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The Complete Cue Lists Thread

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Leonard Rosenman / 1986 / Star Trek IV The Voyage Home
Source: Intrada Liner Notes


1m0 Logo
1m1r Main Title
1m1 Main Title (Alternate)
1m2 Starfleet Command
1m3 On Vulcan
1m4 Spock
2m0 Ten Seconds Of Tension
2m1 The Probe
2m2 The Probe / Transition
2m3 Take-Off
2m4 Menace Of The Probe
2m5 Clouds and Water
3m1 Crew Stunned
4m1 Time Travel
4m1 Time Travel (Alternate)
4m2 Market Street (Yellowjackets)
5m4 I Hate You (Kirk Thatcher)
8m1 Chekov's Run
8m1 Chekov's Run (Album Ending)
8m2 Gillian Seeks Kirk (Part 1)
8m2a Gillian Seeks Kirk (Part 2)
9m2 Hospital Chase
10m1r The Whaler
10m1 The Whaler (Alternate)
11m1 Crash
11m1 Crash (Album Version)
11m1r Whale Fugue
11m1r Whale Fugue (Album Version)
11m1v Whale Fugue (Alternate)
12m1 Kirk Freed
12m2r Home Again
12m2 Home Again (Alternate)
12m3 End Credits
12m3 End Credits (Alternate)
Ballad Of The Whale (Yellowjackets)


For my personal use I labeled 5m1 "Exact Change?", 5m2 "Walk Through Chinatown", 5m3 "Nuclear Wessels", 5m5 "Arrival In Sausalito" and 9m1 "Mercy Hospital".


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Yeah.... That's not how this works.....

1M1 = Reel 1, Music cue 1   7M5 = Reel 7, Music cue 5   Etc

By "score" they're probably referring to the sheet music, not the recording sessions. I'm not aware of any session leaks for TLJ.

Jerry Goldsmith / 1989 / Star Trek V The Final Frontier

Source: La-La Land Liner Notes


1m1 Nimbus III

1m2 The Mind-Meld

1m3 Main Title

1m3 Main Title (Alternate)

2m1 The Mountain

2m1 The Mountain (Alternate)

2m2 The Big Drop

2m4 Paradise Saloon (Source)

2m5 Raid On Paradise

3m1 Not Alone

3m3 Target Practice

3m4-4m1 A Tall Ship

4m2 Plot Course

4m3 No Harm

5m1 Aproaching Nimbus III

5m2 The Moon's A Window To Heaven (Film Version)

5m2 The Moon's A Window To Heaven (Album Version)

5m3 Open The Gates

5m4 Well Done

6m1 Without Help

6m2 Pick It Up

7m1 No Authority

7m2-3a It Exists

8m1 Free Minds

9m1 The Birth

9m2 The Barrier

9m3-10m1 A Busy Man

9m3-10m1 A Busy Man (Alternate)

11m1 An Angry God

11m2-12m1 Let's Get Out Of Here (Part 1)

12m1a Let's Get Out Of Here (Part 2)

12m2 Cosmic Thoughts

12m3-4 Vulcan Song / Row, Row, Row Your Boat (Source)

12m5 Life Is A Dream (End Credits)

Synclavier Effects


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Cliff Eidelman / 1991 / Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country
Source: Intrada Liner Notes


1m1 Overture
1m2 The Incident

1m3-2m0 Spacedock

2m1 Clear All Moorings

2m2 Spock's Wisdom

2m3 Guess Who's Coming

2m3 Guess Who's Coming (Alternate)

2m18 Assassination

3m2-4m1 Surrender For Peace

4m2 The Death Of Gorkon

5m2 The Trial

5m3 Morally Unjust Evidence

6m1 Sentencing

6m2 Rura Penthe

7m1 First Sight Of Rura Penthe

7m2 Alien Fight

8m1 First Evidence

8m2 The Search

8m2 Escape From Rura Penthe

9m1 The Mirror

9m3 Revealed

10m1 Mind-Meld

10m1a Dining On Ashes

11m1 The Battle For Peace

11m1a The Final Chance For Peace

11m2-12m1 The Final Count

12m2a The Undiscovered Country

12m3 Sign Off

12m3 Sign Off (Alternate)

12m4 End Credits Suite

Trailer (Take 2)

Trailer (Take 10)


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Alan Silvestri - Blown Away (1994)
Source: Intrada liner notes

