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  1. I just caught up with the show. I'm not sure how to rank this season yet, but it's strong. It's still the best damn show at the moment. Tony Dalton... What an asset to the series he's been. Season 4 was easily the weakest after the death of Chuck but it was immediately elevated when Lalo appeared in ep 7 or 8. While Gus can be charming, he's always dead serious. Lalo has a much wider spectrum in which he operates in, and always with a sense of dread. I recently only finished Ozark which petered out to nothingness by the end and that show would have killed to have a character/actor like Lalo/Dalton. The flickering of the candle and the shifting shadows reminded me very much of David Fincher. I feel for Howard. He was a little mean at times but never bad and never deserving of such a fate. I thought the writing for his character over the seasons is brilliant (same can be said for many other characters in BCS, more so than BB). So to have it end like this... I'm not sure how I feel about it. I do know that in the scene where he confronts Jimmy and Kim, I was on his side totally.
  2. I thought Arnett was always in on the act and that he had the overall outline of the script? The celebs on the other hand didn't. Most really just broke down but Sharon Stone was a class act in her improv. Alexis from Schitt's Creek was a total deer in headlights throughout her ep. Hahaha.
  3. Into episode 12 of Ozark's last season and it's a farce at this point. A turgid sense of overplotting (to the point of disbelief in every episode), coupled with inadequate writing, and truly unlikeable characters make this a show that is not worth investing. Actually, the unlikeable characters may not necessarily be the issue, but they are so uninteresting and one-note. The only one character which I still somewhat feel for (and that's not saying much here) is Jason Bateman's character, who's walking through the proceedings with the question WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE perpetually plastered on his face. And that's by far the most relatable thing of this whole affair.
  4. I'm rewatching BCS again and into season 2 now. It has some of the best written characters, even the smaller characters. More so than BB, I think. Both are terrific in their own rights. The highs in BB are higher, but beyond that pound-for-pound I think they are both equals.
  5. I watched it over the weekend and yeah, the hype is real. It starts off as a frenetically paced family drama before it becomes utterly unhinged, and yet miraculously coherent with a very strong emotional core that powers through it. It's totally bonkers, with both infantile and high concept humour, broad multiverse scope and intimate family drama, laughs and tears, all in one. I was reminded of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind here – both emotional stories about love and family told through a heavily sci-fi-tinged lens, where weird, funky stuff happens that threaten to disintegrate any focus but yet somehow manages to not just work, but refine and concentrate the emotional theme that courses through their veins. This has more wacky stuff that's probably more mainstream though, and has a lighter tone overall... except in parts where the emotions really kick in. Time will tell if it is as good as ESOTSM, but I certainly can't remember being that elated by a movie at the cinema for a long, long time. PS: if anything, this movie shows that however decent Marvel makes their movies and multiverses, it's still very much confined by its comic book trappings. This on the other hand, is totally unencumbered by anything and flourishes from start to end. PPS: I was deeply unsettled by the familiarity of Waymond in the first 20 minutes before coming to the suspicion that HE MUST BE SHORT ROUND FROM TEMPLE OF DOOM. It was the first thing I googled after the movie ended. Unbelievable. His voice has barely changed.
  6. The realization of this version of Gotham and this version of Batman on a large screen is still something I applaud though. The look of Gotham is incredible – a cross of the Seven and Blade Runner. For all the praised heaped on Nolan's movies, his Gotham looked no different from a generic and sterile city.
  7. Ironically the narration by Batman at the start and end sounded almost exactly like something that Rorschach would narrate. Specifically it sounded so much like Jackie Earle Haley from Snyder's movie and took me very much out of the film. I liked the film overall, and it started off really strong with a dark, brooding murder mystery that was closer to Seven than a superhero movie. But as it developed I found that the central plotline about informants in crime syndicates and corrupt politicians to be quite...boring. The mystery itself just didn't amount to much, to me anyway. The protracted climax was the worst part, and tonally it felt very similar to Nolan's TDK climax as well. TDK's climax was already the worst part of that movie, but to tack this on for a 3hour movie here felt like a grind for me. The one good action sequence involved the batmobile – I would say it was framed in an ostentatious but extremely cool manner, but the sense of geography and continuity was lacking. Perhaps that was part of Reeves' intended aesthetic. Score sounded fine in the movie but probably not worth a standalone listen.
  8. Midway through season 3 of Ozark. It got better towards the end of season 2 and that has carried over to season 3. The first 1 and 2/3 of the first two seasons were okay, but filled with too many characters that were not just unlikeable, but resulted in too many plotlines that crowded the whole story and made the suspension of disbelief just too hard to swallow at times.
  9. The freeway chase is one of the all time bests. Just incredible. The kind you would whoop for in the cinema. The CGI in the Smiths Vs Neo brawl is very apparently bad in 4K though. Many of the shots you can clearly see blank, detail-less CGI faces/hair/clothes, like something from video games around that time. It's incredibly bad. But that freeway chase...
  10. Yeah that makes sense. There's only so many times you can trot out threats of loan defaults, hostile takeovers, and mergers before it becomes too incredulous (and repetitive).
  11. Succession season 3. Quite limp, a bit like Roman's dick, then. The whole shtick of having a revelation in the season finale and ending it on a cliffhanger is getting tiresome now. I binged the first two season earlier this year, and perhaps some of this season's problems were already present in those, but it still seems fresh back then and I thoroughly lapped it up. I still enjoyed season 3, but it's clear to me they need to tweak the formula. Prior to the finale, there's barely any progress to character development and motivations. The whole revelation from the season 2 finale carried over for about 2-3 episodes and then just petered out. Let's not forget what a humongous revelation that was in the previous finale – not the kind you just drop the follow up after just a couple episodes. Then you have the sibling rivalry, where one one of them seemingly does something that appears to be irreconcilable (or so what the characters seem to imply), but then a few episodes later everyone seems to be doing ok in a birthday party. Not OKAY per se, but certainly the animosity has dissipated somewhat. There's lots of such amnesiac episodes in season 3. There's just lots of recycling and convenient loss of memory on the part of the writers. And at the end there comes yet another big twist. I wonder how much longer they can keep this up.
  12. She was one of the more memorable things from the movie, so that says something... Also memorable: at least 4-5 Range Rovers flipping over, bested by a Toyota Land Cruiser no less. That was good airtime for Toyota...
  13. No Time do Die. Overlong and overplotted, Daniel Craig deserves a better final movie than this. Much of the plot is simple and nonsensical which in itself isn't a bad thing, but the way the writing constantly tries to inject faux surprises and intensity is laughable. Rami Malek is a pitifully anemic villain here, and his drawls just accentuate the long runtime of the movie. The first hour or so is decent with some good action, and Ana De Armas is good (was expecting her to show up again but alas), but overall it feels like a retread of the previous Craig movies particularly on the distrust of people close to him, leading on to a kinda foregone conclusion that falls flat. They should have stopped after Skyfall.
  14. Ah I meant episode 5, the one with the Japanese restaurant. Last week's watermelon episode was pretty good too.
  15. The latest Curb episode (season 11 ep 5) is an absolute hoot. By far the best of the season so far – great, natural dialogue and fantastic comeuppances. None of the stilted and staged feel some of the recent episodes had.
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