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My Complete Episode II and III Edits


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Oh, Jesus . . .

Well, really. You're distributing files that contain music from a CD album, a DVD, numerous games, and more. There may be "gray area" in the case of the game music (though I suspect not), but any distribution of music from or edited from the CD is clearly illegal.
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What game? I'm simply commenting on the legality of your distributions. Nowhere did I say that I disapprove of them or believe that action should be taken against them.

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What would you prefer? Sony is far too "They hated the TPM UE so we won't release any more so-called completed scores". I see it like this. Edits such as these are statements to Sony to get off their backsides and release the material.

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Of course the smart person would keep all this quiet and just use PM's to not draw attention to the fact that they may be or actually are doing something that the record industry frowns upon.....

But that's just me.

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I have the AOTC movie, but none of the others. So I only got that score. That sounds pretty close to the same as having someone else make a back-up for me, right?

And I never claimed to be smart :baaa:

Colin Thomson

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Sorry if this has been asked before, but where exactly is the Geonosis music tracked from?

Colin Thomson

Pretty much all of it is from The Phantom Menace, especially the droid-Gungan battle and the escape from Naboo (which is also tracked at the end of the pod race).

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First preview for the covers... back of the set so far.


Coments are much welcome.

Label for disc 1:


Disc two will have Anakin and three will have Kenobi.

Label for disc 2:


Label for disc 3:


Front cover (inside):


By the way, Bernie, I did credited us ;)

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I'd say that would be a good good reason to release a proper complete version of TPM.

Screw an AotC UE.

Agreed, infact I'd prefer a complete intended version for all three Prequels, not hacked up "Ultimate Editions".

I hope any type of 2-CD set though comes out for AOTC and ROTS soon...I'm tired of waiting.

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Where do you find a high resolution image for the background? I once tried making the back of a CD cover as well, but even a DVD screenshot wasn't detailed enough and would look pretty bad. :jump:

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Those where the best I was able to find. Wallpapers, oficial ones, that is, are a good source.

As for screen captures from the DVD, I would say it depends on two factors: the quality of your graphics board and the playing/capture software you're using.

Back cover inside (with the tracklist for the third disc):


To be very honest, I'm not all that happy with the labels and covers.

I'm not displeased with the concept (the main trio on the labels and the inside of the covers), but with the images I ended up using, mainly for disc 3.

For the front cover, I wan't to portray the love theme of story, and would love to use some conceptual art for the film, but haven't find it so far.

For the back cover, I opted for the other side of the story, which is the war aspect of it.

Slightly corrected back cover:


This part of the cover, along with Obi-Wan's was wrongly made (the placement of the characther was wrong.)

Also arranged the text so it can be better read.


I'll be posting the corrected file for the Obi-Wan one later this afternoon.

EDIT: Here it is the corrected one <_<


Just a quick note to say that the front inlay has been replaced by a new corrected one.

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