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  1. This one's a no-brainer: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nightgalleryart/the-jerry-goldsmith-companion
  2. This isn't being officially announced until tonight at midnight PST (3am ET), but the cover art has already leaked So the circle is complete!
  3. How has nobody reported this yet!? Leigh Phillips posted on Facebook a week ago that a new Lionheart re-recording Kickstarter is coming 2024: https://www.facebook.com/LeighPhillipsMusic/posts/pfbid0ppw9KQ2E5ht7NpgBQyX41y7nQR8skamxPUVvZmf9jnYqGC4BcV4N7n2vMLXy2f1zl
  4. http://store.intrada.com/s.nl/it.A/id.10541/.f?sc=13&category=22848 Sadly the newly unearthed end credits is from a terrible tape dub but is an 80's heroic gem if there ever was one.
  5. La-La Land Records and 20th Century Studios proudly present a new collection of classic Jerry Goldsmith scores for film and television composed for 20th Century Fox: GOLDSMITH AT 20th. This collection will feature new authoritative liner notes and unified packaging sure to please avid collectors but also serve as a perfect gateway for listeners experiencing this music for the first time. GOLDSMITH AT 20th VOL. 1 – VON RYAN’S EXPRESS / THE BLUE MAX: LIMITED EDITION (2-CD SET) LLLCD 1544 Music by Jerry Goldsmith Limited Edition of 2000 Units RETAIL PRICE: $24.98 Volume 1 is a 2-CD presentation of the composer’s scores from two large-scale period war dramas – 1965’s WWII-era VON RYAN’S EXPRESS, starring Frank Sinatra and Trevor Howard, and directed by Mark Robson, and 1966’s WWI-era THE BLUE MAX, starring George Peppard and James Mason, directed by John Guillermin. Filmmaker Rod Lurie proclaims Goldsmith as “the greatest composer for military films,” and this handsome release more than proves that claim, serving up soaring orchestral might that powerfully enhances these wartime epics. Both out-of-print scores return here with all-new art design by Jim Titus and new in-depth liner notes by writer Jeff Bond. The 2-CD re-issue is produced by Mike Matessino and Neil S. Bulk, mastered by Daniel Hersch, and is limited to 2000 units. DISC ONE VON RYAN’S EXPRESS SCORE PRESENTATION 1. Meet Von Ryan :24 2. Stolen Goods – Part I 2:32 3. Stolen Goods – Part II :44 4. Fire Sale 4:01 5. The Freedom Marchers :53 6. The Resting Place 1:36 7. Ambushed 1:22 8. Shot In The Back :51 9. Welcome To Rome 1:46 10. Farewell To Rome :47 11. A New Crew :44 12. The Love Birds :51 13. Mission Accomplished :32 14. The Clock Watcher 2:38 15. Dead End – Part I 1:40 16. Dead End – Part II :51 17. Signals 1:55 18. End Of The Line :48 Total Score Time: 24:55 ADDITIONAL MUSIC 19. Welcome To Rome (Mono Version) 1:47 20. Funeral Sequence 1:48 21. Fire Sale (Alternate Take) 4:13 Total Additional Music: 7:48 Total Time / Von Ryan’s Express: 32:43 THE BLUE MAX ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK ALBUM 22. Main Title – The Blue Max 2:26 23. Love Theme From The Blue Max 1:47 24. Retreat 1:25 25. First Blood 3:04 26. Waltz 1:11 27. Confirmed Kill 4:19 28. The Lonely Victor 3:32 29. Intermission Title :43 30. Bridge Duel 3:17 31. Battle 7:40 32. Food Riot 2:29 33. End Title 2:37 34. Watch On The Rhine 1:45 35. Pour Le Mérite March 2:18 36. Deutschland Uber Alles (German National Anthem) :51 Total Original Soundtrack Time: 39:24 ADDITIONAL SOURCE MUSIC 37. Student Song Medley 2:11 38. Polish Girl :43 39. Freut Euch Des Lebens 1:29 40. Artist’s Life No. 1 :46 41. German Parade March :30 42. Artist’s Life No. 2 1:01 43. Gloria March :25 Total Additional Source Music: 7:05 Total Time / The Blue Max: 46:29 Total Disc 1 Time: 79:36 DISC TWO THE BLUE MAX SCORE PRESENTATION 1. Main Title – The Blue Max 2:26 2. The New Arrival 1:26 3. A Pretty Medal 1:45 4. First Blood (Film Version) 2:25 5. The First Victory :43 6. The Captive 1:49 7. The Victim 2:36 8. The Cobra 1:41 9. The Attack 5:32 10. Dinner Party :57 11. A Small Favor :58 12. Love Theme From The Blue Max (Film Version) 1:19 13. A Good Man :28 14. Intermission – Play Out 1:08 15. Intermission – Play In 1:43 16. Bridge Duel 3:17 17. Stachel’s Confessions 1:36 18. The Retreat – Part I 3:16 19. The Retreat – Part II 4:29 20. Stachel In Berlin – Part I 1:19 21. Stachel In Berlin – Part II 1:16 22. Nothing Needed :43 23. Kaeti Has A Plan 3:33 24. Stachel’s Last Flight 2:00 25. End Title And Cast 2:43 Total Score Time: 51:20 ADDITIONAL MUSIC 26. The Attack (Original Version) 5:31 27. First Blood (Revised Opening) :57 28. First Blood (Discrete Version) 2:27 29. The Attack (Alternate Edit) 6:32 30. The Retreat – Parts I and II (Intended Film Edit) 7:41 31. End Cast (Alternate Take) 1:15 Total Additional Music: 24:23 Total Disc 2 Time: 75:51 Total Two-Disc Time: 2:35:27 GOLDSMITH AT 20th VOL. 2 – THE DETECTIVE / THE FLIM-FLAM MAN: LIMITED EDITION LLLCD 1545 Music by Jerry Goldsmith Limited Edition of 2000 Units RETAIL PRICE: $19.98 Volume 2 serves up the composer’s scores from two ‘60s era feature films – 1968’s police drama THE DETECTIVE, starring Lee Remick, and directed by Gordon Douglas, and 1967’s crime caper THE FLIM-FLAM MAN, starring George C. Scott and Harry Morgan, directed by Irvin Kershner. These two striking Goldsmith scores