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The Complete Cue Lists Thread

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24 minutes ago, dillweed97 said:

3m2 The Big Throne


It's "The Big Thaw", not Throne.



24 minutes ago, dillweed97 said:

1m4 Vader Confronts Luke


Vader Contacts Luke....

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Interview With A Vampire ~ Elliot Goldenthal

Source: Bill Wrobel's cue rundown (see The Nature of Elliot Goldenthal's Music)


1M1 Main Title
1M3 Flashback
1M3A Light Switch
1M4 Up The Mast
2M1B Pt 2 Transformation
2M2 Commedia Delliarte
3M2A Lestat On Horse
3M3 Louis Burns House
4M1 Lestat Baits Louis
4M2 Louis Meets Claudia
4M2 Alternate
4M3 Tarantella & Flight
5M1 Claudia Joins the Club
6M2 Claudia Freaks Out
6M3 Claudia Returns Home
6M4 Time To Leave
7M1 Claudia Deceives Lestat
7M1A Collapses Time
7M3A Lestat Returns
7M4 Piano Underscore
7M6 Escape To Paris
7M6A Lestat Pre-Burn
8M1 Stetchee
8M2 Strauss Waltz

8M3A Santiago's Waltz
8M3A PT2 Armand's Entrance
8M5 The Vampire Banquet
9M1 The Universe Is Empty
9M2 Beyond Words
9M3 Armand's Seduction
10M1 Induction & Lament
10M2 The Abduction
10M2A Cistern (Claudia's Death)
10M3 Loss & Revenge
11M1 Reprisal & Rescue
11M2 Louis Returns Home
11M4 Scent Of Death
12M2 Fake Ending
12M3 Lestat Returns

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2 hours ago, dillweed97 said:
Return of the Jedi 
1m3 Approaching the Death Star
1m4 Vader Confronts Luke
1m5 The Iron Door
1m6-2m1 To Jabba's Palace
2m2 Jabba Source No. 1
2m3 My Favourite Decoration
2m5 Jabba's Prisoners
3m2 The Big Thaw
3m4-4m1 Fight in the Dungeon 
4m3 The Sarlacc Pit
4m4 Rev. Jabba's End
5m6-6m1 Pt. 1 Yoda's Scene
5m6-6m1 Pt. 2 Luke and Ben
6m2 Battle Plans
6m3 Faking the Code
6m4 Jungle Encounter
7m1 After the Bike Chase
7m2 Enter the Ewok
7m3-8m1 More Trouble 
8m2 More Ewoks Appear 
8m4 Using The Force
8m5 Bedtime Stories 
9m2 Brother and Sister
9m3 Son Meets Father
9m4 Finding an ENtrance 
9m6-10m1 Heroic Ewok
10m2 The Emperor Confronts Luke
10m3 Into the Trap 
10m4 (10m3) Rebel Forces Captured
10m5-11m1 First Ewok Battle
11m2 Fight With TIE-Fighters
11m4 The Emperor Provokes Luke
11m5 The Ewok Battle
12m2 The Battle Rages
11m3 More Duel 
12m4 The Explosion 
12m5 The Emperor's Death
13m2 Vader's Death
13m3 Through the Flames
13m4 (New FIx)
13m4 (New)
13m4 Leia Breaks the News
End Credits
Brother and Sister
Jabba the Hutt
Parade of the Ewoks 
The Battle In the Woods
*New Finale
*This Cue was written for the 1997 Special Edition Which Replaced the original.

Hey guy's the rules state no Williams cue lists.

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4 minutes ago, Florian said:


Why is that?


Because at the time Jay was doing his best to track those down. It's in the first post.

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier ~ Henry Jackman + various RCP associates


[1m1 is tracked from Silvestri's score for the first film]


1m2 Pick Up A Fossil
1m3 French Pirates
1m4 Full Pirate Dispatchment 
1m5 SHIELD Headquarters
1m6 Impressive Hardware
2m7 Smithsonian Scourse
2m8 Peggy
2m9 World Security Council
2m10 Sam's Support Group
2m11a Fury SUV Ambush
2m11a alt Fury SUV Ambush (Alternate)
2m11b Winter Soldier Reveal
2m12 Unwanted Apartment Guests
3m13 Don't Do This to Me, Nick
3m14 Somebody Murdered My Friend
3m15a Elevator Brew
3m15b Elevator Munch
3m16 Single-Handed Jet Sabotage
3m17 New Set of Orders
3m18 50-Year Old Ghost Story
3m19 Reactivate Project Insight
3m20 Mall Tension
4m21-22 Frozen In Time
4m23a Zola, pt. I
4m23b Zola, pt. II
4m24 Housekeeper Dismissal
4m25 Falcon Wants In
4m26 Zola's Algorithm
5m27 Winter Soldier Causeway Battle
5m28 Best Doctor Ever
5m29 Winter Soldier Reboot
5m30-31 Time to Suit Up
5m30-31 alt Time to Suit Up (Alternate)
6m32 Cap's Big Speech
6m33a Initiate the Launch
6m33b Rise of the Helicarriers
6m34 Face Lift
6m35 Cap & Falcon Make It to the Grid
6m36 Winter Soldier Jet Hijack
6m37 Fury & Pierce Face Off
6m38 Cap & Winter Soldier Standoff
7m40b Target Reidrect
7m40b alt Target Reidrect (Alternate)
7m41 Falcon's Narrow Escape
7m42 Till the End of the Line
7m43a Epilogue Biscuits
7m44 Main On End
7m45 Twin Freaks

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On 31.8.2016 at 7:41 PM, Skelly said:

Interview With A Vampire ~ Elliot Goldenthal
8M2 Strauss Waltz

Your list stops at 8M2. What about the rest?

