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The Complete Cue Lists Thread

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Maybe I'm confused by your post, but if you're sayiong "How Many Ships" is the same cue as "Temporal Wake", you're wrong.

"Something Wicked This Way Comes" (rejected)

Georges Delerue

Nearly complete, but some alternates, and I think one or two cirus pieces, plus a beautiful music box piece, are missing from this.

1. 1m1

2. 1m2

3. 1m2A

4. 2m2

5. 2m3

6. 2m4

7. 3m1

8. 3m2

9. 3m3

10. 3m5

11. 4m1

12. 4m1A

13. 4m2

14. 4m3

15. 5m1

16. 5m2

17. 5m3

18. 5m5

19. 6m0

20. 6m1

21. 6m2

22. 6m2A

23. 6m3/4

24. 6m5

25. 6m6

26. 7m2

27. 7m3

28. 7m4A

29. 8m1

30. 8m1A

31. 9m2

32. 9m3

33. 9m3 (not a typo; maybe a typo on the part of who made the art)

34. 9m6

35. 10m1

36. 11m1

37. 11m1A

38. 11m2

39. 11m3

40. 12m1

41. 12m2

42. 12m3

43. 12m4

44. 12m5

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Okay using Ro Sajooc's post and from the "At Play In The Fields Of The Goldsmith's" from the 2-CD set sessions for Star Trek First Contact, I believe I have been able to plugin the missing pieces.

Great job, Trent :thumbup:. I've updated my post with the new info. Thank you very much :)

Even though "Flight Of The Phoenix" is listed as one cue I am pretty sure it was three separate cues they just made it as one for the boot.

If it was three separate cues, there should be a cue labeled as 11m2.

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Michael Giacchino - Ratatouille

1M01S TV Source

1M02 I'm A Rat

1M03 Humans Are Good People

1M04A Color You Can Smell Pt. 1

1M04B Color You Can Smell Pt. 2

1M04C Color You Can Smell Pt. 3

1M05 Remy's Secret life

1M06 Lightningy

2M01 Wild About Saffron

2M02S Kumpiana #1

2m03A Inspired & Expired

2M03B Granny Get Your Gun

2M04 100 Rat Dash

2M05/06/07A Mr. Rat's Wild Ride

2M06/07B Wall Rat / Remy Sees The World

2M08A Power Kitchen Pt. 1

2M08B Power Kitchen Pt. 2

2M09 A Real Gourmet Kitchen

2M10 He's Ruining The Soup

2M11 Souped Up

2M12/13 Is It Soup Yet?

2M14S Pie Anny

3M01 Going In Seine

3M02 Feels Like Home

3M04 Breakfast Is Served

3M05 Welcome To Hell

3M06 Remy and Linguini Make A Deal

3M07 Remy Drives A Linguini

3M08 That Can't Be Good

3M09 Ropes Ala Colette

4M01S Piano (Source)

4M04 A Rat Of Luxury

4M05 Grabbing A Bite

4M06 An Aquired Taste

4M07S Kumpiana #2

5M01A Losing Control Pt. 1

5M01B Losing Control Pt. 2

5M02 Rat Droppings

5M05 The Paper Chase

5M07 Ego Finds Linguini

5M08 Remy's Revenge

5M09 Bad Juju

5M10S Piano (Source)

5M11 Remy Breaks Out

6M01 Linguini And Shams

6M02/03 Le Rat! / Abandoning Ship

6M04 Dinner Rush

6M05 Anyone Can Cook

6M07 End Creditouilles

6M07 Remy's Theme

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Christopher Young - Jennifer 8

1m1 Main Title

1m2 Retrograde

1m3 The Hand

2m1 No Head and No Hands

2m2 Answering Machine Info

3m1 Palmist Pt. 1

3m2 Hallway Piano

3m3 Cello for Helena Pt. 1

4m2 Cello for Helena Pt. 2

4m3 Cello for Helena Pt. 3

5m1 Breathless Like You

5m2 Cello for Helena Pt. 4

5m4 What You See

6m1 Outfoxed Pt. 1

6m3 Still Life Pt. 2

6m4 Still Life Pt. 1

6m5 Eye to Eye

7m2 Bad Feeling

8m5 Run to Institute

9m1 Taking Elevator Pt. 1

9m2 Taking Elevator Pt. 2

9m4 The Estuary

10m1 Malice Aforethoughts

11m1 Taxi to Berlins

11m2 Eye to Eye Pt. 2

11m3 Taylor Grabs Helena

11m4 Outfoxed Pt. 2

12m1 Palmist Pt. 2

12m2 Malice Aforethoughts Pt. 2

13m1 Brain Vanish Pt. 1


13m3 Brain Vanish Pt. 2

14m2 Eight to Nine

14m3 Remembering Red

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1M1 Main Title

2M1 What He’s Got

2M2 Cut Em Down

2M3 Payback Time

3M1 What’s He Doin’

