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38 minutes ago, John F said:

Anyone get the extended edition? How are the extra cues… do they add anything or more just the same?

There suites of the material used in the film. So it's the same a lot, just an hour instead of 2. There's one short cue which jas a really cool rendition of The Plot

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Suite and Themes CD now available to order from LLL: https://lalalandrecords.com/suites-and-themes-mission-impossible-dead-reckoning-part-one/.

The tracklist matches the 15 tracks available digtally.


Beautiful work on the design by Dan Goldwasser:





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Yes, there is some good stuff here but is this not just endlessly repetitive material on the same endlessly repetitive material? Balfe does a variation on Jones' Last of the Mohicans theme, twists it back to Schifrin's MI, and round and round we go, no variation of instrumentation or melodic intent. Then annoying/anxious violins repeating the same pattern with minor modulations in brass with sketches of Lalo. Wow.

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I was listening to Jack Reacher today and the score Krämer wrote (the 2 first cues are good examples) kind of show what kind of sound McQ likes for these types of movies. Balfe’s MI scores have something in common with this sound and I’m surprised that McQ didn’t just ask Kraemer for this type of sound already on MI5 as he can clearly do it.


I personally enjoy all MI scores more or less but Kraemer’s score is definitively one of the better ones (doesn’t beat Ghost Protocol though)!

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Actually liked Dead Reckoning and its score, despite my misgivings about Balfe as a non-composer. 


Interesting when checking this score list that Joshua Pacey seems to be the one in charge of a lot of the great action stuff in the film. Anything credited with the fantastic stuff at the airport etc comes down to Pacey - I reckon a lot of this is Pacey, especially the string figure that comes in at about 0:59. 



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