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  1. Spidey 1. Oh My. Hope it is just the beginning!
  2. The opening cue is indeed soooo much fun. Weirdly though, it almost sounds like something Giacchino Sr. might have written himself. I know he was the score producers on this gig but none of the other solo cues by Mick or Curtis sound so very close to MG's style like this one. Mick is so lucky to have a father like MG. I imagine it is any composer's dream to start up in the industry with (relatively) high-profile gigs, a full orchestra, and a well-seasoned composer/dad as a mentor to go with it.
  3. Korzeniowski | Emily It is good to hear an introspective score for a change. I like the cues where Piano takes the lead, like "Boundless" and "Through the Sheets". The opening cue (and its reprise in "O Night and Stars!") are also great. For some reason I almost expected something from JNH's The Village to follow that violin. The album as a whole though is some of the least film-music sounding compilations I've heard. It almost sounds like a concept album, if not a classical one.
  4. Well, the score wasn't for me here. But I was pleasantly surprised by one of the "stowaway" songs: Con La Brisa. On a normal day I'd have questioned the decision to have songs included on an album that clearly states it is the score but this time around, I am glad they did or else I'd have missed this particular song. Been listening to it non-stop. The perfect blend of mood, vocals, and tune for my liking right now.
  5. Elfman's Spider-Man 1 perhaps? If I am not mistaking, this year marked the 20th anniversary of this film. I remember that #2 and #3 were said to be impossible to do, but I don't think I've ever heard the same for the first one. Maybe something for a film franchise that has gotten (or will be getting) a sequel or reboot lately/soon? I reckon Avatar would be something for Intrada to look into so, Faltermeyer's Top Gun 1 perhaps? How about a soundtrack album for JNH and co's "A Series of Unfortunate Events" TV series? They also haven't yet looked into JNH's Postman, even though they released sets for Waterworld and Wyatt Earp. That could be on their to-do list. It would be super cool if they started looking into JNH/M Night collaborations too. Perhaps starting with Signs which, just like Spidey 1 above, also had its 20th anniversary this year. Though I don't think there was much interesting or significant music missing from the 2002 CD, if anything at all. Those would be Intrada's territory, right?
  6. I can't help but wonder just how great these concerts could be if pieces from all eras of his career had been selected and properly (and thoughtfully) rearranged and re-imagined for a massive orchestra and choir - akin to what Joe Hisaishi achieved in 2008 for the 25th anniversary Studio Ghibli. I know, there was the pandemic, and also it wouldn't be a Hans Zimmer gig if the focus is not on e-guitars, synthesizers and bands. It is fine - many of his tunes do work best in such an environment anyway. But "re-imagining" something like, say, Last Samurai into what is heard on this album - or choosing, say, Supermarine for a concert hall over, say, The Burning Bush from Prince of Egypt, are all a bit strange if not distasteful.
  7. What's the "4E" bit in these? "E" for "Evangellion", 4 for "3.0+1.0"? How about those numbers like, say, "11117"? I don't know how the Japanese calendar is structured like but that has got to be a reference to a date, right? I mean, if those are take-numbers, or revision numbers then WHOA.
  8. Actually it instantly reminded me of the tune that starts at 3:06 into "Miracle of the Ark" from Raiders.
  9. I think it was a good idea that they went for someone other than Jackman for this. I absolutely enjoyed his score for the first Ralph but all the "clone" movies he worked on afterwards like, say, Pixels or even the Ralph sequel felt more of the same - albeit with far less enthusiasm. Still, their choice is highly surprising. It's like hearing a Nolan film is getting scored by Menken.
  10. In addition to what you pointed out, the ending of "Happy Ending" cue has a brief gap as it transitions to the "A Whole New World reprise". Also worth noting that the original "Intro to Carpet" is incorporated into "Cave of Wonders". "Prince Ali Reprise" is separated at a better point from "Jafar's Hour" and it also no longer cross-fades to the next cue ("Ends of the Earth") Additionally, "Why Me" is a different take compared to the one from "Music Behind the Magic". The vocal performances are completely different.
  11. Nah, I think that batch was simply those remaining units of what they printed for the expo. Pretty sure more is on the way.
  12. According to a FSM member, apparently AWNW is the same album version as before, but the orchestral intro to this song is included towards the end of the preceding score cue.
  13. It doesn't have a "Performed by" text below its track's title here. Did the Prologue cue from Beauty and the Beast LC have the monologue though? If so then this one will likely too.
  14. Alternate score tracks? That must be a first for these Menken LC sets!
  15. The way things are going, we'd be lucky if it received a physical release to begin with.
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