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  1. "Christmas With A Capital C"
    Composed by Edwin Wendler
    Limited to 500 Copies
    Order now to receive a personalized CD
    It's the Holidays so where's all the new Christmas themed score releases? Howlin Wolf Records has you covered!  Head over to the product page for GORGEOUS audio samples!
    (Personalized CD + Autographed Sheet Music)
    For the first time a soundtrack label will offer a personalized CD booklet with your name on it! If you order before Tuesday November 28th at midnight (PST) you will receive an extra booklet personalized with your name on it! ALSO, 10 random customers who buy this CD before Tuesday November 28th at midnight will also receive a signed sheet music page from the composer.
    With all the great releases our favorite labels are giving us this time of year, there is one thing missing ... a Christmas themed album full of sleigh bells, memorable themes and great old school film score writing that we all miss so very much. Edwin was asked to write a melodic score that tugs at the heart strings and was given an orchestra and not just any orchestra, The City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. Along with this great orchestra, Edwin also composed two new GORGEOUS and moving songs that were performed by the Illumni Men's Chorale in Seattle.
    1. Journey to Trapper Falls (2:21)
    2. Rivals (1:55)
    3. My Country (1:44)
    4. Cody and Sienna (1:37)
    5. Expressions (2:13)
    6. Test Race (1:18)
    7. Meetings (3:01)
    8. Nativity (4:40)
    9. Taking Action (2:14)
    10. Cookies Delivery (3:33)
    11. Investigating Mitch (3:22)
    12. See the Person (1:50)
    13. Christmas Cup (1:33)
    14. Angel Makayla (3:03)
    15. Gifts and Statues (5:30)
    16. Joyful Hope (2:53)
    17. Journey to Trapper Falls (Alternate, Demo) (1:54)
    18. Sleep, Sweet Babe (from Winter Medley) (2:37)
    PERSONALIZED CD cover - a first for a soundtrack label !
    AUTOGRAPHED sheet Music from the score (LIMITED) !
    All of this for a low price of $14.95 + shipping !
    Expected to ship the week of Dec. 11-15th


  2. Fans Of Film Music 6 IS happening! A little late in the year, but we have put together another great event.

    December 6th at The Bridge Recording-same location as last year!


    RSVP to me, peter@fansoffilmmusic.com. We sell out every year and since we are less than 3 weeks away, please email me ASAP to secure a seat.


    Welcome Tom Holkenborg aka Junkie XL! He just scored MAD MAX and will tackle BATMAN V Superman with Zimmer!

    Welcome HARRY GREGSON-WILLIAMS who scored Ridley Scott's latest film, THE MARTIAN!

    Welcome Roque Baños who just scored Ron Howard's IN THE HEART OF THE SEA!

    Welcome MYCHAEL DANNA & JEFF DANNA who just scored Disney's THE GOOD DINOSAUR!

    www.fansoffilmmusic.com for more info!






  3. A few items for our FFM5 raffle kindly donated by composer, Nathan Furst!

    These are NOT copies but the actual score cues with a few hand written notes by Nathan. These were used by Nathan on the days they recorded each cue. These are NOT just the front pages of the score cues but every note every instrument every page. 5m25 is 25 pages long, WOW!! The other cue wasn't even used in the film so it's unreleased and autographed!

    He is also donating two autographed copies of his OUT OF PRINT score, "Dust To Glory."

    August 30th can't come soon enough!! Fans, you are going to just love meeting Nathan!









    The 5th Annual Fans of Film Music Celebration is now taking seat requests!

    We are going to be on an actual SOUND STAGE! Have you ever wanted to go on an actual sound stage where they actually RECORD all the music we buy? This year you get that chance! The Bridge Recording Facility in Glendale is opening their doors to us. Many shows have had some of their music recorded there like: Bear McCreary’s THE CAPE, the 500th episode of THE SIMPSONS by Alf Clausen, Mark Isham’s ONCE UPON A TIME, Ramin Djawadi’s PERSON OF INTEREST, DEXTER by Daniel Licht, AMC’s THE WALKING DEAD by Bear McCreary, REVENGE by iZler and Gustavo Borner, BLACK SAILS by Bear McCreary, HAWAII 5-0 by Brian Tyler, RESURRECTION by Blake Neely, CRAZY STUPID LOVE by Christophe Beck, SOURCE CODE by Chris Bacon, X-MEN: FIRST CLASS by Henry Jackman, THE BOURNE LEGACY by James Newton Howard, HIGH GROUND by Chris Bacon, THE JERSEY BOYS by Clint Eastwood, A MILLION WAYS TO DIE IN THE WEST by Joel McNeely and many many more.