showcase the composer’s unique versatility during exciting period in his storied career. Whether it’s THE DETECTIVE’s urban jazzy swagger, or THE FLIM-FLAM MAN’s playful and rural rambunctious riffs, the composer is up to the challenge, providing notable music that expertly enhances both films. Both out-of-print scores return here with all-new art design by Jim Titus and new in-depth liner notes by writer Jeff Bond. The re-issue is produced by Mike Matessino and Neil S. Bulk, mastered by Daniel Hersch (THE DETECTIVE) and Joe Tarantino (THE FILM-FLAM MAN), and is limited to 2000 units. THE DETECTIVE 1. The Detective – Main Title 1:37 2. Clues 1:48 3. The School Dance :45 4. A New Love 1:09 5. A Family Affair 1:57 6. Beach Scene :54 7. The Ball Game :35 8. Karen’s Story 1:11 9. Night Talk 2:00 10. The Safe Cracker 2:00 11. MacIver’s Story 2:17 12. Joe’s Decision (End Cast) 2:22 Total Time: 18:38 THE FLIM-FLAM MAN 13. The Flim-Flam Man Main Title 1:44 14. A Good Trick / No Rest For The Wicked 4:06 15. A Little Inspiration 1:40 16. Stolen Property 3:14 17. The Getaway 3:03 18. The Main Line 2:19 19. Times Gone By 1:10 20. The Visitor 3:26 21. Good Night / The Homestead 2:48 22. The Hayseed 1:20 23. A Poor Ending / Run For It 2:02 24. Stolen Property II * :50 25. Curley’s Plan 2:46 26. Curley’s Farewell 1:17 27. The Waiting Game 1:27 28. On The Road Again 1:15 Total Time: 34:30 Total Disc Time: 53:08 * previously unreleased Look for more “GOLDSMITH AT 20th” releases coming from La-La Land Records next year! GOLDSMITH AT 20th VOL. 3 – THE STRIPPER / S*P*Y*S: LIMITED EDITION LLLCD 1557 Music by Jerry Goldsmith Limited Edition of 2000 Units RETAIL PRICE: $24.98 STARTS SHIPPING MAY 11 Volume 3 showcases two more of the composer’s original feature film scores, one from the ’60s – 1963’s drama, THE STRIPPER, starring Joanne Woodward (in the first of Goldsmith’s collaborations with director Franklin J. Schaffner), and one from the ’70s – 1974’s espionage comedy, S*P*Y*S, starring Elliot Gould and Donald Sutherland, and directed by Irvin Kershner. From the jazz-influenced drama of THE STRIPPER to the broad and lively comic antics and action of S*P*Y*S, these two dynamic Goldsmith scores demonstrate the composer’s unique and boundless talents across two decades. This collection’s presentation of S*P*Y*S (previously available in truncated form only in a long out-of-print box set) is expanded with never-before-released material. Also making its debut on this collection, is the bonus track premiere release of “Pacer’s Farewell” from the 1960 western, FLAMING STAR, starring Elvis Presley. This marked Goldsmith’s very first work for the studio. Both previously out-of-print scores return here with all-new art design by Jim Titus and new in-depth liner notes by writer Jeff Bond. The reissue is produced by Mike Matessino and Neil S. Bulk, mastered by Matessino and is limited to 2000 units. TRACK LISTING: DISC ONE THE STRIPPER SCORE PRESENTATION 1 The Stripper Main Title 2:28 2 The Execution 2:26 3 Sunday Dinner 2:10 4 The Empty Room 1:49 5 Lila And Helen 3:42 6 Party Boy 3:25 7 A Mother’s Worry 2:16 8 Job Hunting 1:21 9 The Classroom 2:35 10 The Dancing Lesson 2:32 11 The Birthday Present 2:05 12 Lila’s Confession 1:19 13 The New Job 2:44 14 Comfort For Lila 1:54 15 A Change Of Heart 3:13 16 Lila’s Advice 4:04 17 The Stripper End Title 1:32 1963 MOVIE RADIO 18 Give Me The Simple Life 2:22 19 Twistin’ Baby 1:48 20 Rock And Roll Blues 1:36 21 Anabel Blues 1:13 22 Gas Station Source (Unused) 1:00 23 Should I? 1:29 24 Stripper Blues :52 25 Dixieland Source (Unused) 1:06 26 Rock And Roll Retch 1:43 27 Romance 1:31 THE STRIP ACT 28 Something’s Gotta Give 1:53 29 You’ve Gotta See Mama Every Night 1:19 30 Frankie And Johnny 1:09 31 You’ve Gotta See Mama Every Night (Reprise) :40 ADDITIONAL MUSIC 32 The Empty Room (Alternate) 1:50 33 Should I? / The Dancing Lesson (Film Combo) 3:04 34 Pacer’s Farewell (From Flaming Star) 2:26 Disc 1 Total Time: 69:16 DISC TWO S*P*Y*S 1 S*P*Y*S Main Title 3:06 2 Russian Warm-Up 1:21 3 Anybody Got A Key? 2:54 4 The Mannequin 1:47 5 The Siberian Blues :48 6 New Friends 1:43 7 A Welcome Guest 2:20 8 Table Talk 1:51 9 A Little Investigation 1:11 10 Who’s Paying? 1:07 11 Get Rid Of The Dog :53 12 One For The Road :47 13 Woops :35 14 Dog-Gone Paris 2:00 15 Tools Of The Trade 1:24 16 Triple Cross 3:47 17 The Buy 2:55 18 A New Start 2:26 Disc 2 Total Time: 33:21 Total Collection Time: 1:42:37 Look for more “GOLDSMITH AT 20th” releases coming soon from La-La Land Records! GOLDSMITH AT 20th VOL. 4 – ACE ELI AND RODGER OF THE SKIES / TORA! TORA! TORA!: LIMITED EDITION (2-CD SET) LLLCD 1563 Music by Jerry Goldsmith Limited Edition of 2000 Units RETAIL PRICE: $26.98 STARTS SHIPPING OCT 12 La-La Land Records and 20th Century Studios proudly present a new collection of classic Jerry Goldsmith scores for film and television composed for 20th Century Fox: GOLDSMITH AT 20th Vol. IV – ACE ELI AND RODGER OF THE SKIES / TORA! TORA! TORA!. Bringing back out-of-print favorites while also debuting previously unreleased music, this collection will feature new authoritative liner notes and unified packaging sure to please avid collectors but