6M1 Jungle Trek

6M2 Girl’s Escape

6M2A(R1) First Arrow

6M3 R1 What Happened

6M4 R1 He Was My Friend

6M5 The Operation

6M6 All Gonna Die

7M1 Building the Trap

7M2 Waiting

7M3 Predator Strikes

7M4 Turn Around

7M5 Can You See Him

8M1 Mac’s Death

8M1A Weather’s Death

8M2 Billy’s Confrontation

8M2A Arnold Runs

9M1 Splash

9M2 A. Builds a Trap

9M3/10M0 Off To Battle

10M1 Predator Injured

10M2 Arnold Caught

10M3 Hand to Hand

11M1 Predator’s Death

11M2 Predator Rises

11M3 The Pick Up

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John Powell - How To Train Your Dragon

Source: Recording Sessions

1m1 This Is Berk (1:01)

1m2 Berk Intro (5:03)

1m2alt Berk Intro (Alt.) (1:09)

1m6 Anybody See That (1:32)

1m7a War Room (0:50)

1m7b Training / Out There (4:34)

2m8 Hiccup Comes Home (0:28)

2m9 Dragon Training (3:18)

2m10 Wounded (1:34)

2m11 The Dragon Book (2:35)

2m12 Hiccup Focus (2:10)

2m13 Offering (1:02)

2m14 Forbidden Friendship (4:18)

2m15 New Tail (2:55)

3m16 Teamwork (0:54)

3m17 Charming the Pziiffelback (0:29)

3m18 See You Tomorrow (3:55)

3m20 Test Drive (2:44)

3m21 Not Fireproof (1:17)

3m22 This Time For Sure (0:50)

3m23 Astrid Finds Toothless (0:43)

3m24 Astrid Goes for a Spin (0:49)

3m25 Romantic Flight (2:00)

3m26b Dragons Den (2:40)

3m26c Let's Find Dad (1:18)

4m27/28 Kill Ring / Stop the Fight (4:39)

4m30 Not A Viking (1:44)

4m31 Ready / Confront (5:29)

4m33/34 Relax / Stroke Hell (2:10)

4m35/37 Over / Less Okay (6:25)

4m38 Wings (1:24)

5m39 Counter Attack (1:59)

5m40 Where's Hiccup (3:02)

5m41 Coming Back Around (2:55)

5m50 End Credits (2:06)

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Oh, come on! This is a game Alexander and I have been playing for a long time. I insult him and he says nothing. Everyone loves that game. Except perhaps Alexander.

Now i say something.

Happy now?

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Any interest in TV stuff, like "Batman: The Animated Series" and "Enterprise"?

Oh, and:


"As an opponent to the bill, Wikipedia is considering blanking out all pages. This has not happened yet and a timeframe for when or if it will happen is unknown, but Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales has posed the idea to the Wikipedia community."

So, if any of you got pages up, like that JP3 score page, now is the time to save it just incase.

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Night at the Museum - Alan Silvestri

Source: sheet music

1M1R7 Main Title

1M2 r1 One of Those Days

1M3 R5

1M4 r1 Job from Mom

1M4A r1 Job from Mom Pt. 2


1M5A r1 Cecil Scare/Tour Pt. 2


2M6 Starting the Job

2M6 Alt. 1 Starting the Job

2M6 Alt. 2 Starting the Job

2M6A 7th cut w10



2M9B Fetch/Where’s Roxy Pt. 3

2M9C r1 They’re Alive!/Rexy Pt. 4

2M9D Run Run from Hun Hun/ Rexy Pt. 5

2M12 West to Africa

2M12A r1 West to Africa Pt. 2

2M12B West to Afica Pt. 3




2M13B Meet Dexter Pt. 3

2M14 r1 Manual Destroyed

3M15 Mayan Warriors

3M17 Rope the Giant

3M18 Here Comes the Posse




3m22 A R1 Alt

3m22 A R1 (remetered on 10/18)

