I KNOW it's a rip-off of "The Consprators", but I stil like it.
  10. Hee hee! Good one! (Richard, check your ANH novelisation...) There's a Star Wars book, now?! When will it ever end?!
  11. what a completely false statement. AI isn't in Close Encounters of the Third Kind universe at all. I am not trying to compare one score to another, that is why I said "in its own way". Please read posts more carefully.
  12. What-I said what-in the name of Sam Hill are you talking about, boy?! Come to think of it, there's a kind of pretzel logic in there, somewhere.
  13. I'm sure that most people reading this will agree that J.W. probably deserved to win more than 5 Oscars. So, why hasn't he? The Harry Potter scores are as good as Star Wars, in their own way, A.I. is as good a score as CE3K, in its own way. Memoirs...was his best bet for that 6th. award in many a long year, and yet... Is it politics that is keeping Mr. W. from accepting another door-stop, or are his scores simply not as good as those that have won?
  14. BOLLOCKS!!! You don't love the aching oboe on "Return To The City", or the choir on "No Road Home/Seeing The Bomb", the panic of "Lost In The Crowd", the beauty of "Imaginary Air Battle", the intensity of "Streets Of Shanghai", the minimalism of "The Pheasant Hunt" or the sheer "Welshness" of "Sou Gan"?! HAVE YOU NO SOUL, MAN?! EOTS gets both my votes, because it roundly beats the living crap out of the other two. In 1988, Derek Malcolm (I think) called EOTS "the most complete film Spielberg has made". I agree. When all the hoo-hah about Jaws, and Indiana Jones has died down, then perhaps we will start to appreciate his underrated films like EOTS, Amistad, and The Sugarland Express. I have waxed lyrical about EOTS on this site, for the past 18 months. This is a film that I find something new in every time I see it. Please, all of you: give it another chance. You won't regret it.
  15. Probably not. Star Wars (and, for that matter Star Trek, which has lasted even longer, with Doctor Who lasting even longer than that-stick that, Paramount!!!!) has lasted for well over 30 years. Harry Potter got catapulted into the big-time less than a decade ago, and has yet to "prove" itself in terms of popularity/longevity. It has not yet transformed from "popular", to "phenomenon". There are a few reasons for this (see my post immediately below this one, f.f.i.), but the long and the short of it is: will Harry Potter still be remembered in 10, 20, 30, 40 years' time? My guess is "no". The world will have moved on to other things. In a world which is preocupied with ephemera, only a priveleged few "things" get to be remembered. I am afraid to say that Harry Potter will not be one of those things. Yes, Star Wars was bigger than just a movie, but the question is "why"? In 1977, "event" movies, like Star Wars were a rare thing. To my knowledge,in the years leading up to Star Wars, only a handful of films had become "mega-successful" (The Godfather, The Exorcist, Love Story, The Sting, The Towering Inferno, and Jaws, to name but...well, all, actually! That changed on 25th. May, 1977. Star Wars opened the floodgates to "wide" openings, merchandise bonanzas, and the possibility of something almost unthinkable - the movie franchise. Coupled with this, a big factor in Star Wars becoming the phenomenon that it did was the simple fact that it had no competitor (I do not hold with all this post-Watergate/post Vietnam crap). The fact is, it was a well made film, that connected with a large audience, and it had no box-office rival. Nowadays, it seems that every other week, inflicted on us poor sods is: "THE MOVIE EVENT OF THE YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". Yeah, right! I've heard that probably 15 times this year alone, the last to do with something called "Eclipse". Honestly, can you really belive that, anymore? Ahem. Back to Star Wars. This trend continued for a good few years more, with distributors clearing their schedules, if they knew that there was a "big" movie in the pipeline, because they did not want their own movie to be ignored at the expense of another film. Rarely did "big" films collide (one of the first "collisions" being Raiders..., and ...Eyes Only, in the Summer of 1981). As I've said, now, "big" films bitch and fight over every last dollar, pound, yen, paseo, whatever, to the point where movie-going becomes an over-hyped chore. Perhaps it is time to stop with the hype, stop releasing $300 million-dollar c.g. fests, every fortnight, and begin again to treat audiences with the intelligence, and respect that they deserve. "Art as expression, not as market campaigns"? F**k, yeah!
  16. Does anyone what synthesisers are used on "The Rec Room"? As both Fairlights, and Synclaviers were barely in use, then, my guess would be a combination of Prophet5, and an Oberheim OBX. Any suggestions?
  17. Ooh, that's a good one. By "main theme", I assume you mean "The Mine", and not the funny-sounding main title? "The Conspirators" always does it for me, along with most of "Golfinger", especially "Dawn Raid On Fort Knox".
  18. ...and it will be again; that's the beauty of it!
  19. Would Belloq's exploding head have been any better, if the censor had not insisted that the shot be "cleaned up", forcing Spielberg to superimpose flames over it?
  20. Yes, indeed! How about a 2-cd set of "The Bounty", and "Missing", with all the unreleased "Blade Runner" music thrown in for good measure? It also had the "stained glass man" seguence, which was the first time a CG character interacted fully with a human character.
  21. It's a nice thought, Wojo, but wasn't there a 2-cd set of this fairly recently?
  22. If Williams had to score a lineup of films like BAD GIRLS or CHAIN REACTION, he would give this impression, too. not really, he's scored a lineup of seriously bad films like AOTC, ROTS, Terminal, Munich. Neither had to take those assignments I guess that it is not our beeswax to ask why certain projects are scored by certain composers, but rather to enjoy (or not) the music which is produced by these projects. Take "The Swarm", for example: a bad film maybe, but if J.G. has not composed the music for it, then we would have not heard one of the very best J.G. scores ever...Why people score what they score is their business, and we have no right to question their decisions.
  23. "Nice try, Lao Che", but "The Basket Chase" gets my vote everytime, especially with the "nazi" motif at the begining."
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