Main Title [1M1]
The Escape [1M2/1M2A]
M.I.T. Arrival [2M3]
Bomb Squad [3M0]
Flashbacks [3M1]
Serendipity [3M4]
Rehearsal #1 [3M5]
Rehearsal #2 [3M6]
Gaerity Sets Up Shop [3M8]
Blanket Gets It [5M2]
Bomb Site [5M3]
Bake Sale Spy [6M4]
Playing The Angle [6M5]
Trolley Bomb Site [7M1]
Cortez Goes Boom [7M1A]
He's In The House [7M2]
Red Herring Du Jour [8M1]
Confession [8M2]
Shut Him Down [8M3]
Car Bomb [9M3]
Explosive Headset [9M5]
Too Easy [9M7]
Kite Fixer [10M2]
A Crab Bag [10M2] //possible mistake, might be Crab Bag [10M2A]
Hood Latch [10M4]
Puppet Show [10M5]
Searching The Docks [11M1]
Gaerity's Hideout [11M2]
Saint Max [11M3]
Computer Search [11M4]
You Don't Know Me [12M1]
At The Dolphin [12M3]
Nail Bomb [12M3A]
Jimmy Sneaks Up [12M5]
For Your Lovely Wife [12M7]
Last Bomb [13M1A]
Bomb Struggle [13M1B]
Final Fight [13M3]
Desperate Run [13M4]
Brakeless In Boston [14M1]
Everybody Loves A Hero [14M2]

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Lee Holdridge - The Beastmaster (1982)
Source: Quartet Records liner notes

Main Titles [1M1]
Stealing The Child [1M4]
The Ritual [1M5]
A New Father [1M6]
Jun Raid [2M2]
Sword And Eagle [3M1]
Ferret Chase [3M2]
Quicksand [3M3]
Captive Panther [3M4]
Fighting Juns [4M1]
The Bathing Scene [4M2]
Dar Pursues Kiri [4M3]
Journey To The City [5M1]
Sacrifice Thwarted [5M2]
Death Sentence [5M3]
Eagle Vision [6M1]
The Rescue Of Kiri [7M1]
Raft Escape - Part 1 [7M2A]
Raft Escape - Part 2 [7M2B]
Into The Pyramid [7M3]
Corridor Ambush [7M4]
Stealing The Keys [8M1]
The Cell [8M2]
The Escape Begins [8M3]
The Escape Continues [8M4]
A Little Late [9M1]
Outside The Pyramid [9M2]
Through The Gate [9M3]
Dar The Outcast [9M4]
Pyramid Battle - Part 1 [9M5/10M1A/B]
Pyramid Battle - Part 2 [10M1A1]
Pyramid Battle - Part 3 [10M1B1]
Preparations [10M2]
The Horde Attacks [11M1]
The Moat [11M2]
Dar Vs. Jun Leader [11M3]
The Tide Turns [11M4]
A New King [12M1]
Finale [12M2]

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James Horner - 1982 - Star Trek II The Wrath Of Khan
Source: FSM Liner Notes
M11 Main Title
M22 Surprise On Ceti Alpha V
M23-30 Khan's Pets
M31 The Eels Of Ceti Alpha V
M32 Kirk In Space Shuttle
M33 Enterprise Clears Moorings
M41 Chekov Lies
M42-50 Spock
M51a Kirk Takes Command
M51b He Tasks Me
M52-60 Surprise Attack
M61 Kirk's Explosive Reply
M71 Inside Regula I
M73 Brainwashed
M75-80 Captain Terrell's Death
M81 Buried Alive
M82 The Genesis Cave
M91 Battle In The Mutara Nebula
M101 Enterprise Attacks Reliant
M102 Genesis Countdown
M111 Spock (Dies)
M111a Amazing Grace
M121a Epilogue
M122 End Title
M121a Epilogue (Original)
Genesis Project (Source) - Craig Huxley

Wouldn't it make more sense to list them like this?

1M1 Main Title
2M2 Surprise On Ceti Alpha V

Is this official? I remember some of the cues from The Polar Express (Silvestri), that had a similar tagging, but different slates:

Seeing Is Believing [M15] - should be 1M5 according to your logic, but it is 2M5

Cracking Ice [M19] - should be 1M9, but is 3M1

Westminster Bells [M46] - should be 4M6, but is 4M13B

and so on

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Is this official? I remember some of the cues from The Polar Express (Silvestri), that had a similar tagging, but different slates:


Seeing Is Believing [M15] - should be 1M5 according to your logic, but it is 2M5

Cracking Ice [M19] - should be 1M9, but is 3M1

Westminster Bells [M46] - should be 4M6, but is 4M13B

and so on

If you mean for the cue slates of Star Trek II....before I re-edited it to show it the standard 1m1 etc... yes. Like I said the source is FSM liner notes...

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It's just two different ways of writing the same thing, by the rMc method is much easier to read imo

It is easier to read and I prefer it that way as well. But I tried to make clear on the example of The Polar Express, that simply moving the 'M' between the numbers doesn't seem to be accurate.

