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  1. It’s an interesting recording but my main problem with it is that the shark theme itself / low strings are very low in the mix that also has to much reverb. When they recorded it the actual score was not available but then the Decca edition was released almost at the same time of the release of this Varese re-recording and it lost some of its appeal. I’d love a modern re-recording with a more close miked/sharp sound, including the extended album versions of some of the score tracks.
  2. If I remember correctly it was not the same analogue elements. Douglass Fake mentioned that for the Jaws 25th anniversary Decca release they had used the 5.1 remix that was prepared for the dvd and downmixed it to stereo (with lots of noise reduction)
  3. At the time I posted about the controverse on the dynamic range of LLL Superman there was this discussion happening at the FSM Board, check the posts of the users Nono and Tyuan https://www.filmscoremonthly.com/board/posts.cfm?forumID=1&pageID=10&threadID=124036&archive=0 They claim that on the LLL the DR was compressed, in any case I think It sounds great and was never able to compare to the WB original album myself.
  4. I acquired the Sony 2015 remasters vinyl box and it is really fantastic that they faithfully reproduced the original LPs including their labels and inserts (including a form to order a SW t-shirt [with a small disclaimer that the offer is expired]), they had a digital dowload card but the files, if I remember correctly, were not hi-res. Before receiving the LPs I had also aquired them in iTunes (but 256kbps files) at that time and they dowloaded as a single album with multiple discs, so I renamed the albums splitting the collection for each movie. Last year I noted that the downlo
  5. Yes but what I said was that in 1975 he wrote the score that gave him his first Oscar for an original score, among the other things I listed related to this particular score 🙂
  6. 1975 - writes the music that elevated Jaws to instant classic status, solidified his relationship with Spielberg, gave him his first Oscar for an original score (and that got him recommended to George Lucas for Star Wars).
  7. Not a Williams score but a good example of this is Poltergeist. MM worked both on the Rhino and FSM release from the same sources and managed to improve immensly the sound quality for the FSM.
  8. The movie seems so-so with a current 56% score on Rottentomatoes, but the score seems promissing: Nestor Bentancor Nestor Cine Desde Hollywood
  9. I was never bothered by classical music adaptations/inspiration in film scores. I tend to love Horner's scores that do it a lot like Willow. What really bothers me is the score reflecting temptracking of other scores. This is something I find highly distracting most of the time.
  10. I tend to prefer when the classical piece is used as an inspiration but adapted to fit the film score (instead of an existing recording being pasted over the movie). Some scores that I like that did that very well are: Alan Parker's JAWS 3-D with several tracks inspired by Stravinsky's Rite Of Spring James Horner short but very effective use of Prokofiev's Romeo And Juliet for the destruction of the Enterprise in Trek III John Williams' Main Title to A.I. inspired by Gayane's Ballet Adagio (which was also very effective in Horner's Aliens where it is more "note for note" qu
  11. Ok movie (3 stars) more fun and less pretentious than ID4. Fantastic score (Arnold’s best IMO) - 5 stars! The promo album was great but missed one of my favorite tracks: the submarine pursuit. Such an exciting track. It is great to have it in the complete score release. If I want a great sampler of the score I listen to the album, if I have the time (long car trip) I go with the complete score and on occasion I put only the submarine track and listen to it at a high volume.
  12. I did a 2 hour Spotify playlist focusing mainly on the concert arrangements. Some difficulties to prepare it as not all the albuns are available in Spotify (Force Awakens is not, so I had to use tracks from a compilation). Here's the link: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2FPslwPXOBcHNglKgwlBSn?si=ud4tfx7-RL-nqx8r0UYJOA
  13. I used to organize my all my soundtracks alphabetically, with the composers mixed. This was good for franchises that had multiple composers like the James Bond and Star Trek series (and within the franchises chronologically by film release date). Then, when my collection got larger, I decided to organize it by alphabetically by the first name of the composer (so Williams is at "J"ohn Williams and not at "W"illiams) and then alphabetically by movie title within each composer and compilations at the end. Then, when my collection got even larger and my living room shelf co
  14. My choice would be "other", namely Christopher Young. Other interesting but also unlikely choices would be Trevor Jones or David Arnold. On the more likely options I'd go with Powell over Giacchino, but if Giacchino is chosen I hope he has time to properly work on the score instead of having to provide a last minute replacement.