3m23 R1

3m23 A

3M24 r1 Morning Morph

3m25 R1

4m26 r2

4m26 R3

4M27 Imprint Larry’s Key

4M29 R1 Teddy Likes Sax


4M30 R1

4M30A R.1

4M31 Caveman on Fire-Monkey Slapper

4m31 A


4m33 R1 in 1

4m33 R1 in 2

4m33 R1 ALT

5M34R1 Give me one more night

5M35 r1 Son Comes to the Museum

5M36 R1 Never really know Sacagawea


5m38 R1

5m38A R1

5M38B R.1

5m38C R.1

5M38D R.1


6M41 R1




6M43 B









A lot of the cue titles are missing because the orchestrators/engravers didn't write them down.

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Toy Story - Randy Newman (1995)

Source: Pianofiles

1m1 Opening

1m1 Rev. Opening

1m1A Alive!

1m2 Andy's Birthday is Today

1m2 Pixar Logo

1m3 Toys Are Us

1m4 Bad News

1m4A Bo

1m5 Panic

2m1 Soldier's Mission Begins

2m2 Soldiers Revive

2m3 Presents

2m4 Rev. Panic Strikes

2m5 Door

2m6 Buzz Revealed

2m7 Woody Vs. Buzz

3m1 Buzz Flies

3m1/3m2 School Play

3m2 Strange Things Intro

3m3 Sole

3m4 Sid

4m1 Virtual Realty

4m2 Woody Plots

4m3 Rube Globeburg

4m4 Guilty

4m5/4m6 Hang Together

4m6A Hang Together Reprise

4m7 Buzz Finds Woody

4m8 Friendship Affirmation

4m9 Buzz Speech

4m10 Spaceship

4m11 Pizza Ride

5m1 Pizza Hut

5m2 The Claw

5m3/5m4 Dr Sid

5m5 Mutant Toys

6m1 Woody Gone

6m2 Out the Door

6m3 Scud

6m4 Buzz Ad

6m5 Sailing Intro

7m1 Windows

7m2 Mutants Mend Buzz

7m2A Prelude to the Big One

7m3 Big One

8m1 Friends

8m1A Tool Crate

8m2/8m3 Rescue Plan

8m4 Into the Bush

9m1 Countdown

9m2 Attack

9m2A Celebration

9m3 The Van

9m4 Scud Attack

9m5 Car Jam

9m5A Car Smash

9m6 Just a Dog

9m7 Out of Gas

10m1 Explo I

10m1A Infinity and Beyond

10m1A Rev. Infinity and Beyond

10m2 Christmas

10m3 Credit Roll Intro

10m4 End Credits

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SOURCE: Complete Score

1m1 Main Titles
1m3 On The Bus
1m4R Spider Bite
1m5 Deadlines
1m6 Transformations
2m1 A New Man
2m2 Something's Different
2m3 First Web
2m4B New Powers
2m5 Web Slinger
2m6 Backyard Connection
2m7 Costume Montage
2m7R Costume Montage
2m8 Web Practice
2m11 Harsh Words
3m2 Peter Wins
3m2A/B Revenge
3m3C Enter The Goblin
3m4 Alone
3m5A City Montage
3m5B City Stinger
4m1 Moondance
4m2 Photography
4m3 City Stinger 2
4m4 Norman Gets The Boot
4m6 Spider Sensation
4m7 Parade Attack
4m9R Specter Of The Goblin
5m1 Rooftop Chat
5m2-4 Hint / Trouble / Kiss
5m5R The Fire
5m6 Drop Of Blood
5m7 The Clues
5m8R Norman's Troubles
5m9 Revelation
5m10-11 Hard Nipples
5m12 Father and Son
6m1-2 On The Bridge
6m3 To The Rescue
6m4 The Final Confrontation
6m5 Farewell
6m6 End Credits

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Are you sure that Costume Montage is the only cue that had a revised version?

There's a different passage during "Parade Attack", "Specter Of The Goblin", "The Fire" and "The Final Confrontation" in the film but those were never included with the complete score. I do know for a fact though "Costume Montage" was definitely revised because the expanded score contained the original version.


SOURCE: Music Documentary from DVD.

