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The Complete Cue Lists Thread

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Elmer Bernstein - Rampage (1963)
Source: Intrada liner notes

Big Cat [1M1]
Hi Fi #1 [1M3]
Hi Fi #2 [1M4]
Hi Fi #3 [1M5/2MA]
Anna (Hi Fi #4) [2M1]
Rampage / Trappers / Cathedral / Anna / Kuala Lumpur [2M1A]
Dance #1 [2M2]
Dance #2 [2M3]
Dance #3 / Night Call / Rampage [2M3A]
Anna / Jungle [3M1]
Rampage / Trappers / Plane / Big [3M2]
Jungle / Big Cat / Jungle [3M3]
Rampage [4MX]
Chatter / Rampage / Chep [4M1]
Drums #1 [5M1]
Drums #2 [5M1A]
Rampage / Chep [5M2]
Jungle / Big Cat / Chep / Chep Falls / Chep / Big Cat [5M3]
The Rhino / Anna / Virility / Sakai Country [6M2]
Rampage / Anna [6M3]
Anna / Kuala Lumpur / Chep / Harry Bathing Feet [6M3A]
Snake / Big Cat / Enchantress Country / Chep / Big Cat [7M1]
Enchantress [7M2]
Otto Into Cave [7M2A]
Rampage / Otto And Cat / Harry And Cat [7M3]
Harry And Cat Continued / Big Cat [8M1]
Romantic [8M2]
Anna [8M3]
Rampage / Fight [9M1]
Enchantress [9M1A]
Loose Cat [9M2]
Little Brass Band [9M2]
Janitor Dies [9M4]
Headquarters / Police Cars [10M1]
Cat On A Cold Tin Roof [10M2]
Otto's Death / Big Cat [10M2A]
Rampage [10M3]

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Elmer Bernstein - Heavy Metal (1981)
Source: FSM liner notes

Beginning [0M0]
Intro To Green Ball [1M0]
Discovery [1M1]
Transformation [1M1A]
Den Makes Out [1M1B]
Castrate Him [2M1A]
Seaching For Loc Nar [2M1B]
Queen For A Day [2M2/3M0]
Pursuit [3M1]
Fiste [4M1]
Getting Bombed [4M4]
Green Ball [4M4A]
Dem Bones [4M4B]
No Alarm [5M1]
Robot Love [5M4]
Harry [6M2]
The Next Morning [6M4A]
End Of Baby [7M2]
Council [8M2/9M0]
The Flight To Temple [8M2/9M0X]
The Sword [8M2/9M0Y]
Flight To Holiday Town [8M2/9M0Z]

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Hans Zimmer & John Powell - Kung Fu Panda (2008)

Source: recording sessions

1m1 DWA Logo, Chinese Inspired

1m2-3 Legend Of Dragon Warrior - Po Wakes Up
1m4 Shifu Flute And Furious Five

1m5-6 Oogway Summons Shifu

1m7 Selling Noodles - Shifu Gong
1m8-9 Po Climbs Stairs To Souvenir
1m10 Let The Tournament Begin
1m11 Dragon Warrior Is Among Us
1m12a Po Is Chosen
1m12b The Celebration
1m13 Shogun Prison (Tai Lung)
1m14 Reprise Festival
2m15 Hall Of Warriors - Furious Five
2m15b Training Hall - Master Shifu
2m17-18 How's That
2m19 First Night
2m20 You Don't Belong
2m21 Peach Tree Of Wisdom (Oogway Theme)
2m22 Tai Lung Escapes
2m23 Po Sparring Match
3m26 Po Acupuncture - Shifu And Tai Lung
3m28 You Must Believe (Oogway's Theme)
3m29 Po Imitates Shifu
3m31 Shifu Must Convince Po
3m32 Furious Five Set Out
4m34 Training Begins
4m34b Alt. Training Begins (Alternate)
4m36 Furious Five - Tai Lung Showdown
4m37 Furious Five Defeated
5m41 Tai Lung - Shifu's End
5m44 Battle For Scroll
5m46 Po Vs. Tai Lung
5m47-48 Dragon Warrior Has Risen
Kung Fu Panda Po Tune
Kung Fu Panda Spiritual Tune (Oogway)

The cue titles previously posted on page 5 were:

Hero [1M2]
Shifu & Og & Scroll [1M5]
Shogun Prison [1M13]
Sacred Hall [2M15]
Tai Lung's Escape [2M22]
Flashback [3M26]
Po Imitates Shi [3M29]
Training [4M34]
Dumpling Fight [4M35]
F5 Defeated [4M37]
Shifu Tai [5M41]
Dragon Warrior Risen [5M47/48]

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From a thread on another forum:

