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The Complete Cue Lists Thread


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John Ottman / Superman Returns (2006)

Source: John Ottman's assistant and Warm Butter DVD Sessions

1m0 Warner Bros. Logo
1m1r Krypton Prologue
1m1b Main Titles
1m1 Prologue / Main Title
1m2a Dying Wish (Part 1)
1m2b Dying Wish (Part 2)
1m3as GDIATFH Bluegrass (Source)
1m4 Homecoming
1m6 Tell Me Everything (Part 1)
1m6a Tell Me Everything (Part 2)
1m7 Stars In The Sky
2m1 Memories
2m3 Put Here For A Reason
2m4 The World Keeps Spinning
2m5r The Daily Planet
2m5 The Daily Planet (Alternate)
2m6 Closet Case
2m7 Things Have Changed
3m5 Like Sea Monkeys
3m6 Genesis Project
3m7 Chip Off The Old Block
3m8 A Drop In The Bucket
3m10 Is It Rite?
3m11 Boosters Non-Responsive
3m12 Rough Flight
3m13 Home Run
3m13a He's Back!
4m1 Superman Scoop
4m2 Eavesdropping
4m3-4 To Lois' House
4m5 You're Not One Of Them
4m5as Listening To The World (Source)
4m6 Bank Job
4m7 Kitty Decoy
4m8 What's Taking So Long?
5m1 Supermania
5m4 Kryptonite
5m5 Little Secrets
5m6 How Could You Leave Us?
6m1 They're Gone
6m3 Bad Idea
6m5 They Make Great Chandeliers
6m6 Beach Front Property
6m7 Lineage?
6m8 Not Like The Train Set (Part 1)
6m9 Heart and Soul (Source)
6m10 Not Like The Train Set (Part 2)
7m1 We Have To Go
7m2 Who To Save
7m3 Metropolis Mayhem
7m4 Out At Sea
8m1 So Long Superman
8m2 Saving Superman
8m3 Power Of The Sun
8m4a Saving The World (Part 1)
8m4b Saving The World (Part 2)
9m1 In The Hands Of Mortals
9m2 Family Unit
9m4 I Wanted You To Know
9m5 Lex's Paradise
9m6 Change Of Heart
9m7 Parting Words
9m8 Fly Away
9m9 Reprise / End Titles
9m10 End Titles
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:lol: I didn't even read rule 3

3. Do not post complete cue lists from Williams' scores. LeBlanc is working his ass off to gather them, and I don't want to get in his way. He once threatened to ban me just because I posted a tracklist from an upcoming score he had already posted. The guy is insane.


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Batman (1989 - Danny Elfman)

1m1 Titles

1m2-1m3 Family, 1st Bat

1m4 Roof Fight

2m1 Jack Vs Ekhart

2m2 Up Building

2m3 Card Snap

3m3 Batzone

4m1 Axis Setup

4m2 Shootout

4m3 Kitchen Dinner

4m3a Alt

5m1 Surgery

5m1a Stair Kiss

5m1ax Stair Kiss Alt.

5m1b Stair Kiss

5m1d Stair Kiss

5m2 Faceoff

5m3 Beddy Bye

5m4 Morning After

6m1 Board Meeting

6m2 Roasted Dude

6m3 Vicki Spies

6m4 Clown Attacks

7m1-7m2 Bruce Contemplates/Photos

7m3 Men At Work

7m4 TV News Theme

7m5 Joker's Commercial

7m6 Paper Spin

8m1 Alicia's Mask

8m3 Vicki Gets A Gift

8m6 Alicia's Unmasking

8m7 Rescue

8m7 New

8m8 Batmobile Chase

9m1 Street Fight

9m2 Vicki Hioes

9m3 Descent Into Mystery

9m3 Descent Into Mystery Alt

9m4 Bat Cave

9m5 Paper Throw

10m1 The Truth

10m3 Jokers Poem

10m4 Sad Pictures

11m1 Challenge/Dream

11m1a ...Or Their Sons

11m2a Tender Batcave

11m2b-11m3-4 Batsuit/Charge Of The Batmobile

11m5 Joker Flies To Gotham

12m2 Batwing I

12m2 Batwing I Alt

12m3 Batwing II A

12m3 Batwing II B

12m3 Batwing II C

13m1 Cathedral Chase

13m2 Waltz

13m3 Showdown A

13m4 Showdown II

14m2 Finale

14m3 End Credits

Pretty sure this is everything, via manuscripts.