1m1 Main Titles

1m2 Pizza Man

1m4 Book Troubles

1m5 Peter's Birthday

1m6A Harry Remembers / Notice

1m6BR Responsible One

1m7fixalt Backyard Revisited (Part 1)

1m7b Backyard Revisited (Part 2)

2m2 Apartment Transition

2m4 Cops and Robbers

2m7-8 Spotting MJ / Spidus Interruptus

2m10 Draggin'

3m1 A Phone Call

3m1alt A Phone Call (Alternate)

3m2 The Reveal

3m3 Blue Light

3m4 Fusion

3m5-6 Mayhem / Aftermath

3m7A/B Doc Ock Is Born

3m8 Angry Arms

3m9 The Bank

4m1 Saving May

4m5-6 Spider-Fall / Rebuilding

4m7 Uncle Ben

4m8 Happy Montage

5m1 Peter Appeals To MJ

5m2 News Paper

5m3-4 A Mugging / Spider Gone

5m5 Ock's Machine

5m6 Rooftop Rendezvous

5m7 The Fire

5m8 Peter's Turmoil

5m9 Aunt May Packs

5m10 Aunt May Sells Spidey

5m1 Not Back Yet

6m1 The Wrong Kiss

6m2 Almost A Kiss

6m3 A Hostage

6m4 He's Back!

6m5 The Train (Part 1)

6m6-7 The Train (Part 2) / Appreciation

6m8 Out For The Count

6m9 The Trouble With Harry

7m1 On The Case

7m2 Armageddon

7m3 A Really Big Web

7m4 The Goblin Returns

7m7 Declared Love

7m8 End Credits

Surprisingly enough the "End Credits" cue was never with the complete score.

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Star Trek IV - The Voyage Home

1m0 Logo /

1m1R Main Title

1m2 Starfleet Command

1m3 On Vulcan

1m4 Spock

2m0 Ten Seconds of Tension

2m1 The Probe

2m2 The Probe - Transition

2m3 The Take-Off

2m4 Menace of the Probe

2m5 Clouds and Water

3m1 Crew Stunned

4m1 Time Travel

4m2 Market Street

5m1 (untitled - In San Francisco 1)

5m2 (untitled - In San Francisco 2)

5m3 (untitled - In San Francisco 3)

5m4 I Hate You

5m5 (untitled - In San Francisco 4)

8m1 Chekov’s Run

8m2/8m2a Gillian Seeks Kirk

9m1 (untitled - In San Francisco 5)

9m2 Hospital Chase

10m1R The Whaler

11m1/11m1R Crash / Whale Fugue

12m1 Kirk Freed

12m2R Home Again /

12m3 End Credits

SOURCE: Liner Notes from Intrada CD. Not including alternates.

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Heck, at this point I'd be glad to have that "End Credits" cue. That's been bugging me from the beginning.


When I received the nearly complete score for Spider-Man 2 a while back people kept asking me if I had a cue called "Newspaper"? I was like, "What? The score is complete". They then tell me where in the cue it would go and it was only half used in the film. I think it took me close to a year to fully get that cue. All though I do wonder if "End Credits" for Spider-Man 2 was ever recorded, if it was it's got to be floating out there some where.

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Masters of the Universe - Bill Conti

Source: CD, Car Stereo (yes, I'm serious)

1M2 Main Title

1M3 It's All Mine

1M7/2M0 Quick Escape

2M1 Battle In Greyskull

2M2 Arrival On Earth

2M3 Where Is The Key?

3M3 The Cemetery

3M5 Getting A Bearing

3M9 The Mercenaries

4M1 Battle At The Gym

5M1 Skeletor's Wrath

5M2 Evil-Lyn To Earth*

6M1 Kevin's Plight

6M3 It's Them

7M1 Centurion Attack

7M2 Julie Sees Mom

7M3 Julie Takes Key

7M4 Skeletor Arrives

7M5/8M0A After Them

8M1 He-Man's Last Battle?

8M2 Skeletor Departs

9M1 Julie's Muzak

9M3 He-Man Gets Whipped

9M5 Kevin Remembers The Tune

10M1 People Of Eternia

10M2 The Battle Begins

10M3 The Final Battle

11M1 Time To Go

11M2 Julie And Kevin / Happy Ending

11M3 End Credits

* The title was shown as 'Evelyn to Earth'. No idea if Conti misspelled the name (hey, if JW can do it with Indie...) or the person implementing the track names did. Being a fan of corectness and all, I kept it as Evil-Lyn.

I figure 1M1 is the Cannon Logo, and the other gaps in cue numbers are either the Cosmic Key music (CD2, track 1, which had no cue number... hm) or other source music.