I have the handwritten score sheets, and here's the cue list:

Cars (2006) - Randy Newman

Orchestrated by Jonathan Sacks, Joey Newman

20th Anniversary Disney Logo

1m2o Opening Race (overdub)

1m2 Opening Race

1m5 Fix 3 Fanfare Intro

2m6 Lost

2m7 Cop Chase

2m9 (Lost) Into Town

2m12 Holy Porsche

2m13 Court

3m1 Bessie's Blues

3m2b Escape (Bluegrass)

3m3c Pot Holes 1

3m4 Customers

3m7 Doc's Challenge

3m8 The Race

3m9 Spin Out

3m10R Back to Work

3m11R New Road

4m2 Tractor Tipping

4m3 Frank

4m4 Best Backwards Driver

4m5 Best Friends

4m6 Reveille

4m9 Piston Cups

4m11-12o Sally Ride

5m0c Our Town

5m2b Tractor Hoe-down

5m3 Doc Racing

5m4 Doc's Story

5m6Rev New Customer

5m9 Good-bye

5m10 Pageantry

5m11 Race Fanfare

5m12 Final Race Begins

6m1A Rev Final Race Begins

6m1AX Final Race Begins

6m2A Final Race 2

6m3 Empty Cup

6m4 Loose Ends

This still isn't complete, though. There are a couple of cues heard in the film that aren't here... like when Sally (after the drive) says: "I fell in love... with this."

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David Newman - Fire Birds (1990)
Source: Intrada liner notes

Main Title [1M1]
Recalling Bandit Attack [1M2]
Brad To Fort Apache [2M1]
Intro To Apache [2M2]
First Flight [2M3]
Reunion, Billie And Preston [2M4]
Slide Show 1 [2M5]
Simulator [3M1]
Laundry Mat [3M2]
Good Morning [3M3]
Slide Show 2 [4M2]
Copter Romance [4M3]
Boxing [4M4]
Drug War [5M1]
In The Bag [5M2]
Periscope Montage [6M3]
Piss Perfect [6M4]
Corvette Drive [7M1]
War Games [7M3]
Slide Show 3 [8M1]
Airfield Pep Talk [8M2]
Flight To Camp [8M3]
Brad And Preston [8M4]
Under Attack [8M5]
Gates Of Hell [9M1]
Final Flight [9M2]
Final Scene [10M1]

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Trevor Jones - Cliffhanger (1993)
Source: Intrada liner notes

Cliffhanger Theme [1M1]
Setting Cable [1M2]
Sarah Slips [1M3/2M0]

Driving Invitation [2M2R]
I Understand [2M3]

Being Tracked [3M1]
Matheson Revives [3M2]
Plane Crash [3M3/4M0]

Two Man Job [4M1]
Tolerated Help [5M1]
Fetch [5M2/6M0]

Expensive Funeral [6M1A]
Hal Leads [6M2]
Ice Castle [6M3]
Sunset Searching [6M4]

Night Searching [7M1]
Face Flare [7M2]
Qualen In Hut [7M4]
Fireside Chat [7M5]
Brett's Death [7M6]

Evan's Dive [8M1]
Bats [8M2]
Wolves Away [8M3]
Footbridge [8M4]

Gabe's Caught [9M1]
Kynette's Impaled [9M2]
Qualen's Timebomb [9M3]
Jessie's Close Call [9M4]

Frank's Demise [10M1]
Blown Bridge [10M1A]
Krystel's Sacrifice [10M2]

Rabbit Hole [11M1]
Delmar Falls [11M2]
Rabbit Surprise [11M3]

Icy Stream [12M1]
Jessie's Release [12M2]
Hooked Copter [12M3]
Copter Fight [12M4]
End Credits [12M5]

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Hans Zimmer - Inception (2010)
Source: A reliable one... (Edit: confirmed by the sessions leak today).