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James Horner - Avatar - 2009

Source: Recording Sessions

1m1r Opening Sequence

1m4 Recruited

1m5r First Look (Revised)

1m5 First Look (Alternate)

2m0 The Link Room

2m1 Real Legs

2m1b Jake's Avatar World

2m2r Into The Na'vi World (Revised)

2m2 Into The Na'vi World (Alternate 1)

2m2 Into The Na'vi World (Alternate 2)

2m3 Exploring

2m3a Thanator Attack

3m1a The Forest

3m1b Searching For Jake

3m1c Viperwolves Attack

3m2a Pure Spirits Of The Forest

3m2b Jake Meets The Na'vi

3m3-4r Na'vi Home Tree Chant 1 (Source)

3m3-4 Na'vi Home Tree Chant 2 (Source)

3m5r Jake Sleeps (Revised)

3m5 Jake Sleeps (Alternate)

4m2 The Village / Jake's First Ride

4m2 Jake's First Ride (Alternate Opening)

4m3a The Floating Mountains (Part 1)

4m3b The Floating Mountains (Part 2)

4m3b The Floating Mountains (Alternate Ending)

4m3cr Lessons (Part 1 Revised)

4m3c Lessons (Part 1 Alternate)

4m4r Lessons (Part 2 Revised)

4m4 Lessons (Part 2 Alternate)

4m6 Night Iridescence

5m1r Ascent To Banshee Grotto (Revised)

5m1 Ascent To Banshee Grotto (Alternate)

5m2a Jake's Banshee

5m2b Jake's First Flight

5m2b Jake's First Flight (Alternate Ending)

5m2c The Hunt

5m3a The Great Leonoptryx (Intro)

5m3b The Great Leonoptryx

6m1r Identity Crisis (Revised)

6m1 Identity Crisis (Alternate)

6m2 A Man Of My Word

6m4r Mated For Life (Revised)

6m4 Mated For Life (Alternate)


6m7r No Reasoning / Wall Of Fire (Revised)

6m7 No Reasoning / Wall Of Fire (Alternate)

7m1 The Sky People Are Coming

7m2 Destruction Of Home Tree

7m2 Destruction Of Home Tree (Alternate Pickup)

7m3r Destruction Aftermath (Revised)

7m3 Destruction Aftermath (Alternate)

7m3 Destruction Aftermath (Alternate Ending)

7m4r Escape From Hellgate (Revised)

7m4 Escape From Hellgate (Alternate)

8m1 Help For Grace

8m2r Bonding With Leonoptryx (Revised)

8m2 Bonding With Leonoptryx (Alternate)

8m3 Funeral Chant (Source)

8m2 Funeral Chant Sweetener (Source)

8m4 Prayers For Grace

8m5 Grace's Death

8m6 Jake Rallies Na'vi

8m7 Quaritch Takes Over

9m1 Battle Plan

9m2r Jake Prays To Eywa (Revised)

9m2 Jake Prays To Eywa (Alternate)

9m3 War

9m4 The Battle Continues

9m5 Quaritch Down

10m1 Fight To The Death

10m1 Fight To The Death (Film Opening)

10m2 A New Beginning

10m3 I See You

I See You (End Credits)

I know that FunnyML posted a partial list but with the most of the recording sessions having leaked and then based of some cues from the "FYC" that leaked prior to that I think this is accurate, more or less. So Blood if you want to add this to the main post and mark "full" that's up to you.

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So Blood if you want to add this to the main post and mark "full" that's up to you.

Well, I was about to replace the link to FunnyML's post by a link to your post, but I noticed that there are differences between your two lists.

For example, The Link Room slate number is 2M1 on FunnyML's list, but it's 2M0 on yours. Another example: FunnyML's list has a cue called Thanator Attack [2M3A] that doesn't appear on your list.

Does anyone know which list is the most accurate (regarding the cues that appears on both lists)? It seems FunnyML's cue titles and slate numbers are correct, since they come from the cue sheets

Here is FunnyML's list by the way:

James Horner - Avatar (2009)

Source: cuesheets

Opening Sequence [1M1]

The Link Room [2M1]

Into The N'Avi World [2M2]

Thanator Attack [2M3A]

Jake Meets The N'Avi [3M2]

The Floating Mountains [4M3]

Lessons [4M4/5]

Ascent To Banshee Grotto [5M1]

Great Leonopteryx [5M3]

Mated For Life [6M4]

No Reasoning / Wall Of Fire [6M7]

The Sky People Are Coming [7M1]

Destruction Aftermath [7M3]

Escape From Hellgate [7M4]

Prayers For Grace [8M4]

Grace's Death [8M5]

Jake Rallies N'Avi [8M6]

Jake Prays To Eywa [9M2]

The Battle Continues [9M4]

Quaritch Down [9M5]

Fight To The Death [10M1]

A New Beginning [10M2]

Bridge Cue To End Title [10M3]

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Ah shit there's actually two cues I left off...thanks for that catch, I'll correct it. It might be a combination of both for being accurate...hard to tell since this score is confusing.

