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  1. Nah, he is just being too modest again. He also said, he knows more than years ago. So he doesn't need to show/proof anything, thats why there is more heart and soul in his latest scores. 😍
  2. Just can't wait!! I think this is going to be the greatest of the trilogies, musically speaking.
  3. I know most of the members hate me because I can act like a total asshole but still I would love to share my incredible two years fulfilled with the amazing music of the greatest musician of all time. I saw JW live for the first time in Chicago, April 18 and was in RAH in October, JW got ill but it was an amazing night nevertheless. I performed(french horn) SW live in fall of 2018 And performed(or still coming this spring) these pieces by JW -Across the Stars 8 times😍 -E.T. Adventures on Earth 4 times -Raiders march -Adventures of Mutt -Scherzo for the X-wings -Rebellion Reborn -Escapades for the Saxophone -Goodbye Mr. Chips -Superman march -Victor'sTale -CE3K excerpts😍😍😍 -Flight to Neverland -Princess Leia -Imperial March 8 times -SW main title 8 times -Throne room -Jaws theme -Schindler's list -Jurassic Park -Hedwig's Theme -Fanfare for Fenway(might have been in 2017) And I met Stefancos
  4. Fortunately not because it was the second last piece in the concert and the program was quite heavy!! 😜😜😜
  5. hornist

    Do you own an album by John Williams the guitarist?

    Yes!! He wrote Back to the Future and thst famous six tone greeting to CE3K. Love her!!
  6. hornist

    Do you own an album by John Williams the guitarist?

    I do not own any album by this man and probably never heard that name before. I am more in to the movie music.
  7. I going to listen to this music first with the movie as should everyone else. Looking forward to this music since the two previous one were outstanding. The films were good too.
  8. hornist

    Best of these Recent Star Wars pieces

    Because we first got a minute not so great from Galaxy's Edge, later it turned out to be better. And we got a whole Han track.. which is great.
  9. hornist

    Star Wars is dead!

    No it isn't. The spin offs were horrible(especially Solo) but VII and VIII were both very good movies. Can't wait for ep IX.
  10. hornist

    Best of these Recent Star Wars pieces

  11. hornist

    Best of these Recent Star Wars pieces

    I love it so much, heard it live in Chicago last April, special place in my heart.
  12. hornist

    Best of these Recent Star Wars pieces

    Han😍 The energy in that piece is incredible. Don't like the false ending though.
  13. hornist

    The Legacy of John Williams - New Blog on JW

    They are all briiliant. The 2010's stuff.
  14. I remember many interviews where Rian praises JW.
  15. Well this new revealed music is so much better than what we heard in November.
  16. This was the first time it was ok, without those terrible zimmerdrums. Can't wait for the real deal😍
  17. Nope. These people here are more interested in the trailer music.
  18. Why always the inrerest for the music of the trailers? They are just trailers. Even if this wasn't the most terrible one.
  19. I think they are just trying to be funny.
  20. Never really noticed that there is so long part of the battle without any music. Actually realised that when I was in the orchestra performing SW live last fall, it felt guite strange to just sit there and not playing during the action!
  21. hornist

    Williams' manliest most testosterone-fuelled music?

    Best thing from the 90's was that he came out stronger than ever from that darkness. Geez those horrid synth trials. Very good 00's before solid 10's. Love those.
  22. hornist

    Williams' manliest most testosterone-fuelled music?

    I wonder what was wrong with Williams that time😱😱😱 The whole TLWπŸ€”