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Don Davis / 1999 / The Matrix

Source: Film Philharmonie and Omni Publishing

1m1 Logos / Main Title
1m2-3 Trinity Infinity / Dissolved Girl
1m4 Neo Con Brio
1m5 Follow The White Rabbit
1m7 Neo On The Edge
2m1 Through The Surveillance Monitor
2m2 Unable To Speak
2m3 Bait and Switch
2m4 Switched For Life
2m5 Switched At Birth
3m1 Switches Brew
3m2 Cold Hearted Switch
3m3 Nascent Nauseous Neo
3m4 A Morpheus Moment
3m5 Bow Whisk Orchestra
3m6 Domo Show Down
3m8 Switch Or Break Show
3m9 Shake, Borrow, Switch
3m10 Switch Works Her Boa
4m1 Bring Me Dinner

4m2 The System
4m2A Freeze Face

4M3 Switch Works Her Boar
4m4 Cypher Cybernetic

4m5 Ignorance Is Bliss
4m6 Cyber Cyphernetic

4m7 See, Who?

4m8A Switch Out
4m10 Boon Spoy
5m2 Oracle Cookies
5m4 Threat Mix
5m5 Exit Mr. Hat
5m6 On Your Knees Switch
6m1 Mix The Art
6m2 Whoa, Switch Brokers
6m3 The Cure
6m4 It's The Smell
6m5 Playback
6m6 No More Spoons
6m7 Dodge This
6m8 Fast Learning
6m9 Ontological Shock
7m1 That's Gotta Hurt
7m2 Surprise!
7m3 He's The One Alright
7m4 Credits ???

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The Village - James Newton Howard (2004)

1m1v14 Main Title

1m1v15 Main Title

1m2v11 Village Violin

1m3v10 Lucius Asks Permission

2m0A v.1 The Box

2m0v3 Ivy's Song

2m1v6 The Stump

2m2v4 Resting Rock

2m3v9 Berries Of Bad Color

2m4v10 Lucius Into The Woods

3m1v21 First Attack

3m1v22 - Alt End For 3m1v21

3m2v8 You Are Fearless

3m3v3 Wedding Interrupted

3m4v10 Candlelight Procession

4m0v2 The Kiss

4m0v6 The Kiss

4m1A v.2 Ivy Finds Lucius

4m1A v.3 Ivy Finds Lucius

4m1v8 Noah Attacks Lucius

4m2v10 Ivy Asks Permission

5m1v19 Edge Of The Woods

5m2v8 The Secret Shack

5m3v10 Ivy Gets The Watch

5m4Alt v.7 Edward Confesses

5m4v6 Edward Confesses

5m5v4 The Pit

6m1v25 Final Attack

6m2v16 Pt. 1 Ivy Finds The Road

6m2v16 Pt. 2 Ivy Finds The Road

6m3v3 The Border Guard

7m1v3 Ivy Asks Permission

Source music:

S1 Crystal Wedding Waltz

S2 Fairy Wedding Polka

S3 Iron Wedding Rondo

S4 Wedding Waltz

Source: http://www.usc.edu/libraries/finding_aids/records/finding_aid.php?fa=0075#ref8 (link originally posted by lordskylark)

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Defiance - James Newton Howard (2008)

1m1v15 Main Titles

1m2v7 Tuvia

1m3v7 Aron Finds Survivors

1m3Bv3 Mourning

1m4v6 Tuvia Kills Policeman

2m1v7 Zus Breaks Down

2m2v10 Town-Motorcycle Attack

2m4v6 (2m1) Tuvia Takes Command

3m1v2 Violin Tuning

3m2v3 Bella And Zus

3m3v4 Exodus

3m4v5 Building New Camp

3m5v10 Tuvia And Zus Fight

4m1v20 (3m5) Leaving Ghetto

4m2v7 P03 Camp Montage

4m3v6 Wedding Montage

4m5v2 Winter

5m1v5 Police Station

5m2v3 Medicine

5m3v2 Confronting Arkady

5m4v7 Tuvia Gets Well

6m1v3 Tuvia Kisses Lilka

6m2v4 P0414 Beating The German

6m3Bv3 Escaping Infantry

6m3v5 Air Raid

6m4v8 Swamp

7m1v11 Tank

7m2v4 Tuvia And Zus Unite

7m2 REV (Patch)

Source: USC JNH Collection (see link above)

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Could be tracked - I have no idea. The string lead-in is shorter, but maybe it was edited. I need to watch the scene again.

