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Disney starts making their own sequels to Pixar films without their input

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Very sad. Disney can't successfully mimic or even understand Pixar, which is why they bought them instead of beating them at their own game. Between this and the onslaught of sequels that ARE Pixar-produced, I'm starting to think that Pixar is getting contaminated by Disney. Which is unfortunate, because I'd hoped it would be the other way around, since Pixar has generally been a lot more Disney-like than modern Disney has.

Sigh. All good things...

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As Mark said, Lasseter approved this. It is not Disney doing something without Pixar, which doesn't make since as they are the same entity. Lasseter also allowed those CGI Tinkerbell movies to continue. Originally, he said all direct to video sequels would be scrapped as he disliked them. However, the billions in merchandise resulting from Cars has obviously changed the thinking a bit. I don't have a problem with it, really. It's far different from destroying classic films like they were doing previously.

“We had such a great time exploring the world of ‘Cars’ over the course of two films, so it seemed only natural for us to see where our imaginations would take us in a film where planes were the main characters. By expanding the Cars world, ‘Planes’ gave us a whole new set of fun-filled situations and a great opportunity to introduce some fantastic new characters,” commented John Lasseter, Chief Creative Officer, Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios.

“The team at DisneyToon Studios has done such an amazing job creating a heartfelt story filled with great comedy, adventure, and emotion. I know audiences are going to love taking off into the wild blue yonder with these daredevil characters, as they experience a whole new kind of animated adventure.”

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