For the "Link Room" it's labeled 2m0 on the partial sessions that leaked.

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Craig Safan - Remo Williams: The Prophecy (Pilot) (1988)
Source: Intrada liner notes

Intro [1M1/1A]
Main Title [1M2]
Act I [1M3]
Good-Byes [1M4]
Lesson [1M5]
Ring Murder [1M6/2M0]
Target Practice [2M1]
Boardwalk Skating [2M2]
Biker Vs. Remo [2M3]
To Golf Course [2M4]
Golfers [2M5]
Won't Fail You [3M1]
Your Wish [3M2]
Robot [4M1]
Robot II [4M2]
Gunpowder [4M3]
Blazing Warehouse [4M4]
Water Spout [4M5]
Floating Lily Pad [4M6]
Remo Shot [5M1]
Is He Dead? [5M2]
I.V. Out [6M1]
Chiun Appears [6M2]
Remo Supreme [6M2A]
Fade Back [6M3]
The Master [6M4]
End Title [6M5]

For example, The Link Room slate number is 2M1 on FunnyML's list, but it's 2M0 on yours.



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Thanks for the screen shot FunnyML.

Then I wonder what "Jake's Enters His Avatar World" would be... is it actually called "Into The Na'vi World"? I'm so confused... I wish I could read sheet music.

BTW for 3m2- Jake Meets The Na'vi ...I think it's track 3 "Pure Spirits Of The Forest" on the OST...where would it start/end?

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Craig Safan - Mission Of The Shark: The Saga Of The U.S.S. Indianapolis (1991)
Source: Intrada liner notes

Captain's On Board [1M1]
The Submarine [1M4]
Enola Gay [1M5]
Sub Spots The Ship [2M2]
The Attack [2M3]
Rendezvous With Destiny [2M4]
Abandon Ship [2M5]
Is Anybody There? [2M6]
First Shark Threat [3M5]
Shark Attack [3M7]
Zack Sinks [3M9]
Another Shark Attack [5M1]
Find The Guys [5M2]
Splash Down [5M3]
Onto The Plane [5M5]
Rescue Party [5M6]
The Visit [7M2]
The Legend [7M5]
End Title [7M6]

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Bruce Broughton - Stay Tuned (1992)
Source: Intrada liner notes

Spike's Arrival [1M1]
Murray Gets Zapped [1M2]
Main Title [1M3]
Meet Darryl [1M6]
Roy, The Salesman [1M7]

Spike's Next Visit [2M2]
The Dish [2M3]

A Bumpy Ride [3M1]
Game Show Title [3M3]
The Control Room [3M4]
Sayonara, Mrs. Seidenbaum [3M5]
Game Show Suspense [3M8]

Field Work [4M1]
Game Show Title [4M2]
No Transfusions Allowed [4M3]
Gordon Bashing [4M5]
Totally Wicked [4M6]
Northern Overexposure [4M11]

It Ate My BMX [5M1]
Wolf Attack #1 [5M3]
Wolf Stinger [5M4]
Clock And Progress Board [5M4A]
Thirty-Something-To-Life [5M5]
Meet The Mansons [5M6]
That's My Bike! [5M7]
Wolf Attack #2 [5M8]

We're Cartoons [6M1]
Mechano-Cat [6M1A]
Clock Watcher [6M2]
Clever Pussy [6M3]
My Three Sons Of Bitches [6M3B]
Strokes [6M3E]
Offering To Help [6M6]
Thugs Burst In [6M6A]

Roy Knable, Private Dick [7M1]
Dad? [7M3]
Darryl Sprays The Girls [7M4]
That Looks Like Mom [7M5]
Darryl Gets An Idea [7M6]

You Have Tits [8M1]
Aim The Dish [8M7/8M9]
We Need More Power [8M10]
Off With Your Wig [8M11]
To The Guillotine [8M12]

Darryl Breaks Through [9M1]
Redemption [9M2]
Fulfilling The Contract [9M3]
The 3:10 To Yuma [9M5]
Live! On Channel 1 [9M6]
Roy Goes Back [9M6A]
Showdown [9M7]
Roy Gets Shot [9M8/10M0]