And for those who aren't aware, the link in post #16 contains the cue list for every score JNH has written up to 2009. Very intriguing resource.

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John Ottman - 2007 - Fantastic 4 Rise Of The Silver Surfer

Source: John Ottman's assistant.

1m1 Main Titles

1m2A Arrival

1m2B Unnatural Events

1m2C Airport

1m4 Sneaky Reed

1m7 The Only Way To Fly

1m8 News Reports

1m9 Party Talk

1m13 A General Visit

1m17 Craters / I Can't Help You

1m19 Wild?

2m1 Doom Awakens

2mX Restoring Doom

2m5A Satellite (Part 1)

2m5B Satellite (Part 2)

2m8 Wedding Day Jitters

2m11 Alarm

2m13 Wedding Chaos

2m13B Chasing The Source

2m14 Surfer Obeys

2m14B News Junkie

2m15 I'm Sorry

3m1A Sibling Switch (Part 1)

3m1B Sibling Switch (Part 2)

3m3 Friendly Exchange

3m4A Surfer Flies

3m5 Planning For The Future / Doom's Deal

3m7A Eye Of The Storm

3m7B Thames Dried Up

3m8-9 Outside Help

3m11 Nice To Have Somebody

4m12 Searching For Answers

4m3 Working Alone

4m4-5 Camp Testosterone

4m6 Meeting The Surfer

4m7 A Little Persuasion

4m8 Surfer Down

4m9 Mr. Sherman

4m10A Under The Radar

4m10B Someone I Once Knew

4m11 Renewed Power

4m12 Springing The Surfer

5m1 Pimpin' A Ride

5m2 Pursuing Doom

5m3 Four In One

5m4 Silver Savior

5m6 Gunshot Wedding

5m6B Credits (Intro)

5m7 Surfer Tag

5m8 Silver Surfer Suite

5m7 Surfer Tag (Alternate 1)

5m7 Surfer Tag (Alternate 2)

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Sherlock Holmes - Hans Zimmer, Lorne Balfe (2009)

1m1 Race To Ritual Pt 1

1m1a Race To Ritual Pt 2

1m1b Main Titles

2m3 Holmes Room

2m5 Offends Mary

2m9 Blackwood S Request

2m11 Violin Plucking Source 1

2m13 - 14 Arriving At The Prison Pt 1

2m13 - 14 Arriving At The Prison Pt 2

3m15 Holmes & Irene

3m16s Violin Plucking Source 2

3m17 The Man In The Carriage

3m18a Holmes Follows Irene (Orch A)

3m18bs Holmes Follows Irene (Gypsy)

3m18c Holmes Follows Irene (Orch B)

3m19 – 20 Blackwood Resurrection

3m21s Street Source

3m22 Gypsy Fortuneteller

3m24 Pt 1 Investigating Reordon S Lab

3m24 Pt 2 Investigating Reordon S Lab

4m25s Arrival Of Dredger

4m25s Meet Dredger

4m26s Chase Dredger

4m26a Holmes & Dredger Talk

4m26b The Boat

4m27 Marital Sabotage

4m28 Meet Sir Thomas Rotherin

4m29 Stop Blackwood

4m30 Irene Subdues Holmes

4m31 Death Of Rotherin

5m33 Rotherin S Secret Chamber

5m33 Death Of The Ambassador

5m34 Corpse Examination

5m35 Boat To Slaughterhouse

5m36 Save Irene

5m37 Tripwire Pt 1

5m37 Tripwire Pt 2

6m37a Moriarty & Irene On A Train

6m38 - 39 Hospital Through Ritual Pt 1

6m38 - 39 Hospital Through Ritual Pt 2

6m39s Violin Plucking Source 3

6m40 Blackwood S Plan Explained

6m40a Holmes Wakes Up

6m42a Holmes Smokes Coward Pt 1

6m42a Holmes Smokes Coward Pt 2

6m43a - R7 Cross Parliament Final Battle

7m43b Parliament Final Battle

7m46 Moriarity Case Reopened

7m46b End Titles Pt 1

7m46d End Titles Pt 3

Source: http://www.ascap.com/ace/

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Source: Warm Butter DVD Sessions