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It's the only CD I've seen so far that does this, I was kinda hoping Krull would, but no dice. <_<

Also, should we bother with lists as presented in liner notes (like Explorers, First Blood, etc.)?

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Yes Masters of the Universe cue numbers were really a nice little extra when I first popped the CDs into my player. Luckily I noticed this on the first listen as my player shows the CD text.

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Yes Masters of the Universe cue numbers were really a nice little extra when I first popped the CDs into my player. Luckily I noticed this on the first listen as my player shows the CD text.

HA! I knew I wasn't crazy. :D

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Jerry Goldsmith - The Shadow (1994)

Source: Filmscorerundowns

1m1 Poppy Fields

1m2 Abducted

1m3 The Clouded Mist

1m4 The Concrete Boot

1m5 I’ll Be There

2m1 The Shadow Knows

2m2A No Shadow

2m4/3m1 Secrets

3m2 The Fireplace

3m3 Don’t Open It

3m3B The Sacrifice

4m1 Do You Believe?

4m1A The Sanctum

4m2 Who Are You?

5m1 Our Destiny

5m2 The Code Red

5m3 The Calling

5m5/6m1 No Thought

6m2 Chest Pains

6m3 A Mission

6m4/7m1 In My Eyes

7m1A Nice Tie

7m2 The Knife

7m3/8m1 What I Know

8m2 The Jumper

8m3 The Tank

9m1 The Dream

9m2 Get Dr. Lane

9m3/10m1 The Hotel

10m2 Fight Like A Man

11m1A Time Bomb

11m1 The Mirror

11m2 Frontal Lobotomy

11m3 Return Visit

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Transformers : Revenge Of The Fallen (complete)

1. 1m0 - Logos (0:41)

2. 1m1a - Main Title-First Contact (1:24)

3. 1m1b - Shanghai (0:50)

4. 1m1c - N.E.S.T. (2:08)

5. 1m4 - First Chase (1:07)

6. 1m5a - Second Chase (0:26)

7. 1m5b - Pursuit (0:44)

8. 2m7 - This Is Not Your Planet (0:38)

9. 2m7a - Sam To College (0:32)

10. 2m8a - The Shard (1:15)

11. 2m8b - Rooftop Escape / Bumblebee(0:47)

12. 2m9 - Retrieving The Shard (0:27)

13. 2m11 - Sad Bumblebee (0:47)

14. 2m12 - Autobot Hanger (0:49)

15. 3m13 - Director Galloway (0:54)

16. 3m14 - Origin Unknown (3:01)

17. 3m15 - What If We Leave? (1:17)

18. 3m18 - Tech-Head (1:17)

19. 3m19 - You Work For Me Now (0:13)

20. 3m21 - Freshman (0:23)

21. 3m22 - Mommy High (0:54)

22. 3m23 - Ravage (0:44)

23. 3m24a - Reedman (1:33)

24. 3m24b - Cakey Symbols (0:22)

25. 3m25 - Choose (1:34)

26. 4m27 - Diving For Megatron (2:18)

27. 4m28 - The Fallen's Lair (2:12)

28. 4m29 - Eintstein's Wrong (1:41)

29. 4m31 - Meltdown In Class (2:07)

30. 4m32 - Autobots On The Move (1:01)

31. 4m33 - 18 Inches Of Meat (0:18)

32. 4m34 - Alice (0:55)

33. 4m35 - A Tounge Twister (0:53)

34. 5m36 - Library Destruction (1:31)

35. 5m38a - Helicopter Abduction (0:21)

36. 5m38b - Megatron And Sam (1:55)

37. 5m39 - Foundry Save To Forest Fight (1:04)

38. 5m40 - Forest Battle (1:00)

39. 5m41 - Optimus Vs. The Decepticons (0:50)

40. 5m42 - The Fallen's Arrival (5:09)

41. 5m44 - The Fallen's Broadcast (2:24)

42. 5m46 - A Fallen Prime (1:01)

43. 6m47 - Don't Give Up (2:25)

44. 6m48 - New Divide(Instrumental) (0:49)

45. 6m50a - Meatlocker (0:39)

46. 6m50b - Signs (1:43)

47. 6m50c - Language Of The Primes (0:39)

48. 6m50d - Air And Space Museum (1:15)

49. 7m51 - Searching The Museum (1:11)

50. 7m53 - Jetfire (1:54)

51. 7m54 - Spacebridge To Egypt (0:43)

52. 7m55 - History Of The Primes (3:35)

53. 8m56 - Run Like An Egyptian (0:50)