  15. Similar to what happened to Decca's JAWS track "The Great Shark Chase" - the insert written to replace the beggining of the track was included as the track openning before the entire original cue. Intrada rectified this with the proper edited film version (which apparent was Williams preferred version, as he used that version of the start of the track in his rerecorded album) and including the original version in the bonus section.
  16. In fact Sony's 2016 release from the original vinyl masters were released physically... on 180-gram vinyl (very physicall taking into account the size and weight of the collection). But not on CD. It is a gorgeous package that faithfully reproduces the original LPs (including the "booklets" and inserts of the original LPs for Star Wars [with the fold out poster and an "order form" for official Star Wars T-Shirts - with a small notice "This is a replica. Offer no longer available"], The Empire Strikes Back and Return Of The Jedi) and the center labels of the LPs from 20th Century Fo
  17. Jaws must be mentioned. The previous MCA anniversary edition was unlistenable due to its muffled sound. The Intrada Matessino 2.015 remaster really rescued this score. Psycho II was a grail and the expanded is so much better with all the wonderful tracks that were left off the 30 min. album.
  18. Based on all the passionate praise Williams repeatedly gives Daisy Ridley on his interviews, it is fair to assume he must have refused to provide a love theme for her with another man.
  19. I was wondering why it was sounding like a Giacchino piece to me. Now you identified why. Both beautiful pieces of music. "The master becomes the apprentice and the apprentice becomes the master."
  20. With the reviews released it is at this moment the 2nd lowest rated movie of the franchise (after Phantom Menace). Mixed reviews but consensus seems to be it played too safe to try to please the fans that were enraged by TLJ. But on these polarized times I’d not be surprised if some online petitions will soon ask Disney to disregard the film and to hire Johnson to do a “true sequel” to TLJ...🙄
  21. The Throne Room/End Title (Throne Room is hard to suprass with that bold version of the force theme) The Rebel Fleet/End Title (great themes and great transitions) Jedi Steps / Finale A New Hope and End Credits Confrontation with Count Dooku and Finale Augie's Great Municipal Band and End Credits (cut and paste started here, not impressed with Augie’s Band with an awkward transition to the end credits, nor by the full reprise of Duel of the Fates, but Anakin’s theme and the somber ending compensates) Yub Nub/End Title Finale (TLJ) Finale (TROS)
  22. The Fury should be included: 1 - Close Encounters (great sound and presentation) 2- Superman 3 - JP set 4 - HP set 5 - The Fury (huge sound improvement made the film tracks listenable) 6 - A.I. 7 - E.T. 8 - 1941 9 - Minority Report 10 - Empire of the Sun 11 - Hook (still waiting for the ‘perfect’ edition if complete original tapes are found) 12 - Home Alone 13 - Rosewood 14 - Schindler's 15 - Saving Private Ryan 16 - Home Alone 2
  23. Probably because the prequels, specially The Phantom Menace, were the biggest cinematic disapointments I can remeber. It was a matter of very high expectative vs. what was delivered. For a story that should have been carefully planed as a trilogy it is amazing how poorly it was structured by Lucas among the three movies. Also the inconsistencies with the original trilogy are inexcusable (remember Leia talking about how she remembered her mother at RotJ? How Obi Wan mentions he never had a droid when he meets R2-D2?) But Phantom Menace main mistake was to have Anakin as
  24. C&C: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (M. Matessino edition: complete with the film takes, inserts/overlays, corrected speed/pitch, and alternate versions as a bonus) Premiere: The Sugarland Express Unrecorded concert arrangement of a film / television theme: Willie’s Theme (ToD), I’d love to see this short love theme more developed. Unrecorded concert work: 1st Symphony (never heard it, but in general I prefer symphonies to violin concertos)
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