Star Track [10M1]
Helen In Peril [10M2]
Driving Over Miss Daisy [10M4]
Crashing In [10M6]
The Big Sword Fight [10M7]

Turn It Off! [11M1]
So What Can I Tell You... [11M3]

Shoot Out [M10]

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Bruce Broughton - So I Married An Axe Murderer (1993)
Source: Intrada liner notes

Main Title [1M1]

Boy Meets Girl [2M2]
Go See The Folks [2M2A]
Dinner Drive [2M3]
Weekly World News [2M7]

Butcher Shop Montage [3M3]
Russian Stroll [3M4]

Martial Arts Display [4M1]
Goin' For It [4M2]

Lover's Montage [5M1]
Forever Wet 1 [5M3]
Forever Wet 2 [5M3R]
Creeping Doubt [5M5]
More Doubt [5M6]
Ralph [5M6R]

Name Your Poison [6M2]
Ear Needles [6M4]
Globe Bridge [6M5]
Piling Facts [6M6]

Reflections [7M1]
Second Thoughts [7M3]
You Blew It [7M5]
The Bath [7M7]

"Only You (And You Alone)" [8M5]
End Theme [8M6]

She's Guilty [9M1]
Inn Source #1 [9M2]
Wedding Bands [9M3]
Inn Source #2 [9M4/5]
Stalking [9M6]
She's Mrs. Axe [9M8]

The Finale [9M11/10M0]
The Finale (Cont.) [10M1A]
The Finale - Part 2 [10M1B]

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A few from Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (2014) - Patrick Doyle

source: http://vimeo.com/83548071

1m01a 9.11 to Afghanistan
1m01b Field Hospital
1m02 Walter Reed
1m02alt Water Reed ALT
1m02d Title Card
2m12alt About The Movie ALT
2m13AS/3m24a Faith Of Our Fathers
2m13alb/3m24aALB Faith Of Our Fathers Album vers
6m49b Bomb Disposal
6m53alb Ryan, Mr President ALBUM
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Jerry Goldsmith - Under Fire (1983)
Source: FSM liner notes

Sandinistas [M41]
The Sniper [M53]
Have We Changed? [M54]
No Parties [M61]
Periodista [M71]
The Picture [M81]
Rebel Victory [M82]
The Pictures #1 [M91]
The Secret Room [M101]
Just A Story [M121]
The Flag [M131]
50 Thousand Dead [M132]
It's Over [M141]
Rebel Victory [M142A]
End Title [M143]

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Howard Shore - The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring (2001)

Source: book (The Muic of LOTR), behind the scenes video

The Shire [M4]
The Shire [1E DVD]
Many Meetings [M55]
Gollum [M88]
Balin's Tomb [M91]
Orc Attack [M92]
Cave Troll [M94]
Mithril Vest [M95]
The Second Hall [M96]
Khazad-Dum [M97]
Balrog [M98]
The River Anduin [M120]

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James Newton Howard - Falling Down (1993)

Source: Intrada liner notes, oac.cdlib.org

Note: Intrada's booklet contains 10 more cues than the online resource, but they shortened most cues (The Bus Stop => Bus Stop). Here is the complete unabridged list.

Main Titles [1M1]
First Phone Call [1M2]
Second Phone Call [2M1]
Hole In Shoe [3M1]
Drive-By Shooting - Part 1 [3M2]
Drive-By Shooting - Part 2 [3M3]
The Bus Stop [4M1]
MacArthur Park [4M2]
The Miracle Mile [6M1]
To Surplus Store [6M2]
Police Car Sting [6M3]
Little Girl [7M0]
The Fitting Room [7M1]
The Back Room [7M2]
Pre-Moon [8M0]
Other Side Of The Moon [8M1]
The Billboard [8M2]
Pre-Construction [8M2A]
Under Construction [8M3]
The Golf Course [9M1]
Mother's House [9M2]
The Caretaker's Family [10M1]
The Last Phone Call [10M2]
Home Video [10M4]
Video Reprise [11M1]
The Chase [11M2]
Till Death Do Us Part [11M3]
Beth Kicks The Gun [11M4]
I'm The Bad Guy? [11M5]
Falling Down [12M1]
Still A Cop [12M2]
End Titles [12M3]

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Fernando Velázquez - The Adventurer: The Curse Of The Midas Box (2013)
Source: sgae.es

1M1 Opening
1M2 Logo
1M3 Inaugural
1M4 Mariah And Charity
1M5 Farewell
1M6 Mariah And Felix
1M7 The Escape
1M8 The Key
1M9 Otto Luger
1M10 Reformatory