54. 8m57 - Delivery (2:48)

55. 8m58 - NEST E.T.A. (0:21)

56. 8m59 - Under The Stars / The Three Kings (1:20)

57. 8m60 - Bailout (2:17)

58. 8m62 - Infinite White (1:25)

59. 8m63 - Tomb Of The Primes (2:34)

60. 8m64 - The Drop (1:20)

61. 9m66 - It's Up To Simmons (0:50)

62. 9m67 - We Need An Assist (3:24)

63. 9m68 - Hide, Seek And Run (2:57)

64. 9m69 - Mudflap's Sacrifice (0:16)

65. 9m70 - The Twins Vs. Devastator (1:20)

66. 9m71 - Bumblebee's Fight (1:05)

67. 9m72 - Letting Go (1:32)

68. 9m73 - Simmons' Orders / Running For Optimus (4:12)

69. 10m74 - Precious Cargo (2:11)

70. 10m75 - Devastator Destroyed / F22's To Egypt (1:55)

71. 10m76 - The Dynasty Of Primes (4:22)

72. 10m77a - I Claim Your Sun (1:13)

73. 10m77b - Optimus Destroys The Harvester (1:23)

74. 10m77c - Optimus Vs. Megatron And The Fallen (0:33)

75. 10m78 - I Rise, You Fall (2:34)

King Kong (James Newton Howard)

1. 1M1 King Kong MT

2. 1M1 King Kong MT alt

3. 1M1S Song lntro

4. 1M2 Ann & Manny

5. 1M3 Ann & Weston

6. 1M4 Viewing Footage

7. 1M5 The Map

8. 1M6 Carl Steals Footage

9. 1M6 Carl Steals Footage (take 11)

10. 1M6 Carl Steals Footage (take 14)

11. 1M6 Carl Steals Footage (take 25)