also serve as a perfect gateway for listeners experiencing this music for the first time. Volume IV showcases two more of the composer’s original feature film scores – this time from two ’70s aviation-themed dramas – 1973’s post WWI father-and-son-barnstorming story ACE ELI AND ROGER OF THE SKIES, starring Cliff Robertson and Eric Shea, and directed by JOHN ERMAN, and 1970’s TORA! TORA! TORA!, the Pearl Harbor docudrama starring Martin Balsam, Joseph Cotten, E.G. Marshall, So Yamamura and Tatsuya Mihashi, and directed by RICHARD FLEISCHER, KINJI FUKASAKU and TOSHIO MASUDA. While the films are only connected tangentially by the concept of aircraft and pilots, both scores on this 2-CD presentation explore wildly different sonic landscapes and emotions, and both soar as works of musical art. ACE ELI presents two unique programs – The first is the original Goldsmith score in mono, in the film’s original sequence. The film was later recut and additional music was written with contributions from Alexander Courage. These cues, and the song “Who’s for Complainin’?” are presented in stereo alongside surviving stereo Goldsmith compositions in a sequence closer to the released version. TORA! TORA! TORA! utilizes the same master as our previous release. Both previously out-of-print scores return here with all-new art design by Jim Titus and new in-depth liner notes by writer Jeff Bond. The reissue, limited to 2000 units, is produced by Mike Matessino and Neil S. Bulk, with ACE restored, mixed and mastered by Chris Malone and TORA mastered by Dan Hersch and Mike Matessino. TRACK LISTING: DISC 1 ACE ELI AND RODGER OF THE SKIES SCORE PRESENTATION (Mono) 34:22 1 Ace Eli And Rodger Of The Skies Main Title 2:13 2 A New Plane 4:50 3 No Pony 2:11 4 Packin’ Up 3:30 5 Ace Eli Theme 1:06 6 Ace Eli Rag 1:36 7 First Fare 1:17 8 Thrill A Minute 2:06 9 No Escape 1:44 10 Night Talk 1:30 11 An Act Of Frustration 1:37 12 First Flight 3:01 13 No Lover 1:58 14 Final Flight Part I 4:45 15 Final Flight Part II :58 ADDITIONAL MUSIC (Re-Score and Surviving Stereo) 40:24 16 Temp Theme For Ace Eli 1:34 17 Main Title(Who’s For Complainin’?)* 2:37 18 Ace Eli And Rodger Of The Skies Main Title 2:14 19 The New Wrinkle 2:18 20 Pig Sloppin’ :47 21 A New Plane 4:50 22 Packin’ Up 3:31 23 Off To Monument 2:27 24 Ace Eli Theme 1:06 25 No Escape 1:44 26 No Pony 2:11 27 Night Talk 1:31 28 Boy Flier (Who’s For Complainin’?)*† 3:15 29 Rejection Game 2:22 30 Final Flight Part I 4:48 31 Final Flight Part II :58 32 End Title (Who’s For Complainin’? )* 2:11 Total Time: 75:23 * Composed by Jim Grady † Arranged by Alexander Courage DISC 2 TORA! TORA! TORA! SCORE PRESENTATION 36:29 1 Tora! Tora! Tora! Main Title 3:05 2 The Chancellery 1:05 3 Little Hope 1:54 4 Predictions 2:44 5 Disagreement 2:02 6 Imperial Palace 2:30 7 Mt. Niitaka 1:17 8 The Waiting Game 5:48 9 Sunday Morning 2:55 10 The 14th Part 2:40 11. Entr’Acte 1:46 12. Pre-Flight Countdown 2:09 13. On the Way 1:40 14. The Final Message 4:53 ADDITIONAL MUSIC 19:19 15. Japanese Military 4:49 16. American Military 1:39 17. Big Band Source 2:25 18. Hawaiian Radio 1:47 19. The Waiting Game (with overlay) 5:50 20. Tora Theme (piano) 1:17 21. Tora Theme (orchestra) 1:42 Total Time: 56:00 Total 2-Disc Collection Time: 2:11:23 Look for more “GOLDSMITH AT 20th” releases coming soon from La-La Land Records! OUR 600th RELEASE! GOLDSMITH AT 20th VOL. V – MUSIC FOR TELEVISION 1968-1975: LIMITED EDITION (2-CD SET) LLLCD 1600 RETAIL PRICE: $26.98 STARTS SHIPPING SEPT 13 Order yours from www.lalalandrecords.com starting 12 noon (pst) on 9/13. La-La Land Records and 20th Century Studios proudly present La-La Land’s 600th release - a new 2-CD collection of classic Jerry Goldsmith television music composed for 20th Century Fox: GOLDSMITH AT 20th Vol. V – MUSIC FOR TELEVISION 1968-1975, including music from ANNA AND THE KING, A TREE GROWS IN BROOKLYN, NICK QUARRY, ONLY IN AMERICA, A GIRL NAMED SOONER, PRUDENCE AND THE CHIEF and ROOM 222. The Goldsmith at 20th Collection brings back out-of-print favorites while also debuting previously unreleased music, with new authoritative liner notes and unified packaging sure to please avid collectors but also serve as a perfect gateway for listeners experiencing this music for the first time. Volume V showcases Goldsmith’s original television work at Fox between the years 1968 to 1975. The composer’s genius, experimentation and creativity are on full display within this presentation, demonstrating that Goldsmith never “wrote down” for TV and that the work was some of the most colorful and heartfelt of his career. Premiering for the first time on this release are expanded presentations of ANNA AND THE KING and A TREE GROWS IN BROOKLYN (TREE is presented in stereo) and the world premiere of music from the TV pilots ONLY IN AMERICA and PRUDENCE AND THE CHIEF. Produced by Mike Matessino and Neil S. Bulk, and restored and mastered by Chris Malone, this 2-CD presentation features exclusive, in-depth liner notes by writer/author Jon Burlingame and classic art design by Jim Titus. This release is limited to 2000 units. Look for more “GOLDSMITH AT 20th” releases coming soon from La-La Land Records! Also Available