2M1 Mariah To The Hotel
2M2 The Hotel
2M3 I Am Not A Boy
2M4 Inspection / Working In The Hotel
2M5 Sacha's Father / There Must Be A Connection
2M6 Strange Things In The Fog
2M7 The Machine
2M8 The Magician
2M9 Two Bad Boys Return
2M10 The Cave

3M1 Secret Door
3M2 The Skeleton
3M3 I Want Nothing To Do With This
3M4 Bizmillah
3M5 The Water Chamber Trick
3M6 Something Wrong Boy
3M7 Felix Is Here, I Know It
3M8 Where Did He Go
3M9 Otto's Secret Room
3M10 The Diary
3M11 You Will Suffer For This

3M12 Help Me Hide Her In The Closet

4M1 Where Is The Other Half
4M2 The Guillotine Trick
4M3 The Children
4M4 The Box

5M1 Chariot Of Fire
5M2 Finale

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Rolfe Kent - Labor Day (2013) #complete score
Source: FYC promo CD-text

A Stroll In The Trees [1M1]
This Is Frank [1M6]
Flashback 1 [2M7]
Tying Up [2M8]
Hunger For Human Touch [2M9]
Shadow Barn, Cloud Field, Soldier [2M11]
Frank The Handyman 1 [3M13]
Eating Pie [3M17]
Classroom Fantasy [3M18]
Frank The Handyman 2 [3M19]
Henry With Groceries [4M21]
Frank's Flashback 5 [4M24]
Henry Overhears Adele And Frank [4M29]
Henry Does Research [4M31]
Mandy Deceives [4M33]
Frank's Hurt [5M41]
Adele's Miscarriages [5M43]
Killing Mandy [6M45]
Letter To Dad [6M47]
The Bank [6M49]
Frank Is Arrested [7M52]
Henry Grows Up [7M53]

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Teddy Castellucci - White Chicks (2004)

Source: recording sessions

Beating Up Ice Cream Man [1M2]
Ice Cream Delivery [1M3A]
The FBI [1M4]
The Crash [1M6]
Questioning [2M3]
Darnell's Intro [2M7]
Darnell's Fantasy [2M7A]
Dressing Room [2M7B]
Sexy Outfit [3M2]
Sexy To Crazy [3M2]
Tiffany's New Outfit [3M5]
Purse Snatch [3M7]
Girls Come For A Visit [3M9]
Bootie Call [3M10]
Killer Strippers [3M11]
Darnell Search [3M13]
Darnell's Date [4M4]
Mai Ling [4M7]
Don't Have A Damn Dog [4M9]
Darnell Cries [4M11]
Vangard's Broke [5M1]
Gina Comes To The Hotel [5M3]
Nobody's In Here [5M4]
You Can't Fake These [5M6]
Plotting By The Fire [5M8]
I'm Sorry [5M9]
Not Your Doormat [5M11]
Something's Wrong [6M6]
Chinese Kaos [6M7]
Freeze! [6M8]
Are You Filming Me - Part 1 [6M9]
Are You Filming Me - Part 2 [6M9B]
End Credit Score [6M12]

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Robocop (1987) - Basil Poledouris

From: intrada liner note


1M1 Main Title
1M2 Have A Heart
1M3 New Sign Off
1M5 O.C.P. Monitors
2M2 Twirl
2M4 Van Chase & Capture
3M1/3M2 Lewis Finds Murphy / Murphy Dies In O.R.
3M3A Robo Lives
3M3C Robo Lives
4M1 Drive Montage
4M3 Drive To Helpless Lady
4M4 Drive To Hostages
4M5 News
4M6 Nukem
5M2 Murphy's Dream
6M1 Gas Station Blow-Up
6M2 Murphy Goes Home
6M4 Clarence Frags Bob
7M1 Rock Shop
7M2 Robo Drives To Jones
7M3 Directive 4
8M1 Robo & Ed 209 Fight
8M2 Force Shoots Robo
8M2A 6000 SUX
8M3 Big Is Better (Unused)
8M4 Care Package
9M2 Target Practice
9M3/10M0 Looking For Me
10M1 Across The Board (End Credits)
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David Newman - Scooby-Doo! The Mystery Begins (2009)
Source: bootleg

Welcome To Coolsville [1M3]
Scooby The Clown [1M6]
Scooby Gets Left Behind [1M7]
Wrecking The Principals Car [1M12]
Electrical Storm [1M13]
Run [1M15]
Cleaning Up [1M17]
Football Ghouls [1M21]
Football Ghouls - Part 2 [1M21A]
Spying On The Librarian [2M31]
Old Spooky House [2M37]
Attack On Shaggy [2M38]
Down The Hole [2M40]
Searching For The Time Capsule [2M41]
Searching For The Time Capsule - Part 2 [2M41A]
Ghosts On The Loose [2M43]
Opening The Time Capsule [2M44]