8M3A Santiago's Waltz
8M3A PT2 Armand's Entrance
8M5 The Vampire Banquet
9M1 The Universe Is Empty
9M2 Beyond Words
9M3 Armand's Seduction
10M1 Induction & Lament
10M2 The Abduction
10M2A Cistern (Claudia's Death)
10M3 Loss & Revenge
11M1 Reprisal & Rescue
11M2 Louis Returns Home
11M4 Scent Of Death
12M2 Fake Ending
12M3 Lestat Returns


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Chris Bacon - High Ground (2012)

Source: recording sessions


1M1 High Ground
1M3 Gear Store
1M5 Steve
1M7 Mountain Training
1M8 Rizzo And Cody
1M11 Dan
1M12 Ashley


2M1 Ike
2M2 Nico
2M3 Chad-Chad-Matt
2M5 Lona
2M7 Dan And TBI
2M9 Coming Home Is Rough


3M2 Trek Begins
3M3 Steve's Home Life
3M4 Boxing
3M6 Ashley, Matt And Walter Reed
3M9 Trekking
3M11 Ashley's Letter


4M1 Ike's Story
4M2 I Was Able To See
4M3 A Good Looking Mountain
4M6 Camaraderie
4M7 Dinner


5M2 Rizzo Opts Out
5M3 Climb Begins
5M4 Anxiety Attack
5M5 Long, SLow, Burn
5M6 Summit
5M7 Epilogue

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Claude Foisy - Santa's Little Helper (2015)
Source: cocatalog.loc.gov


1M1 Dax Serves The Papers
1M2 Dax Gets Fired
1M3 Dax At The Youth Center
1M4 Santa Works Out
1M5 Billie Gets A Job From Santa
1M5B Mrs. Clause Talks With Billie
1M6 Meet Eleanor
1M7 Eleanor Gets The Info
1M8 Harvey Visits Dax At Home
1M9 Dax Meets Billie
1M10 Bar Fight
1M11 Dax Has No Decorations
1M12 Fitz In Santa's Clothes
1M13 Santa Talks With Billie


2M1 The Kid Pukes
2M2 Cake'd
2M3 Eleanor & Dax In The Kitchen
2M3B Dax Kisses Billie
2M4 Billie Changes A Tire
2M5 Robbed In The Alley
2M6 Dax Gets The Ring
2M7 Dax Returns The Ring
2M8 Billie Wraps Dax
2M9 Santa Takes Dax To The Center
2M10 Santa Takes Dax To The Center
2M11 Dax Figures It Out
2M12 Dax’s Alternate Reality
2M13 Fitz Shaves
2M14 Dax Walks In On Fitz


3M1 Dax Goes To The North Pole
3M2 Eleanor Challenges Dax
3M3B The Snowball Drops
3M3C Pre Race Banter
3M3D SBC Race - Part 1
3M3E SBC Race - Part 2
3M4 SBC Race - Part 3
3M4B Eleanor Wins The Race
3M5 After The Race
3M6 Dax Takes The Bell
3M7 Dax Has A Corvette
3M8 Going After Dax
3M9 Dax Reveals The Truth
3M10 Trying To Stop The Excavator
3M11 Dax Saves The Youth Center
3M12 Sub Rule 11A Section 41
3M13 The Best Version Of Myself

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On 11/3/2011 at 11:11 PM, Trent B said:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2007) - KLAUS BADELT
Source: Recording Sessions


A lot of the slates are very incorrect. I don't know what sessions you were looking at! :huh:

The real slates, as confirmed by Badelt's website and SoundCloud:


1m1 Story of TMNT
1m2 3000 Years Ago
1m3 Ghost of the Jungle
1m4 Finding Leo
1m5 Donatello
1m6 Nightwatcher
1m7 Your Brothers Need You
2m9A These Guns
2m9 Those Glory Days
2m10 Enter Winters Corp
2m11 Winters Delivery
2m12 Enter The Foot Clan
2m13 Sidekick
2m14 Arise Brothers
2m15 Leo Returns
2m17AA I-Beam Fight Pt. 1
2m18AB I-Beam Fight Pt. 2
2m17B I-Beam Fight Pt. 3
3m18 Karai Complains
3m19 Splinter Briefing
3m20 Gathering Monsters
3m21 Watching Foot
3m22 Witnesses
3m23 Raph Wounded
3m24 Legend of Yauto
3m25 Raph Quits
3m26 13th Monster
3m27 Deli Monster
3m28 Deli Help
4m29 Nightwatcher Chase
4m30 Raph Fights Leo
4m31 Leo Taken
4m32 They Took Him
4m33 Leo's Prison
4m35 Stars Align
4m37 Freeing Leo
4m39-39 Winters Feud [both his website and SC list the slate as 39-39; I think this is a typo and should be 38-89]
4m40 Stones Fight
5m43 Final Monster
5m44 We Did It
5m45 Winters End
5m46 Masks
5m47 Love Being A Turtle


BONUS!  Here are a few cues from Marco Beltrami's rejected score (via the sheets). Apparently what he had in mind was too dark for the film...


1m2 Winter's Portal

3m7a Jaw Flappin'

5m1a Woman Driver

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The Ten Commandments - 1956 - Elmer Bernstein


Source: Intrada Booklet


1ZZ Introduction

1AA Prelude - Part 1

1AA Prelude - Part 2

1CC Slaughter of the Newborn

1DD In the Bulrushes

1EE/2AA Bithia's Bathing Float

2BB Moses (Long Version)

2CC Nefretiri

2CC1 Fanfare

2DD Fanfare

2EE Return of the Conqueror

2EED Drums and Percussion

3AA1 Fanfare

UNSLATED Wild Drum Overlay

2FF Ethiopians

2G Drums

3AA Fanfare

3BB1 Moses and Nefretiri

3CC New City Underway

3D The Advancing Keystone

3DD1/4AA Mercy and A Tomb of Rock

4BBX Temple Grain

4B1X Hounds and Jackals

4CC Moses the Builder - Part 1

4CCF Fanfare

5A Moses the Builder - Part 2

5AA2 Obelisk

5B The Glory of Goshen

5CCX Harp for Nefretiri

5D Memnet's Murder

7B The Brick Pits

7C/8A Death In the Brick Pits

8A1 Intro To Royal Barge

8BB The Royal Barge
8BS The Royal Barge (Short Source Alternate)

8C  The Die Is Cast - Part 1

9AA The Die Is Cast - Part 2

8O-1 Court Dance

10B Take 'Em Away

19A [Edit] Drums

10CC The Dungeon

10DD Dathan's Garden

11B Lilia's Harp

11BB1 Dathan Bribes Lilia

11C Egyptian Border

11DD Moses Crosses Desert

11E Song For Jethro's Daughters

12B Defending the Well

12C Mountain of God

13A Jethro's Daughters' Dance

13B Moses Chooses Sephora

13C V2 Sethi's Death Chant

13C1 Royal Falcon

14B Burning Bush

XP-2/XP-1 Organ (I Am That I Am)