01. 1m00 Logos 0:44

02. 1m01 Cobb Meets Saito 2:05

03. 1m02 Extraction 7:04

04. 1m03 Audition 1:16

05. 1m06 I Don't Like Trains 1:05

06. 1m07 Hotel & Helicopter 6:06

07. 2m08 Miles Introduces Ariadne 4:52

08. 2m10 Physics & Subconscious 3:47

09. 2m11 Totem 1:14

10. 2m12 Thief & A Forger 1:48

11. 2m13 Mombassa Chase 2:37

12. 3m14 Penrose Steps & Sleepers 5:08

13. 3m15 Vultures Are Circling 3:14

14. 3m16 Strategy 7:02

15. 3m18 Dreams Or Memories 5:55

16. 4m19 En Route 3:30

17. 4m22 Insert 0:53

18. 4m22 Looking Into Limbo 5:57

19. 4m23 Saito's Fate 0:43

20. 4m24 Disappointed 1:38

21. 4m25 Mal & Cobb 6:57

22. 5m26 Into The Van 3:12

23. 5m27 Insert 2:45

24. 5m27 Mr. Charles 12:36

25. 5m28 Destabilization 2:42

26. 6m29 Planning The Diversion 1:21

27. 6m30-33 To The Complex 3:25

28. 6m35-36 It's A Trap 8:50

29. 6m37 Walking Through Limbo 4:43

30. 7m38 An Idea Is Like A Virus 2:22

31. 7m39-43 Truth Once Known 8:00

32. 7m44 Fischer & Son 3:27

33. 7m46 Honor Our Agreement 4:47

34. 7m47 Welcome Home Mr. Cobb 3:40

35. Kick It Suite 4:07

36. Mombassa Suite 4:59

37. Riff Suite 2:43

38. Time Suite 4:37

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Hans Zimmer & John Powell – Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011)

Source: Complete Score leak

01 1m2 Story of Peacock 3:07

02 1m3-4 Dumpling - Late for Training1:36

03 1m5 Inner Peace 2:53

04 1m6 Wolf Attack 1:33

05 1m7-8 Village Fight - Vision 3:08

06 1m12 Master Rhino Spars 3:08

07 2m14-16 End of Dad - Gongmen 4:16

08 2m17-18 Po Dreams of Parents 1:50

09 2m19-22 Tigress and Po Spar - Daddy Issues 5:15

10 2m23 Stealth Mode - Entering the City 4:27

11 3m25 Gongmen Jail 3:15

12 3m26 Rickshaw Chase 2:49

13 3m28 Surrender Palace 2:37

14 3m29 Face to Face 4:48

15 3m31 More Cannons 4:04

16 3m32 The Hardcore Do Understand 1:18

17 4m33 Shen Frees Soothsayer 7:17

18 4m35a Po Finds the Truth pt1 1:21

19 4m35b Po Finds the Truth pt2 0:50

20 4m35c Po Finds the Truth pt3 3:40

21 4m37-38 Invasion Begins - Po Returns 2:41

22 4m38a Po Throws Hat 0:29

23 5m38-40 Free the Five 3:58

24 5m41-42 The Future Is Here - Zen Ball 4:12

25 5m43-44 Po Defeats Shen-Reunion 5:17

26 Dumpling Warrior Remix (End Credits) 3:10

Some parts of this don't seem to match titles we already had.

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Jerry Goldsmith - Total Recall (1990)

Source: cuesheets

The Dream [1M1]
The Mountain [5M4/6M1]
The Big Jump [8M2]
The Massacre [9M3]
End Of A Dream [12M2]

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Pino Donaggio - Dressed To Kill (1980)
Source: Intrada liner notes

Main Title [M1]
Kate's Confession [M2]
Bad Night [M3]
The Museum [M5]
The Cab [M6]
The Note [M7]
The Forgotten Ring [M8]
Death In The Elevator [M9]
Telephone Message From Bobbi [M10]
Marino And Elliott [M11]
Mike Arrives [M12]
Peter Builds Camera [M13]
Peter Sets Camera [M14]
Policewoman Follows Liz [M15]
Flight From Bobbi [M16]
After Flight [M18]
Liz Chased By Hoods [M18A]
Liz And Peter [M20]
Elliott And Levy [M21]
Liz And Peter Watch Film [M22]
Dressed To Kill [M23]
The Erotic Story [M24]
The Transformation [M25]
Liz At Police Station [M26]
A Romantic Interlude [M27]
The Asylum [M28]
Bobbi Outside House [M28A]
The Nightmare [M29A]
End Title [M30]

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Those Calloways (1965)

Max Steiner

2 Songs by Sherman Brothers

source: Intrada liner notes

1A Buena Vista Credit

1B Opening Theme

1C After Fight

2A Wild Geese Theme

2B (Bear Play)

2C Bridie Theme

2D Bucky And Bridie (Bridie Theme)

3A Bridie Leaves

3B Ermine

3C Indian Theme

4A Cam Breaks A Leg

4B Sets Broken Leg

4C Bucky Leaves

4D Mink Fun

5A Part 1 Raccoon

5A Part 2 Weasel in Jackpine Valley

5B Empty Traps

5C Part 1 Wolverine Trail

5C Part 2 Wolvering Trail

5D Fights - Part 1

6A Fights - Part 2

6B Fur Inspection

6C Silent Night

7A Part 1 Angel

7A Part 2 Bridie And Bucky (Bridie Theme)