1m1a Main Titles

1m1a Main Titles (Alternate)
1m1b The White House
1m1c Nightcrawler Attack
1m1d Alkali Lake
1m2 Jean's Hallucination
1m3 Something Terrible
1m4a News Cast
1m4b Jean and Storm's Mission
1m5a Permission
1m5b Senator Kelly and Stryker
2m2a Center Of The Sun
2m3 Cerebro
2m4 Sneaky Mystique
2m5 Meeting Nightcrawler
2m6 Nightmare
2m7 You Remember Him
2m8 Sorry Charles
3m2a Mansion Attack (Part 1)
3m2b Mansion Attack (Part 2)
3m3 Don't You Remember? / Escape
3m6-8 Opening Cerebro
3m9 Bottom's Up
3m10 Jason's Story
3m12 Harmless Kiss
3m14 Magneto's Escape
3m15 What Bobby Can Do
4m1 Finding Faith
4m2 Pyro Attack
4m3 Xavier Escapes
4m4 Storm's Perfect Storm
4m5a Missiles
4m5b Going Down
4m6 Fireside Chat
4m7 Flashback
4m8 Jean and Logan
4m9 You Know What I Want
4m10 God Among Insects
5m1 Where Is Everyone?
5m2 I'm in
5m3 It's Time
5m4 The Children
5m5-6 Something's Wrong
5m7a Augmentation Room
5m7b Logan Fights Deathstryke
5m8 Death Strikes Deathstryke
6m1a Magneto's Old Tricks
6m1b Reconfiguration
6m3 If You Really Knew
6m4 Getting Out Alive
6m5 Rogue Earns Her Wings
6m6a Goodbye
6m6b Jean Is Gone
7m1 We're Here To Stay
7m2 Evolution Leaps Forward
7m3 Suite From X2

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2007) - KLAUS BADELT
Source: Recording Sessions

1m01 Story Of TMNT
1m02 3,000 Years Ago
1m03 Ghost Of The Jungle
1m04 Finding Leo
1m05 Donatello
1m07 Raph The Nightwatcher
1m08 Your Brothers Need You
1m10 These Guns
1m11 Those Glory Days
2m11 Enter Winters Corp
2m12 Winters Delivery
2m13 Enter The Foot Clan
2m14 Sidekick
2m16 Arise Dear Brothers
2m17 Leo Returns
2m18a I-Beam Fight (Part 1)
2m18b I-Beam Fight (Part 2)
2m18c I-Beam Fight (Part 3)
3m19 Karai Complains
3m21 Splinter Briefing
3m22 Gathering Monsters
3m24 Watching The Foot
3m25 Witnesses
3m26 Raph Wounded
3m27 Legend Of Yauto
4m28 Raph Quits
4m30 The 13th Monster
4m31 Deli Monster
4m33 Deli Help
4m34a Nightwatcher Chase
4m34b Raph Fights Leo
4m35 Leo Taken
4m36 Favorite Son
5m37 Chamber Of Monsters
5m39 The Stars Align
5m41 Freeing Leo
5m42 Stone Generals
5m43 Fighting The Stones (Part 1)
5m45 Fighting The Stones (Part 2)
5m46 Final Monster
5m47 Aftermath
5m48 Winter's End
5m49 Finale
5m50 Love Being A Turtle
5m1c End Credits

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Lady In The Water - James Newton Howard (2006)

Source: http://www.usc.edu/l...hp?fa=0075#ref8 (link originally posted by lordskylark)


1m1 v.12 P7.1 Prologue

1m2 v.13 P7.1 Ripples In The Pool

1m3 v.10 P7.1 Cleveland Takes A Dive

1m4 v.6 P7.1 Meeting Story

2m0 v.6 P7.1 First Scrunt

2m0A v.9 P7.1 Officer Jimbo

2m1 v.23 P7.1 Mrs. Choi's Story

2m1 v.24 P7.1 Mrs. Choi's Story

2m2 v.7 P7.1 Finding The Journal

2m3 v.15 P7.1 Cleveland Finds The Writer

2m4 v.25 P7.1 Vick Meets Story

3m1 v.10 P7.1 Second Scrunt

3m2 v.28 P7.3 The Blue World

3m2A v.4 P7.1 Giving The Kii

3m3 v.22 P7.1 Boy From The Midwest

3m4 v.24 P7.1 Milk Mustache

4m1 v.14 P7.1 Charades

4m1 v.16 P7.1 Charades

4m2 v.15 P7.1 Crosswords

4m3 v.20 P7.4 Walkie Talkie

4m4 v.8 P.71 Not The Guardian

5m1 v.7 P7.1 Cookbook Confession

5m1 v.8 P7.1 Cookbook Confession

5m2 v.5 P7.1 A Storm Is Coming

5m3 v.16 P7.3 The Party

5m5 v.17 P7.1 Death Of Farber

5m6 v.20 P7.1 Cereal Boxes

6m0 v.2 P7.1 Seven Sisters

6m1 v.41 P7.1 The Healing

6m1 v.41 Alt P7.1 The Healing (Alt. Ending)