14C Word of God (End Act 1)

15X1A Overture - Act 2 (Part A)

15X1B Overture - Act 2 (Part B)

15A2 The Power of God - Part 1

15A2 The Power of God - Part 2

15B Well of Strangers

15C/16AX Royal Barge (Revised)

16B Joshua and Lilia

16C The Shrine of the River Gods
16D The Red River
16E God of Slaves
17A [Edit] Lilia's Song
17B1 Lilia's Song - Harp Chord
17C/18A Pestilence
18C Shadow of Death
18E The Dying Boy - Parts 1 & 2
19BY Lord of the Underworld
19A Shofar No. 1
19A1 Shofar No. 2
19A2 Shofars
19C1Z Exodus - Part 1
19D Dathan's House
19E Exodus - Part 2
19E1 Song of Joseph
19E2 Nubian Drums
20A1Z Exodus - Part 2 (Continued)
20BZ Alt 1 Fanfare (Alternate No. 1)
20BZ Alt 2 Fanfare (Alternate No. 2)
20BZ Fanfare
20CZ Exodus - Part 3
20D1 Death Gong 1
20D2 Death Gong 2
20D3 Death Gong 3
20E A Hardened Heart
20FA Fanfare
20F1 Chariot Assembly
21A1 1 Ready For Battle - Fanfare 1
21A1 2 Ready For Battle - Fanfare 2
21A1 3 Ready For Battle - Fanfare
21B Mission of Vengeance
21C Shofar 1
21C1 Shofar 2
21C2 Shofar 3
21C3 Fanfare 1
21C4 Fanfare 2
21C5 Fanfare 3
21C6 Fanfare 4
21D Pillar of Fire
21E/22A The Red Sea - Part 1
22C The Red Sea - Part 2
22D The Red Sea - Part 3
22E1 The Red Sea - Part 4
22G Mount Sinai
22H Spoils of Egypt
23G Idolators (Bacchanali)
23A Forming of Golden Idol
23BY The Finger of God - Intro
23BX The Finger of God - Part 1
23C Golden Idol
23D/23DX Finger of God - Part 2
23E Idol Sacrifice
23F/23FX Finger of God - Part 3
23G Idolators (Bacchanali)
24A Bacchanal
24A1 Bacchanal - Part 2
24A2 Shofar
24C1 The Lord's Side
24D End Title
24X Exit Music - Part 1
24X1 Exit Music - Part 2
Alternates and Unused Cues
2BB Moses (Alternate)
3BB1 Moses and Nefretiri (Alternate)
3CC New City Underway (Alternate)
4BB Temple Grain (Alternate)
5D Alt 1 Memnet's Murder (Alternate)
5DR1 Memnet's Murder (Revised)
8B Alt The Royal Barge (Alternate)
8O Court Dance (Alternate)
910-41 Baccha's Garden No. 1
913-31 Baccha's Garden No. 2
913-41 Baccha's Garden No. 3
11E1 Song for Jethro's Daughters (Alternate)
12B1 Defending the Well (Alternate - Long)
13A1 Jethro's Daughters' Dance (Alternate)
19C1A Exodus (Early Version)
20CZ1 Exodus - Part 3 (Short Version)
21CA Shofars & Fanfares (Alternates)
22D The Red Sea - Part 3
21F/22B Song of Joseph (Film Edit)
22EA The Red Sea - Part 4 (Early Version)
23B The Finger of God - Part 1 (Early Version)
24C1B The Lord's Side (Brass)
24X1A Exit Music - Part 2 (Alternate)
Wild Tiple Tiple (Wild)
Wild Percussion 1 Drums No. 1 (Wild)
Wild Percussion 2 Drums No. 2 (Wild)
Trailer 1 Trailer No. 1
Trailer 2 Trailer No. 2

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Water for Elephants ~ James Newton Howard

Sourced from cocatalog.loc.gov


1M1 Did I Miss It?

1M2 Flashback

1M3 Car Accident

2M1 Circus Sets Up

2M3s Barbara’s Tent

2M5 Jacob Sees Marlena

2M5 Jacob Sees Marlena Alt

2M6s Magic For The Circus

2M7 Circus Fantasy

2M8 Train Top Ride

3M2 August Plays Trick

3M3 Shooting Star

3M4 This Is Your Last Warning

3M5 Rosie

3M5b Jacob & Rosie

3M6s I’m Confessin’ That I Love You

4M4s Don’t Tell Him What Happened To Me

4M4s Don’t Tell Him What Happened To Me (orch mutes)

4M5s Kinko’s Party

4M6 The Morning After

4M7 The Bull Hook

4M8s Barnum & Bailey’s Favorite

4M9 Rosie Rears

5M10 Speakeasy Slow Dance

5M10 Speakeasy Slow Dance Alt

5M5 August Beats Rosie

5M7 Rosie Understands Polish

5M8s Speakeasy #1

5M9s Speakeasy #2

6M1 Speakeasy Kiss

6M2 Rosie Montage

6M3 Baptism

6M3 Baptism Alt

6M5 See Straight Through You

6M5 See Straight Through You Alt

6M5 See Straight Through You Alt Piano

7M2 Break In / Jacob Returns

7M3s Barnum & Bailey’s Favorite Film Fall-Off

7M4 Stampede

7M6 I’m Coming Home

7M6 I’m Coming Home Alt

7M6 I’m Coming Home Alt Piano.

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Brooklyn - Michael Brook

Source: cocatalog.loc.gov


1m01 Opening Titles

1m03 Packing the Suitcase / Leaving

1m04 Seasick

1m05 Deck Discussion

1m06 Arriving At Customs / America

2m07 Eilis Goes to Work

2m09 Feeling Homesick

2m10 Letter From Home

2m11 Bookkeeping Class

2m13 Frankie’s Song

3m17 Tony Invites Eilis Our

3m18 Letter Home

3m20 Tony Not There

3m21 Things Are Looking Up

4m22 Another Letter Home / Rose Dies

4m23 Mourning / Mother is Alone

4m24 I’m Going Home / Marriage Proposal

4m25 Going to Get Married

4m27 Visiting Rose’s Grave

5m29 Getting Sucked In

5m31 Tony’s Letter to Eilis

5m32 Eilis Letter to Tony / Waivering

6m35 Confrontation

6m36 Goodbye Ellis

6m37 End Credits Compilation

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Indeed you did - Bloodboal, this is what happens when you don't update the main post! ;)

I also thought I'd Googled a couple of the cues with quotations to see if it'd been posted here before, but I guess I didn't. My mistake.

