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7 minutes ago, Thor said:

I agree with Quintus that it WAS quite draining with the new TWIN PEAKS series and all the discussions that ensued. But it's part of my cultural DNA, and the original show was so instrumental in many areas of my very cultural being (including my film music interest), that it's hard to ever get away.


I've been a lifelong fan too, even though I only started watching it last December.

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Watch Fire Walk With Me first. 

See this is what happens when you don't surround yourself with yes men (and women)!  

For Jason!    

1 hour ago, mstrox said:

I’ve been pondering giving a third watch to The Return, or even watching everything again.


I've had The Final Dossier on my book stack all year, and when I finally get around to reading it, I plan to take the shrinkwrap off my The Return set and re-watch everything.

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Season 2 was quite hit and miss after Leland's death but still perfectly watchable. But then that masterpiece of a final episode, goodness me! It hit completely out of nowhere, though Lynch directing again should have been a sign.


Onwards to Fire walk with me, Missing Pieces and The Return!

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12 minutes ago, Thor said:

I'm just waiting patiently untill a window opens up in my schedule when I can rewatch the original series, followed immediately by the new series. Looking forward to it tremendously!


Same here!  Everything in release order.  Might have to wait until I retire, in about twenty years!


11 minutes ago, Jay said:

You wouldn't watch the movie in between?


I would!  The original series, the movie, wait 25 years, the Missing Pieces, and then The Return!

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