12. 1 M7 Carl Finds Ann

13. 2M1 Carl Convinces Ann

14. 2M2 Venture

15. 2M2V6ALT Venture

16. 2M2V7 Venture

17. 2M4 Delaying Jack

16. 2M4A Predelaying Jack

19. 2M5 Boat Leaves Harbour

20. 2M6A Bruce Hangs Poster

21. 2M6B Jimmy

22. 2M7 Ann Rehearses in Mirror

23. 2M6A Ann Meets Jack

24. 2M6B Bruce & Jimmy

25. 2M9 Jimmy 0verhears

26. 2M10 Filming on the Boat

27. 2M10 TK 279 Filming on the Boat

28. 2M10 TK 281 Filming on the Boat

29. 3M1 The Crew is Nervous

30. 3M2 Montage

31. 3M3 There Are No Stars

32. 3M4 Wall

33. 3M5A Breach

34. 3M5B Skull lsland

35. 3M5BALT Skull lsland

36. 3M5BALT2 Skull lsland

37. 3M6 The Village

38. 4M1 The Natives

39. 4M2 The Fight

40. 4M3A Saved By The Crew

41. 4M3B Ann is Kidnapped

42. 4M4 Sacrifice pt1

43. 4M5 Arming the Crew

44. 4M6 Sacrifice pt2

45. 4M7 Kong Appears

46. 4M6 Trek to Save Ann

47. 4M9 Kong Buns

48 4M10 Crew in Boneyard

49. 5M1 Footprint

50. 5M2 Stampede

51. 5M3 Baptors

52. 5M4 Heroes Don't Look Like Me

53. 5M5ATK676 Ann Tries to Escape

54. 5M5AV16 Ann Tries to Escape

55. 5M5AV18 Ann Tries to Escape

56. 5M5B Buins

57. 5M6 Crew Finds Kong-Log

57. 5M8 Crew Finds Kong-Log

58. 8M1 Lizards

59. 8M2 T Bex & Ann

60. 8M3 T Bex & Kong Fight

61. 8M4 Vines

62. 8M5 Jawbreaker

63. 8M8 Dead Crew Members

64. 8M7 Beautiful

65. 7M1 Carl Gets Idea

66. 7M3 In Kongs Arms

67. 7M4 Jack in Graveyard

68. 7M5 Kong Awakes-Bats

69. 7M8 Chases Ann & Jack

70. 7M8A Ann Walks Thru the Gate

71. 7M7A Now

72. 7M7B To the Boats

73. 7M8 Chloroform

74. 7M8 Theater

75. 7M8A You're Writing a Comedy

78. 7M10V3 Jack Fieflects

77. 7M10V4 Jack Fieflects

78. 8M1 Beauty Stayed His Hand

79. 8M1ALT Beauty Stayed His Hand

80. 8M3 Kong Sees Jack

81. 8M4 Kong Chases Jack

82. 8M5 Macy's half strgs

83. 8M5 Macy's smaII

84. 8M8 Army Attacks

85. 8M7 Climbs Empire State BIdg

86. 8MS1 Steiner V1

87. 8MS1 Steiner V2

88. 8MS1 Steiner V3

89. 8MS1 Steiner V4

90. 8MS2 Steiner

91. 8MS3 Steiner

92. 8MS4 Steiner

93. 8MS5 Steiner

94. 8MS6 Steiner

95. 8MS8 Steiner

96. 8M1 PIanes

97. 8M2 2nd Attack

98. 8M3A Jack Enters BuiIding

99. 8M3B 3rd Attack

100. 9M3Balt 3rd Attack

101. 9M4BlG Beauty Killed the Beast

102. 9M4NWW Beauty Killed the Beast

103. 9M4W-WW Beauty Killed the Beast

104. EC Steiner Fanfare

Total Time: 3:41:49

National Treasure" (Trevor Rabin)

1. 1m1 Cibola (Alt.) (5:36)

2. 1m1 Cibola (Alt. Opening) (1:21)

3. 1m1 Cibola (Film Version) (5:40)

4. 1m2 Unused (1:11)

5. 1m3 Missing Page (1:28)

6. 1m4 Page Fits the Book (Alt. 1) (1:21)

7. 1m4 Page Fits the Book (Alt. 2) (1:21)

8. 1m4 Page Fits the Book (Film Version) (1:26)

9. 1m5 Patrick Looks for Proof (0:42)

10. 1m6a Book Signing A (0:48)

11. 1m6b Book Signing B (0:39)

12. 1m6c Book Signing C (0:39)

13. 1m8 Ben and Riley Break In (2:21)

14. 1m9 Boston Tea Tables (0:59)

15. 1m9 Boston Tea Tables (Alt.) (0:57)

16. 2m10 Cypher (Alt.) (1:27)

17. 2m10 Cypher A (Alt.) (0:42)

18. 2m10 Cypher B (Alt.) (0:41)

19. 2m10 Cypher (1:26)

20. 2m11 Postpone Announcement (Alt.) (1:14)

21. 2m11 Postpone Announcement (1:52)

22. 2m13a Lady Liberty (2:06)

23. 2m13b A Clue (1:23)

24. 2m15 Buckingham Palace (Alt. Middle) (0:34)

25. 2m15 Buckingham Palace (4:42)

26. 2m16a Making a Scene (1:03)

27. 2m16b Need An Exit (2:21)

28. 3m17a Queens Room (0:54)

29. 3m17b The Resolute Desk (2:52)

30. 3m19a Escape (1:14)

31. 3m19b Main Gate (0:56)

32. 3m20 London Chase (5:56)

33. 3m22 The Symbol (1:32)

34. 3m23 Ben and Patrick Argue (0:50)

35. 3m24 Family Reunion (1:03)

36. 3m25 Sacred Temple (1:11)

37. 3m26 The Second Resolute Desk (Alt.) (0:31)

38. 3m26 The Second Resolute Desk (0:39)

39. 4m27 Abigail and Ben (0:51)

40. 4m28 Connor (0:30)

CD 2:

1. 4m30 Missing Earring (2:10)

2. 4m30 Missing Earring (Alt. Beginning) (0:44)

3. 4m31 The President's Secret Book (2:22)

4. 4m34 Sadusky and Ben (1:02)

5. 4m36 Ben's Plan (1:11)

6. 4m36 Ben's Plan (Alt. 1) (1:11)

7. 4m36 Ben's Plan (Alt. 2) (1:11)

8. 4m37 Book It (1:10)

9. 4m38 Mt. Vernon (1:20)

10. 4m41 Ben in the Water (1:13)

11. 4m42 The President (1:58)

12. 5m43 Hidden Tunnel (3:18)

13. 5m44 A Huge Discovery (0:54)

14. 5m46 The Book Exists (3:23)

15. 5m48 Finding the Book (2:06)

16. 5m49 Escaping the Library (1:37)

17. 6m55 Wilkinson Visits Emily (1:40)

18. 6m57 Rushmore (2:12)

19. 6m64 Searching Rushmore (5:25)