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David Julyan - The Descent: Part 2 (2009)

Source: ASCAP


1M1 Mountain Opening
1M2 Sarah Appears
1M3 Phone Call / Drive
1M4 What Happened
1M5 Chapel Mine
1M7 Mine Buildings


2M7 Care It Back
2M8 Into The Mine
2M9 Bottom Of Shaft
2M10 Exploring Mine
2M11 Crawler Moves
2M12 Cath Listens
2M13 Sarah Freaks Out


3M15 Pursuing Vaines
3M16 Cath Is Trapped
3M17 Cath Tension
3M18 Bone Cave
3M19 Cath And Crawler


4M20 Cath Finds Greg
4M21 Vaines Finds Dan
4M22 Dan's Dead
4M23 Sam And Fight
4M24 Flooded Tunnel
4M25 Rio's Goodbye
4M26 Juno Appears
4M27 Rat Tunnel / Shit Pit
4M29 They Smell Of Poo


5M30 Sarah Explains
5M31 Sarah Juno Fight
5M32 Juno's Plan
5M33 Vaines Falls
5M34 Feeding Chamber
5M35 Sarah's Sacrifice


End Roller 1M1
End Roller 1M2
End Roller 1M4
End Roller 5M35

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Sully - Christian Jacobs, Tierney Sutton Band, and Clint Eastwood (2016)


See here: http://www.warnerbros2015.com/film.php?film=sully under "Score"


Also, direct links to audio files from @thx99 provide text format:




Cool they used the actual slates on the FYC! Wish they did that for every score. 

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Mark Mancina - The Haunted Mansion (2003)

Source: Intrada liner notes


1M1/2 Haunted Mansion Opening Title
1M3/5 Manipulating The Buyers
1M6 Take Off For The Weekend
1M7 Whacking A Spider
1M8 Phone Call
1M10 Drive To The Mansion


2M11 Can't Get In
2M12 Gates Open
2M13 Dead People In The Back Yard
2M14/15 Entering The House
2M16 Meeting Edward Gracey
2M17 This House Haunts Me
2M18/19 No Leaving Tonight
2M20 Ramsley Scare
2M21 To The Study
2M22 Confiding In Mr. Evers


3M23 Secret Passageway
3M24S Music Box
3M25 Ghost Ball
3M26 Chasing Emma
3M27/28 So Many Memories
3M29 Following Ghost Ball
3M30 Against My Better Judgment
3M31/32 Ramsley's Coming!


4M33 Meeting Leota
4M34 Spinning Table / Chased By A Marching Band
4M35 Dad, We Have A Problem
4M36 Jim Finds Out What Ed Wants
4M39 My Way
4M40S Singing Busts
4M40A Wedding Dress
4M47 Passage To The Dead
4M48 Entering The Passage
4M49 Sarcophagus Reveal


5M50 The Crypt
5M51 Spiders
5M52 You Got The Key?
5M53 Moving Leota
5M54/56 Don't You Remember?
5M57 The Trunk-Letter
5M58 Jim And Ramsley Fight
5M59 Jim Locked Out / Ramsley Threatens Kids


6M61 Never Fail
6M62/63 Try Again / Rescue / Sara Runs To Jim
6M64 Get Away From Her
6M66PT1 Sara Passes Out / Going To Heaven / Vacation At Last
6M66PT2 End Title
6M68 When The Saints Go Marching In

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Bruce Broughton - All I Want For Christmas (1991)
Source: Intrada liner notes


1M3 On The Street
1M3/2M0 Meet Michael
2M3 Mall Medley
3M1 The Santy Song
3M3 Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
3M3A At The Museum
3M4 Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
3M7 Oh, No!
3M8/4M0 Station Goodbye
4M1 What're We Gonna Do?
4M5 I'm Getting Married
4M6 Waltz Of The Flowers
5M5/6M0 Going To Macy's
6M0A Ethan And Hallie
6M6 Pet Shop
7M1 The Snowball Ploy
7M2 Snowball!
7M3 Thickening The Plot
7M3A Working Out Perfectly
7M3B Here We Are
7M4/8M0 Tony In The Truck
8M1 Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
8M2 Way To Go, Hal!
9M1 All I Want
9M2 Favorite Adventure
9M3 Together Again
9M4 Playing In The Snow
11M1 The Christmas Gift
11M2 Thank You, Santa!

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Basil Poledouris - Return To The Blue Lagoon (1991)
Source: Intrada liner notes


1M1 Legend And Main Titles
1M2 Dinghy Adrift

2M1 Cholera Scare
2M2 Night Sailing
2M3 Sarah Sails Alone

3M1 Richard's Toy Boat
3M2 After The Storm
3M4 Sarah Goes Spear Fishing

4M1 Distant Cannibal Drumming
4M2 Sarah Reacts To Distant Drumming
4M3 Distant Drumming Continues
4M4 Hog Play

5M1 Water Play
5M2 Shark On The Reef
5M6 Distant Drumming

6M2 The Children Pray
6M3 The Easter Egg Hunt
6M4 Richard Dives For Pearl
6M5 Richard Looks At Lilli

7M1 Richard Spies
7M2 Richard Vs. Shark On Reef
7M4 I'll Move My Bed
7M5 First Menstruation

8M1 Untitled
8M2 Richard Enters Jungle
8M3 Cannibal Party Drums
8M4/9M1 Love Montage
9M2 Ship To Shore
9M3 Beach Meeting
9M4 Quinlan Spots Pearl

10M1 Water Cask Work Party
10M4 Lilli Is Jealous
11M1 Sylvia Visits Richard
11M2 Evil Quinlan
11M3 Fight Sequence
12M2 Lilli Pregnant


