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  1. The Empire Strikes Back - 'This is no Cave' Mock Up [In Progress] https://drive.google.com/open?id=1BDX3MW7SHxmMacL0Nv6j74gOqJC4N5PP Just wanted to see what you guys think. Thanks in advance.
  2. Okay, I think the first part (after the pitched down main titles) sounds like samples, the more it goes through towards the end it sounds less like samples. The programming in the last few seconds is fantastic if that part isn't real. Those last few bars are the bit that throw me from thinking it's a real recording. But if I have to put money on it i'm saying that it's samples.
  3. Where is the music from in this second half? I know it's a pastiche of the Imperial March (Can hear that A minor - F Minor Chromatic Mediant at work).
  4. @tintacle those are incredible covers, great work. Fantastic.
  5. Yeah but the versions that are out there are not very good.
  6. Yes! I'll now with that in mind say, Duel of the Fates without choir.
  7. Just got the CD, got it on the hifi now. Balling my eyes out and I'm only on track 2 - Close Encounters Stunning.
  8. The Imperial March https://soundcloud.com/andybarraclough/the-imperial-march-mock-up Main Titles https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZMe337TNKQQ Kylo Ren's Theme https://youtu.be/qI_eV4NuoMo Binary Sunset https://youtu.be/tHJ_useN3MY Droid Invasion https://youtu.be/RjOIyQYKLmE March of the Resistance https://youtu.be/PlD04mYitoY Rey's Theme https://youtu.be/a2hUqlLKSAQ Star Wars Saga https://youtu.be/yCCKiBVAOvo
  9. Are they good, because i have a recording of the planets and they are okay. I'm just gutted because it's been my dream to hear the LSO do Empire live. When they did A New Hope last year i couldn't believe it.
  10. I'd love to hear Williams do more cues which incorporate Rey's Theme and The Force Theme, likely better than I've done here...
  11. 1. Across the Stars 2. Rey's Theme 3. Anakin vs Obi-Wan 4. A Window to the Past 5. Victor's Tale
  12. They've sorted it now. It was 2 originally. number 3 has sent me a message confirming they've sent one to the right address. Not sure where the mistake was if it was the mail service or LaLaLand. They responded within a day though, very quick! Highly unlikely that i'm getting it before Christmas though
  13. I gave them the right address, it's on the LaLaLand site and in my email, yet the notification from LaLaLandEmployee is wrong 😕 I can't see how we are going to get them 😕
  14. I've had no email, nothing on the lalaland website and i ordered it at 8.10pm (few minutes after the site when live). In the UK. Erm.... 😕
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