from La-La Land Records: GOLDSMITH AT 20th Vol. I – VON RYAN’S EXPRESS / THE BLUE MAX, GOLDSMITH AT 20th Vol. II – THE DETECTIVE / THE FLIM FLAM MAN and GOLDSMITH AT 20th Vol. III – THE STRIPPER / S*P*Y*S and GOLDSMITH AT 20th Vol IV - ACE ELI AND RODGER OF THE SKIES / TORA! TORA! TORA! TRACK LISTING: DISC 1 59:56 ANNA AND THE KING (33:18) Pilot 1. Main Title (Pilot) :50 2. Anna Arrives 1:47 3. The Throne Room 1:13 4. March Of The Royal Children 2:12 5. The King’s Study / Ill Tempered King / A Change Of Mind :51 6. Anna Decides :22 7. Better Ways :32 8. After The Ball / A New House :59 Anna’s Romance 9. Main Title (Series) :50 10. The Classroom / Something New / A Big Saving / Tell Me :48 11. A Royal Child 1:27 12. No Marriage 1:18 13. The Letter / A Great Person :55 14. King Waltz / A New Lesson 1:06 The Chimes 15. The Old Man 4:24 16. Another Game 2:44 17. He Was There / The Final Game 3:20 18. You Lose 2:57 19. End Titles :34 Additional Music 20. My Secret (From The Sand Pebbles) 2:19 21. Main Title (For Library) :50 NICK QUARRY (10:29) 22. Meet Nick Quarry 2:52 23. Body Art / Don’t Move / Pool Bit 1:55 24. House Call 2:25 25. Quarry Cornered 3:17 ONLY IN AMERICA (1:56) 26. Main Title (Only In America) :53 27. Open And Close :25 28. End Title (Only In America) :38 ROOM 222 (12:57) 29. Theme 2:14 30. Richie’s Story 4:09 31. Main Title (Long) 1:34 32. The Flu 3:21 33. Main Title (Short) 1:07 34. End Credit (Short) :33 DISC 2 70:31 PRUDENCE AND THE CHIEF (14:53) 1. Main Title (Prudence And The Chief) 1:22 2. The Escort 1:17 3. The Chief :41 4. The Village 1:14 5. Sign Language / No Luck 1:29 6. The Visitors 2:00 7. Scalp Treatment :29 8. Missing Child 1:06 9. Found Child 4:10 10. End Title (Prudence And The Chief) 1:05 A TREE GROWS IN BROOKLYN (23:12) 11. Main Title / The Tree 1:39 12. A Warm Day1:09 13. My Favorite Day1:33 14. No Tree1:52 15. When My Ship Comes In 1:35 16. A Clean Shirt / The Bible 1:25 17. Morning Chores :32 18. A New Address 1:32 19. A New School 1:10 20. The Cake 1:12 21. Don’t Touch Me 1:17 22. Father’s Girl 3:09 23. A New Child 1:17 24. A New Tree (Finale) 3:03 25. End Titles :32 26. Bumper :15 A GIRL NAMED SOONER (31:13) 27. Main Title 3:06 28. Main Title - Part II :47 29. The Town :30 30. Late Hours 2:10 31. Unexpected Guest :37 32. There’s A Difference / New Clothes 2:50 33. Love That Catsup / Jump Rope 3:01 34. No Excuse 2:21 35. Tell Me Who 2:39 36. All Alone 1:01 37. Empty Grave 2:10 38. Idle Time 1:26 39. Oh Bird :56 40. Chores / How It Is 4:21 41. Everything Changes 2:16 42. End Credits 1:02 TOTAL COLLECTION TIME 2:10:27 This is a CD format release. Listen to the Goldsmith Odyssey Spotlight Podcast about this exciting new release! https://goldsmithodyssey.buzzsprout.com/159614/11302249-odyssey-soundtrack-spotlight-goldsmith-at-20th-vol-v-music-for-television-1968-1975 La-La Land's Goldsmith at 20th series continues with the most exciting volume yet, and we have a new Soundtrack Spotlight to commemorate the occasion! Film music restoration experts Mike Matessino and Chris Malone join your humble hosts Yavar and David to discuss the varied challenges of working on seven different Goldsmith television projects composed between 1968 and 1975!
  6. SAMPLES: http://www.intrada.net/sound/NIMH_JG.m3u ORDER LINKS: http://store.intrada.com/s.nl/it.A/id.9739/.f http://www1.screenarchives.com/title_detail.cfm/ID/29618 http://www.musicbox-records.com/en/cd-soundtracks/2176-the-secret-of-nimh.html http://www.moviemusic.com/soundtrack/M10024/secret-of-nimh/
  7. I would like to share with you a little video I made talking about three scores written by Jerry Goldsmith (First Blood, The Wind and the Lion and Gremlins) and how the legendary composer introduces movie characters through the use of music. This is part of a longer video about Ridley Scott's film "The Last Duel" and Harry Gregson-Williams score. Hope you like it!
  8. Some news on the film concert front! A little later this month, Rudy in Concert is coming to Los Angeles for the first time - March 30 at the Microsoft Theater. It's produced by the same company that presents the Harry Potter Film Concert Series, and this will be the same format - the full film projected in HD with a live orchestra performing the score in tandem. Should be a really awesome show, with such an epic score by Jerry Goldsmith. Ru-dy! Ru-dy! Ru-dy! Also, there will be a pre-show panel with the "real" Rudy (Rudy Ruettiger), star Sean Astin, and the film's director and writer. Tickets are still available here, if anyone's interested! https://www.rudyinconcert.com/ Alternatively, if you enter before this Tuesday (3/19), there's a contest where you can submit a photo for a chance to win tickets: https://www.rudyinconcert.com/contest Hope everyone's having a great week!
  9. http://intrada.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=5282 I’m starting off this thread with a question regarding the Goldsmith material? Did the music track for the film’s sound-mix use the Len Engel's temp-track-- the pre-recorded bits--of Goldsmith scores like ‘Rio Conchos”, “100 Rifles, “Morituri”, and “Stagecoach’ or was it the Lionel Newman-conducted recording of these said excerpts?