20. 6m69 Balacing Trap (4:31)

21. 7m70 Up the Ladder (2:36)

22. 7m72 Entrance to the City (2:27)

23. 7m73a The Wheel Part 1 (0:56)

24. 7m73b The Wheel Part 2 (1:28)

25. 7m74 City of Gold (2:41)

26. 7m75 Emily Happy (1:14)

27. 7m76 The Water Rises (4:30)

28. 7m77 Wilkinsons Sacrifice (1:30)

29. 8m78 Honor (3:13)

30. 8m80a What Book (1:53)

31. 8m80a What Book (Alt.) (0:51)

32. 8m80b Puzzle (0:56)

33. 8m81 Riley Gets His Car Back (2:00)

34. 8m82 Page 47 (2:48)

35. 8m82 Page 47 (Alt.) (1:27)

Total Time: 2:16:07

Plenty more where that came from. Want "Memories of Geisha"?

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1. That Revenge Of The Fallen track list is completely wrong. Those aren't the real names or the real times. You just copy and pasted the fake one posted here.

2. The complete cue list to every James Newton Howard score ever made is posted here. Though your list does match the recording sessions leak that has been discussed on this board prior.

3. The main post of this thread asks that you post only 1 score per thread.

4. The main post of this thread requires a source for every cue list posted.

5. Memoirs of a Geisha is already posted here.

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"Source Code" (Chrispy Bacon)

1. Main Titles (1m1) (2:24)

2. You Don't Know Me (1m2) (3:03)

3. Colter Questions Passangers (1m5) (2:17)

4. Fluid Leak (2m1) (2:43)

5. Colter Follows Hazmi (2m3) (2:11)

6. Colter Fights Hazmi (2m5) (2:13)

7. Colter Freezing In Pod (2m6) (3:13)

8. Rutledge Explains Source Code (2m7) (3:18)

9. Colter Sees Badge (3m2) (1:26)

10. untitled (3m3a) (3:25)

11. Am I Dead? (3m4) (2:38)

12. One Death Is Enough (3m5a) (2:39)

13. Wrong Phone (3m6) (2:21)

14. Colter Follows Derek (4m1a) (4:59)

15. Stay With Me (4m1b) (1:41)

16. Derek Captured (4m2) (1:38)

17. Goodwin Sends Colter Back (4m3) (3:57)

18. Colter Captures Derek (4m4) (2:34)

19. Colter Phones His Father (4m5) (3:25)

20. Frozen Moment (4m6) (4:23)

21. Goodwin Reads Text (5m1) (2:51)

"Coneheads" (David Newman)

1 - Opening Credits [1M1] (:53)

2 - Arrival [1M2] (1:24)

3 - Main Title [1M3] (:54)

4 - Eating Soap 1[1M7A] (:40)

5 - Eating Soap 2[1M7B] (:11)

6 - Communicator [2M6] (1:37)

7 - With Cone [2M7] (:12)

8 - Social Security [3M1] (:14)

9 - De Cicco File [3M4] (:18)

10 - Seedling & Eli [3M5] (:38)

11 - The Escape [4M2] (1:24)

12 - The Symbol [4M3] (:28)

13 - Khoudri Knocks [4M5] (:07)

14 - The Birth [4M6] (1:21)

15 - The Wrong Man [5M1] (:40)

16 - Seedling's Back [6M2] (:22)

17 - Driving School [6M4] (1:06)

18 - Phian Dip [7M2] (:32)

19 - I Was A Young Cone Once (Alternate) [7M3] (1:23)

20 - I Was A Young Cone Once [7M3] (1:26)

21 - Compilation [7M4/7M6/8M2] (:42)

22 - Star Phase Tack [8M1] (1:45)

23 - Gladys & Prymaat [8M4] (:30)

24 - Compilation [9M1/9M5/8M6] (:28)

25 - Connie And Beldar [9M6] (:32)

26 - Compilation [12M1/10M1] (1:52)

27 - Human Authority Figures [10M3] (1:12)

28 - Seedling [10M4/10M5] (3:22)

29 - High Master Fanfare [10M6] (:14)

30 - Garthok [10M7] (:58)

31 - Narphel The Garthok 1 [11M2] (2:41)

32 - Narphel The Garthok 2 [11M4A] (1:16)

33 - Narphel The Garthok 3 [11M4B] (:30)

34 - Beldar's Reward [11M5] (2:24)

Has Revenge of the Sith been covered?

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