7C O Little Town Of Bethlehem

7E Courting Time

7F You Were Meant For Me

8A You Were Meant For Me (Overlay)

8B $400 Down

8D/9A Keg Awakens (Bear Play)

9B Doan Meets Keg (Bear Play)

9BB Part 1 Build A Better One

9BB Part 2 Build A Better One

10A Nice Offer (Wild Geese Theme)

10BV The Cabin Raising Song

10C Montage (The Cabin Raising Song)

10DV Rhyme-Around

11A Ashamed

12AA Bucky Fights

12A Fire

12B Part 1 Accident

12B Part 2 Accident

13A Transfusion

12B Vigil

13C Part 1 Cam Recovers

13C Insert

13C Part 2 Closing Theme

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The Postman - James Newton Howard

Source: http://www.usc.edu/libraries/finding_aids/records/finding_aid.php?fa=0075#ref8

1m1n Main Title
1m1nR Main Title
1m2 Gas
1m3n Brushing Teeth
2m1n Holnists
2m2n That Man
2m3n Holnists Training Camp
3m1n Fighter
3m2n Running
3m3n Mule Gone
4m1n The Laws Of Eight
4m2n The Three Of Us
5m1n Holnists On The Move
5m2n Postman Volunteers
5m2nR River Escape
5m4n Woody Arrives
5m5n The Thicket
6m1n Finds Jeep
6m2n Reads Letter
6m3n Irene March
8m1n Finds Post Office
8m2n More Mail
8m3n Abby Comes Calling
9m1n v1 Are You?
9m2n Holnists In Pine View
9m3n Michael Dies
9m4n Holnists Leave
10m1n Holnists At Benning
10m2n Peace Settlement
10m3n The Battle
11m1n Wounded Postman
11m2n Winter Trek
11m3n Razor
11m4n Abby Checks The Pass
12m1n I Knew You Could Walk
12m2n Spring Time
12m3n Ever Hear Of St. Rose?
12m5n What Does P.S. Stand For?
13m1n I Didn't Want It To End
13m2n Mail Room
13m3n Vietnam Vet
13m4n Postal Montage
13m4nR2 Postal Montage
14m2nR Tony Is Overdue
14m3n Ambush
14m3nR Ambush
14m4n New Credo
14m5n Ford Delivers Bodies
15m1n Executions
15m2n Letter From President
16m1n They Can Die Together
16m2n The Way To Bridge City
16m3n Seems Like A Safe Place
16m4n Holnist Scouts
16m5n What's A Postman
17m1n Abby Says Goodbye
17m2n The Basket
17m3n The Army
17m4n White Flag
17m5n I Have Every Right
17m6 The War Is Settled Here
18m1nv1 New Laws
18m1nv2 New Laws
18m2nv1 Bethlehem Grabs Gun
18m3nv1 Abby Reads Letter
18m4n St. Rose
End Title

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Source: (1), (2), (3)

Planet Of The Apes (1968) - Jerry Goldsmith

1M1 Main Title

1M2/2M1 Crash Landing
2M2 The Searchers
3M1 The Search Continues
3M2/4M1 The Clothes Snatchers
4M2 The Hunt - Part 1
4M2A The Hunt - Part 2
5M1 A New Mate
5M2 The Revelation
6M1/7M1 No Escape
7M2 The Trial
8M1/9M1 Lost Identity
9M2/10M1 A Bid For Freedom
10M2 The Forbidden Zone
10M3/11M1 The Intruders
11M2 The Cave
12M1 The Revelation - Part 2

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Jerry Goldsmith - The Sand Pebbles (1966)
Source: Intrada liner notes

Overture [1M1]
Main Title [1M2]
Getting Acquainted [2M1]
The San Pablo [2M2/3M1]
Hello, Engine [3M2/3M3]
Trial Run - Part 1 [5M1]
Trial Run - Part 2 [5M2]
Death Of A Coolie [5M3]
A Crushing Affair [6M1]
Toot Toot Tootsie [7M1]
Five Foot Two [7M1A]
Stumbling [8M1]
Maily Appears [8M2]
The Student [8M3]
Repel Boarders [11M1]
Chang-sha Dock [11M2/12M1]
Death Of A Thousand Cuts [13M1]
Not In Vain [13M2]
Chang-sha [13M3]
Unfriendly Welcome [14M1]
Sleepy Time Gal [15M1]
My Secret [15M2]
Jake And Shirley [16M1/16M1A]
A Matter Of Ideals [16M2/17M1]
The Wedding - Part 1 [17M2]
Coolies Jump Ship [17M3]
The Wedding - Part 2 [18M1]
Restless Months [18M2/18M3/19M1]
Frenchie's Death [19M2]
Maily's Abduction [20M1]
Worried Captain [21M1/22M1]
Final Mission [22M2/23M1]
Commence Firing [23M1A]
Fire Aft! [23M2]
Almost Home - Part 1 [24M1]
Night Mission [24M2/25M1]
The Sniper [25M2]
Almost Home - Part 2 [26M1]
Almost Home - Part 3 [26M2]
And We Were Lovers (Exit Music) [26M3]