  10. Posted: Oct 29, 2021 - 12:11 AM By: Ford A. Thaxton (Member) Jerry Goldsmith's Score for "Poltergeist" featuring Bruce Botnick, Dan Redfeld and Tim Rodier http://asmac.org/images/com_eventbooking/EventC/poltergeist_2.png Take a deep dive to the other side with an inside look at Jerry Goldsmith’s score to Poltergeist featuring Dan Redfeld and Tim Rodier of Omni Music Publishing Goldsmith once said that the role of a film composer was to score the emotion, not the visuals, and this Oscar-nominated horror masterwork demonstrates that philosophy perfectly. Although the ghostly Tobe Hooper/Steven Spielberg film brings the scares, Goldsmith looked beyond that to score the underlying love between the Freeling family that comes under threat from the supernatural scourge. The result is a powerful score that mixes tender lyricism in the form of Carol Anne’s Theme with some of the most complex and compelling material of Goldsmith’s career, a score that brilliantly pinballs between shock and awe. An enduring masterpiece in the composer’s impressive oeuvre. TCM is currently streaming Poltergeist. Sign in with TV service provider required https://www.tcm.com/watchtcm/titles/2822 BIOS: Bruce Botnick was the recording engineer for The Doors’ last album with Jim Morrison, LA Woman, which followed earlier studio works with Arthur Lee and Love as well as The Ventures. In 1979, his career expanded into film when he mixed for the Star Trek movie. It was on that project where Bruce met Jerry Goldsmith. The two built a friendship and partnership in making movie music together that spanned over 110 movies! During this time, Bruce formed a sound company and designed a few studios, which resulted in winning two TEC Awards for excellence in audio. For full film credits, please check Bruce Botnick's IMDb page. Award-winning American composer, conductor, orchestrator and producer Dan Redfeld has had his music and arrangements performed internationally from the concert hall to the musical theatre stage to the recording studio. His credits include the following: Music director: It Shoulda Been You, (Musical Theatre Guild), Bright Star, Beauty & The Beast, (Susan Egan), The Who's Tommy, (Alice Ripley), Chess, (Susan Egan/Matt Morrison), My Fair Lady, Jonathan Pryce, assistant MD), Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame, Peter Pan, Evita, and dozens more. Conductor for LA Opera's Educom since 2003. Composer: A Hopeful Place, Arioso for Oboe, Percussion & Strings, (Santa Barbara Symphony premiere), January 15, 1947 for Solo Harp, Fantasy for Violin & Piano, Travels for Piano Quartet, and Dance Sketches. Tim Rodier is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music with no less than a dual major in composition and film scoring. He has since become a successful composer and orchestrator with dozens of top credits to his name: Among other things, he orchestrated on Sharknado 5: Global Swarming, Mr. Peabody & Sherman, Little Fockers and Into the Wild as well as the TV show Duets. Music prep credits include A-list titles such as Saving Mr. Banks, Skyfall, Men in Black 3, The Iron Lady, Despicable Me, WALL-E, Jarhead, Spider-Man 2, Charlotte’s Web and the TV series Angels in America. In addition, Tim is also the founder and owner of Omni Music Publishing, a successful publishing company with the goal to make full film scores available to the public. Scores available through what composer Austin Wintory calls “a legitimate goldmine” are some of the great classics of film music history: Bernard Herrmann’s North by Northwest, Basic Instinct by Jerry Goldsmith and Elmer Bernstein’s score to Ghostbusters have found a permanent home here, as have Don Davis’ The Matrix, Danny Elfman’s Batman and Batman Returns, all-time favorite The Wizard of Oz by Herbert Stothart, Harold Arlen and E.Y. Harburg and James Horner’s Willow. And after a long battle with a life-threatening liver disease that required multiple transplants in 2019, Tim and Omni Music Publishing have more titles are in the works. Details Event Date Saturday, October 30, 2021 12:00 pm
  11. FIRST La-La Land and Creature Features released a joint press release: Source: http://www.creaturef...ck-celebration/ or https://www.facebook...31953754&type=1 THEN Ain't It Cool News posted a high quality version of the cover art: http://img685.imageshack.us/img685/6066/startrektmptraycoverlq.jpg Source: http://www.aintitcool.com/node/55816"]http://www.aintitcool.com/node/55816 FINALLY trekmovie.come revealed the complete track listing: Source: http://trekmovie.com...core-bts-video/
  12. THE RUSSIA HOUSE Expanded Original MGM Motion Picture Soundtrack Music Composed and Conducted by Jerry Goldsmith Reissue Produced and Mastered by Mike Matessino Liner notes by Dirk Wickenden Limited edition of 1000 units Quartet Records, Universal Music Group and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer present the remastered, expanded edition of Jerry Goldsmith’s romantic noir score for the spy-drama THE RUSSIA HOUSE, a 1990 adaptation of a John Le Carré novel directed by Fred Schepisi, and starring Sean Connery, Michelle Pfeifer, Roy Schneider, James Fox and Klaus Maria Brandauer. First of the collaborations between Goldsmith and Schepisi (they would continue working together on several films, giving Goldsmith the opportunity to write some of the most unusual—and controversial—scores of his final period), THE RUSSIA HOUSE was composed just after TOTAL RECALL, but is a radically different score. It’s one of the most intimate, melodic and special scores composed by Goldsmith in the nineties, and one of the composer’s personal favorites as well. MCA released a generous 61-minute CD in 1990, including most of the score, but missing some key suspense cues. We now present the complete score with more than 15 minutes of unreleased music. This edition has been produced by Mike Matessino, with tracks prepared by Neil S. Bulk and mastered by Matessino from the original mixes by Bruce Botnick. The package includes a 16-page full color booklet with Dirk Wickenden providing in-depth liner notes and musical analysis of this masterful Goldsmith score. Another great release which deserves its own thread! While I think I could have lived without it, this release is really thrilling and I think Quartet is doing extremely well. It's a shame this is another expansion that has to be limited to just 1000 copies! The unreleased cues are surprisingly not just repeatitions of the known themes, but interesting variations of them and one or two highlights will be revealed on this release! What everyone is wondering about now is where are the 15 unreleased minutes coming from? One can assume that besides one alternate we have a huge amount of unused stuff, never heard before!
  13. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/richard-donner-dies-superman-lethal-193107966.html Needless to say he directed the greatest superhero film that featured the greatest superhero score. Plus he did pretty good work in other genres.
