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  1. Oh, God. Prayers to Billie Lourd and the rest of the family. Just devastating.
  2. You can't just write that character off the screen. There has to be something more than that, assuming Leia was planned to be in IX.
  3. Got this for Christmas this morning. The packaging is outstanding. Very impressive.
  4. I don't anticipate there being many existing themes used. The force theme will obviously be there, as well as the Imperial march and the main theme. Other than that I expect new thematic material.
  5. The unused choral version of the original track is a bit much for me, personally. Especially considering its companion piece, "You Are the Pan", is so heavily choral anyway.I This is a really lovely arrangement. I too miss the extended brass interlude but the greater complexities in the orchestration kind of make up for it. I do prefer the theme as it exists in the OST, though. The fifth note being extended has never quite sit right with me. The original is more simplistic.
  6. DC/WB can't claim they're making director-focused films. It is demonstrably untrue.
  7. As far as books go, Cormac McCarthy's The Road probably had the biggest impact. I read it in my senior year of high school and it completely shattered what I understood book writing was. Here was something that had no character names, no chapter markings, little punctuation. Even the supposed prerequisites of storytelling like exposition seemed barely present. The method made it all about the prose, the power of the words, in a way I had never experienced. It was a kind of revelation and it set in me a renewed affinity for language the medium as a whole.
  8. Yeah. They are relatively few, but there are smaller moments of intimacy peppered through the score. And moments that are more ominous or more elegiac. It's very restrained in the early scenes in the film, appropriately becoming larger once entering Neverland.
  9. Hook is pretty much wall to wall music, but I don't think it's a bad thing. The music carries the film in a lot of ways and elevates it. It's a remnant of when the project existed as a possible musical for Spielberg.
  10. In the first half of the year, I went to the theater quite often for me, much more than I normally do. It was a little more than monthly, nearly ten times in total. Since then I've only been a couple times, and there are only a few movies coming out in the rest of the year that I anticipate I'll see in the theater. I do really enjoy going, but it does tend to be expensive and can be difficult to coordinate.
  11. That's odd. That is probably the worst statement of the theme in the series for me. Really should not have been there that early.
  12. I'm a fan of Giacchino and I'm looking forward to what he does, but it is disappointing to me that Desplat's gone. I feel like I can expect what a Giacchino Star Wars score would sound like, but a Desplat Star Wars score would've been something harder to predict. The prospect of that was exciting, and it seemed inevitable that Giacchino would come around anyway.
  13. I'm surprised this has never happened before. Indy seems like something that could work well in animation, as long as it's allowed to have a comparable level of bite to it.
  14. It doesn't sound very much like the original. Still a cool piece, but I agree.
  15. Red


    I've already aged better than The Hobbit.
  16. I've enjoyed every Netflix original show I've seen, but for me this was the best. For one thing, as good as the Marvel shows have been they always feel like they go on a little too long. Not the case with this show. Eight episodes was the perfect length.
  17. Any scene with Alfrid is repugnant. As is Fili/Taurial. And the CGI clownshows. Basically everything everyone else mentioned.
  18. There are lines in the show that imply that she's had anxiety problems in the past. With an abusive ex-husband and a history like that, it makes the characters easily jump to the conclusion that she's crazy.
  19. The announcement video seems to contain the episode titles for season 2. Pretty crazy if so. It would imply that they already have much of the story mapped out.
  20. Huge bummer but not unexpected given his condition. Easily one of the greatest comedic actors ever. His Willy Wonka will forever be stamped on my psyche. "So shines a good deed in a weary world." RIP
  21. Martin Freeman as Bilbo was criminally underused. Perfect casting.
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