Chinese Love Theme
I'll See You In My Dreams
Linger Awhile

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Dave Grusin - The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter (1968)
Source: FSM liner notes

First Straw [1M1]
Jewelry Bridge [1M2]
Main Title [2M2]
20 Dollar Guest - Part 1 [2M3]
20 Dollar Guest - Part 2 [2M3A]
If You Wasn't My Sister [3M1]
I Hate You [3M2X]
Boots (Source) [3M3]
I Can't Afford To Let You Go (Source) [3M3B]
The Color Of The Wind (Source) [3M3C]
Lullabye [4M3]
Dr. Copeland [4M4]
Dr. Copeland's Waiting Room [4M4X]
Alone Again [5M5]
Symphony No. 35 (Source) [6M2]
Gutbucket Stomp (Source) [7M2]
Swampy Four (Source) [7M2A]
Beyond The Reach Of Love [7M2B]
Eye To Eye [7M3]
Early Jean Shrimpton [7M4]
Short And Sacriligeous (Source) [8M3]
Elizabeth [8M4]
Growing Pains (Source) [8M5]
Long Face [9M1A]
Pipes Of Pan (Source) [9M2]
Uncle Tom Willie [9M2A]
Visiting Hours [9M3]
Drop Out [10M2/10M2A]
Sunday Morning Woman (Source) [11M1]
Married People [11M3]
Fellini Follies [11M4/11M5]
Aftermath [11M6]
Reunion [12M1]
Thank You [12M1X]
The Last Walk [12M1A]
Why? [12M1BX]
End Title [12M2]

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Danny Elfman - Hitchcock (2012)
Source: cocatalog.loc.gov

Premiere [1M3]
Too Old [1M3B]
Paramount [1M4]
Peering [1M6]
Mommy Dearest [1M7]
Out The Gate [1M8]
In The Bed [2M1]
The Censor [2M2]
Impulses [2M3]
Peeping [2M7]
Sacrifices [2M8]
Walk With Hitch [2M9]
The Swim [2M10]
Will It Work [2M13]
Celery [3M1]
Telephone [3M2]
Suspicion [3M4]
Explosion [3M5]
The Sand [4M1]
Fantasy Smashed [4M3]
Busted [4M5]
Missing Alma [4M6]
Stillborn [4M7]
Saving The House [4M8]
It’s A Wrap [4M10]
Selling Psycho [5M1]
Finally [5M4]
Home At Last [5M5]
Hitchcock End Credits [5M6]

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James Newton Howard - The Bourne Legacy (2012)

Source: cuesheets

Opening - Part 1 [1M1A]
Opening - Part 2 [1M1B]
Simon Ross Gets Shot [1M5]
Cabin / Bourne Is Alive [2M9]
Program Shutdown [2M10]
You Fell In Love [2M10A]
Drone Approach [2M11]
Drone Attack [3M12]
Wolf Attack [3M13]
Chicago [4M18]
Aaron Drives To Marta [4M20]
Grab Marta [4M21]
Running From The House [5M23B]
Chem Talk [5M26]
To The Hotel [5M27]
Passports [5M29]
Boarding [6M31]
NRAG Tracking [6M32]
Arriving In Manila [6M34]
Enter Factory [6M35]
Leave Factory [6M36]
Larx [6M37]
Chase - Part 1 [7M41]
Chase - Part 2 [7M42]
Chase - Part 3 [7M43]
Chase - Part 4 [7M44]
Chase - Part 5 [7M45]
Fallout [8M47]

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James Newton Howard - Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001)
Source: cuesheets

Atlantis Destroyed [1M1]
The Smithsonian [1M2]
Late For Presentation [1M3]
Milo Is Rejected [1M4]
Milo Meets Helga [1M5]
Arriving At Whitmore [1M6]
The Book [1M7]
Whitmore Hires Milo [1M8]
'Sequence 4' [1M9]

Exterior Lights [2M1]
Leviathan Battle [2M2]
Breaking The Surface [2M3]
The Journey [2M4]
Mole Digs [2M5]
The Journey Continues [2M6]
The Missing Page [2M7]
Bedding Down [2M8]
Fireflies [2M9]
Damage Report [2M10]

Atlantis Discovered [3M1]
Milo And Kida Speak [3M2]
Stay One Night [3M3]
Milo And Kida's Questions [3M4]
Tour Of Atlantis [3M5]
Secret Swim [3M6]

Adventure Capitalists [4M1]
Storming The Palace [4M2]
'Sequence 14' [4M3]
The Crew's Conscience [4M4]
The King Dies [4M5]
Going After Rourke [4M6]
Dogfight [4M7/5M0]

Just Do It [5M1]
Kida Returns [5M2]
Goodbyes [5M3]
Atlantis [5M4]
End Credits

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All JNH cue titles are available on that website.