  14. I just recently ordered The Mummy and Mummy Returns expansions since they’ve come back in stock (I know some people were furious with those releases. Feel free to complain over on those Intrada threads for each score. But my love for these has outweighed my frustration.) Now I had listened to the OST of MR a handful of times since it’s original release. It was always fun. But just a bit… too much. But I was surprised at how the expansion left a decent amount of breathing room between the big action tracks. And the monumental finale starting with “Rick battles Imhotep” is just sheer bananas. Silvestri reprised practically every motif from the entire score in that one cue. I started combing through the score, picking up more of the subtle motifs that eluded me in the OST. Is there a glossary of themes for this one already? Here’s my breakdown (the names are completely my own unless the booklet to the expansion clarified them btw. I also don’t list every instance these themes appear. Just a few examples.) I’d love for someone to take a crack at Goldsmith’s:) 1.Main Hero Theme A- “Evy Kiddnapped” (1:05-1:40) “My First Bus Ride” (7:10-7:27) Pure swashbuckling hero theme for our hero’s. All over the score. Played in bits and pieces or in full. Really makes me wonder what Silvestri wrote for the first Pirates film. 2.Main Hero Theme B- “Evy Kiddnapped” (3:19- 3:33) “My First Bus Ride” (6:17-6:25) “I want Him Back” (0:36-0:48) A victorious heroic B theme seems to play when the good guys win a round. 3.Rick/Evy Love Theme- “Just An Oasis” (0:07-0:33) “Dirigible Montage” (0:00-0:16) Beautiful classic desert vista love theme worthy of Jarre himself. 4.Warrior/Medjai Theme- “Medjai Commanders” OST (0:17-35) “Sand Castles” (:38 -1:38) “The Mummy Returns-End Credits”(0:00-0:47) My absolute favorite theme in this entire score. The booklet refers to this one as a warrior theme. It also seems to be used when there’s a spot of luck or good fortune for our heroes. 5.Imhotep/Anuksunamun Love Theme-“Imhotep Reborn” (1:41-2:03) “The Mushy Part” (1:33-2:00) A mysterious and alluring love theme for the antagonists. 6.Lost Love Theme-“Evy Dies (Comeback Evy)” (1:35-2:09) “Wrong Girlfriend” (0:26-0:54) “Sand Warriors”(1:21-1:50) Big melodramatic theme for doomed lovers. 7.Bad Guy/Evil Motif- “Opening/Legend of the Scorpion King” (2:10-2:33) “Canyon Deluge (We’re In Trouble)”(0:00-0:06,) “Flashback Finale (Evy Remembers)” (2:06-2:16) “Rick Battles Imhotep” (4:24-4:40) Is this a theme for the Scorpion King himself? We only hear a long-lined statement of this theme at the beginning after the SKs defeat. But after that it’s only the first three or four notes. A simple thorny idea kind of like “The Evil of the Ring” motif. Littered all over the underscore . But really stands out near the end. Something the expansion shows off pretty well. 8.Fate/Destiny Chant - “ Evys Flashback Swordfight” ( 1:55-2:26) Flashback Finale (Evy Remembers)” (2:06-2:16) “ Rick Battles Imhotep” (4:40-5:10) “Domine Domine”. You know the one. First played during Evys flashback and culminates with the arrival of a terrible CGI Dwayne Johnson. Seems to be played in tandem with the Bad Guy/Evil motif quite a bit. 9.Mystery/Wonder Motif- “The Bracelet Awakens”(:44-:59) “Rick Battles Imhotep”(2:19-2:27) When ancient powers from “beyond” manifest themselves, this seems to play 10.Mummy Procession/March Motif- “Imhotep Unearthed” (0:16-0:19) “Imhotep Reborn” (:29-1:19) “Train Chapter (Gift and a Curse)” (1:19-1:45) Lurching, rite-like music often accompanies Imhotep or ceremonies (but it can also be heard in portions of “Opening”) 11.Desert Battle Theme - “Opening(Legend of the Scorpion King)” (1:28-2:00) “Rick Battles Imhotep” (1:35-2:10) Chaotic and thunderous war music plays at the beginning of the film during the prologue and the climactic battle at the end. Not sure if this is considered all one theme or a bunch of motifs smooshed together… 12.Fight/Flight action motif- “Flush of Freedom” (1:07-1:19) “Pygmy Attack” (2:07-2:17) “Rick Battles Imhotep” (1:04-1:20) Frantic stomping action motif (reminds me a tad of Wind and the Lion) 13.Creepy crawly motif- “scorpion shoes” (0:00-0:10) “Imhotep Unearthed ost”(0:26-0:38) “False Victory” (1:00-1:08) Aleatoric writing that pops up anytime bugs or spooky gooey situations occur. 14.Panic Motif- “Evy Dies (Comeback Evy)” (0:25-0:43) “False Victory” (0:00-0:10) Siren/alarm string pattern when something terrible is occurring. 15.Big Decisions motif -“ Scorpion Shoes”(0:59-1:23) “Rick battles Imhotep” (3:10-3:40) Seems to play when characters are about to meddle with ancient magic. 16.Dire motif- “Scorpion Shoes” (3:33-3:44), “Evy Kidnnaped” (2:23-2:50) Plays a couple times when our hero’s are in a tight spot throughout the film There’s a handful of other little action motif phrases that pop up here and there all throughout the score. But I think I covered a chunk of them here at least! Silvestri isn’t slavish with his thematic application. And admittedly, he doesn’t tend to vary their instrumentation a ton. But with over a dozen themes/motifs, this score IMO, doesn’t wear out it’s welcome and is his finest adventure score to date. Alan really tapped into something special with this soundtrack and he seemed to have an absolute blast writing for this modern day Harryhausen-esque adventure.