6m2 Part 1 v.58 P7.4 The Great Eatlon

6m2 Part 2 v.58

6m3 v.3 P7.1 End Titles

Suite v.11

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Terminator Salvation (2009) - DANNY ELFMAN
Source: Recording Sessions

1m1 Main Titles and Marcus' Death

1m1 Main Titles (Alternate)
1m1 Marcus' Death (Alternate)
1m2 Connor Arrival
1m3-5 In The Hole
1m6 Everybody Is Dead
1m7 All Is Lost
1m9 Marcus Walks
1m10 Jumper
1m11 A Solution
2m1 Connor Comes Home
2m2 Reset The Future
2m3 Come With Me
2m4 What Happened Here?
2m5 Connor The Hero
2m6 Connor Broadcast
2m7-8 Marcus' Dream
2m9 Aerostat
2m10 Mini Mart
2m11 Harvester
3m1 The Harvester Returns
3m2 Canyon Fight
3m3 Blair / Transport
3m4 Hot Rain
3m5 Rednecks (Part 1)
3m5a Rednecks (Part 2)
3m6 Signal Success
3m7 Fireside
3m8 No Plan
4m1-3 Mine Field / Flashback / The Reveal
4m3B Hallway Talk
4m4 The Shiv
4m5 Mom's Voice
4m6 The Escape
4m7 Hydrobot Attack
4m8 Look At Me
4m9 You're Out
4m10 Connor Speech
5m1 Weepy Donuts
5m3-4 Marcus Enters Skynet
5m5A Serena
5m5B Marcus Decides

5m5B Marcus Decides (Alternate Excerpt)
5m6 Father Meets Son
5m7 Fuel Cells
5m8-6m2 Final Confrontation
6m3 Idea
6m4 Bad News
6m5 Salvation
6m6 Finale / End Credits

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Big DUH! moment for me, here. Anyway, that's not how most cue lists are presented. Zimmer isn't even capable of writing correctly a cue list!

And do not mock me, Alex. It took you a while to figure that out!

I'm sorry but...

Even JW uses that numbering now.

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Star Trek: First Contact - Jerry Goldsmith (1996)

Source: http://johneaves.fil...jpg?w=655&h=498

1m1 Main Title

1m2 Locutus*

1m3 How Many Ships (AKA Enterprise-E Introduction)

1m5 Battle Watch*

1m6 Red Alert

1m7/2m1 Temporal Wake

2m2 Shields Down

2m3 The Phoenix*

3m1 They're Here

3m2 39.1 Degrees Celsius*

4m1 Search For The Borg*

4m2 Retreat*

4m3 No Success

4m4 Borg Montage*

5m1 Welcome Aboard

5m2 Simulation

5m3/6m1 Smorgas-Borg

7m1 Getting Ready

7m2 Fully Functional

8m1 The Dish

9m1 Objection Noted

9m2 Not Again

9m3 Evacuate

9m4 New Orders

10m2 All The Time

10m3/11m1 Flight Of The Phoenix*

11m3 First Contact

11m4 End Credits

* Composed By Joel Goldsmith

Thanks to Trent.

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Spider-Man 3 (2007) - CHRISTOPHER YOUNG
Source: Sheet Music

1m1 Main Title
1m2 Opening Montage
1m2alt Opening Montage (Alternate)
1m4 Peter and Harry After Play
1m4alt Peter and Harry After Play (Alternate 1)
1m4alt2 Peter and Harry After Play (Alternate 2)
1m5a Harry In Lab / Web / Meteor
1m6 Marko Evades Police
1m7 Daughter Gives Flint Locket