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Daniel Pemberton - Gold (2016)
Source: FYC site

1M1A Logos
1M1B Kenny Starts His Story
1M2 Bar Opening
1M2B No Sale
1M3 Dream
1M7B Upriver


2M8 Top Of The Ridge
2M9 X Marks The Spot
2M12 Assay Assay
2M13 Sickness
2M14 Malaria


3M16 Dream House
3M18 Moving In
3M19 NYC
3M19B It's Like A Drug

3M20 Bankers In Jakarta


4M22 Stock Exchange Bell


5M32 Camp Raid
5M33 Kay Phone Call
5M34 Motel Fight
5M35 Danny
5M37 Tiger Touch


6M40A/B Acceptance Speech
6M41 No Gold
6M42 No Gold
6M44 Kenny Starts His Story


7M45 Helicopter Story
7M46 Free To Go
7M47 Hawks
7M48 Home With Kay
7M50 End Credit Suite

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Carter Burwell - The Founder (2016)
Source: FYC site

1M1/3 Multimixer Man
1M4 Persistence
1M7 San Bernardino
1M8 First Taste
1M9 The Creation Of The Burger
1M10 Origin Story


2M13A Fixing The Problems
2M13B Tennis Court
2M15A Overnight Sensation
2M16 Franchise Franchise
2M17 The Arches
2M18 Flags And Steeples
2M19 Franchise For America


3M20 The Contract
3M21 Be Right One Time
3M22 Violently Disconnected
3M22A Crass Commercialism


4M27/28 A Team
4M30 Ray Rallies Troops
4M31 Minneapolis


5M35 Wolf In The Henhouse
5M36 Ray Confronted
5M37 Surprise Inspection
5M38 Milkshake
5M40 Franchise Realty Road Show
5M41 At The Door At The Floor
5M42 Fortune Favors The Bold


6M43 Divorce
6M44 Dog Eat Dog
6M46 Blank Check
6M47 Let's Make A Deal
6M48 Secret To Success
6M49 Number One

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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - Michael Giacchino (2016)
Source: FYC site


1M1 He's Here For Us
1M2 A Long Ride Ahead
1M3 Wobani Imperial Labor Camp
2M11 Jedha Arrival
2M13 Hearts Of Kyber
2M14B Jedha City Ambush

3M20 Today Of All Days
3M21 Star-Dust
3M22 An Imperial Test Of Power
4M25 Approach To Eadu
4M26 No Trust Among Rebels
4M27 Her Path Is Clear
4M28 Confrontation On Eadu
5M30 Rebellions Are Built On Hope
5M32 Rogue One
5M33 Cargo Shuttle SW-608
5M34 Good Luck Little Sister

5M36 Are We Blind?
6M37 Scrambling The Rebel Fleet
6M38A AT-ACT Assault
6M40 Project Stardust
6M41 Entering The Imperial Archives
6M42 Get That Beach Under Control
6M43 The Master Switch
7M44 We Have To Press The Attack
7M46 Your Father Would Be Proud
7M50 Rogue One End Credits - Film Version

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On 16.12.2016 at 10:15 PM, BloodBoal said:

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - Michael Giacchino (2016)
Source: FYC site


4M27 Jyn's Path Is Clear

There was in instagram pic or a YT clip, where 4M27 was called "Her Path Is Clear" on the cuesheets. Apart from that, I'm there with you :)

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Michael Giacchino - Jurassic World

source: Sessions + ASCAP website


1M1 Bury The Hatchling
1M2 The Family That Strays Together

(1M3 is "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" by Tony Bennet)
1M4A Isla Nublar We There Yet?
1M4B Welcome To Jurassic World
1M5S The Hammond Lab Overture
1M6-9 Does This Dino Make Jurassic Look Big?
1M7S It’s A Small Jurassic World

1M8 Claire With Kids
1M10 As The Jurassic World Turns
It’s Bigger Than Expected [ASCAP title, not in session leak but appears in the film]
1M11A Raptor Attention
2M11B This Little Piggy
2M12A The Raptors Of War
2M12B Clearly His First Rodeo
2M13 A Glorified Petting Zoo
2M15 Devil-May-Claire Attitude
2M16-17 Owen You Nothing
Go Down Mosasaurus [ASCAP title, not in session leak but appears in the film]
2M18S The Mosasaurus Rhapsody
2M19-20 Indominus Wrecks
3M21 The Calm After The Storm
3M21B A Wolf In Creeps Clothing

3M22A Monorail Journey
3M22S The Brockway Monorail
3M23 A Divorce Of Nature
3M24-25 Come Hell Or High Slaughter
3M27S Sunrise O’er Jurassic World {I know it looks out of order, but this is where it plays in the film}
3M26 Mad Scientist Disease
3M28S The Jimmy Fallon Serenade
3M30 Gyrosphere Of Influence
4M33-34 Five Is The Scariest Number
4M35-36 Pavane For A Dead Apatosaurus
4M39A Ye Olde Visitors Center
4M39B This Place Gives Me The Jeeps
4M40 Uno Masrani
4M41 Fits And Jumpstarts
4M42 Entropy In The Aviary
5M43 The Dimorphodon Shuffle
5M44 A Reign Of Pteranodons

(5M45 is "The Ever Elusive Future" by Jimmy Buffet)
5M46A Love In The Time Of Pterosauria
5M47A Your Alpha Is Showing
5M47B Your Beta Is Showing
5M47C Now Your Charlie Is Showing
5M49 Bond Of Brothers
5M50 Chasing The Dragons
6M51 Alpha Beta Charlie Dinner
Abandonment Issues [ASCAP title, not in session leak but appears in the film]
6M52 Raptor Your Heart Out
6M54 Lowery Your Expectations
6M57 The Island Of Dr. Hoskins
6M58 Costa Rican Standoff
6M60 The Teeth Degree
6M61 Our Rex Is Bigger Than Yours
7M62 Growl And Make Up
7M63 Nine To Survival Job
7M64 The Park Is Closed
Jurassic World Suite

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David Holmes - '71 (2014)

