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  1. This sounds like it was a very troubled production - at least in the score department. All the signs are there: Lots of composers credited - check Last minute announcement that some pop-singer is contributing a song - check Almost entirely wrangled together using sound banks and sampled strings - check Very short score presentation in the age of lengthy albums - check That material in the short presentation is repetitive (2x anthem, 2x Darkstar, 2x Penny) - check Lorne Balfe - check
  2. That plane cue is SO much fun! Can't wait to hear the rest of the score! I spotted Elfman's Doc Ock tune around the 8 seconds mark of that cue. Oops!
  3. It is starting to look like even Hans Zimmer himself might have finally received that shiny "Balfed!" badge.
  4. I listened to Elfman's work earlier and unfortunately it wasn't for me. The whole thing felt like one lengthy collection of random orchestral pieces. Are there themes in there? From what I've been reading around, it appears that there are. Plenty of them in fact. I wish they were immediately noticeable or memorable for me too. In an ideal world, Elfman had worked on that Spidey film earlier (even though I totally enjoyed MG's work on that), and MG had scored this one.
  5. I think Giacchino's job was far more complicated than Elfman's. There were lots of themes and motifs he had to use in Spidey whereas Elfman only had to worry about one.
  6. I see the opening track and the Main Titles cue at the end of the album are both about the same length. Maybe one of these is an alternate version? "Discovering America" likely represents the introduction of that new character, America Chavez. I looked up the cast and it appears that this character is the girl from the clip that was released recently (the one with some one-eyed squid-like monster crumpling a bus). Judging by that video clip, and also the track titles here, and assuming the cues on this list are in chronological order, I am going to guess that "Battle Time" is the music used in that clip.
  7. I'd totally forgotten that Howard wrote a character theme for Dumbledore for the second movie. It was nice to hear it briefly during the Ceremony cue towards the end of the album. Kind of surprising it wasn't (seemingly) used at anywhere else though - considering the man's role was deemed significant enough to have his name in the tagline.
  8. JP doesn't look like he'd be bothered with this kind of movies anymore. I can understand. But I also miss the mid 2000's - back when there wasn't a season in a year without at least one super crazy score by him released by Varese Sarabande. Good times!
  9. Gods and Generals - Frizzell/Edelman I get the feeling that Frizzell poured his heart into this one. One of the finest scores to come for this genre. It will forever elude me why this man never got the chance to look beyond the suspense/horror genre for his career.
  10. I was hoping for at least another "Wands into the Earth" moment in this one. Nopes. It's all quiet underscore.
  11. Has something been changed about those re-use fees recently? Studios - or at least WB - have been weirdly generous with their score album offerings lately.
  12. I was able to find some 2-minute long piece, which I assume is the credits track you mentioned. Cool stuff. Sounds a little like "trailer music" stuff to my ears - but I'd take this over those doom and gloom stuff that were trending in 2010's any day. Looking forward to hearing more.
  13. They are likely what he considers the highlights of the score (and I agree with him, if that is the case). They also seem to be from sequences where music is mixed to the front; where music carries the scene all by itself - which is to say dialogues and sound effects are almost inconsequential, if not nonexistent. Besides, a cue like "Dragon Racing" represents a composer's studio gear, sound bank/sample quality, and demo-making skills much better than, say, "Riding to Drago’s". Just my guesses.
  14. "Didn't I Do Well?" From Red Sparrow, by James Newton Howard Oh yes you did, James, you knocked it out of the park!
  15. At first I saw this: which made it look like Lucas had decided to scrap whatever they'd come up with so far. But I can see now that this happened a long time ago - and not something that took place only recently. So, never mind.
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