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  1. Per today's New York Times Crossword Puzzle, today is the 20th Anniversary of the book's release. Don't know if the US and UK had same release date. Was pleased that the NYT used the UK title: Philosopher's Stone. Star Wars - per a source (MM, if I recall correctly), is all about the new Star Wars movie this year. So, no new releases from the vault. Considering the commentary concerning the sound quality of the two-disc OT sets, a major amount of work will be needed to properly present the OT. And the PT might need some work to restore what JW composed, rather than the mashed up mess we got in the films (do the notes exist stating which sections of which take to use for the final product?). Close Encounters might be a bigger project than we might imagine-- how many versions exists of the aleatory passages? Remember - JW pays close attention to the expanded/reissue versions of his works and has a voice is what gets done when.
  2. I concur. It isn't as tight as it should be and it's under-tempo. Just doesn't fit with the other titles. Kinda like how "Follow Me" stands out in Always. Or, to be crass, it stands out like a turd in a punch-bowl. (With all due credit to Up the Academy.)
  3. Yes, but have any of the fan edits available been done in an attempt to match the manuscript score (notes on the page)? The complete handwritten scores are also available in those dark corners.
  4. Back in the '80s, in an interview for On the Right Track, Herb Spencer indicated that "it's all there" in the Williams short score. With that said, is it any wonder that a copyist could take care of Williams' work. Other composers... yeah, probably could use a seasoned orchestrator to augment instrumentation as needed. e.g. A Clarinet in A would sound better than a Clarinet in Bb for this piece.
  5. Hal Leonard has released a couple of suites from the two trilogies as well as a few other pieces individually. All of them are "concert arrangements" of the cues rather what is in the movie. It's a start. There are various sources of the not-legal variety of various sketch scores and full scores that are primarily hand written (by Williams or whoever orchestrated it was) on nefarious sites known to be a party to such exchanges of information. Until I read it earlier in this thread, I only thought that about half of Empire was available. Apparently, I'm not nefarious enough.
  6. A dyslexic writing of an abbreviation of Revenge of the Sith? Radio Symphony Orchestra? I'm old enough to remember RSO records and had some around the family's hi-fi (which did have an 8-track player). Don't recall if I ever heard what the RSO stood for (if anything). When Jay announced that the rights had moved to Disney and knowing that Disney is planning on getting a return on its purchase of Lucasfilm, I thought that they might do two boxed sets this year: the original trilogy (remastered and including three minutes of music never before released!) in May to coincide with Star Wars' 40th anniversary and then the complete prequel trilogy released a week before Thanksgiving in the US, (a week before the specialty labels Black Friday releases) giving it a month on the market before the release of Episode 8. Guess my guess about the timing is wrong, but at some point I'm sure we'll the complete scores of the prequels as recorded. Afterall, Disney wants to get a return on its investment into Lucasfilm and the scores can provide some revenue.
  7. Jay, please fix your link. It goes to page 34, but the posts you are quoting are on 169 (the bulk) and 170 (the Q2/North section)
  8. 1. Star Trek II 2. The Land Before Time 3. Star Trek III 4. Krull 5. An American Tail 6. Field of Dreams 7. The Rocketeer 8. Apollo 13 9. The Perfect Storm 10. Brainstorm
  9. I concur about putting the songs on CD2, but how many people still use physical discs after ripping to their computers for promulgation to various portable devices? As a pseudo-Luddite (I'm old enough to have owned 8-track tapes), I can see burning a CD with just Horner's music. As for the overall length. Sure Horner said it was 100 minutes, but on TWOK's featurette he said that the Enterprise Clears the Moorings track was 12 minutes. His job was composing and making things fit, not remembering numbers.