Source: ascap.com

1M1 Opening Titles
1M3 Welcome To Belfast
1M4 Can't Sleep
1M5 Streets Of Belfast


2M1 Riot
2M2 Tommo's Dead
2M3 Finding Tommo
2M4 Gary Makes His Move


3M1 Checkpoint


4M1 Need A Way Out
4M2 Hegarty Follows Boyle
4M3 Hegarty Tails Boyle
4M4 Gary Leaves Eamon
4M5 Hunting For Gary


5M1 Where's The Soldier
5M2 Hunting For Gary Cont.
5M3 When Gary Met Sean
5M4 Gary Gets Lifted
5M5 Don't Think About It


6M3 The Aftermath
6M4 The End
6M5 End Titles

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Mark Mothersbaugh - Ice Age: The Great Egg-Scapade (2016)
Source: cocatalog.loc.gov


1M1 Heavenly Acorn
1M2 Spring In The Ice Age
1M3 Game Over
1M4 Sid's Grand Opening
1M5/6 Clint And Pirate Bro
1M7 Sid's Egg Care Squints Threat
1M8 Nap Time
1M9 Pirate Poachin' And Pranking
1M10 Parents Confront Sid
1M11 Egg Hunt
1M12 Indiana Eggs & Trips
1M13 Eggs Returned Except One
1M14 Squint's Not Giving Up
1M15 Last Egg Rescue
1M16 Spring Thaw
1M17 Easter Eggs And Bunnys

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Joseph Bishara - The Other Side Of The Door (2016)
Source: cocatalog.loc.gov (I fixed some orthographic mistakes on the slates)


1M2 The Other Side
1M5 Good To Be Fine
1M6 Left Underwater


2M7 Tell Of The Temple
2M9 Watch The Exhumed
2M10 To The Last Stop
2M11 Dead Forest Temple
Call Through The Door


3M13 Door Opened
3M14 Aghori Guardian
3M15 Animal Sensing
3M18 Day Travels
3M19 Where Did You Come From
3M20 Winding Home
3M21 Really Back
3M22 Night Sensing


4M24 Who Were You Talking To
4M26 He's Come Back
4M28 Sheet Vision
4M29 Dying All Around
4M30 Downed Traveler
4M31 Visit During Storm
4M32 Company With The Dead
4M33 Cracked Door


5M34 Mud Crawler
5M37 Deity Invoked
5M38 Removing The Anchors
5M39 Drowned In Fear


6M40 Burned Tethers
6M41 Because He Came Back
6M42 Chanting Surrounded
6M43A/B/C Sent Back A/B/C
6M44 At The Door

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Thomas Newman - The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (2015)
Source: cocatalog.loc.gov


1M3 Muriel's Pitch
1M4 Douglas Earwig
1M7/8 Coffee Rebuff
1M9 Drunk Norman Ride


2M1 Evelyn Job Offer
2M2 Madge's Men
2M3 New Guests
2M4 Guy Chambers
2M5A/B Norman Phone


3M1 Hospital / Rehearsal
3M3 Engagement Party
3M8 Engagement Spat
3M9 Roll Call / No Carol


4M1 Big Dog / Carol
4M2A Tuk Tuk Chase
4M2B Carol Cheats / Temple
4M3 Another Good Party Dies
4M4 Mama & Guy Dinner
4M5 Sonny Motorcycle Viceroy


5M1 Sonny At Viceroy
5M2 Mumbai / Douglas Walks
5M3 Party Prep
5M4/5 Tea Spill / To Babul's
5M6 Music Box
5M7 Inspectors Revealed
5M8 Shaadi


6M1 Wedding AM Roll Call
6M2 Evelyn Returns
6M3 The Wedding
6M4 Second BEMH
6M6 Douglas' Speech
6M8 Straight On


7M2 Ending
7M3 End Title

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Christophe Beck - The Peanuts Movie (2015)
Source: cocatalog.loc.gov


1M1C Snow Day
1M3 Baseball
1M3B Snowman
1M4 New Kid On The Block
1M5 Man's Best Friend
1M6 Back At School
1M7 Charlie's Crush
1M8B Piano Desk
1M9 Test Taking
1M11 Lovesick


2M13 Bus Ride
2M13A Writer's Block
2M14 A Dark And Stormy Night
2M15 Snoop-ing
2M17 Fifi
2M22 Ding Dong Dash
2M23 A Classic Failure Face
2M24 Mustang Sally
2M25 You're A Wizard Charlie
2M26 Backstage
2M28 Big Brother
2M30 Ask Her Out
2M31 Charlie Brown Can't Make Cupcakes
2M32 Little Red Haired Swoon
2M36A Better When I'm Dancin' Overlay


3M40 Better When I'm Dancin' Overlay
3M41 One More Step
3M43 Wingwalking
3M46 Book Report
3M55 Perfect Score
3M57 Due On Monday
3M58 Warren Peace
3M59 The Library
3M60 Charlie Brown Sleds On Book
3M63 Reading War And Peace


4M64 Wake Up Big Brother
4M65 Assembly
4M67 Wrong Paper
4M68 This Is Not My Test
4M69 Charlie Brown Messes Up AGAIN
4M70 Curse You Red Baron!
4M71 Sad Charlie Brown
4M72 Return To The Aerodrome
4M74 Winter Becomes Spring
4M75A/B Never Give Up!
4M76 Last Day Of School


5M85 Catch The Bus
5M85A The Carnival (Linus And Lucy)
5M85B Charlie Brown Flies A Kite
5M85C Pen Pal Partners
5M86 Good Ol' Charlie Brown
5M88 A Round Of Root Beer

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Mark Mothersbaugh - Alvin And The Chipmunks: The Road Chip (2015)
Source: cocatalog.loc.gov


1M4 The Party Is Over
1M6 Miniature Golf
1M7 Meeting Miles
1M8 Cotton Theo Candy
1M11 Good News
1M16 They're Lucky Enough To Have You
1M20 She's Awesome


2M21 Ring In Safe
2M23 Operation Ring Retrieval
2M26 Talking About Marriage
2M28/29 Body Search
2M30 Foraging
2M31 Animals On A Plane


3M32 Sugg's Xmas Flashback
3M33A Xmas Song Ending
3M34 I'm An Air Marshal
3M35 Escape From Suggs
3M37 Just A Country Crowd
3M39/40 Bar Fight
3M41 Fight
3M42 Suggs Chases Car
3M43 Miles Opens Up
3M44 Hitching A Ride
3M47 Suggs Corners In The Quarter


