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  1. Earlier on this thread the AUJ score was described as feeling 'closer' and less 'archaic' than the LOTR score, which I thought was a very good description…and again, judging by the super low quality :30 DOS clips, I am feeling that it may be even less 'archaic' and more processed than AUJ. Am I crazy? It sounded very different to me, even further than AUJ. No doubt that the composition is Shore's, that is extremely apparent, but the quality of the recording and atmosphere feels so much 'lighter' and 'closer'... In my very limited musical vocabulary and ability to convey what I am thinking, if I could describe LOTR as having a 100 person orchestra, AUJ felt like maybe a 70 person orchestra, and DOS feels like 50. It's probably just that none of these samples feature the music really "opening up" with the full ensemble.
  2. Seeing an actual sample link after fake ones: Listening to actual samples:
  3. Cubits, eh? Nah, kadams are where it's at. Just remember to take back one.
  4. He's not, but I think that's half because he has significantly less time to develop (he does down the line a bit) and half because the writers consciously weren't trying to replace Mulder. In fact, that's something I like about him. He's aware that he's coming into a situation where there's a big gap to fill, in the context of the show itself, with Scully, Skinner, etc. - and doesn't try to fill it, just does his own thing. And the writers did the same in the "real world" by not making him a replacement for the fans.
  5. Yeah, I'm one of those people who don't think the show suffered at all because of Dogget, Reyes, or any of that. They did what they could when Duchovny left to keep things going well and I enjoyed it all.
  6. Interesting. Maybe it's cultural. To my American ears, it may be hymn-like, but in a very earthy, folky, humble way; certainly not hagiographic (nice word). Had Williams for some reason used a more European idiom, maybe I would agree with you - but then, perhaps, you would feel as I do now. Maybe we just hear the musically "foreign" as more "lofty" no matter where we're from. Uhoh... I got ninja'd with comments that will make this seem rife with implications of ethnic tension hahaha.
  7. See, I disagree. What you call the hymn-like parts of the score are, to me, less about the man than the history, while something like With Malice Towards None in all its humble simplicity is more tied to Lincoln himself.
  8. Interesting. I thought Lincoln was the clear superior, and I felt there were more riches in its subtlety than TBT had to offer. Agreed. Didn't Conrad Pope say something about Lincoln and how wonderfully crafted and carefully selected every single note was? TBT is a fine score, but it doesn't live up to that.
  9. I would agree that there isn't. It's dramatic instinct.
  10. Despite the "he's going to destroy the world" cringeyness and the generic trailer chords, I'm hopeful.
  11. Star Trek: The Motion Picture - Jerry Goldsmith Star Trek V: The Final Frontier - Jerry Goldsmith Jurassic Park - John Williams On the Threshold of Liberty - Mark Isham The Prestige - David Julyan Cloud Atlas - Tom Tykwer, Johnny Klimek, Reinhold Heil The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - Howard Shore
  12. Indeed. The Collector is somewhat reminiscent of David Bowie, which I wholeheartedly approve of.
  13. Yes PJ and co. obviously have a handle on improvising when it comes to the Necromancer storyline. I'll take all the content of that type I can considering that it will be a very long time before we get anything else with that "Middle-Earth history" vibe.
  14. Hmmmmm this is awesome. Wish he got more intimate opportunities like this.
  15. But... an elf and a mortal man falling in love? Daring! Where do you dream these things up? There's already half a female in the mix though. Duh, WITCH-KING... clearly the greatest of the nine was intended to be a hermaphrodite.
  16. He's the one who imprisoned the Witch-King. Now, the Nazgul get their revenge on his son.
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