  15. https://www.varesesarabande.com/products/small-soldiers-the-deluxe-edition
  16. This is a comprehensive list of all movies that were scored by Jerry Goldsmith and destinated for the big screen in chronological order. I didn't include TV movies, TV-series or the two mini-series (QB VII and Masada). I did, however, include all the rejected scores for motion pictures that are at least known to be recorded (Alien Nation, Gladiator, The Public Eye, 2 Days in the Valley and Timeline). For the collectors, I've noted the name of the label and release date of each score's most recent and most expanded CD set. I will eventually add what type of release (OST, expansion etc.) we're dealing with. In case you spot any mistakes that you have the correct answer to, tell me. #Tot. #Dec. Album Year Label Date and Type of Release 1 1 Black Patch 1957 [no release yet] 2 2 City of Fear 1959 Intrada 2011 complete score 3 3 Face of a Fugitive [no release yet] 4 1 Studs Lonigan 1960 Quartet Records 2011 complete score 5 2 Lonely Are the Brave 1962 Varese Sarabande 2009 complete score 6 3 The Spiral Road Varese Sarabande 2010 complete score 7 4 Freud Varese Sarabande 2009 incomplete expansion 8 5 The List of Adrian Messenger 1963 Varese Sarabande 2014 complete score 9 6 The Stripper Film Score Monthly 2001 complete score 10 7 A Gathering of Eagles Varese Sarabande 2010 complete score 11 8 Lilies of the Field Perseverance 2012 OST 12 9 Take Her, She's Mine Intrada 2020 complete score 13 10 The Prize Film Score Monthly 2002 complete score 14 11 Seven Days in May 1964 Intrada 2013 complete score 15 12 Shock Treatment Intrada 2013 complete score 16 13 Fate Is the Hunter Intrada 2013 complete score 17 14 Rio Conchos La-La Land 2018 complete score 18 15 The Satan Bug 1965 Film Score Monthly 2007 complete score 19 16 In Harm's Way Intrada 2015 complete score 20 17 Van Ryan's Express Intrada 2013 complete score 21 18 Morituri Intrada 2020 complete score 22 19 A Patch of Blue Intrada 1997 unclear situation 23 20 Our Man Flint 1966 Intrada 2014 OST 24 21 The Trouble with Angels Intrada 2015 complete score 25 22 Stagecoach La-La Land 2012 complete score 26 23 Seconds La-La Land 2009 complete score 27 24 The Blue Max Tadlow 2016 complete score 28 25 The Sand Pebbles Intrada 2011 complete score* 29 26 Warning Shot 1967 La-La Land 2019 complete score 30 27 In Like Flint Intrada 2014 OST 31 28 The Flim-Flam Man Film Score Monthly 2000 complete score 32 29 Hour of the Gun Prometheus 2012 complete score 33 30 Sebastian 1968 Intrada 2013 complete score 34 31 Planet of the Apes La-La Land 2019 complete score 35 32 The Detective Intrada 2013 complete score 36 33 Bandolero! La-La Land 2013 complete score 37 34 The Illustrated Man 1969 Film Score Monthly 2001 complete score 38 35 100 Rifles La-La Land 2018 complete score 39 36 The Chairman Prometheus 2005 OST* 40 37 Justine Varese Sarabande 2003 complete score 41 1 Patton 1970 Intrada 2010 complete score 42 2 The Ballad of Cable Hogue Varese Sarabande 2002 incomplete premiere 43 3 Tora! Tora! Tora! La-La Land 2011 complete score 44 4 The Travelling Executioner Film Score Monthly 2002 complete score 45 5 Rio Lobo La-La Land 2012 complete score 46 6 The Mephisto Waltz 1971 Varese Sarabande 1997 incomplete premiere 47 7 Escape from the Planet of the Apes La-La Land 2019 complete score 48 8 Wild Rovers Film Score Monthly 2003 complete score 49 9 The Last Run Film Score Monthly 2007 OST* 50 10 The Other 1972 Varese Sarabande (compilation) 2004 incomplete premiere 51 11 Shamus 1973 [no release yet] 52 12 Ace Eli and Rodger of the Skies Film Score Monthly 2001 complete score 53 13 One Little Indian Intrada 2017 complete score 54 14 The Don Is Dead Intrada 2020 complete score 55 15 Papillon Quartet 2017 complete score 56 16 S*P*Y*S 1974 Varese Sarabande (compilation) 2004 incomplete premiere 57 17 Chinatown Intrada 2016 complete score 58 18 Ransom Prometheus 2005 OST* 59 19 Breakout 1975 Prometheus 1999 unclear situation 60 20 The Reincarnation of Peter Proud Intrada 2018 complete score 61 21 The Wind and the Lion Intrada 2007 complete score 62 22 Take a Hard Ride La-La Land 2016 complete score 63 23 Breakheart Pass Kritzerland 2013 complete score 64 24 Logan's Run 1976 Film Score Monthly 2002 complete score 65 25 The Omen Varese Sarabande 2016 complete score 66 26 High Velocity Prometheus 1994 incomplete premiere 67 27 The Cassandra Crossing Prometheus 2008 unclear situation* 68 28 Twilight's Last Gleaming 1977 Silva Screen 1992 incomplete premiere 69 29 Islands in the Stream Film Score Monthly 2010 complete score 70 30 MacArthur Varese Sarabande 1990 OST 71 31 Damnation Alley Intrada 2017 complete score 72 32 Capricorn One Intrada 2015 complete score 73 33 Coma 1978 Film Score Monthly 2005 complete score 74 34 Damien: Omen II Varese Sarabande 2001 complete score 75 35 The Swarm La-La Land 2020 complete score 76 36 The Boys from Brazil Intrada 2008 complete score 77 37 Magic La-La Land 2015 complete score 78 38 The Great Train Robbery Quartet 2019 complete score 79 39 Alien 1979 Intrada 2007 complete score 80 40 Players Intrada 2010 complete score 81 41 Star Trek: The Motion Picture La-La Land 2012 complete score 82 1 Caboblanco 1980 Prometheus 2005 unclear situation 83 2 Inchon Intrada 2013 complete score 84 3 The Final Conflict 1981 Varese Sarabande 2001 incomplete expansion 85 4 Outland Film Score Monthly 2010 complete score 86 5 Raggedy Man Varese Sarabande 2019 complete score 87 6 The Salamander Prometheus 2013 complete score 88 7 The Challenge 1982 La-La Land 2013 complete score 89 8 Night Crossing Intrada 2014 complete score 90 9 Poltergeist Film Score Monthly 2010 complete score 91 10 The Secret of NIMH Intrada 2015 incomplete expansion* 92 11 First Blood Intrada 2010 complete score 93 12 Psycho II 1983 Intrada 2014 complete score 94 13 Twilight Zone: The Movie Film Score Monthly 2009 complete score 95 14 Under Fire Film Score Monthly 2008 OST* 96 15 The Lonely Guy 1984 Intrada 2018 complete score 97 16 Gremlins Film Score Monthly 2011 complete score 98 17 Supergirl Silva Screen 1993 incomplete expansion 99 18 Runaway Varese Sarabande 2013 complete score 