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Found 12 results

  1. There's so many threads with Giacchino love and ZImmer love on this forum I thought it wouldn't be out of line to start a Desplat thread. The funny thing about Desplat is how his music has grown on me. When I first heard his stuff, it was while reviewing Hostage for FSM years back. I thought he had a good style but perhaps a little melodramatic for that film. I said at the time that his music would have fit a comic book film very well though. The Painted Veil was the next score I heard and I became more interested but, like a few here, I was left a little cold by his music- like I enjoyed it o
  2. 1. The Midnight Sky (3:31) 2. Aether Spaceship (3:33) 3. Mission (4:24) 4. Sullivan’s Nightmare (2:09) 5. Iris In The Stars (4:32) 6. Augustine’s Redemption (2:54) 7. Evacuation (2:48) 8. Wolves Attack (2:06) 9. Families & Friends (2:32) 10. In The Milky Way (2:55) 11. A Child (1:57) 12. Peas Battle (3:22) 13. First Alert (3:54) 14. Dead Birds (1:10) 15. Crashed Plane (5:22) 16. The Ice Breaks (3:09) 17. Visual On Earth (3:00) 18. Survivors (3:11) 19. Is There Hope? (7:43) 20. Changing Route (3:55) 21. Asteroids Rain (2:08) 22. Blood Drops (5:33)
  3. http://www.varesesarabande.com/servlet/the-1076/Rise-Of-The-Guardians/Detail
  4. I do. I’d go so far as to say he could very well be the next John Williams. He can do big, grand, lighthearted stuff like The Secret Life of Pets, and quirky, simpler but no less effective scores like Fantastic Mr. Fox and Isle of Dogs. He can also turn on a dime and do moodier, more subtle work, like The Imitation Game and his Deathly Hallows scores. He’s such a versatile composer. He’s won two Oscars in the past four years, a great feat for any composer. One for his magnum opus The Grand Budapest Hotel, and one for his gorgeous and well-earned The Shape of Water. H
  5. New score from desplat out today : Have you guys given it a listen?
  6. Being that this is the first Star Wars score that will not be composed by Williams, What do people think about the decision of having Desplat do it? I never really got into him until recently, mostly "imitation game," "danish Girl," and "unbroken." The man definitely has talent but... Star Wars talent? Maybe he'll pull some great themes out of his ass but what I'v observed is that he excels in more "thoughtful" movies, ya know, the ones where the theatre is filled with a whole lot of white people sitting with their legs crossed and fingers folded on their lap. Not that that is all he do
  7. Desplat will score The Secret Life of Pets. The first animated film he's scored, methinks. http://filmmusicreporter.com/2015/12/03/alexandre-desplat-to-score-the-secret-life-of-pets/
  8. Have you guys heard this? Sounds absolutely kick-ass! Very old-school, I can't believe it isn't already being discussed here...
  9. This might come a bit late in the game since the Academy Awards came and went already but Jim Svedja of KUSC Classical interviewed John Williams before the Oscars and here is the 30 minute talk they had. Also on the same site are the interviews with other three of the five Oscar nominees of 2014 and of course all the older KUSC programmes, including previous year's Oscar nominee interviews. John Williams is his humble and gracious self in the interview but what shines through very clearly during this talk is his truly deep appreciation for his colleagues, musicians and music itself. A fine lis
  10. Here's an exclusive first listen to the soundtrack composed by Alexandre Desplat for the new Kathryn Bigelow movie: http://blogs.indiewire.com/theplaylist/exclusive-hear-alexandre-desplats-score-to-zero-dark-thirty-20121210#.UMYbE6Uv_y0.facebook
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