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Prometheus Records & Tadlow to start new series of recording Goldsmith Scores

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Chuckster312 posted these in the Last Score Listened To thread.

I don't mean to say that an original recording cannot be the best recording. But I don't think the contrary is untrue either. These are symphonic music works, that envolve the tinniest details in orch

Leigh Philips who did the Tadlow re-recordings of The Salamander, posted this pic in his tweeter account: https://twitter.com/PhantasmaMusica/status/357250725505544192/photo/1 Wonder what score they a

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Not great, but certainly not unwelcome.

For those who knows JG music it definitely has a certain familiarity to other JG scores but in an era of RC dominated sounds it's certainly a welcome reprieve. I for one never knew about this score until Tadlow. So yeah.

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It still features a lot of things which made JG supreme in those years, even the love theme gets some irrestistible flowering workout totally untypical for later Goldsmith. Even the suspense material always has interesting layers going on, the action music is in the more streamlined 90's manner (Car Chase).

It would be foolish to expect FINAL CONFLICT - it's a mousy little thriller, after all. Think of it as Goldsmith's MONSIGNOR:

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They should re-record the complete Lionheart!

And Rambo 3. That's what I've been saying for months.

Can't say Salamander is that great compared to other Goldsmith of that era

A Goldsmith score that's not that great to his other output from 82/83 can still be a really good Goldsmith score.

Maybe it's the performance?

It's a first rate performance.

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