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  1. I can't believe some of the attitudes here. Sorry you're mad that you will lose some money on your flights/hotels but the dude is obviously becoming frail. I saw him in Cleveland and he had difficulty speaking for long periods of time. I felt so bad, and it makes me sick that people are getting pissed because he had to cancel.
  2. I definitely see this being the case. The collaboration JW had with Lucas is sorely missing in these 2 new films.
  3. 0:58 is a dead giveaway with the cymbal cresendo. No way in hell that is real. Also, the recording does not sound at all like TFA (MGM stage in LA).
  4. Doesn't sound like it was recorded at MGM in LA, so I'm going to say no. If it is from TLJ, I would be pleasantly surprised, because I think the recording sounds better.
  5. In honor of Hook's 25th anniversary, I covered "When You're Alone" on guitar. The rest of the score is so damn perfect that this is the only track I could kinda put my own spin on. Hope you enjoy!
  6. We need to ban the word "dies" from this website. It scares me every time.
  7. Nope, not the same obviously. I'm talking about the buildup to the part you are referencing. It must have been music recorded specifically for these TV spots. I'm just wondering if its John or not. I love how everybody just "knows" and throws out names without providing a source.
  8. Yes, sorry if I wasn't clear. I thought I remember reading that Williams actually wrote music for the first two "teasers" (not the Monday-night football trailer). I would think this is him.
  9. https://youtu.be/2gCbnwavkKc?t=76 At 1:16 I was waiting for this cue the whole film, but never got it : ( I think its beautiful and seems to have been part of the Teaser #2, where the same bass note is kept as a pedal and the chords keep rising.
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