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  1. I am surprised he is still in hospital if it’s nothing to serious. When did he get admitted? Was it Monday?
  2. Hey, Anyone have the full orchestral score for this cue or know where I can find it? thanks Griga01
  3. I am Definitly interested in a tour of Abbey Road, is this something that could actually be organised as I didn't think they offered tours?
  4. Is the above not for physical tickets though? it says in the confirmation email that it will take up to two weeks to receive your e-tickets??
  5. How easy is it to get your money refunded by paypal if someone doesnt send you a ticket once u have purchased it from them?
  6. True but the prices are crazy. already looking at over £250 per ticket on viagogo because of extra charges etc
  7. Really upset about this, i got to the front of the queue at 9.30am and then it kicked me out. Now only way to get a ticket is pay over £200 :(. Anyone know any other good websites selling tickets or no if the RAH will sell more closer to the time?
  8. Oh no , I don't understand. How do you private message? Iv been going on your profile and clicking the message button and doing it that way?
  9. Very interstates mate if you still have one spare? I dropped you a message also thanks adam
  10. I have a feeling they are 😢 Any chance they will sell another load at some other point?