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On 2/15/2020 at 12:40 AM, HunterTech said:

There's just no winning when an RCP composer is talked about here. If it turns out bad, then it's a factory produced mess. If it's good, then surely it wasn't because of the guy who's name is on the front cover. Not to say that there isn't any merit in figuring out what exactly happens in the production of a score by the company, but it gets us nowhere if it's constantly the same jokes and comments.


Might as well start saying that now the hired minions have to get their own hired guns when Zimmer is expected to deliver a score in 6 hours.


The point is that there are many elements (and people) involved in the process of creating a film's score nowadays. Of course it's always much easier to boil it down to just one guy when we finally listen to the music and try to judge it, but the truth is that the end product is (more often than not) the result of a collaborative process. It's film music.

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