4M48 Chased Through The Quarter
4M50 The Morning After
4M51A/B You're Grounded
4M52 No Fly List
4M53 Suggs Rents A Car
4M56 Confined
4M58 Let Me Explain
4M60 Theodore Saves Miles
4M61 The Ring
4M62 Suggs Up For A Chase


5M64 Poolside Chase
5M65 Explanations
5M67 Dave Is Disappointed
5M70A Judge Brittany
5M71 Making It Right
5M73/73B Love, Love, Love
5M74 Adoption

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Mark Thomas - Marley & Me: The Puppy Years (2011)
Source: cocatalog.loc.gov


M02 Mail Man
M03 New Shoes
M05 The Wrinkle Guy
M06 Sergeant Spam
M07 Spam Seeker
M08 Skateboard
M09 Mailman Down
M10 Conversation
M11 Moose And Fuschia
M12 On The Couch
M13 Thunder
M14 Time To Man Up Pup
M16 Building The Course
M17 Course Falls Down
M18 Bed Making
M19 Le Chat
M20 Not A Quitter
M21 Nobody's Perfect
M22 Paper Boy
M23 Spies
M24 Old Lady Run
M25 Collar Test
M26 After Them
M27 Grandpa Dude
M28 Training Day
M29 Bratwurst
M30 Remote
M31 2 Out Of 3
M32 Teeth Part 2
M33 The Pool
M34 I'm Goin' Big
M35 On Phone
M36 Breakfast
M37 Team Name
M38 Cat Chase
M39 Catomeat
M40 Scrapyard
M41 Trouble
M42 Athletic Skills
M45 Escape
M46 Home
M47 Competition
M48 Tailblazers
M49 Aussies
M50 Strudel Bassoon
M51 Casey
M52 Nice Ankles
M53 Heinkel
M54 Sponsorship
M55 Have Some Fun
M56 Woofgang
M57 Body Intro
M58 Rastas
M59 Go Fuschia
M60 Moose
M61 Marley Intro
M62 Marley
M63 Feather Duster
M64 Pool Cat
M65 Chase
M66 After Pie
M67 Super Hero
M68 Finish It
M69 Photo Op
M70 Woof Gang
M71 Shocking
M72 New Results
M73 Turbo
M74 Turbo Swell
M75 Ending

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Matthew Margeson & Jason Soudah - Eddie The Eagle (2016)

Source: sessions


1M1 I Was No Exception //MM
1M2-5 Overture To A Dream //MM,JS

1M6S 88 Opening Ceremony //MM
1M7 Not Olympic Material //MM,JS
1M9 Bedroom Ski Jumping //MM
1M10A Hope Regained //MM,JS
1M10B Plasterer From Birth //MM
1M11 Matti At Garmisch //MM
1M12 Alone At Café //MM


2M14 Eddie Gets A Taste //MM
2M17 Peary's Entrance //MM (ASCAP: Peary Makes An Entrance)
2M18 Warren Sharp //MM
2M20 You Don't Stand A Chance //MM,JS
2M23 Up Back Forward Down //MM,JS


3M24A Eddie Attempts The 70 //MM,JS
3M24B The Teaching Text / Hospital Visit //MM,JS
3M24C Garage Transition //MM
3M26A Seniors Tournament Jump //MM,JS
3M26B Seniors Tourney Landing //MM
3M27 It Won't Open Itself //MM
3M28 See Yourself Out //MM,JS


4M31 Think I'm Crazy //MM
4M38/39 Oberstdorf //MM


5M40 Eddie And Peary Part Ways //MM
5M41 Off To Calgary //MM
A Sporting Chance //JS
5M44 First Jump At Calgary //MM
5M45 Record Set //MM
5M46 Made Fool Of //MM,JS
5M49 Press Montage //MM,JS
5M50 Unlikely Announcement //MM
5M51/52 Peary's Return //MM


6M53 Danger At The 90 //MM
6M54 Elevator Send-Off //MM,JS
6M54B Elevator Conversation //MM
6M55 Matti's Gold Jump //MM
6M56 Eddie Jumps The 90s //MM
6M58 Sharp Was Wrong //MM
6M59 End Credits //MM,JS

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Ryuichi Sakamoto - The Revenant (2015)
Source: cocatalog.gov


1MA Dream
1MB Opening Tuning
1M2 Trappers Leave
2M3 Hawk Punished
2M6A After Bear Attack
2M7 Carrying Glass
3M9 First Dream
3M11 Killing Hawk
3M13 Graving Glass
4M14 Goodbye To Hawk
4M14B Discovering River
4M15 Hell Ensemble
4M16B River Escape
4M16C Glass Survives River
5M17 Second Dream
5M19 Arriving At Fort Kiowa
5M20A Discovering Buffalo
5M21 Glass & Buffalo Warrior Travel
6M23 Church Dream
6M24/25 Powaqa Rescue
6M27 Third Dream
7M30 Frozen Lake
7M33B Cat & Mouse
8M34A Final Fight
8M34B Finish Fight
8M36 The End
8M37 The Revenant Theme 2
8M38 Maze
8M39 The Revenant Main Theme Atmosphere
8M40 Arriving At The Fort

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The Adventures of Robin Hood - 1938, Erich Wolfgang Korngold

Sourced from the sketches and Ben Winters's "Erich Wolfgang Korngold's The Adventures of Robin Hood: A Film Score Guide".

I couldn't find titles for every cue, and Korngold's handwriting is often borderline chicken scratch. If I don't provide a cue with a title at all, then that means I just couldn't figure it out.