I know, but as long as they aren't featured here (and as long as I get the actual sheets instead of a list) I don't hesitate to post them. Hope that's okay with you and the others following the thread.

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David Newman - Paradise (1991)
Source: Intrada liner notes

Going Home [1M1]
The Bus Trip (Main Title) [1M2]
Rosemary Leaves [2M2]
Lily's Sadness [3M1]
Billie And Willard [3M2]
The Graveyard [5M1]
Willard Helps Lily [5M2]
Fishing [5M3]
Lily And Willard [6M1]
Quiet Fishing [6M3]
Spying [7M0]
You're My Best Friend [7M1]
Best Friends [7M2]
History Lesson [7M3]
On The Porch [7M4]
To Brimely [8M1]
Looking For Willard [11M0]
Willard Is Found [11M2]
Goodbye [12M1]
Billie And Lily / End Credits [12M2]

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Jerry Goldsmith - Sebastian (1968)
Source: Intrada liner notes

The Red Insect [M1]
Main Title [M3]
First Dy At Work [M4]
Partita No. VI [M5]
The Decoders [M5A]
Night Scene [M7]
Juke Box Jury Number [M8]
A Matter For Thought [M9]
A Visit To Carol [M10]
Checkmate #2 [M11]
Checkmate #3 [M12]
Checkmate #1 [M13]
In A Bad Way [M15]
The Interior Decorator [M17]
Caught In The Act [M19]
Carol's Apartment #2 [M20]
A New Assignment [M21]
Jodrell Bank [M23]
Carols Apartment #1 [M24]
Come Along [M25]
Comes The Night (Carol's Theme) [M26]
The Right Address [M27]
End Title [M28]
The Trip [M29]

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David Newman - The Nutty Professor II: The Klumps (2000)

Source: bootleg

Dream Wedding [1M2]
Buddy Inside [1M3]
Klump In Charge [1M4]
First Lab [1M5]
Skillets [1M7]
Toasting Cletus [1M8]
Issac Eats The Meat [1M8A]
Buddy Discovered [1M9]

Denise And Sherman [2M10]
Desperate Experiment [2M14]
Granny's A Ho [2M16]
Firefly Proposal [2M17]
Firefly / Buddy Lives [2M17A]
Phleer Office [2M20A]
Denise Drives [2M20B]
Cape Fear Buddy (Combined Timing) [2M21]
150 Million Dollars [2M21A]
Sherman Hides The Formula [2M22]
Buster [2M22A]

Buddy's Paper Trained / Lecture [3M23]
Lecture Flashback [3M25]
Maze Race [3M25A]
Ransacked House [3M26]
I Raised A Genius [3M27]
Cletus Humiliation [3M29]
Cletus Drinks Formula [3M31]
Dinner Disaster [3M34]
Buddy Calls Gilford [3M35]
Alley Fight [3M38]
Buddy / Cletus Transformation [3M40]
Young Cletus Scares [3M41]
Walking Denise Home [3M42]
Walking Denise Home - Part 2 [3M42A]
Armagedon [3M44A]

Buddy The Cat Burglar [4M46]
Buddy The Cat Burglar - Part 2 [4M46A]
Buddy Finds The Formula [4M53]
Granny Gets Buddy [4M58]
Press Conference Arrival [4M59]
Parking Garage Kitty [4M60]
Monster Hampster [4M62]
Transition To Library [4M63]
Dean's Shredded Jacket [4M64]
You're Dumb And Fired [4M65]
I'm Never Gonna Be The Same [4M65A]
Broken Engagement [4M66]
Get Back Together [4M68]

Get Back Together - Part 2 [5M68A]
Denise's Discovery [5M69]
Catch With Buddy [5M71]
Baby Buddy Escape [5M72]
Sherman Recovers [5M74]
Firefly Finale [5M76A]

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John Carter - Michael Giacchino (2012)