1m8 Aunt May Gives Peter Ring
2m9a Harry Confronts Peter
2m9aalt Harry Confronts Peter (Alternate)
2m9b Harry Unconscious
2m10 Flint Chased By Police and Dogs
2m10alt Flint Chased By Police and Dogs (Alternate)
2m11 Flint Starts To Transform
2m11insert Flint Starts To Transform
2m12 Peter Sees Harry In Hospital
2m13 Birth Of The Sandman
2m13rev1 Birth Of The Sandman (Revised 1)
2m13rev2 Birth Of The Sandman (Revised 2)
2m14 Peter Leaves MJ
2m16 Spider-Man Saves Gwen
2m17 Gwen Watches Spider-Man Leave
2m17rev Gwen Watches Spider-Man Leave (Revised)
3m18 Harry Comes Home
3m19 Harry Remembers Dad
3m19rev Harry Remembers Dad (Revised)
3m22 MJ Gets Fired
3m22rev MJ Gets Fired
3m22alt MJ Gets Fired
3m24 Sandman in Dump Truck
3m26 Sandman Crashes Party
3m30 Peter Leaves MJ Message
3m30alt Peter Leaves MJ Message (Alternate)
4m31 Flashback Uncle B's Murder
4m31rev Flashback Uncle B's Murder (Revised 1)
4m31rev2 Flashback Uncle B's Murder (Revised 2)
4m32 Spider-Man Transforms / Black Suited Spidey
4m32rev Spider-Man Transforms / Black Suited Spidey (Revised)
4m33 Black Spidey Destroys Eddie's Camera
4m34 Tunnel Fight / Black Suit In Truck
4m35 MJ Walks Alone
4m38 MJ Visits Harry
4m40 Harry and MJ Kiss / Talk With Dad
5m41 Harry Goblin Grabs MJ
5m42rev MJ and Peter Break Up
5m42alt MJ and Peter Break Up (Alternate)
5m43 Peter Tempted To Black Suit
5m43a Apartment Fight
5m44 Peter Walks Down The Street
5m45 Peter Busts Eddie Brock
5m47 Sandman Emerges From Drain
5m47a Sand Castle
6m52 Black Spidey Goes To Church
6m52alt Black Spidey Goes To Church (Alternate)
6m52a Peter In Shower
6m52b Peter Gives Ring Back
6m53rev Sandman Meets Venom
6m54rev Peter At MJ's Window
6m55 Venom Sting
6m56 News Report / MJ Taken Hostage
6m57 Peter Begs Harry For Help

6m58 Taxi Web
6m59 Final Battle (Part 1)
6m59rev Final Battle (Part 1 Revised 1)
6m59rev2 Final Battle (Part 1 Revised 2)
6m60rev Final Battle (Part 2)
6m61 Final Battle (Part 3)
6m61rev Final Battle (Part 3 Revised)
7m62arev Final Battle (Part 4)
7m62brev2 Final Battle (Part 4)
7m62a Final Battle (Part 4 Choir insert)
7m63 Final Battle (Part 5)
7m64 Marko's Remorse / Harry Dies
7m65 Harry's Funeral
7m67 Happy Ending
8m68 End Web (Unused)

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Well the Spider-Man 3 cue list I believe came from the sheet music. Another friend of mine had sent me the cue list after he took a screen shot. Not sure if I should update the source and say "SHEET MUSIC" or not.

Terminator Salvation those came from the recording sessions. Again not sure if I should label the source as "Recording Sessions" or not.

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Okay I edited the posts to reflect that then.

Independence Day (1996) - DAVID ARNOLD
Source: Mike Matessino

1m2 We Came In Peace (Film Version)

1m2 We Came In Peace (Alternate)
1m4 Radio Signal
1m5 Satellite Collision
2m0 Mysto Bridge
2m4 Destroyers Disengage

2m4 Destroyers Disengage (No Choir)
2m6R Russell Case: Pilot
2m7 First Sighting
2m9 AWAC Attack
3m2R The Darkest Day
3m4 Moving Day / Countdown
4m1 Suitcase Disgrace

4m1 Suitcase Disgrace (Alternate)
5m2 Commence Lift-Off

5m2 Commence Lift-Off (Alternate)
5m3 Parabolic Indenwhat?
5m4a The Clock Is Ticking
5m4-6m0 Evacuation
6m1 Firestorm
6m2X Aftermath

6m2X Aftermath (No Choir)
7m1 Black Knights Attack
7m2 Base Attack / Dogfight (Film Version Ending)