100 19 Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend 1985 Intrada 2018 complete score 101 20 Rambo: First Blood Part II Intrada 2016 complete score 102 21 Explorers Intrada 2011 complete score 103 22 Legend Silva Screen 2002 incomplete expansion* 104 23 King Solomon's Mines Quartet 2015 complete score 105 24 Link 1986 La-La Land 2016 OST* 106 25 Poltergeist II: The Other Side Intrada 2017 complete score 107 26 Hoosiers Intrada 2012 complete score 108 27 Extreme Prejudice 1987 La-La Land 2005 complete score 109 28 Innerspace La-La Land 2009 110 29 Lionheart Varese Sarabande 1987 complete score 111 30 Rent-A-Cop Intrada 2009 complete score 112 31 Rambo III 1988 Intrada 2018 complete score 113 32 Alien Nation Kritzerland 2013 complete score 114 33 Criminal Law Varese Sarabande 1988 complete score 115 34 The 'Burbs 1989 Varese Sarabande 2007 complete score 116 35 Leviathan Varese Sarabande 1989 OST 117 36 Warlock Intrada 2015 complete score 118 37 Star Trek V: The Final Frontier Intrada 2012 complete score 119 1 Total Recall 1990 Quartet 2015 complete score 120 2 Gremlins 2: The New Batch Varese Sarabande 2015 complete score 121 3 The Russia House Quartet 2017 complete score 122 4 Not Without My Daughter 1991 La-La Land 2008 complete score* 123 5 Sleeping with the Enemy La-La Land 2011 complete score 124 6 Medicine Man 1992 Varese Sarabande 1992 OST 125 7 Gladiator Intrada 2013 complete score 126 8 Basic Instinct Quartet 2015 complete score 127 9 Mom and Dad Save the World Varese Sarabande 1991 OST 128 10 Mr. Baseball Varese Sarabande 1992 OST 129 11 Love Field Varese Sarabande 1993 OST 130 12 The Public Eye [no release yet] 131 13 Forever Young La-La Land 2011 complete score 132 14 Matinee 1993 Varese Sarabande 1993 OST 133 15 The Vanishing Varese Sarabande 2007 complete score 134 16 Dennis the Menace La-La Land 2014 complete score 135 17 Rudy Varese Sarabande 1993 OST 136 18 Malice Varese Sarabande 1993 OST 137 19 Six Degrees of Separation Elektra 1993 OST 138 20 Angie 1994 Varese Sarabande 1994 OST 139 21 Bad Girls La-La Land 2011 complete score 140 22 The Shadow Intrada 2012 complete score 141 23 The River Wild Intrada 2015 complete score 142 24 I.Q. La-La Land 2009 complete score 143 25 Congo 1995 Intrada 2013 complete score 144 26 First Knight La-La Land 2011 complete score 145 27 Powder Intrada 2016 complete score 146 28 City Hall 1996 Varese Sarabande 1995 OST 147 29 Executive Decision Varese Sarabande 2016 complete score 148 30 Chain Reaction Varese Sarabande 2015 complete score 149 31 2 Days in the Valley Intrada 2012 complete score 150 32 The Ghost and the Darkness Intrada 2015 complete score 151 33 Star Trek: First Contact GNP Crescendo 2012 complete score 152 34 Fierce Creatures 1997 Varese Sarabande 1997 complete score 153 35 L.A. Confidential Varese Sarabande 1997 OST 154 36 Air Force One Varese Sarabande 2019 complete score 155 37 The Edge La-La Land 2010 complete score 156 38 Deep Rising 1998 Intrada 2014 complete score 157 39 U.S. Marshals Varese Sarabande 2020 complete score 158 40 Mulan Disney 1998 OST 159 41 Small Soldiers Varese Sarabande 2018 complete score 160 42 Star Trek: Insurrection GNP Crescendo 2013 complete score 161 43 The Mummy 1999 Intrada 2018 complete score 162 44 The Haunting Varese Sarabande 2017 complete score 163 45 The 13th Warrior Varese Sarabande 1999 OST 164 1 Hollow Man 2000 Varese Sarabande 2000 OST 165 2 Along Came a Spider 2001 Varese Sarabande 2001 OST 166 3 The Last Castle Decca 2001 OST 167 4 The Sum of All Fears 2002 La-La Land 2014 complete score 168 5 Star Trek: Nemesis Varese Sarabande 2014 complete score 169 6 Timeline 2003 Varese Sarabande 2004 OST 170 7 Looney Tunes: Back in Action Varese Sarabande 2003 OST *missing source elements
  17. http://store.intrada.com/s.nl/it.A/id.8754/.f?sc=13&category=-113 http://www1.screenarchives.com/title_detail.cfm/ID/1037/ http://www.moviemusic.com/soundtrack/M09426/night-crossing/
  18. NEW EPISODE SOUNDTRACK ALLEY: ALIEN http://www.cinematicsound.net/soundtrack-alley-alien/ The fifth episode of SOUNDTRACK ALLEY here on CINEMATIC SOUND RADIO is a discussion between Erik Woods and Randy Andrews about the film and score of the 1979 Ridley Scott directed sci-fi/horror/thriller, ALIEN, starring Tom Skerritt, Sigourney Weaver, Veronica Cartwright, Harry Dean Stanton, John Hurt, Ian Holm, and Yaphet Kotto. The film tells the story of the crew of the commercial space tug Nostromo, who encounters an aggressive and deadly Alien creature who is set loose on the ship. The original score for the film was composed by Jerry Goldsmith, performed by The National Philharmonic Orchestra, and conducted by Lionel Newman. The original soundtrack recording was initially released on 20th Century Records on LP in 1979. The expanded edition release of the score was produced by Intrada Records and was released in 2007. Enjoy! -Erik-
  19. Two scores that are currently available in expanded editions. I voted for The Great Train Robbery (score) and haven't seen any of the films. I'd like to watch The Great Train Robbery, but my copy was stolen.
  20. There wasn't a thread for this release yet, so here we go. Anyways, I was looking for a thread for this, because I read these interesting comments on FSM: It definitely sounds fake in the LLL version, but it could also be that the album mix (rightly) buried the male choir in a way that conceals its fakery better than the LLL mix. If that makes any sense. But it's definitely way too pronounced on the LLL version. http://filmscoremonthly.com/board/posts.cfm?threadID=102269&forumID=1&archive=0 What do people here think about this?
  21. I've been wondering what you think of Jerry's auto-pilot action scores and which one you can recommend. "Executive Decision", "Chain Reaction", "Air Force One" and "U.S. Marshals" are sometimes called the "Big Four". Is it worth having them all? Is it worth buying the deluxe editions? Do the remaining scores require a deluxe treatment? Are there further scores you would consider to belong to the "Jerry Goldsmith auto-pilot action scores"-series? Discuss and recommend!
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