Source: recording sessions, cuesheets

1M1/2 Zodanga Happy To Meet You
1M3/5 Thern For The Worse
1M5B Embalming Is A Non-Starter
1M6 Diary Of A Cavalry Man
1M7 Supplies And Demands
1M8 Escaping Strings
1M9 Future Prospects
1M10 Get Carter
1M11/12 Lozem Geyn/Sure Ain't Apache
2M13 Gravity Of The Situation
2M14 Swimming With The Tharks
2M15 Jumping The Thark
2M16 Helium Is A-Gassed
2M17 Dejah's View
2M18/19 Thark Side Of Barsoom
2M20 Not Afraid Of The Thark
3M21 Thark Nursery
3M22 Jumping John
3M23A Smarmy Sarkoja
3M23S Thark Party Source (Fast w Countoff)
3M23S Thark Party Source (Slow)
3M23SB Torturous Drums
3M24 Rebranding Sola
3M25 Sab Than Pursues The Princess
3M26 Carter? I Barely Knew Her!
3M27 I'm On Mars
3M28 Temple Of Issus
4M29 A Father's Intuition
4M30 Zodanga Happened
4M31 Runaway Bride
4M32 Sab Than Surrenders To Helium
4M33 The River Iss
4M34 Iss Must Be The Place
4M34A The Gates Of Iss Pt. 1
4M34B The Gates Of Iss Pt. 2
4M35 The Blue Light Special
5M36/37 Warhoon Attack/Carter They Come, Carter They Fall
5M38 Zodanga Proposal
5M39 Hop, Snip, And A Jump
5M40 Change Of Heart
5M41/42 A Thern Warning
6M43 Welcome Back, Carter
6M44INS The Second Biggest Apes...
6M44 The Second Biggest Apes I've Seen This Month
6M45 The Right Of Challenge
6M46 The Prize Is Barsoom
6M47 The Fight For Helium
6M48 Not Quite Finished
7M49 Mars Sounds Much Better
7M50 Thernabout
7M51/52 Ten Bitter Years
7M53 Time To Go Home
7M54 Part 1 - End Titles
7M54 Part 2 - End Titles
7M54 Part 3 - End Titles
7M54 Part 4 - End Titles
7M54 Part 5 - End Titles

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May I ask why people like to know all the cue names? I don't see the importance if there aren't time stamps or audio of each cue. I'm not criticising this thread just wondering why people here like it!

When adding scores to my iPod and if there's more than one cue joined I'll split them for a gapless playback if it's that way in the film. Anyways, I always tend to use the original cue names as I prefer them compared to their album names. Although personally I don't add slate numbers but the original names I always like to use.

I will say this that for First Contact the cue "How Many Ships?" I actually changed to "Enterprise-E Introduction" since the music stops right before Riker asks, "How many ships?"

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One word: OCD.

Because it's a small bit of insight into the composer's head, and sometimes (in the case of Williams and Giacchino) their sense of humour.

It also gives you an idea about of much music was recorded for the film, as well as how many alternates were composed, etc. Things like that.

All of these. Also, when attempting to compile a complete or expanded soundtrack, it gives you a common language, so each person doesn't have a different name for the same unreleased cue.

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Complete cue list for MAN OF STEEL (unfortunately no slate numbers):


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John Debney - Hocus Pocus (1993)
Source: Intrada liner notes

Main Title [1M1]
Garden Of Magic No. 1 [1M2]
Thackery Follows Emily [1M3A]
Witches' Lair - Part 1 [1M4/2M1]
Witches' Lair - Part 2 [1M4/2M1A]
Witches' Lair - Part 3 [1M4/2M1AA]
To The Stake [2M2A]
Death To The Witches [2M3A]
Meeting Allison [2M4A]
Max Loses Shoes [2M5]
The Closet [3M1]
Hallowe'en [3M4]
Max And Dani [3M5]
Divertimento #17 In D, K.334 (Mozart) [3M6]
To The Witches' House We Go [4M1]
What's That? [4M2]
The Black Candle [4M3]
The Girls Come Home [4M4]
Escape From The Witches' Lair [4M5]
Witches On A Rampage [5M1]
Get The Book! [5M2]
Binx's Story [5M3]
Graveyard Attack [5M4]
Evil Intent [5M5/6M1]
The Calming Circle [6M2]
Winnie Wants Children [6M3]
The Master [6M4]
Fingers [6M6]
Hallowe'en Holiday [6M7]
Springing The Trap - Part 1 [7M4]
Springing The Trap - Part 2 [7M4A]
Up In Smoke Aftermath [7M5/8M1]
Is It Safe? [8M3]
Ernie Goes Too Far [8M4]
Winnie's Lament [8M5]
Witches Flight [8M6]
Witches Take Dani [8M6A]
Garden Of Magic No. 2 (Sarah's Theme) [9M1]
Max Fools The Witches [9M1A]
Winnie Catches Up [9M2A]
Billy Speaks [9M2B]
Witches Capture Dani [9M3/10M1]
Witches Demise / Resurrection [10M2]
Bridge To End Song [10M3A]
End Credits [10M4]

