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  1. Somebody's got a problem with something involving Star Wars. We have two choices for who to blame: George Lucas and Ben Burtt. I'm voting for Burtt on this one. Well, I can't lay The Clone Wars at his feet, can I?
  2. a psychotic southpaw

  3. I can understand why they excluded Lord of the Rings: the films were scripted and filmed at the same time and were based on material that the author considered one book, not three. But they included The Four Musketeers, which in their blurb wasn't planned until the editing process convinced the producers that they had enough for two movies. A little consistency, please. (Okay, so they were based on two books-- wiggle room, but still...) And, yes, I know that the bulk of Superman II was filmed alongside Superman, but production did shut down and was not resumed until after Superman was released.
  4. The inclusion of Airplane II surprised me as well. I would have had The Empire Strikes Back and Godfather part II in the top two spots. How did T2 and Aliens rate higher than Empire? Despite his assurances, Cameron is not king of the world. Hmmm, no James Bond movies on the list... I would have thought that For Your Eyes Only would have gotten some dap for saving the series following the debacle that was Moonraker.
  5. He may have lost his edge when he went from being the most interesting man in the world to having weaponry such as fear, surprise, ruthless efficiency, an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope, and nice red uniforms. Maybe he took one too many soft cushions to the head.
  6. Now, if there was a thread that all of these Star Trek quotes could go to instead... Finally got my copy. No magnet, though. I am contemplating sending back the order in toto because of it. I did enjoy driving on Main Street on Saturday, blasting "Surprise Attack" and watching the reaction of the tourists.
  7. I have a feeling that I'm gonna be kicking myself when the answer is revealed.
  8. I thought my phrasing would be less likely to bring the wrath of the moderators done upon me.
  9. There are extended clips on-line (MP3's, sampled at 192), just gotta know where to look.
  10. Were those two big name actors big at the time the movie was made, or have they achieved their star status since then?
  11. If "Horner’s music is exciting and free", why do I have to pay $20 for it? Mine finally shipped last Friday and I can't wait to hear if it's as clean as y'all say it is. Can't wait to blast "Battle in the Mutara Nebula" on the car stereo while slowly driving past the local high school when classes recommence.
  12. I find in unlikely that this will affect Williams' ability to do DH. There's still negotiations to be done and then pre-production work. I'd be surprised if this started shooting before next spring (after DH wraps principal photography). What I think would cause a scheduling conflict would be something that Spielberg is currently shooting, or deadlines for concert hall works.
  13. Now there's a back problem waiting to happen! That's the sort of thing you can imagine Bernard Herrmann writing for given half the chance. Can you imagine trying to march while playing that? Yikes!
  14. I'll be keeping my old CD. I ordered mine on Monday, but haven't received a shipping confirmation. Started to feel like the last kid picked for dodgeball before I noticed Mark's post about not getting a shipping confirmation, either. Guess I'm in good company. It's a shame he can't make such a claim.
  15. If Lucas has stuck with "cleaning up" the special effects shots, rather than replace and reedit, the fanbase would have been a lot easier on him. A friend of mine took the old CAV laserdiscs, burned them to DVD, and sent me a copy. I was surprised that he sent me a copy (I didn't know he still had laserdiscs) and chuckled when I read the accompanying note: "Fuck George Lucas."
  16. Coming and going at the same time-- would that be a discussion on philosophy or quantum mechanics? Or, are you ambivalent? Whatever the answers, please make sure to wipe.
  17. Not LA, but close enough if you want to make the effort-- Bernard Herrmann's work is housed at UC Santa Barbara.
  18. I'll bite, Prokofiev or Tchaikovsky? I recommend going to your local library and seeing if you can check out a CD (or a dozen) and compare for yourself. Tchaikovsky wrote a "fantasy overture" about 20 minutes in length, while Prokofiev composed a full ballet. And, some will say that if you have the right Horner scores, you have Prokofiev's version (i.e. "The Death of Tybalt" in "Stealing the Enterprise").
  19. I strongly disagree. They're all Star Trek scores. If that's the only way it can happen, because of rights issues, that's fine. I'm sick of people trying to divide the two generations (no pun intended). What's the point? Though I'd love individual releases. I was thinking of two sets due to how much music there is. Eight CD's for I - VI and six to eight more for VII - X. How many people would want (or have the money) to buy a single 14-16 disc box set? I thought two box sets released about six months to a year apart would sell better. Original crew and TNG make for an easy dividing line. Quick sketch of contents: TMP on two discs, II - VI one disc each, with a "stuff we couldn't fit on the other discs" disc to round out the first set. Judging by some of the items on the 'net, I'd guessing that there is enough material from each of the TNG movies for two discs each. I do not hold out much hope for a boxed set (or sets), but I would love to see what FSM would do with it. As for releasing them separately: bring them on. But don't expect IV, VI ,and VII to sell anywhere as well as the Goldsmith and Horner titles. If nothing else, the release of Airplane will give us something other than "I hope it's Back to the Future" postings when a label announces that it'll be releasing a long sought after 80's title.
  20. Paramount owns all rights for the music. The different labels have licensed the right to release the scores. As lay people, we don't know how long each of the licenses last. I did not mean to imply that anyone on this board would know the details of the individual contracts. Curious note: when TWOK was released on LP and cassette, it was on Atlantic, while the CD was issued by GNP/Crescendo. TSFS had a similar case, one company originally released the score on LP and cassette with GNP/Crescendo following with the CD years later. Perhaps if the scores were going to be issued on a new format?
  21. But how long do the record companies retain the rights? The Star Wars expanded scores came out in '98 on RCA and it was less than ten years later that Sony issued their versions of the expanded scores. I would recommend two box sets-- one for the original crew (I-VI) and one for TNG (VII-X). 2011 would be a good target for the release of the two sets. If the rights are for twenty years, then Paramount would only have to negotiate (for the Original Crew set) with MCA (VI was released in Dec of '91) and Sony (expanded TMP in '99), a sister company of Paramount. For the TNG set, Paramount would have to negotiate with GNP Crescendo and Varese. I see the Varese negotiations being quick, "So, Varese, which of of other films would you like to do an expanded release of in trade for the rights to Nemesis?" It could happen, but I ain't holding my breath. I'll take individual expanded scores in a heartbeat.
  22. It certainly would have made the scene more interesting. In the novelization of ST IV, it states that Saavik is pregnant and that's why she stayed behind. The scene was shot, but cut.
  23. Speaking as one who has used Finale since the ol' Finale 2.0 days, I can attest that it is a helluva lot easier to use now than it used to be. Could it be better? Yes. Have I tried Sibelius? No. Am I willing to convert? With how many scores that would need converting, I doubt it. As for the argument of Finale vs. Sibelius, or Mac vs. PC: some people like Coke and some people like Pepsi-- me, I drink Dr. Pepper.
  24. I think it might be of more interest to Maynard Ferguson fans. How many here have heard of this film before this announcement?
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