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Jerry Goldsmith - 1979 - Alien

Source: Intrada liner notes

1M2 Main Title

1M2 Main Title (Alternate Rescore)

1M2 Main Title (Film Version)

1M3 Hyper Sleep

1M3 Hyper Sleep (Alternate Rescore)

2M1 The Landing

3M1 The Terrain

3M1 The Terrain (Alternate Rescore)

3M2 The Craft

4M1 The Passage

4M2 The Skeleton

4M2 The Skeleton (Alternate Rescore)

4M2 The Skeleton (Alternate Take)

4M3 A New Face

5M1 Hanging On

5M1 Hanging On (Alternate Rescore)

6M1 The Lab

6M3 Drop Out

7M1 Nothing To Say

7M2 Cat Nip

8M1 Here Kitty

9M1 The Shaft

10M1 It's A Droid

10M1 It's A Droid (Unused Inserts)

11M1 Parker's Death

11M1 Parker's Death (Alternate Rescore)

11M2 The Eggs

12M1 Sleepy Alien

12M2 To Sleep

13M1 The Cupboard

13M1 The Cupboard (Alternate Rescore)

13M2 Out The Door

13M2 Out The Door (Alternate Rescore)

13M3 End Titles

I'm surprised this one wasn't posted.

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The parts you have in parenthesis aren't the real names of the cues. The revised cues were all called New, i. e. 1M2 New.

Speaking of 1M2, the film version was just an edit

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Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011)

Source: Recording Sessions

1m1 Open
1m1A Whistle Fight
1m1B The Fight
1m1C At the Restaurant
1m3 Coffee, Tobacco and Cocoa Leaves
1m4 Web Room
1m4B Web To Car
1m5 Meet Mycroft
2m7 Meet Simza
2m8A Fight With Cossack part 1
2m10 To The Wedding
2m12 Wedding
2m12A Moran At Wedding
2m14 Holmes Confronts Moriarty
3m15 Honeymoon Begins
3m16A Train Opening
3m16C No Accident
3m16C No Accident ALT
3m16D Holmes Plan
3m17 Mycroft and End of Train/Paris
3m17 Mycroft and End of Train/Paris ALT
3m18B Find the Fortune Teller
4m21 Gypsy Fortress
4m22A Find the Fortune Teller
4m22B Ravache
4m22C Imperator
4m25 Paris Bombing Investigation
4m26 Nude Mycroft
5m28-29 Consider What We Know
5m30A Outro
5m31 Holmes Captured by Moran
5m32 Holmes Tortured
5m34 Escape the Factory
5m35 Forest Battle
5m35 Forest Battle ALT
6m38 I'm Going Home...Via Swiss
6m39 We Don't Know What He's Planning
6m42-43 Waltz
6m42-43 Waltz ALT
7m45 Little Red Book pt 1
7m45 Little Red Book pt 2
7m45A Pre-Vis Finale
7m46 Final Confrontation
7m47 Case Re-Opened
Chess - Dead Brother
Memories of Sherlock
Mycroft Strings
One Minute Rise
Opera Map
Shush Club Tango

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Alan Silvestri - 1989 - The Abyss

Source: N/A

Sorry can't name the source...

1m0 Opening Title
1m0 Opening Title (Demo)
1m1 Montana
1m2 Crash
1m3 Flooding and Sinking
1m3 Flooding and Sinking (Alternate)
1mxx Marker Buoy
1m4 They're Coming
1m5 Unused Synth Cue
3m1 Let Me Drown Your Rat
4m1r Search The Montana (Part 1)
4m1ra Search The Montana (Part 2)
4m1rb Jammer Freaks
5m1 He's Convulsing
6m1 MIRV Recovery
6m2 MIRV Recovery
7m0 SEALs Return
7m1x Crashing Crane
7m1 Crashing Crane (Alternate)
7m2rxr What A Drag (Revised)
7m2 What A Drag (Original)
7m2 What A Drag (Wild Original)
7m2a The Draggiest Man
8m1x Linds' Close Encounter
9m1 Here's MIRV
9m2r Some Huevos (Revised)
9m2alt Some Huevos (Alternate)
9m3x Have To Take Steps
10m2 Jarhead Is Watching
10m3 The Pseudopod
10m3 The Pseudopod (Alternate Segment)
11m1 Coffey Break
11m2 Freeze
11m3 Bud and Cat Dive
12m1 Click
12m2r The Fight
12m2 The Fight (Alternate Mix)
12m6 Coffey Implodes
13m1 The Only Way
13m1 The Only Way (Alternate)
13m2 Lindsey Dies (Alternate)
13m2alt Unused Continuation Of Cue
13m3 Resurrection
14m1 Bud's Big Dive
14m2 Defusing The Bomb
15m2 Bud On The Ledge
15m3-3a Bud Reborn / Blinky Bows
15m4 Back On The Air
15m5 Finale and End Credits
15m5 Vocal Insert