7m2 Base Attack / Dogfight (Alternate Ending)
8m1 Marylin Found

8m2 Area 51
8m3 The Big Tamale
8m4 Formaldihyde Freak Show
9m2 El Toro Destroyed
9m3 Slimey Wakes Up
10m1 Target Remains / Rescue

10m1 Target Remains / Rescue (Alternate)
10m2 Death Of Marylin
10m3 Dad's A Genius

10m3 Dad's A Genius (Alternate)
11m1 Alien Ship Powers Up
11m2r International Code
11m4XS Wedding
11m5 The PResident's Speech
12m1 Just In Case
12m1 Attacker Fires Up

12m1 Attacker Fires Up (No Choir)
12m1A Untitled Insert
12m2 The Launch Tunnel
12m3 Mutha Ship
13m1R6 Virus Upload

13m1 Virus Upload (Original Version)
13m2a Hide!
13m2R7 Russell's Packin'

13m2 The Day We Fight Back (Original Version)
13m2Pt2 He Did It!
13m3/14m0 Jolly Roger

13m3/14m0 Jolly Roger (Alternate)
14m1 Victory
14m2 End Credits

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Back to the Future (1985) - Alan Silvestri


1m1 Logo

3m1 DeLorean Reveal

[New] 3m1 DeLorean Reveal

3m2 Disintegrated Einstein

[New] 3m2 Disintegrated Einstein

4m1 85 Twin Pines Mall

[New] 4m1 85 Twin Pines Mall

4m2A Ditches DeLorean

4m2 Peabody & Son

[New] 4m2x Peabody Barn / Part I

[New] 4m2Y Peabody Barn Prt. II

4m4 Town Square

[New] 4m4 55' Town Square

5m2 Is That You

[New] 5m2 Is That You

6m1 Retrieve DeLorean

6m2 Jigawatts

[New] 6m2 Jigawatts

6m2 Erased from Existence

7m1 Dream Boat

[New] 7m1 Dream Boat

8m4 Skateboard Chase

[New] 8m4 Skateboard Chase

9m1 The Letter

[New] 9m1 The Letter

10m5 George to the Rescue

[New] 10m5 George to the Rescue

10m5BA Reaching for Lorraine

[New] 10m5BA Reaching for Lorraine

10m5BB George McFly

[New] 10m5BB George McFly

11m2A Earth Angel Overlay A

[New] 11m2A Earth Angel Overlay A

11m2B The Kiss

[New] 11m2B The Kiss

11m2B Earth Angel Overlay B

11m4 It's Been Educational

[New] 11m4 It's Been Educational

12m0 Clocktower / Part IA

12m1 Clocktower / Part 2

[New] 12m1 Clocktower / Part 2

13m0 Helicopter

13m1A Lone Pine Mall

[New] 13m1 Lone Pine Mall

14m0 4x4

14m1 Doc Returns

14m1 Doc Returns

[New] 14m1 Doc Returns

Back to the Future

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Okay using Ro Sajooc's post and from the "At Play In The Fields Of The Goldsmith's" from the 2-CD set sessions for Star Trek First Contact, I believe I have been able to plugin the missing pieces.

By the way Jerry did the cue "They're Here", not Joel. My notation on what Joel did is correct. Even though "Flight Of The Phoenix" is listed as one cue I am pretty sure it was three separate cues they just made it as one for the boot. I also renamed a couple of cues IE: "How Many Ships", the first Unknown Title is "Temporal Wake" so obviously a title from the CD. The second Unknown Title is "The Phoenix" and the third Unknown Title is "39.1 Degrees Celsius".

"At Play In The Fields Of The Goldsmith's" from the 2-CD set sessions.

1m1 Main Titles
1m2 Locutus*
1m3 How Many Ships?
1m5 Battle Watch*
1m6 Red Alert
1m7/2m1 Temporal Wake
2m2 Shields Down
2m3 The Phoenix*
3m1 They're Here
3m2 39.1 Degrees Celsius*
4m1 Search For The Borg*
4m2 Retreat*
4m3 No Success
4m4 Borg Montage*
5m1 Welcome Aboard
5m2 Stimulation
5m3/6m1 Smorgas-Borg
7m1 Getting Ready
7m2 Fully Functional
8m1 The Dish
9m1 Objection Noted
9m2 Not Again
9m3 Evacuate
9m4 New Orders
10m2 All The Time
10m3/11m1 Flight Of The Phoenix*
11m3 First Contact
11m4 End Credits
*Music By Joel Goldsmith

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