    Friday August 29th, Henry and Nancy Stanny are pleased to once again invite FFM attendees to their home on Friday evening , which coincidentally is a celebration of Henry's birthday, with it's theme honoring 10 years of the Golden State Pops Orchestra. Henry & Nancy will be providing food and drinks, so come join the celebration! This will be a great place to unwind and relax after flying in from where ever you came from!

    Saturday August 30th, there will be two panels with around seven or eight composers on each panel. Following that, we’ll again have an autograph signing with the composers. You will have the ability to get over 40 NEW autographs. The list of composers we have on board right now are: Alf Clausen, Nathan Furst, Chris Bacon, Abel Korzeniowski, Geoff Zanelli, Brian Reitzell, Hummie Mann, Richard Band, Mark Isham, Aaron Zigman and Blake Neely. More will be announced as we get closer. Many composers can’t commit until we are closer to the date as they are super busy creating more great music for us all to enjoy! Our excellent hosts this year will be SUPER agent, Richard Kraft from Kraft & Engel Management and the host of On The Score at FilmMusicMag.com, Daniel Schweiger.

    We will have a multitude of raffle items from various composers like Danny Elfman, Bill Conti, Laurence Rosenthal, Edwin Wendler, Nathan Furst, John Ottman, Bear McCreary and possible a few more goodies!

    Varèse Sarabande Records is helping us celebrate our 5th Anniversary by giving one lucky winner a year FREE of Club Discs! From August 30th 2014 through August 30th 2015, ONE lucky winner will receive one copy of EVERY single Club Disc that is released. At this point, we have NO idea how many great releases Robert Townson has in store for us, but whatever he gets out to us all, you will receive ONE free copy. This cannot be transferred to another person during that one year. Shipping IS included as well!

    David Newman is again donating backstage passes to FFM5 with ALL proceeds going to The American Youth Symphony, http://aysymphony.org. Four lucky winners will follow me backstage after his August 31st concert at the Hollywood Bowl, which is called The Big Picture: Hitchcock! Winning a backstage pass gets you backstage ONLY. You still need to buy your ticket that gets you into the actual concert. Raffle tickets for this will cost $5.00 per ticket. So, if you spend $20.00, you’ll get four tickets/four chances of winning a backstage pass. If you spend $10, you’ll get two tickets/chances to win a backstage pass.

    I am also looking at creating a commemorative program, which each guest will receive.

    We will also have wonderful goodie bags donated by the great guys at La-La Land Records. We will also have a few goodies from other labels as well. Still working out all those details!

    Sunday, August 31st, Creature Features and The Fans of Film Music Society are coming together to give you even MORE composers! We’ll have another great composer signing at their store in Burbank that will be open to anyone and everyone. Details of that event, composers, online orders etc. are still being finalized. We are tentatively looking at a 1-3 time frame, which will still give all of you plenty of time to have dinner and get to David Newman’s concert at the Bowl if you are attending.

    I have not planned anything for Monday September 1st, but if folks are still in town and you want me to arrange a lunch or something, I can pick a spot where we can all relax and talk about the fun weekend we just had. Give me feedback on that!

    The cost of the Saturday event with 15 or so composers, over 40 new autographs and a catered lunch is $30. ALL proceeds go into putting this massive event on. Seating has been limited in the past and this year, we have fewer seats because of the space at The Bridge Recording Studio in Glendale. If you want to attend, I cannot stress enough, EMAIL ME ASAP.

    Email me, peter@ fansoffilmmusic.com. BEFORE EMAILING, remove the SPACE between the @ sign and the letter “f.”

    www.fansoffilmmusic.com For More Info!

  5. Just Added:

    This man has scored the longest-running American sitcom, the longest-running American animated program, and in 2009 it surpassed Gunsmoke as the longest-running American scripted primetime television series. I am talking about THE SIMPSONS! And on a funny note, Alf scored one of my favorite shows as a kid, "Alf" on NBC. Alf scored "Alf!" We welcome Alf Clausen to Fans of Film Music 5!

    Mr. Alf Clausen



    We're glad this man lives close to THE PACIFIC so he can join us on August 30th for FFM5! Welcome Geoff Zanelli!

    Mr. Geoff Zanelli


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