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Elmer Bernstein - The Miracle (1959)
Source: Intrada liner notes

Main Title [1M1]
Oh Maria, Madre Mia (Traditional) [1M2]*
Salve Virgen Pura [1M2A]*
British Grenadiers [2M2]*
At First Sight [2M4]
Aftermath [2M5]
Infirmary [3M1]
Un Momento [3M2]
Convalescence [3M3/4M1]
Stolen Fruit [4M2]
Auld Lang Syne (Traditional) [4M4]*
Departure [5M1]
Decision [5M2]
Flight [5M3]
French Attack [6M1]
La Boca De Pepita [6M2]*
Death News [6M3]
Musical Watch [6M3A]
Christian Gypsy [7M1]
Proposal [7M3]
Cancion De Maja [7M4]*
A Woman For Carlitos [7M5]
Michael's Return [8M1]
Betrayal [8M2]
Guido Dead [9M1]
Madrid [9M2]
With Your Permission [10M2]
Muineira [10M2A]*
The Painting [10M3]
Casimir Exits [10M4]
Teresa And Cordoba [10M5]
Hail The Matador [10M6]
The Bull [10M7]
Cordoba's Death [11M2]
La Morena Gitana [11M3]
Reunion [11M5]
Toast To Victory [12M1A]
Waltz [12M2]
Forgotten Vows [12M3]
Adoramus Te (Palestrina) [12M4A]*
Bugles [12M5]
Action [13M1]
Waterloo [13M2]
Teresa Departs [13M3]
The Journey [13M4]
Arrival At Convent [13M5/14M1]
Madonna Returns [14M2]
Gratitude [14M3]
Ave Verum Corpus (Mozart) [14M4]*

* arranged by Elmer Bernstein

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The Mummy Returns (2001) - Alan Silvestri

source: recording sessions


MR_1m1 Legend Of The Scorpion King
MR_1m2 Tomb Raider Rick
MR_1m3 Do it Your Way
MR_1m3A Been Here Before
MR_1m4 Evy's Flashback
MR_1m5 Just Had A Vision
MR_1m6 Slingshot Marksman
MR_1m7 Scorpion Shoes
MR_1m8 Lock-Nah And Meela (Imhotep Unearthed)
MR_1m9 Imhotep Unearthed
MR_2m1 Just An Oasis
MR_2m2 Bad Guys To The Manor
MR_2m3 Bracelet Awakens
MR_2m4 Have I Kissed You?
MR_2m5 Meet Meela
MR_2m6 Evy Kidnapped!
MR_2m7 Rick's Tattoo
MR_2m8 Imhotep Reborn
MR_3m1 Human Sacrifice Part I (My First Bus Ride)
MR_3m1A Human Sacrifice Part II (My First Bus Ride)
MR_3m2 The Mushy Part
MR_4m1 Train Chapter (A Gift And A Curse)
MR_4m2 Medjai Commanders
MR_4m3 Dirigible Montage (Medjai Commanders)
MR_4m4 I Want Him Back
MR_4m5 Reconstituted Boyfriend
MR_4m6 Flush Of Freedom
MR_4m7 Tsk Tsk
MR_4m8 Evy's Flashback Swordfight
MR_4m9 Flashback Swordfight Part II
MR_4m10 Flashback Finale (Evy Remember)
MR_5m1 What, No Ice?
MR_5m2 Sandcastles & Breadcrumbs (Sandcastles)
MR_5m3 Canyon Deluge (We're In Trouble)
MR_5m4 Bye-bye Birdy
MR_5m5 Pygmy Territory
MR_5m6 Something Is Coming!
MR_5m7 Pygmy Attack Part I (Pygmy Attack)
MR_5m7A Pygmy Attack Part II (Pygmy Attack)
MR_6m1 More Pygmies
MR_6m1A Pygmies Converge (Pygmy Attack)
MR_6m2 Racing the Sun
MR_6m3 Evy Dies (Come Back Evy)
MR_6m4 Fight As Equals (Come Back Evy)
MR_6m5 Curator's Bad Idea
MR_6m6 A Better Place
MR_6m7 Sand Warriors
MR_6m8S Gong
MR_6m9 Rick Battles Imhotep
MR_6m9A Someone Your Own Size
MR_7m1 False Victory Part I
MR_7m2 False Victory Part II
MR_7m3 Wrong Girlfriend
MR_7m4-5 Happy Ending (The Mummy Returns)
MR_7m6 End Credits (The Mummy Returns)

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