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  1. I have to admit that I wasn’t prepared for how moving a live performance of 1917’s “The Night Window” would be.
  2. Fridays report: Sole encore was James Bond theme. John Williams was in the audience, as was Alan Silvestri.
  3. The rain cancelled our vacation plans, so was just able to convince the missus to go to the Friday show. Looks like there will be pre-concert talks an hour before all of the showtimes: https://www.laphil.com/learn/engage-with-the-music/upbeat-live
  4. Mea culpa. Ya, couldn't quite remember at the time what the piece was called, (Disney officially designating the movie as 'Star Wars: A New Hope' didn't help my brain any). It occurred to me that I really haven't heard it that often recently. Instead we usually get the "Throne Room and End Title". So I was rather happy they included it. Update: 'it' == "Star Wars Main Theme" (thanks for the reminder BB-8 )
  5. So - who is going to this? I purchased seats - but have since let the missus sample the Violin Concerto and - despite only listening to a small portion - she was not very impressed with it. I am still re-listening to it to become more familiar with it - but will likely defer to her if we actually go. It would definitely help if Otium restaurant around the corner was open on Tuesdays! I guess a follow-up question is dress-code. There's a gala portion (which is not included with our tickets) which indicates black-tie optional. The Walt Disney Concert Hall indicates on their site that people should wear whatever makes them comfortable (even casual wear), but would that apply to this event? With the hot weather coming back and temps in high-90s, I am more reluctant to dress up any.
  6. Is there a definitive set list over the last two nights? Setlists.com is missing info, and I think I found a clip of “Schindler's List” - but can’t verify it’s from this year. Thanks.
  7. And then when ****** Harrison Ford joined the stage with him!! Was too excited to recall if that was before or after Indy theme was played....I think before?
  8. Glad that Obi-Wan is included as well. I was able to enjoy it at Star Wars Celebration (while amazed that JW was conducting), but that was the first time anyone had heard it - so will be nice to listen to it again, this time being far more familiar. Still a lil disappointed that we have not heard his "Rise of Skywalker" theme performed live at the Bowl tho. Ah well, "maybe next year"
  9. Set list released: https://www.hollywoodbowl.com/events/performances/1754/2022-09-03/maestro-of-the-movies I know they have done programs split between Williams and other film scores in recent years, but I guess I figured - it being the 90th year celebration - that Williams would be the sole focus. Guess I need to listen to some of the unfamiliar ones.
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