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  1. um dances not in 3/4 tiem? then do hiphop. tons of it. i happen to love that branch of dancing:D
  2. but ur teacher does have a point about the boring part. i mean williams has this thing in concert works of doing AABAA. Proof? Just about every theme he puts into a 'concert' arrangement Including Across the stars, yoda, imperial, etc. So she is right when it could get boring to the audience. I'm not saying williams' music sucks. only his concert works. In the context of the film, its brilliant. little repetition, and constant changes. just wonderufl. as a concert work tho...erm...ya.
  3. i have to agree with ur piano teacher. Across the stars SUCKS as a piano version. TERRIBLE arrangement (not even made by williams). i have to say my position is, for a piano piece, choose one that was ORIGINALLY written for piano. EX: the beginning of ET end titles, or Sabrina Theme. All very beautiful (and difficult) piano pieces. much better than a terrible arrangement that some dude made of AOTC.
  4. also wanted to point out most of the biggies all have their quirks too so its not like williams is the only wierd one. horner likes to wear those hollandic type wooden shoes, which was a problem for the oscars 1997. notice you never see footage of his shoes, and that has to do with a lawsuit that he oscars put against horner. horner wanted to wear them, but the oscar organizers said 'Nope. thats not formal shoewear. you have to wear black shoes.' so horner custome made his wooden shoes to look black. then the academy got him back by never filming his shoes. in addition, hermman and his famously bad temper. every biography of him mentions it. however, he was a genius. barry and his gambling addiction, though it seems that his newest wife helped him decrease it. and goldsmith and his intense abuse of his body (plus his famous jeans)
  5. well i'm only quoting someone who's worked with him. he worked with him like a few times and was like he's such a jerk. then he called his other relatives, whom work with williams regularly on film scores and they told him that williams isnt a jerk. he's just really shy and very uncomfortable around new people. they've known him for a long time (as well as jerry too). and they say that williams is quite nice if you get to meet him. but yeah incanus basically nailed the thing about williams.
  6. williams inflated ego... ah yes. its not a rumour. its quite agreed on by the younger musicians. to them, williams seems like a jerk. he's detached and quite pompous during rehersals. but from the older musicians, the reason is that williams is unbearably shy. He's uncomfortable with being in the spotlight and also with people he doesn't know. as a result, he puts on this pretense. from a cellist and a flautist who worked with him, they both agree that williams is ridiculously shy, so much that he has stopped walking on the red carpet before and literally froze. many people in the industry don't like him because of this part of his personality. he doesn't come across as a warm guy like goldsmith was (although he did have his tantrums as well).
  7. i like call of the champion for the beginning bit. the middle is lame. williams was clearly like 'oh shit, i have to finish this piece. lemme rush it.' olympic spirit sucked as well. the melody is good, but not appropriate. the backgrounds to the theme are also overly simplistic. howver, in fanfare and summon, he was in top notch.
  8. hans zimmer is not a very good musician, according to musicians in the industry. he's good with technology etc, but not what a real composer should be doing. that is, write with a pencil and paper at a piano without layering zillions of things on top of an overly simplistic theme. hans zimmer is also known in the industry as a hummer. he doesn't really read/notate his stuff. he kinda improvises, comes up with a good theme, and midi-inputs it into the computer which notates it for him. hence, his music is overly simplistic and sounds like a bad aeolian melody over and over again.
  9. remember these are notation programs and are not composigng programs. u shud be able to compose without these. and orchestrate properly without them as well. (i must say the downside of people composing with finale is they 'orchestrate' things that are impractical or dont sound good, since u dont know the resonances that two horns can cause, etc.) but if u wanted composing programs, band in the box or cubase are pretty good. cubase is good for people that like layering things over and over to see how it sounds. with respect to finale vs. sibelius, i prefer finale. its more professional and many notation companies use finale. finale can do much more things than sibelius, especailly in terms of contemporary notations. however, the main drawback to finale is that it is hard to use. i've had 5 years of finale now, so i am quite good with it, but am still learning the nuances of finale, so yes, it is difficult to begin etc.
  10. whats the athens piece called?
  11. um... u guys realize that that's photoshoped right? that's actually the football player... with williams head on it.
  12. tony69


    is this how u reward my jwfannes 8O meh, that's interesting tho. what are the levels in wihch name changes? cuz i remember how i use to be something like occasional poster.
  13. tony69


    i passed the 200 message mark. do i get a new title on my name? like instead of frequent poster, sexy poster or summat like that? outa curiosity, who has the most msgs?
  14. twinkle was a french theme before mozart played with it. he just wrote a set of piano variations on it.
  15. it was quite good. i smell another sig edition heehee. but i think the cello was too loud (miked too loud). i wanted to hear more piano lol. It was even stranger how happy she was to see him! Tim well he did write music to star wars. and ij. so enough said. i'd be happy. jw was prolly too shy to see her before the show;p.
  16. strange, i swear i saw this at hmv before.
  17. not always. munich ruined the score for me. it was the complete absence, or more like it was toned down so low it was inaudible. i loved the cd on the other hand. but movie wise it didnt work that well.
  18. anyone happen to have william's oscar speeches when he won for the previous 5? or how about more importantly the video clips themselves? i'm especially interested to hear his first two speeches for fiddler and jaws.
  19. ur lucky that i am in this msgboard. i know steven spielberg personally. his address is: Steven Spielberg 122 Imastalker Road Los Angelas, CA 156423
  20. thats ridiculous. you can't compare. mozart was born in the classical period. williams is neoromantic. obviously williams is going exaggerate/to be more 'emotional.' mozart was classical era. focus was on refinement, structure, form. not wild emotional orgasms. i vote for mozart over williams. Williams can write a good tune but he has not yet proven to me he's a genius. He's the tchaikovsky of the film music. universally adored, but not a genius imo. musical geniuses can only be narrowed down to a few people such as bach, beethoven, mozart, and wagner. past wagner, i have not seen any geniuses. schoenberg and stravinsky maybe, but not at the level as the above 4 were.
  21. MOZART!!!!! BOWWDOWNNN!!!! happy birthday. i wish u finished the requiem in heaven. (cuz he didnt finish it down here, contrary to popular belief)
  22. forget scores. I want williams to spend a few years off to write his magnum opus before he dies. Then spielberg can shoot to it to make the PERFECT merge between the two. Like a williams opera, but for movies.
  23. tony69


    i'll give u a hint. jack bauer dies in the first 10 minutes. its ridiculous. they killed him like right off the bat.
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