  10. It's what I deserve for stopping to ponder if "farther" or "further" would be correct.
  11. Considering how they ping pronged on Superman, it it an interesting thought puzzle. As for Lucas, he seems to be a victim of his own success. On the prequels, he should have taken the approach he had with Empire and Jedi: oversee the production. Certainly by that time he was more fascinated by special effects and post production. He was surrounded by people who were so awed by him that they dared not cast any doubt on anything that Lucas uttered. The prequels have bad scripts, bad direction, but stunning special effects. Thanks to Mythbusters, I know that shit can be made to shine, but it don't change what it is. My problem with Lucas actually goes back to the "Special Editions." I can understand wanting to clean up the effects. Anyone who ever saw the old VHS versions understands. But Lucas took it father by completely replacing all of the effect shots. Star Wars won an Oscar for its special effects and replacing them to me is a giant FUCK YOU from Lucas to the people who worked on the original movies. What would our reaction be if Lucas decided that the score was dated and needed to be replaced? He owned the rights to the movies and could do what he wanted. (Yeah, that inserted shot of Vader boarding his ship was worth it.) I can listen to Frank Sinatra's Capitol Years boxed set and marvel how he could sing. And I remember seeing footage of him in the last decade or so of his life and thought he needed to hang up the mic. It is possible to respect Lucas' early work while accurately criticizing his later work.
  12. That is a matter for the Admins and Mods to decide. I would hope that anyone planning on even hinting as to such a posting would PM the powers that be for pre-blessing. Its a murky point. While the material is readily available for free, it is at a lower quality. And that difference in quality is what may lean the big kahunas to decide against such posting.
  13. Considering how I've heard Academy members describe their voting techniques, yes. The prime examples are having an assistant or family member do the actual voting and deciding that a movie is Oscar worthy, by not wanting to vote for the movie in one of the major categories (Picture, Director, and Acting categories) so they find a "minor" category (because, who actually cares about those categories) and vote for the movie rather than that aspect of the movie. (Uh, how do I keep a straight face and keep from strangling the ignoranus [sic] before me?) It's how I've made sense of more than one Best Score Oscar. (I love me some Goldenthal, but c'mon: his music appealing to the masses? Not bloody likely.) As for a FLAC or ALAC (or ALEX, whatever) version of TFA FYC disc to be posted on-line: check your favorite places for acquiring such items, it'll be there in time.
  14. There's a reason the CIA goes to Disney for training. (A rumor from the '80's.)
  15. I'd heard that Canadians are excessively polite, love their hockey, curling, and Molson's (though not necessarily in that order), and have a funny way of saying "about". (I think the Canadian accent is more noticeable on "sorry" and "been".) What can I say-- just another ignorant American.
  16. According the the report, better results from listening to '80s pop music. Next study should include Meco's cover versions of Star Wars music. Probably too disco and according to a t-shirt I once saw with a little old lady giving the finger, "Disco sucks!"
  17. I'm curious as to how long it will take for it to leak. The photo doesn't appear to be from the floor of a Wal-Mart. Is the CD getting packed for shipping to a Wal-Mart or is it being unpacked? Yes, I snickered like a middle-school aged boy when I read "extended climax". And was $*(@!! giddy when checking out the preview clip from 60 Minutes.
  18. I know, it's great that it hasn't happened for TFA yetA simple contributing factor could be that for the score to leak, people need to have the score. With the scoring sessions ending so close to the release date of the picture (less than six weeks, was it?), the physical CDs might not be back from the manufacturer yet.
  19. I concur. Our Canadian friends did it right last year with Corner Gas: The Movie with the theatrical run (about four days long) preceding the TV broadcasts and followed that with a quick home video release in time for Christmas.
  20. I said it won't be perfect. Something will go wrong. Make sure to have people around who can fix them before anyone notices. That's part of the fun. "Ah, this is nothing. Remember when we dropped off the luggage at the hotel for the bride and groom and the hotel said there was no reservation and that they were fully booked?" Yes, that happened. And my sister, the bride, didn't know about it until the next family wedding. When she got to the hotel, all was good. (And that's all the details I need, thank you very much.)
  21. Along the "quieter" Williams scores, I'd go with The Accidental Tourist and Stanley & Iris. How about the Trotter Trio renditions of Sketches on Star Wars? Who could hate a jazzy version of the Imperial March? Congratulations. The day will not be perfect. Just make sure to surround yourself with people who will fix the problems rather than point them out to you and the bride. I've been involved with the planning and execution of far too many weddings. And then there was the time I was only a guest and my date got into a heated argument with an old classmate over abortion in the church; I tried to get them to discuss something less controversial, like the JFK assassination.
  22. CD will probably leak a couple of weeks before the film's release. There are still a few radio stations and reviewers that receive CDs, right? JAY - who are the ladies in your avatar recently? (I wear glasses for a reason - and it's not to look smart.)
  23. Time and again: not items covered in my orchestration class. Bravo! And, I chuckled when you said, "The other H-guy."
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