1A Main Title
1B Palace
1C Guy / Robin
1D Meeting [though Winters offers the title "Sortie"]
1E [Banquet?]
1F Robin Outside
2A Robin Entrance
2B Fight
3A The Killed
3B Meeting Robin / Little John
3C Fight With Little John
3D Gay Company
3E The Oath and the Black Arrow
3F The Fish
4A Fight With Friar Tuck
4B A New Companion
5A Flirt
5B Das Treasure
5C Continuation
5D Gold
5E Poor People, [followed by illegible stuff; Winters offers the title "Triste"... I don't know where that came from]
6A The Tournament
6B Robin Hood Appears
6C Preparation to [illegible] Fight
6D [Illegible; Hood?] Starts to Shoot
7B The Trial
7C The Jail
7D The Gallows
8A The [illegible - - Escape? Winters offers 'The Fight']
8B [illegible] Romance
9A Arrest Marian
9B Much
10C Continuation
10D Lion [illegible; Winters offers merely 'Nobile' for some reason]
10E Procession
11A King John
11B The Battle
11C The Duell [sic]
11D Victory
11E Epilogue

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Christopher Young - Deliver Us From Evil (2014)

Source: 2014 Sony leak

1M0 Sony Logo
1M2 Iraq
1M4 Evil Motif
1M5 Dumpster Infant
1M6 Sarchie Answers Domestic Call
1M8 Meet Evil Jimmy
1M9 Mendoza's Apartment


2M11 Bronx Zoo
2M12 Sarchie And Butler Search Zoo
2M13/14 Sarchie Looks For Evil Mother
2M15 Sarchie Chases Evil Into Lion's Den
2M16 Sarchie Meets Mendoza
2M17 Doors Reference Report
2M19 Hall Lights Flicker
2M20 Mouse Trap Sting
2M21 Sarchie Finds Corpse In Basement


3M22/23 Family Describes Hooded Evil
3M24 Crucified Cat
3M25 Marital Quarrel
3M26 Evil Fish
3M27 True Evil
3M28/29 Evil Jane And Santino On Tape
3M30 Sarchie Tells Jane About Job


4M31 Sarchie Sees Scratches In Office
4M32 Sarchie Finds Drawing On Wall
4M33 Night Light Sting
4M34 Wall Writing Sting
4M35 Jimmy Jumps Sarchie
4M37/38 Sarchie Vistis Jane In Hospital
4M40 Doors On The Men's Room Mirror
4M43 Sarchie Listens To Exorcism


5M47 Sarchie Goes Into Daughter's Room
5M48/49 Jane Escapes From Psych Ward
5M50 Santino's Apartment
5M51 Evi Scares Sarchie's Kid
5M52 Santino Show Up At Apartment
5M54 Sarchie Stalks Santino
5M56 Jimmy Jumps Sarchie Again


6M58 Butler Dies
6M60 Santino Takes Family
6M62 Jane Jumps Off Roof


7M63 Santino Rises Up
7M64/66 The Exorcism Of Santino
7M71 End Credit Crawl

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David Sardy - Premium Rush (2012)

Source: 2014 Sony leak

1M2 Opening Narration
1M3 Meet Manny
1M5 The Run Begins
1M6 At Columbia
1M8 Wylie Coyote
1M9 Escaping Monday


2M9 Monday Car Chase
2M10 Chinatown / Destruct
2M10B The Beatdown
2M11 The Police Station
2M12 Bike Cop Chase


3M13 Bike Cop Chase - Part 2
3M14 Change The Delivery
3M15 Nima Goes To Her Apt
3M16 Nima To Salon
3M17 Nima Leaves The Salon
3M18 Monday Chokes Nima


4M18B Nima Shows Wylie Her Son
4M19 Chasing Manny / Phone Call
4M20 Central Park Chase
4M22 Broadway Chase
4M23 Bag Grab
4M26A This Whole City Hates You
4M26AB Cracked Ribs
4M26B Vanessa Follows The Truck


5M27 Nima Walks / Vanessa Enters Impound
5M28 Impound Creeping
5M30 Everyone To Chinatown
5M31 Rally The Troops
5M32A Wylie Deliver The Envelope
5M32B Monday Is Dead
5M33 The End
5M35-37 Score Suite

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Mychael Danna - Moneyball (2011)
Source: recording sessions


1M1 Opening
1M2 Billy Breaks Radio
1M3 Free Agents
1M4 Flashback #1


2M6 Flashback #2


3M9 Hatte's House
3M10 Hatte Hugs Wife
3M12 Flashback #3
3M13 Spring Training
3M14 Opening Day
3M16 Player Interviews


4M20A A's Start Losing
4M23 Losing Montage
4M24 Still Losing
4M25A Billy In His Truck


5M26 Billy Addresses Players
5M27 No More Stealing
5M28 Billy And Pete Talk To Players
5M29 Billy Walks Through Clubhouse
5M30 Winning Streak


6M32 BB Goes To Game 20
6M33 Game 20
6M34 Hatte's Homer


7M36 Losing Playoff
7M37 Billy Remembers
7M38 Billy Goes To Boston
7M39 BB's Limo Ride
7M40 Billy Walks Onto The Field
7M42 End Credits

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Sleuth - Patrick Doyle (2007)
Source: 2014 Sony leak


1M1 The Visitor
1M2 What Goes Up
1M3 Must Come Down
1M4 Think About It
1M5 I Live Here


2M1 The Ladder
2M1B You're Now You
2M2 Black Arrival
2M3 TV Detective


3M1 Milo Tindle
3M2 I Was Lying
3M3 Itch Twitch


4M1 Bubbles
4M2 Rat In A Trap
4M3 One Set All


5M1 Whisky Please
5M2 Cobblers


6M1 End Titles

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Rupert Gregson-Williams - Made of Honor (2008)

Source. Sessions


1M5 Driving to Hannah

1M6 Magic Love Dog


2M7 2 BJ's

2M10 Six Sundays

2M11 Bad Dates

2M11A I Hate Scotland

2M15 We're Getting Married


3M16 But You're A Guy

3M17 Badass Bridesmaids

3M18S Harp Source

3M20 Basketball Pt.1

3M22 Take A Breath

3M22A He's A Duke

3M23 That's So Colin

3M25S Bad Gay Gordons


4M28 Melissa Set Me Up

4M31 Training Montage

4M32 The Perfect

4M33 Lingerie Section

4M34 I'm Moving to Scotland

4M35 Dad's Advice

4M36 Arrival in Scotland


5M39 Tom's Caber Toss

5M40 Red Rose Accompaniment

5M41S Castle Dinner Source

5M43 Photo Album/Band-Aid

5M44 You're My Best Friend

5M46 First Kiss


6M47 Service Me

6M48 It's So Selfish

6M51 Love Dog/Stel the Bride

6M52A The Kiss

6M53 The Right Girl

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