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Brian Tyler - Partition (2007)

Source: cuesheets

Polo Grounds [1M1]
The Crossing [1M5]
Attack AT The Crossing [1M6]
The Flag [2M9]
Death Train [2M10]
Gian's Mother Laments [2M11]
Festival Of Holi [3M23]
Rain Dance [3M24]
Wedding Montage [4M27]
Naseem To Pakistan [4M31]
Gian Becomes A Muslim [5M37]
Gian To Naseem's [5M40]
Confrontation [5M41]
Partition Finale [6M46]

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Dennis McCarthy / 1994 / Star Trek Generations

Source: N/A


We all ready knew the track titles but not the cue slates. Can't name the source. I'll be posting the slates and such for Insurrection and Nemesis as well. Got the info from the same source but again can't name it.


1m1r Main Titles
1m2 Past Glory
1m3 Enterprise-B
1m4 Distress Call
1m5 Harriman and The Ribbon
2m1 Kirk Saves The Day
2m2 Deck 15
2m3 HMS Enterprise
3m1 Picard's Message
3m2 Raid Post Mortem
4m1 Data and The Emotions
4m2 Time Is Running Out
5m1 Data Malfunctions
5m2 Soran Kidnaps Geordi
6m1 Guinan and The Nexus
6m2 Torture
7m1 Soran's Plan Revealed
7m2 Prisoner Exchange
8m1 Outgunned
8m2 The Gap
8m3 Coolant Leak
8m4 Appointment With Eternity
8m5 Out Of Control
9m1 Blasted
9m2 The Crash
9m3 Coming To Rest
9m4 The Nexus
9m6a A Christmas Hug
10m1 The Kitchen Debate
11m1 Jumping The Ravine
11m2 Two Captains
11m3 Crash Recap
11m4 The Final Fight
12m1 The Captain Of The Enterprise (Kirk's Death)
12m2r To Live Forever
12m3r Star Trek Generations Overture
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Jerry Goldsmith / 1998 / Star Trek Insurrection

Source: N/A


1m1 Ba'ku Village
1m1 Ba'ku Village (Alternate End)
2m1 Out Of Orbit
2m3 Take Us In
3m1 Come Out
3m3 In Custody
3m4 Warp Capability
4m2 The Planet
4m4 Children's Story (Alternate)
4m4r Children's Story (Revised)
4m5 The Holodeck
4m5 The Holodeck (Alternate Opening)
5m4 How Old Are You?
5m5-6m1 New Sight
6m2 Lost Ship
6m3 Prepare The Ship
6m4 As Long As We Can
7m1 Not Functioning
7m2 Send Your Ships
7m3 Growing Up
7m3 Growing Up (Alternate)
8m1 Wild Flowers
8m2 Photon Torpedo
8m3 The Drones Attack
9m1r The Riker Maneuver
9m2r Stay With Me
9m4-10m1 The Same Race
10m2 The Collector
10m3 No Threat
11m1 Tractor Beam
11m1 Tractor Beam (Alternate)
11m2 Healing Process (Original)
11m2r Healing Process (Revised)
11m3 End Credits
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Jerry Goldsmith / 2002 / Star Trek Nemesis

Source: N/A


Like with the other two Trek posts I did, the source wished to remain anonymous.


1m1 Remus
1m2 The Box
1m3 My Right Arm
1m6 Star Field
1m7 Positronic
2m1 The Argo
2m2 Odds and Ends
3m1 Your Brother
3m2 Course Plotted
3m3 Repairs
3m4 The Knife
3m5 Perfect Timing
3m5a Allegiance
3m6 Secrets
3m7r The Mine (Revised)
3m7 The Mine (Alternate)
3m8 Ideals
3m9r Options (Revised)
3m9 Options (Alternate)
3m10 Bed Time
3m11 Transport
3m12 Blood Test
4m1 The Mirror
4m2 The Scorpion
4m3 His Plans
4m4 Data and B-4
4m5 Battle Stations
4m6 Attack Pattern
5m1 The Invitation
5m2 True Nature
5m3 Let's Go To Work
5m4 Lateral Run
5m5 The Viceroy
5m6 Engage
5m7 Full Reverse
6m1 Not Functional
6m2 Final Flight
6m3 Firing Sequence
6m4 A New Friend
6m5 That Song
6m6 An Honor
7m2 A New Ending
7m2r A New Ending (Revised)
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